Loophole Trader – Final Review

Loophole Trader is a new system for trading the horses, using a hybrid between matched betting and trading.

The main system requires the use of bookmaker accounts and preferably with features such as best odds guaranteed (BOG) and cash-out available (there is a separate “Betfair-only system” which we will look at further below). 

Over the years we have come across many systems claiming to have found a betting “loophole,” only for 99.9% of them to have turned out to be a load of rubbish – or just a copy of something that is already out there and well known like matched betting.

So we approached Loophole Trader with a little trepidation in the first instance, but after digging in a little were reassured this wasn’t one of those systems.

Essentially the system is provided by way of a written guide, which is quite in-depth and comes with some tutorial videos. Reading through it all and understanding the information will probably take a bit of time and a few goes, as it’s quite complex to grasp what to do in each scenario with a trade.  

At its core though the strategy is quite straightforward and entirely logical. In essence it does work and is quite clever really – we haven’t seen this strategy out there anywhere else. 

It is worth bearing in mind that the recommended stakes are £250 for the initial bookie bet, but the full stake is never at risk and a losing trade in most cases should result in losses of £10-£20 max. 

We had some issues using the strategy as it does require unrestricted bookie accounts as mentioned above, but following it as best we could be made a total of £39 profit from a sample of ten trades. 

That’s pretty good and the results spreadsheet from the trader himself (Al) shows a profit of over £800, which we believe is very achievable after a couple of months of doing this.

The main downsides to the system we can see are that:

  • a) It is does require you to be at your computer for a period before races start (up to half an hour but at least 15 minutes realistically) to monitor the markets live. In the early part of our trial, Al was sending possible races for the day via Telegram and then updating members with alerts when a suitable trade was available, but has now stopped doing so. That’s a real shame in our view as that made it much more viable to follow the system, but Al felt the subscription model wasn’t working and not enough people were following the alerts. That is understandable, but hopefully if there is demand further down the line that option can be looked at again.  
  • b) You would be likely to suffer bookie restrictions after using it for a little while. How long exactly? Well that’s difficult to tell as it normally differs from case to case but after a few months, or even weeks, the bookies might well restrict your account. There are steps you can take to avoid this, as described here. 

There is also, as we have mentioned, a Betfair-only system. This involves trading on a horse if given criteria are met (which have been derived from seeing how markets move based on the main system) and getting out once there has been a move in either direction of around 10%. 

After executing a handful of trades, it would seem like this strategy could have legs but it would require detailed testing over a long period to say for certain. Sadly the time to do this, as indicated above, would be quite considerable. 

In addition Al has added a couple of extra features recently, one is an each-way system which looks quite similar to Each-Way Sniper previously reviewed here and the other is a bot for trading. We haven’t tested either but those are some extra options for members which are good to see. 



Loophole Trader is an innovative system that is hybrid between trading and matched betting. It relies on having certain bookie features available to work. 

Having read through the manual and tested it out we can confirm that the system definitely works and has sound logic behind it. We made a decent profit from a small sample of trades made. 

It is a little time-consuming to use and does require being at your computer in the lead up to races to operate, so won’t be for everyone. As with any successful system, there is also the risk of bookie account closures. 

There is a Betfair-only system as well which looks promising but would require extensive testing to draw a definitive conclusion about. 

Overall though we are impressed with the main system which is innovative and effective and are happy to award it a PASSED rating.






Loophole Trader – Results Update

22nd September 2022

Loophole Trader is a system for trading on the horses, using a hybrid between matched betting and trading. 

It comes in the form of a training course and there is also a Telegram group where the system author, Al, provides a list of the potential races for the day and posts updates if an appropriate odds match is found. 

Although the core concept is pretty simple, there is a lot to work through on the course and a lot to get your head around. 

The key thing is understanding what to do in various scenarios if the odds drift, steam etc and there are differences between bookies and Betfair. If you don’t understand what to do in these scenarios and get it wrong then it can cost you, so it is essential to get this right and practice a bit before getting stuck in for real. 

So it has taken quite a bit of effort to understand all of that and get into a position to trade. 

However, I have taken a few trades – although sadly I am somewhat limited in my bookie accounts and am not able to stake at the recommended amount of £250 nor have all the facilities available (just a note that your full £250 should never be at risk – that is just the amount needed for the initial bookie bet – the actual potential loss should be much smaller at around £10).

Anyway, having taken a few dummy trades I am pleased to report that most have been successful and I am around £25 up so far. 

In terms of the system itself, as mentioned in the review introduction it is a genuine system and is quite clever. It’s not something I’ve seen before which is impressive given how saturated the matched betting market has become. 

You do need BOG bookie accounts for the main system and additional facilities, which we can’t really say here without giving things away, but suffice to say you need bookie accounts without restrictions. 

It’s also fair to say that after doing this for a while, you are likely to lose the facilities needed to make the system work. How long that takes will of course vary in each case, but it could be a few months on average, although some may be able to make it last longer of course.

However, the good news is that Al has also developed a Betfair-only system. This is really good news and gives a greatly extended shelf-life to the system. 

I am keen to test this Betfair-only system but want to first get the main bookie version tested properly with some results on the board. 

Once that is done, I will move on to looking at the Betfair-only system. 

So far though it’s a definite thumbs-up for the Loophole Trader and it is looking like a rare breakthrough in the trading/matched betting sector. 





Loophole Trader – New Review

18th August 2022

We are starting a new trial today of a system called Loophole Trader. 

This is a system for trading on the horses, using a hybrid between matched betting and trading. 

It’s an interesting concept and one we haven’t come across before, so does look like it is worth testing out. 

Now over the years we have heard the idea of a betting “loophole” many times, and the vast majority of the time it turns out to be a con or scam. 

However, in this case having taken a look at the basis of the system it does look genuine to us, although of course the real test will be whether it makes money in practice.

The system author is a guy called Al Gibbs, who has spent a lot of time developing the strategy and has written a full course manual (with accompanying videos) to explain how it works. He claims he made over £3,000 profit from trading the system last summer.  

In addition to the course manual there is also a Telegram group where Al sends the trades out each day as they can be quite time-consuming to find yourself apparently. 

