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Today we take a look at Mike Cruickshank, the man behind some of the very best betting systems we have come across during our time operating Honest Betting Reviews.

In fact, the genius of Mike’s systems is that they are generally not “betting” systems as such, but systems for making money risk-free or with very low risk using a combination of the bookmakers and the exchanges such as Betfair.

Here we have a look at the man behind the method, the systems he has devised, their advantages and disadvantages and how you can learn from the man himself.


Who is Mike Cruickshank?

Mike was apparently working in a minimum wage job as a lad when he first became interested in betting. He started looking into free bets and discovered the concept of “matched betting” – the idea of using the bookies’ free bets to make money risk-free.

From there he slowly built things up, making a few hundred quid per month, which represented very handy extra income and inspired him to research risk-free systems further.

After a great deal of hard work, Mike developed a portfolio of systems that made considerably more cash than he was earning in his day job and allowed him to go full time as a “matched bettor”. From there he has never looked back.

And he graduated from using the systems himself to selling them to the public in very thoroughly-designed system packages.

Mike is renowned for first class customer service and has built a well-earned reputation as one of the top developers of betting products out there. Now we look at his products one-by-one.




1. Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is the product of Mike’s we have given the highest rating to, giving it a full five stars. It is basically a fully-blown system for making the most of all forms of free bets and bonuses – from not only the bookies, but also online casinos, bingo sites and spread betting sites. The great thing about the product is that it allows you to make money not just from the introductory offers for opening new accounts with betting sites, but the ongoing offers as well.

So you can pocket a nice tidy sum of money from opening lots of new accounts, but then when that is done you can still make at least £200-£300 per month on an ongoing basis. You do have to take steps to ensure your bookie accounts remain open though – but the good news is Mike provides a full video explaining how to do that.

Over the course of our review Profit Maximiser made over £1,732 from the introductory offers and £737 from the ongoing offers. Not bad going for a payment of just £97!


2. Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator is the newest of Mike’s products and is based around the accumulator offers that a large number of bookies provide these days. Basically in these offers, if one leg of your accumulator goes wrong, the bookies will refund your stake as a free bet. So Mike has designed a simple method for making a risk-free profit from these accumulator offers.

He has created pretty amazing software that brings together all of these offers and allows you to select each offer you want to play with a respective bookie, then plan each leg of the accumulator, how much you need to stake and how much you will win.

As we point out in our review, you should make around £10 out of each offer, which is pretty decent as there are over 20 bookies with these acca offers so there are loads of offers to choose from.

This is another very good product from Mike Cruickshank and one we thoroughly recommend.


3. Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging was the original Mike Cruickshank product and is a kind of mini version of Profit Maximiser.

It does the same thing as Profit Maximiser in terms of making risk-free profit from the bookies’ offers, but focuses mainly on the introductory offers rather than the ongoing ones (although there are some ongoing offers included) and includes just the bookmakers rather than the casino and bingo sites.

The product made a nice £572 during our review from a payment of just £27 and is a welcome addition to any portfolio of betting products. The original “matched betting” product.


4. Each Way Sniper

Each Way Sniper

Another of Mike’s products is Each Way Sniper, a tool that helps you identify value selections in the each-way market, so that you can back them with the bookies and lay on betfair for a guaranteed profit. 

It doesn’t produce selections every day and on days where there are selections, you are normally talking about just one or two races. 

But there can be some good opportunities to make money from these selections when they do crop up. This is a sound system for adding some extra cash to your kitty. 

Check out our review of Each Way Sniper here.


5. Bookie Blowout

Bookie Blowout

Unique amongst Mike’s products is Bookie Blowout, in that it is the only one that doesn’t guarantee you profit. It is more of a trading system that identifies horses that are likely to steam (reduce in price) from the evening before racing to the morning of racing.

There are a large number of selections each day and you have to be at your PC in the evening to get the bets on quickly because the prices disappear fast in many cases. 

It has shown remarkable consistency during our trial however and is pretty accurate in predicting which horses will be steamers.


6. Arbitrage Software

Mike also has arbitrage software that you can purchase for identifying arbitrage opportunities. As is well known with arbing however, the bookies also have systems for monitoring arbing and there is a major risk of account closures or limitations if you follow this route.


Are there any disadvantages to using Mike’s systems?

The only thing you have to be aware of when using Mike’s systems is that the bookies may limit your accounts if you are just using free bets and bonuses and not placing any other bets.

There are steps to avoid this however, so if you are careful and place a good number of “mug bets” then it is possible to keep your accounts open. There are full instructions for how to do this in a video Mike has made for Profit Maximiser.

Equally if you are using Each Way Sniper and Bookie Blowout, the bookies may well become aware that you are exploiting the best odds to create profits, so it best to spread your bets around and don’t overdo it.

As long as you are careful though, you can make a very nice steady second income from Mike’s products and we are happy to say these are some of the best betting products on the market. They are some of the few products we can say that actually work!

Good luck if you do have a go with any of Mike’s products and please let us know how you get on.




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