One thing to be aware of is that you will preferably need BOG (best odds guaranteed) bookmakers to make the system work. 

Although the core concept is quite straightforward, there is quite a lot to get your head around in terms of knowing what to do in various situations so will need to spend some time getting to grips with it. 

As usual though will report back soon on how we are getting on. 

In the meantime you can check out Loophole Trader for yourself here. 




profit maximiser

Profit Maximiser – Final Review

We have completed our trial of Profit Maximiser and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:   +£2,469
Bank Growth:   123% 
Cost:   £1 for 30 day trial then £96 + VAT
ROI:   59%
Average number of bets:   Up to 20 per day


Profit Maximiser Full Review


Profit Maximiser is a follow-up product to Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging, which we reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews and gave a very positive rating to.

So how does Profit Maximiser compare?

Well we are pleased to say it is even better than Bonus Bagging. In fact, we think it would be fair to say this is Bonus Bagging on steroids! It has got us very excited here at HBR Towers about the possibilities of making lots of free money!

Profit Maximiser is essentially a system that takes advantage of the free bet offers bookies throw our way to try and lure us into becoming new customers.

Now in normal circumstances you are required to bet a certain amount first before the bookies will give you a free bet, meaning if you are unlucky enough to lose that initial wager and then the free bet, you would be out of pocket.

However, with Profit Maximiser you can set these bets up so they are risk-free, making the offers genuinely free bets.

Profit Maximiser goes much wider than Bonus Bagging in exploiting not just the bookmakers’ free bets but also branches out into casino, bingo, games and slots free bet offers.

Jackpot Machine

Profit Maximiser exploits a range of free bets, including slots and games.

And whilst Bonus Bagging is mainly about the bookies’ introductory offers, Profit Maximiser is more about the ongoing offers – although there are lots of introductory offers to do as well.

You are given very in-depth instructions on how to use the offers, including training videos and examples, so you really can’t go wrong with this.

As we said in our review of Bonus Bagging, the approach of creating risk-free bets definitely works – so you are guaranteed to make money if you follow the instructions given. But how much exactly can you make…

How much money can you make?

This question is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is – it is really a question of how much time you are willing to put in.

Some people on the Profit Maximiser Facebook page claim to be making considerable sums of money from it. Here are some examples of posts from amongst the 5,000-strong Facebook community:

Facebook Comment

So over £40k this guy claims to have made. There are others – this lady claims she has made over £12,000:

Facebook Comment 2

And another one here claiming to have made over £50k in two years:

Facebook Comment 3

I hope he doesn’t actually buy the other 5,000 members a pint or he will be down about £15,000 of that £50,000 he won!

Now unfortunately I didn’t quite make those kinds of sums during my trial, but still did very well.

In terms of how much I made, to make things easier I have broken things down into two parts: what I made on the introductory offers and then what I what I made on the ongoing offers.

get a 30 Day Trial for £1

Introductory Offers

So first up are the introductory offers. These are the offers made for opening a new account with a bookie or betting company. Here is how much I made from these offers:


Type Deposited Profit  Risk Notes
Bookies’ free bets £1,840 £886 Risk-free  
Casino £400 £263 Not risk free Returns will vary – not guaranteed
Casino (no risk) £100 £100 Risk-free  
Financials £375 £225 Risk-free For new spread bet accounts
Bingo £300 £258 Not risk free Returns will vary – not guaranteed
TOTAL £3015 £1732    


So excellent returns from the introductory offers. It could have been slightly better as well but I already had a couple of the bookie accounts.

Bingo Offers with Profit Maximiser

There are over 60 bingo offers to enjoy with Profit Maximiser

Please note that not all the offers are risk-free. Some of the casino offers and the bingo offers do carry risk – so you would not necessarily make the same as I did – but you could have made more. It would depend on how lucky you are – and how many offers you take up. There are over 60 bingo offers but I chose only to play the best 20 or so.

But as ever, Mike marks up which offers are risk-free and which are not, with full instructions, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself in for.



Ongoing Offers

Once you have played through all the introductory offers – which will take some time – there are then the ongoing offers.

Mike sends out e-mails highlighting the very best offers, but to see the other offers there are two very useful options available:

  1. One is the calendar on the Profit Maximiser website, which lists all the offers for the day together with short descriptions of the key points to the offer and links to more information.
  2. Secondly there is the Profit Maximiser Facebook group, which is a superb online community of 5,794 members where people post the best offers of the day.

How much money you can make from utilising these ongoing offers is very hard to answer. As you saw in the Facebook posts above, there are some people on the forum claiming to have more or less turned it into a full-time profession, making upwards of £20,000 per year.

Now we can’t verify any of those stories, but we would say it is feasible in the sense that there are enough offers available to make that kind of money.

In my experience, it was more a question of using the offers that Mike sends out by e-mail, which are the best, risk-free offers. These are generally quick to do and produce good levels of profit.

I then did as many of the other offers I had time for, focusing on those I felt offered the best value and least risk. Here is what I managed in the month of October:


 Type Deposited Profit Risk
Mike’s e-mails £860 £536 Risk-free
Other offers £345 £201 Mixture of risk-free and non risk-free
TOTAL £1205 £737


A very good return of £737 for very little risk. Again, you could have just done the risk-free offers that Mike e-mails out and made over £500 no problem.

So overall from the introductory offers and ongoing offers, I made £2,469 profit during the trial. And the majority of it with no risk. Pretty awesome!

get a 30 Day Trial for £1

£1 million taken from Sky Bet in a day

Sky Bet Logo

So making £2,469 virtually risk-free was pretty good. But it could have been better…alot better.

On 8th September, Sky Bet ran an offer that seemed like it was too good to be true – apart from the fact that for once, it wasn’t.

The offer was called Red 10. Basically it involved their casino games and all you had to do was bet at least £5 on their roulette game and if red came up 10 times, you would win £10

Some eagle-eyed members of the Profit Maximiser Facebook Group noticed this rather good offer and posted it on the forum for others to view and take up.

And take it up people did. Essentially people could just keep playing and playing racking up the bonus again and again every time enough reds came up. It was as close to risk-free as you could get.

But the really good bit was that there was no limit on the number of times you could win the bonus – so people played it all day and night and some won around £6,000. Here are some of the postings:

Sky Bet Facebook Comment

Sky Bet Facebook Comment 2

Sky Bet Facebook Comment 3

Once Sky Bet realised what was happening, they took the offer down on 9th September – but not before an estimated £1 million had been taken off them from the offer.

Whoever set up the offer at Sky Bet must have either been in a very generous or very careless mood – but either way some shrewd people out there made a packet out of it. 

Now sadly I wasn’t one of them (I know, I know *kicks self*). I missed the offer completely as I wasn’t smart enough to check the Facebook forum that day – but it just shows you the value of the forum and the amazing offers that appear on there.

Roulette Machine

Sky Bet reportedly lost over £1 million to punters on a special offer on roulette

And apparently it isn’t the first time something like that has happened on the Facebook group either – so chances are it will happen again…and this time I will make sure I don’t miss out!


What to Watch Out For

Although it is a fantastic product, we do think there a few things to watch out for when using Profit Maximiser. Here are our key ones:

  • Time. It takes quite a bit of time to understand how all the offers work and how best to exploit them. Mike provides excellent training videos, so it is essential to sit down at the start and watch these videos until you fully understand things.
  • Keep a record. It is also very important to keep a record of all the accounts you open, your account details and which offers you have already done. Believe me, it is easy to forget with so many offers!
  • Not all offers are created equal! Some offers, frankly, are poor when you take into account the wagering requirements and time needed to run through them. Others are very complicated. However, Mike advises which offers to use first and warns that certain offers are “not for newbies” and for experienced players only. 
  • Play the game. If you just do these offers and nothing else, the bookies are very likely to limit your accounts. So make sure you do some “mug bets” (there is plenty of info on the forum about them, or if in doubt ask Mike) to try and keep your accounts open as long as possible
  • Again – time. Time and patience are needed if you want to try and emulate the people who are making a living out of Profit Maximiser. You need time firstly to learn the ropes  – and secondly time to play all the offers. 
  • Location. Those outside of the UK and Ireland may not be able to take advantage of all the offers available. If you want more information, please contact Mike via the Profit Maximiser homepage.

get a 30 Day Trial for £1


We have tried countless betting systems and strategies over the years, many of which make ridiculous claims that they will make you rich and you will be able to “give up the day job” etc etc.

None of them have ever delivered on such promises. That was until we came across Profit Maximiser however. It actually delivers what is says on the tin – continuing, risk-free profits of hundreds of pounds per month…or even more. 

When you think about it, this really is pretty incredible. Even the best tipsters will have losing runs and some very good tipsters can inexplicably lose their touch and become loss-making.

What we have here though is a risk-free income. You can take away all the frustration and worry of gambling and actually guarantee yourself free money.

How much you make depends on you. Certainly we think you should be able to make at least £1000 from the introductory offers and then around £500 per month from the offers Mike e-mails you.

I think this Facebook post from a fellow PM member sums up our feelings very well:

Facebook Comment 5

You can quite easily make £500 per month from Profit Maximiser with a bit of effort. And if you wanted to take things to the next level and try and make more than that, the opportunity is definitely there. It will take time and perseverance, but it is possible. Get stuck into the Facebook forum and learn as much as you can from the training videos would be our advice if you wanted to go down that road.

So all in all we have to say this is the best betting product we have come across so far. We will continue to make use of the ongoing offers to pocket a nice £500+ per month and may even delve in further to try and “maximise” things, if you’ll excuse the pun. 🙂

Thoroughly recommended and when you take into account what it can make you, quite possibly the best £97 you will ever spend.

Great news! You can now get a 30 day trial of Profit Maximiser for just £1 here.





Profit Maximiser – New Review

11th August 2015

Today we are commencing a Profit Maximiser review, a system that focuses on taking advantage of bonuses from the multitude of online betting sites.

This is a follow-up to Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging, which we are also reviewing at the moment.

Mike is widely known as an expert in exploiting bookies for their bonuses and is perhaps the doyen of this particular niche.

Profit Maximiser is a more advanced version of Bonus Bagging and covers everything from traditional bookmakers to casinos, bingo, spread betting and more.

The sales page promises “100% zero risk, tax free profits, any time, day or night.”

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Well we will see if it can deliver that during our trial.

There are also various posts on the sales page of people claiming to have made £20k plus from Profit Maximiser, which seems pretty amazing considering it is meant to be risk-free.

Have we found something potentially life changing here or will it turn out to be another false dawn?

Only time will tell…

In the meantime you can check out Profit Maximiser here.

get a 30 Day Trial for £1


dice on graph

Profit Accumulator – Final Review

We have completed our trial of Profit Accumulator and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:   +£2,822
Bank Growth:   140%
Cost:   Free trial, then £17.99 per month or £150 per year 
ROI:   65%
Average number of bets:   Up to 20 per day


Profit Accumulator Full Review


Profit Accumulator is a matched betting product that promises to make you £1000+ per month with no risk. So does it work?

We are pleased to say the answer to that question is an emphatic “yes!” This can certainly make you a very good monthly income with little or no risk.

It uses the free bets that bookmakers and other gambling websites likes casinos and bingo sites offer to encourage our custom to create risk-free bets.

This is done using betting exchanges, which basically allow you to bet against other people and crucially, bet against the outcome you have backed with the bookmaker, thus using the free bet element to create risk-free profit.

The bookies are in fierce competition for our custom so are constantly offering new incentives to entice both existing and new customers with free bets and bonuses.

That means there are daily opportunities to take advantage of these offers and make risk-free cash. Can’t say fairer that that!


What do you get with Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator is a complete package for taking advantage of all the free bets and bonuses offered by online gambling sites to make a risk-free income.

It is suitable for total beginners and provides a complete package to guide you through the process of making money risk-free, including:

  • Training videos that explain on a step-by-step basis how to set up the risk-free bets.
  • Lists of both the introductory offers – for opening a new account with a bookmaker or other gambling site like a bingo site – and ongoing offers for those already with accounts.
  • E-mails containing the best ongoing offers are sent out to members by Sam at Profit Accumulator.
  • A forum with a great deal of useful information and helpful discussions where you can learn from people who have been doing this a long time and have made it work.
  • Support should you have any questions about the offers and how they work.


What Marks Profit Accumulator Out from other Matched Betting Sites

Profit Accumulator is undoubtedly one of the very best matched betting sites out there, with some clear advantages over the competition. This includes: 

1) Significantly more offers. 

– 55 Sportsbook Offers

– 150 reload offers

– 39 Casino Offers

– 17 Bingo Offers

As you can see, that’s a huge number of offers and a great opportunity to make some low-risk cash.

2) Profit Tracker software to help PA members track their profits without needing separate spreadsheets.

3) New Oddsmatching software with odds that update on the fly (so you don’t need to refresh to pull in the latest odds).

4) More (and better) video tutorials

5) Significantly more active forum buzzing with knowledge and advice.


How much money can you make?

Down to the nitty gritty then, just how much money can you make with Profit Accumulator?

As we said in our review of Profit Maximiser, the answer to that question really depends on how much time you are willing to put in.

Profit GraphThere are people on the forum claiming to have made over £25,000 from being members – amusingly there are various threads corresponding to how much people have made – “the £25k club, “the £10k club,” “the £5k club” and so on where people quote their total winnings and discuss how it has been made etc.

Now we can’t verify if any of those stories are true, but we would say it is possible to make that kind of money – there are enough offers out there to do it, if you have the time to do them.

What would probably be more useful to know is how much money you could make realistically if you took the introductory offers and then what you would make per month from a few hours work per week – probably what most people are able to put in.

To make things easier, I will deal firstly with the introductory offers and then go on to the ongoing offers.

get a free trial of Profit Accumulator

Introductory Offers

So in terms of the introductory offers that the bookies and casinos etc provide for opening a new account, here is what you could make:


Type Deposited  Profit Risk Notes
Bookies’ Free Bets  £2115  £1334 Risk-free  
Casino  £525  £263 Combination of risk-free & not risk-free Returns estimated – will vary
Casino (no deposit)  £0 £190 Risk-free Returns estimated – will vary
Financials £300 £110 Risk-free For new spread bet accounts
Bingo  £270 £270 Not risk-free Returns estimated – will vary
TOTAL  £3,210 £2,167       


As you can see, a really good of amount of money can be made from these introductory offers.

This covers all the bookies including the well-known high street names like William Hill and Ladbrokes, so if you Coin Graphalready have accounts with them and others, you should deduct the value of their offers from the totals above.

Whilst the offers with the bookies, some of the casinos and the spread betting firms are risk-free the bingo offers and some of the casino offers are not risk free, so you could actually lose money playing those.

However, given how much free money you are given to gamble with, you would have to be fairly unlucky not to come out with a decent profit from even the offers that do include risk.

It is all up to you of course and what your aversion to risk is – you may prefer just to take the risk-free money and be done with it.

I would say it is worth doing some of the bingo offers even though they carry risk as some of the bonuses are very good (often with 300% bonuses for example) and you really should make money out of them.

Anyway, the bottom line is you can make plenty of cash from the introductory offers and pay for the cost of subscription many times over in just your first few weeks. Then you get onto the ongoing offers…


Ongoing Offers

After you have done the introductory offers it is then on the ongoing – or “reload” offers. This is a great opportunity to add free cash to your bank account on an ongoing basis. 

Roulette Table

There are a variety of ongoing offers from Profit Accumulator, including casino offers

Having done the introductory offers, you will have a pretty good idea of how the offers work by now and it should be like second nature. You will be able to roll through things much more quickly and build up that bank.

There are two methods of finding out about the ongoing offers:-

  1. The e-mails that are sent out by Sam from Profit Accumulator, which list the best offers of the day, with links to the offers so you can click straight through. 
  2. The offers that are listed in the Platinum Forum in the members area. There are lots of great additional offers in here, where the members discuss the terms and how to maximise the gains from the various offers.

Having gone through the two sources of the ongoing offers for the month, these are the amounts we calculated you would have made from them over the last month:


Type Deposited Profit   Risk
E-mails  £780  £475  Risk-free
Other offers  £320  £180 Mixture of risk and risk-free
TOTAL  £1100  £655  


So very positive amounts over the course of the month. There is the possibility of making more – and certainly some people on the forum claim to be making over £1,000 per month from the offers.

Having looked through the offers, we can see it is possible to make that kind of money, but you will have to devote quite a bit of time to it if you want to join this elite league of Profit Accumulator members.


Things to be aware of

Whilst we think Profit Accumulator is a fantastic product and is capable of making you a good tax-free income every month for years to come, there are some things to be aware of before purchasing:-

  1. If you already have Profit Maximiser, it is not worth getting this as well as they offer pretty much the same thing. 
  2. It does take quite a bit of time to learn the ropes and understand how everything works. There are excellent training videos provided, so we recommend you watch those first and really let it all sink in before launching into all the offers.  
  3. If you just use the offers and don’t place any other bets, the bookies will shut down or limit your accounts pretty quickly. But there are tricks you can use to bet and keep your accounts open without risking money – basically the same method used for the offers themselves – using the exchanges to lay off your bets. There are good sections on the website and forum explaining how best to do this.
  4. The offers vary greatly in quality – to be honest some are not worth doing because they involve huge rollover requirements. Again, there is useful guidance on the website as to which are the best offers and what the value of the various offers is – called the “estimated value.”
  5. If you live outside of the UK and Ireland, you may not be able to do as well as shown in the totals above – please contact Profit Accumulator for any questions in this regard.

Check out Profit Accumulator


Profit Accumulator is a superb product and we are delighted to give this a firm recommended rating.

You should be able to make between one and two grand from the introductory offers (depending on how many bookie accounts you already have) and then around £500 per month from the ongoing offers.

The vast majority of this money will be risk-free, which is pretty amazing stuff. There is even the possibility to make considerably more money than that if you are prepared to put the effort in.

It will take a bit of time to learn, but once you have learned the ropes and got the hang of it, Profit Accumulator can keep making you money month after month risk-free, to spend on whatever you like! 

Good luck and of you do join up, please let us know how you get on with it.




matched bets pic

Matched Bets – Final Review

We have completed our trial of Matched Bets and here are our final thoughts.

The first thing to say it’s a very nice, clean website which is readily accessible for both experienced matched bettors and newbies.

There is excellent customer service and a wealth of guidance to help you through the process. 

Anyway, on with the nitty-gritty, what exactly do you get with Matched Bets?


The Matched Bets Package

Once you have signed up, there are a range of tools with Matched Betsincluding:-

  • New Customer Offers
  • Existing Customer Offers
  • Accumulator Offers
  • Casino Offers
  • Bingo Offers
  • Odds Matcher
  • Acca Backers
  • Calculator
  • Forum and Live Chat

Here we have a look at these key features in more detail:-

New Customer Offers

These are the offers for opening a new account with a bookmaker. Although many of you may already have a number of bookie accounts, they are over 50 new account offers so there are bound to be some you haven’t done yet.


Existing Customer Offers

These are the offers for bookies that you already have accounts with. In many ways, the existing offers are the bread and butter of matched bettors and it is through them that you can create a regular income, if done wisely.


Betting Sites - Existing Customer Offers

The existing customer offers are all set up in a list version with the estimated value of each offer next to it – i.e. what you are likely to actually make on an offer once you have used the exchanges to match it and paid commission etc – which is very useful. 

There is also a daily offers calendar, where users can view reload offers by day as well as sign up offers which haven’t been completed yet. There is also the option to filter the daily offers by bookmaker and mark as done when completed.


Accumulator Offers

These are the offers where you place a football accumulator and the bookies refund your bet if one leg lets you down.

Generally you can make £5 – £10 per offer, although you do need to remember to lay off each leg of your acca at the exchanges as it goes along. If you are able to remember to do so, then it is a good way of making some additional matched betting income. 


Casino Offers

Pretty self-explanatory really, these are the free casino bets / spins that are available with the various online casinos. 

At the time of writing there are 27 of these casino offers available, again with the estimated value next to it so you know how much you should make from each offer.


Bingo Offers

Again, fairly self-explanatory really – these are the offers provided by the various online Bingo sites. There are currently 16 Bingo Offers listed on the Matched Bets website, so a good number to play through and some good profits to be made. 


Odds Matcher

The Odds Matcher is an essential tool if you are serious about your matched betting. It lets you find bets with the closest match between the bookies’ odds and the exchanges.

Odds Matcher Tool

The tool gives you the event, the market, the bookie and exchange odds and then the value of the matched bet, which is all the information you need really.

They have recently added tennis and golf to the odds matcher as well as the football and horse racing already on there. 


Acca Backer

The Acca Backer is a tool for taking up the bookies’ offers on accumulators, where one leg loses and the bookies refund your bet as a free bet. There are full instructions on different approaches to using these offers, plus available accas coming up that you can back.

Acca Backer Tool



Another essential part of the matched bettor’s armory is the calculator – so you can work out how much you need to bet on each part of your matched bet and how much you are likely to make.


Forum and Live Chat

Matched Bets has a nice forum where you can discuss offers and ideas with other members and seek out the best opportunity, plus learn things from one another.

It also a live chat option, which is not something we have seen in the other matched betting products we have reviewed, but is a really good innovation. 

For those new to matched betting, it is a difficult skill to learn so to have live assistance there for you should aid in the journey to become a more proficient matched bettor. The live chat, together with Information Centre and e-mail support provide a comprehensive package of assistance to guide you on your journey. 



Overall Matched Bets is a great matched betting package and certainly one we would recommend. There are some great features available with it and a wide range of tools, including the Acca Backer and live chat.

At a very reasonable cost of just £14 per month or £99 per year, you should have no problem in making your subscription fees back quickly and then you have the potential of making a steady monthly income of up to £500 per month if you are able to protect your bookie accounts with some mug betting.

A highly recommended matched betting product with great customer service.

You can sign up to Matched Bets here.






Matched Bets – New Review

24th March 2017

Matched betting is the art of using bookmakers’ bonuses and free bets to make risk-free (or very low-risk) profits.

How this works is that bookmakers have special offers for new and existing customers. To get an offer you usually have to place a qualifying bet.

So you place the bet with the bookmaker and lay the exact same bet at the exchange. You will more or less break even and qualify for a free bet.

Follow the same process over and over again and you can make a substantial amount of money.

Matched betting now extends beyond just sports betting but includes casino offers, bingo bonuses and much more besides.

It is something that has become very popular among punters and indeed, some people actually make a lucrative full-time living from it.

With such popularity, it is becoming increasingly sophisticated and more tools are being added to the matched bettor’s armory all the time and we are always keen to check these out and see whether they give us an added advantage over the bookies.

In such spirit, we are taking a look at a new matched betting suite – appropriately titled Matched Bets.

It has a very nice-looking website and includes a wide range of tools, which we are looking forward to exploring in more detail.

We will run a short review of this to examine what is available and whether it offers value to would-be matched bettors.

We will report back shortly with our impressions.

In the meantime, please note that Matched Bets are running a special offer at the moment: you can get a year’s membership for just £99, rather than the normal £149.

This is only available until 31st March, so time is running out to claim it.

You can check out Matched Bets here.  




Oddsmonkey screenshot 2

Odds Monkey Review

We originally reviewed Odds Monkey back in March 2016 when it was just an odds matching tool, but a huge amount has been added to the site since then, so we thought it was high time for an update to look at all the tools now available.

We have tested all the new features for a month and here are the results from our trial:


Profit/loss:    +£1045
Bank Growth:    105%
Cost:   £15 per month or £150 per year
ROI:   N/A
Average number of bets:    Up to 30 per day

Get a FREE Trial of Odds Monkey


What Does Odds Monkey Offer Now?

Odds Monkey used to be just an odds matching tool. How things have changed!

It is now a comprehensive matched betting package, much like the excellent Profit Accumulator, including pretty much everything you could possibly ask for if you have any interest in free bets and bonuses.

It represents exceptionally good value to get all the different things it offers as part of just one package. 

You can go right through from a novice matched bettor right up to a professional here, with all the tools and training included. 

When you sign up to Odds Monkey, you will get all of the following included:

  • List of New Account Offers
  • List of Existing Account Offers
  • Odds Matcher
  • Betting Calculator
  • Racing Matcher
  • Each Way Matcher
  • Acca Matcher
  • Dutching Tool
  • Tennis Matcher

We will go through each one of these in turn below together with our overall view of Odds Monkey.


Free Bet Offers for New Accounts

As an Odds Monkey subscriber you get full access to their lists of free bets and offers for opening new accounts various bookmakers. 

At the time of writing there are 38 new account offers to take advantage of, with full guides on how to do these offers. 

The offers are set out into neat categories such as “bet x get x,” “risk free bet” and “rollover bonus” which helps to differentiate them as these offers are actually quite different when you get down to claiming them

There is a summary for each offer as well, as shown below:

Odds Monkey Summary

Plus once you have done the offers, you tick them off as completed on the list so you know which ones you’ve done. 

The guides are very helpful and everything is set out very clearly. 


Free Bet Offers for Existing Bookmaker Accounts

If you already hold accounts with the bookies, then as you know you will sometimes receive free bet offers and bonuses to incentivise you to bet with that bookie.

Odds Monkey includes a list of these offers as well, with a very useful “Daily Offer Calendar” which lists all the offers for the day, together with details of the offers and links through to the bookie’s website. 

Odds Monkey List of Offers

This calendar will be your meat and drink if you are a regular matched bettor.

There are also lists of casino, games and bingo offers included with the Odds Monkey subscription.

Check Out Odds Monkey Here


The Odds Matcher

The Odds Matcher is a tool for comparing odds between bookies and betting exchanges such as Betfair to make matched betting easier. It provides a table listing all the best opportunities for selecting the best value matched bets.

When you are doing matched betting, you are looking ideally for bets where the odds with the betting exchanges (e.g. Betfair, Betdaq, Smarkets) are as close to the bookies’ odds as possible.

When the exchange odds are the same as the bookies’ odds (or very close to it), then it allows you to maximise the money you will make from each free bet or bonus offer. 

It will also save you time, as otherwise you would have to find all the bets yourself which would be very time-consuming.

Below is a look at the live table for using the Odds Matcher and setting up your matched bets.

Odds Matcher Screenshot

In the table above you can see the date and time of the event, the sport, the race or match time and the selection.

Then in red you have the rating, which tells you how much value there is in the bet. The you have the relevant bookmaker and betting exchange and the odds, which you can click through to.

Where the rating is above 100, this means the betting exchange odds are above the bookies’ odds for that selection.



The Betting Calculator

The betting calculator allows you to calculate exactly how much money you need to place on each part of the matched bet and how much you will make, as below:

Betting Calculator Screenshot


Racing Matcher 

The Racing Matcher is an amazing tool that looks at each upcoming race, the offers that are available for it and the best odds matches for it.

So for example below, you have the 12.45 at Southwell, with three offers available – £50 free with Bet365, £25 free with Betfred and £25 free with Totesport.

Then you click on one of the offers and it opens up the odds matcher with the best odds available with the exchanges to execute the offer. 

This is a nice way of working your way through the racecard in an afternoon and taking advantage of lots of free bet offers.


The Eachway Matcher

The Eachway Matcher allows you to identify value in each-way bets and place them in a risk-free manner. 

This occurs when the place odds with the bookie are good enough that you can guarantee a profit whatever happens.

You can generally make £5 – £10 per bet and there are normally multiple opportunities per day. Be careful with these though as the bookies can limit you fairly quickly if you are doing lots of them. 


The Acca Matcher

The Acca Matcher is a tool to take advantage of the bookies’ offers on football accumulators. So you can back an accumulator with the bookies and lay each leg on the exchanges and (presuming the odds don’t change dramatically) lock in a profit.

You can generally make around £10 per offer on this and there are normally a few to do each day during the regular football season. 

Accu Matcher Screenshot


Dutching Tool

The dutching tool is a means of finding arbs between the bookies. So for example in a football match you would back the home team with one bookie, the draw with another bookie and the away team with another bookie, guaranteeing a profit whatever the outcome.

However, the bookies hate arbers so you would be risking account closures by doing this very often. 


Tennis Matcher

Tennis Racket and BallThere is also a Tennis Matcher with tennis offers and an odds matcher to find you the closest match between the bookies odds and the exchanges. 

However, there are not as many tennis offers as racing or football ones and it appears the last ones were during the US Open which was some months ago.


Premium Membership versus Standard Membership

For a fee of £15 per month or £150 per year, you can get premium membership which gives you access to all the above, which is quite amazing. Considering how much money you can make using all the different tools, it is fantastic value. 

Standard membership gives you access to a couple of offers and guides as an introduction.

Get a FREE Trial of Odds Monkey

Overall Verdict

Odds Monkey is a one-stop shop for matched bettors and has a wealth of tools and guides at your disposal. If you’re looking for something different to the typical horse racing and football tipsters, then this could be well worth a look. 

The claim on their website is that you can make “up to £1500 per month” and whilst we usually dismiss such claims as nonsense, in this case it is actually realistic.

In one month we made just over £1,000, which for a £15 subscription fee is quite amazing.

As with all matched betting, you do have to put the time into it to make it worthwhile and the more time you put in the better you will do.

If you are already a member of a matched betting site like Profit Accumulator, then it is not worth joining Odds Monkey as well as they offer very similar things. 

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you are outside the UK and Ireland, Odds Monkey will have limited appeal as you won’t get access to all the free bets and bonuses that we have here.

Overall though Odds Monkey is an excellent product and one we are happy to recommend. 

Rating: 5 out of 5





each way sniper image

Each Way Sniper – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Each-Way Sniper and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    +£473
Strike Rate:    100%
Bank Growth:    47%
Cost:   £47 + VAT 
ROI:   6.5%
Average number of bets:    1-4 per day


You can view full results here.


Each-Way Sniper Full Review


This is the third Mike Cruickshank product we have reviewed so far here at Honest Betting Reviews after Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser and we are pleased to say it is now three for three in terms of approved ratings for his products.

Whilst the aforementioned products are about exploiting the bookies’ free bets and bonuses, Each-Way Sniper is a little different.

As the title suggests, it is about taking advantage of the inherent value you get from the place part of certain each-way bets with the bookies.

Basically you use that inherent value to secure a profit whatever happens by laying on Betfair.

The strategy works very well and you can certainly build a nice bit of profit using Each Way Sniper.


How does it work?

First up you go to the Each Way Sniper software, which is quite an amazing piece of kit. It automatically identifies potential each-way “snipes” where you can guarantee yourself a profit whatever happens.

Here is a look at the software in action:

Each Way Sniper Software


From the software you can see the best opportunities, the relevant bookie that has the odds for a particular selection and how much you can make from each opportunity.

Then you can click through to the calculator and input the values to work out exactly how much to put on and how much you will make.


Each Way Arbing Calculator


Then just place the bets, sit back and you are guaranteed profit, regardless of whether your horse wins or loses! Clever eh?

How much money can you make from Each Way Sniper?

The question of how much money you can make really depends on how much time you put in to it.

This is primarily for people who are able to be at their computer during the afternoon/evening when races are on so that you can access the software and make the selections. If you are able to do that, then you can potentially have a good few “snipes” each day.

How much you make on each snipe depends on your staking. We used £25 each-way stakes for the trial and were making as much as £10 on some snipes, but the average was more like £3-£4 per snipe.

We weren’t able to use the software every day due to time restrictions so you could certainly make more than the £473 we did during the trial – that would very much be the minimum you could expect to make in a 2-3 month period.


Are there any drawbacks to Each Way Sniper? 

As mentioned, this is mainly for people who can monitor the software and access their bookmaker accounts whilst racing is on, to find the opportunities and place the bets.

However, you potentially could find opportunities yourself before racing starts, place your bets and be done with it and not need to monitor the software all day. This wouldn’t identify as many bets though so would limit how much you could make.

The other potential drawback is the possibility of having your bookie accounts closed or limited. In order to reduce this possibility, we would recommend not placing bets on races where there is a strong odds-on favourite.

The bookies positively hate such bets and are well aware that these are value opportunities for the punter. Once you have placed a few of them with the same bookie, you will almost certainly be on their radar and it will only be a matter of time before your account is limited.

So our advice would be to avoid these races and go for bets where the favourite is odds-against and so it isn’t such an obvious “arb.” That will keep you off the bookies’ blacklist for much longer. There will still be plenty of bets and it should not limit things much in terms of how much you can make.



Overall we feel Each Way Sniper is a great little product and well worth having as part of your matched betting portfolio.

It isn’t quite as amazing as Profit Maximiser in terms of how much money it can make you, so if you haven’t got that yet we strongly recommend you do.

But Each Way Sniper can certainly make you an extra couple of hundred of quid per month with just a little bit of effort. Most of the hard work is done for you by the software, which is a great piece of kit.

And it is certainly very satisfying taking the “snipes” and making risk-free cash off the bookies.

As long as you are able to access the software during the afternoons/evenings when racing is on and don’t make it obvious to the bookies what you are doing, then this can really add some cash to your bank on a regular basis.

Highly recommended.






Each-Way Sniper – Results Update

17th January 2016

Things have been along steadily for Each-Way Sniper since our last update about six weeks ago. We are now £340 up using £50 stakes, which is pretty good going for a no-risk system.

You can view full results here.

There are some days without any selections and then some days where you have a few. 

Once you get the hang of it then it doesn’t take long to find potential races each day. Then it is just a case of viewing the markets about 20-30 minutes before the off to see if there is a qualifier.

We have just over a month to go in our trial of Each Way Sniper so will be back then with our final thoughts. 




Each-Way Sniper – Results Update

27th November 2015

We have had an interesting start to our trial of Each Way Sniper from Mike Cruickshank in that we are not quite sure how to rate this product. 

On the one hand it does “work” and has made money so far. But on the other hand, we wonder how long it can last and question the amount of time that is needed to produce quite small profits.

Anyway, on with the results update.

This is basically a product that uses the additional place value you get from the bookies in certain races to make a risk-free profit.

These races are typically “top heavy” ones where you have a couple of strong favourites and then a big gap to the rest of the field.

Basically in such races, the place part of an each-way bet can often have better odds than the Betfair place odds, so if you can get instances where the win odds are about the same with a bookie and Betfair, then you can make a profit regardless of the outcome of the race. Clever eh?

Well as with most things that look to put one over on the bookies, they don’t like it. 

In fact, it is fair to say that bookies positively hate bets like this and it is one of the surest ways to get your accounts shut down. 

So you have to take rather significant mitigating steps to ensure that doesn’t happen – spreading your bets around, not going overboard with your stakes, using “mug bets” and so on.

If you can avoid getting your bookie accounts shut down, then what kind of money can you make from Each-Way Sniper?

Well these are our results so far.

As you can see, on a lot of the races you are making just a couple of pounds per selection, which is quite small fry really.

But then others you can make 8 or 9 quid per selection. And in some races you can back the same selection with a number of bookies, meaning you can really clean up.

There are generally just one or two races per day to play in and it does involve manually checking potential qualifying races and then checking the Betfair market and bookie prices around 20-30 mins before the start of the race.

So it does mean quite a bit of work on the part of the punter and you have to be able to access Betfair and your bookie accounts in the afternoon to make this work.

If you can do that, then there is potential to make money with this, although to be honest we think that Profit Maximiser and Profit Accumulator offer better long-term money making opportunities.

We don’t think it’s necessary to run a full three month trial here because the results don’t vary too much and you will have a pretty good idea how much you can make from a few weeks of results.

We will return with some more results and our final thoughts on Each Way Sniper soon.




Each-Way Sniper – New Review

23rd September 2015

Today we are commencing a new trial of a betting system called Each Way Sniper.

This is another product from Mike Cruickshank, who has produced a number of other betting systems, primarily based around exploiting bookie bonuses.

We are currently trialing two other of Mike’s products, Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser and are impressed with what we have seen from those so far.

This is a different approach however and is not based on bookie bonuses. It is based around exploiting the value of each-way betting on certain types of races.

On the sales page the system promises to make you £300 to £500 per month risk-free in just 20 minutes per day.

Sounds pretty good, that would certainly come in handy 🙂

Will this live up to the promises made on the sales page though? We will find out during our trial.

Check back here for further updates.

In the meantime you can check out Each-Way Sniper here.


Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging – Final Review

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.


We have come to the end of our trial of Bonus Bagging and here are the results:


Profit/loss:  +£572
Bank Growth:  386%
Cost:  £27
ROI:  68%
Average number of bets:  Up to 3 per day until offers used


Bonus Bagging – Final Review


Most of the products we have reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews have been tipsters of various descriptions so it makes a nice change to review something a bit different like Bonus Bagging.

The system takes advantage of the free bet offers bookies throw our way to try and lure us into becoming new customers.

Normally you have to wager a certain amount first before the bookies will give you a free bet, meaning if you lose that initial stake and then your free bet, you could be out of pocket.

However, the system author, Mike Cruickshank, has designed a way you can set these bets up so they are risk-free. So these offers do become genuinely free bets.

We have tested the system over the last three months and can confirm it certainly works –  essentially it involves using Betfair to lay off the bets that you place with the bookies.

We have made over £500 – in fact £572 to be precise – taking advantage of these free bets over the course of the trial, which is good going considering the bets were completely risk-free.

Win Jackpot

There would be the possibility of making more than this but then we already have accounts with some of the bookmakers the system uses.

However, there were also some bookmakers we had not heard of before so even if you are an experienced gambler we expect there will be offers for you to take advantage of.

Ongoing Offers

Ultimately you will run out of offers to use, but then Mike e-mails out ongoing bookie offers – i.e. offers where you already have a bookie account rather than for opening a new account

Our experience during the trial was that we made around £200 per month out of these ongoing offers, so we estimate this is what you could make per month on an ongoing basis from the system.


For such a low of price of £27, it is something of a “no-brainer” as they say to purchase this system. As long as you don’t already have accounts with all the bookmakers out there, you will make a profit from using it and you should be able to make a few hundred quid for minimal effort.

And even if you do by chance have accounts with all the bookmakers, you can still take advantage of the ongoing free bet offers that Mike e-mails out.

Plus Mike offers a no-questions-asked 60 day money-back guarantee, so you could always ask for your money back if you decided this wasn’t for you.

Can’t say fairer than that really, so we are happy to give this one a firm thumbs up and place it in the winning systems list.

N.B. Just a small note to say that a number of the offers only apply to people in the UK and Ireland, so if you live elsewhere you may not be able to take advantage of a lot of these offers.

7 Day Trial for £1


How does it work?

You simply click a button requesting a new bet each time you are ready to take advantage of another offer and Mike will e-mail you exact instructions of both the qualifying bet and the free bet, including which bookmaker to use, how much the offer is for, the bet (e.g. horse race or football match) to place it in and even a link. Simples!

Here is an example:

You click “request bet” and Mike e-mails you saying place a bet of £10 on Hearts to beat Aberdeen at 3.0 with William Hill, then lay for the same amount at Betfair at odds of 3.05.

Request New Bet

You then click “claim free bet” and Mike e-mails you saying back Man Utd to beat Man City at 3.5 for £30 free bet, then lay Man Utd at 3.5 on Betfair for £21.43 @ 3.55 (£54.65 to cover)

Claim Free Bet

So on these bets you make £20.36 whatever happens!

This may look a little complicated if you are new to betting, but once you have done it a couple of times it is really easy. Getting the detailed instructions – and even the links to where you place the bets – makes it really simple to use.

What do I need to use this betting system? You would probably want £100 – £200 to start with. We used a bank of £200 for the trial and turned it into a bank of £772

It is a good idea to keep a record of all the new accounts you open, together with login details, the bets you have placed and so on.

Ease of use: Good – as we say, if you are new to betting it may look a little complicated but with Mike to guide you through it, you really can’t go wrong.

Customer Service: Excellent – Mike is always quick to respond to questions and deal with any queries you have.

Subscription costs: The product is available for a one-off fee of £27, which is excellent stuff and great value considering what you are getting.


Overall Verdict: Passed 

This is a great little product and to be honest what else can you give it other than a passed verdict when it guarantees you profit?

How much you make will depend on how many bookmakers accounts you already have, but even if you have lots of account we expect there are a few here you won’t have heard of that you can take advantage of.

Plus there are also the ongoing offers which Mike e-mails out, so you should be able to make about £200 per month from those.

If it turns out you do already have all the bookie accounts or this is not for you – which we would say is unlikely – then Mike offers a 60-day guaranteed refund, so buying this product literally is “risk-free!”

We imagine most people should be able to make a few hundred quid at least from this product, and with such detailed instructions from Mike it really is made as simple as it could possibly be.

Sign up, grab your bonuses and then start thinking about how you will spend the money! 🙂

Great news! You can now get a 7 day trial of Bonus Bagging for just £1!

Good luck and let us know how you get on with it!

get a 7 Day Trial for £1



Bonus Bagging – New Review

26th July 2015

We are commencing a trial today of something a little bit different. 

It is a betting system called Bonus Bagging by Mike Cruickshank.

As the name suggests, it involves utilising the many bonuses that bookies and casinos throw the way of the willing punter.

It is a very popular product and Mike has built up quite a large following over the years. We think it’s fair to say Mike is the King of bookie bonuses and has a wealth of experience on the topic. 

On the sales page, it makes a bold claim that you can make £500 per month risk free using the system. 

Sounds quite nice doesn’t it?

Just thinking what I could do with an extra £500 per month. Maybe join a nice golf club? Buy a new car? Move to a nicer pad?

Anyway, we will test this one out and see if it lives up to the hype and really can deliver £500 per month.

I am not sure how long it will take to review, it is often the case that the essence of a system can reveal itself fairly quickly and it is not necessary to run it for three months in the same way as you need to for a tipster.

It will be a question of how long it takes to test all the different options and how many bonuses there are on offer. 

I suppose the advantage of a system like this is that supposedly you are not taking any risk so all we can make is profit. The bigger question will be things like how easy it is to claim the bonuses and whether there are lots of terms and conditions for using them.

We will get our teeth into this in the coming weeks and report back when we have got to grips with it and seen what it can do.

In the meantime you can check out Bonus Bagging here.