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Matched Betting Without Free Bets – Is it Still Possible?

You may have lost most of your bookie accounts and be wondering whether you can still make money through matched betting without free bets and if it is worth signing up to a service like Profit Maximiser.

Well, the good news is that you can and still make quite a bit of money. Below we look at exactly how.


Gubbed and Annoyed – But Don’t Give Up Hope

If you are reading this article, the likelihood is that a number of your bookie accounts have been closed or limited, or the bookies have withdrawn their free bet offers from you. In other words you have been “gubbed.”

The initial feeling is disappointment and that there are no options for you to do matched betting and make some low-risk profits. But actually there are still ways to do this.

There are various methods to make low-risk profits and many people make hundreds of pounds per month doing them, even though they have been “gubbed.”


Option One – Bookies you have Probably Never Heard Of

BookiesSo yes, you may have lost your accounts with the big high street names like Ladbrokes, William Hill and Paddy Power and not have access to their ongoing reload offers.

But did you know there are load of other bookies with excellent offers?

On Profit Maximiser for instance, there are 29 new account offers with bookies you may never heard of, for example:

  • Bet Bright – £50 Free Bet
  • Dafabet – £30 Free Bet
  • Marathon Bet – £20 Free Bet

And Profit Accumulator currently has 55 new account offers, so there may well be quite a few on there you haven’t done yet, potentially adding up to hundreds of pounds.

Once you have opened accounts with these new bookies, it is important to do your best to keep your bookie accounts open for as long as possible, to take advantage of their reload offers. 


Option Two – Casino Offers

One of the best options if you are not able to access the free bet offers on sports is to look at the casino offers.

Roulette in CasinoOften you find that even if you no longer have access to free sports bets with a bookmaker, that same bookie’s casino site will still allow you to use the casino offers. This is because their margin is much bigger on casino than sports, so the bookies are generally happy for you to use their casinos.

Casino offers are generally split into two categories: no deposit offers and sign-up offers.


  • No Deposit Offers – these are more closely aligned to matched bets because they are risk free. Generally the amount of the bonus is lower (£10), but some can be higher.
  • Sign-up Offers – these are offers where you need to make a deposit first, but the amount of the bonus can be substantial, up to hundreds of pounds in some cases.

For both kinds of offer, there are generally wagering requirements which means that you need to bet the amount of your deposit and bonus a number of times, thus increasing the chance that you will lose it.

However, there are excellent tools out there that work out for you exactly how good the offers are and what kind of value they entail.

For example, EV Maximiser has a tool included in it that enables you to work out what the “estimated value” – or “EV” of a casino offer is.

Some of the casino offers are much better than others and knowing what is a good value offer and what isn’t can save you a lot of time and hundreds of pounds in the long run.

The estimated value will give you a figure for how much you could expect to make on average if you played a certain casino offer say a thousand times. Obviously this is not how much you will actually make as it depends on how well you happen to do, but it gives you a very useful sense of how good each offer is.

Using tools such as this, it is possible to make a good income from the casino offers even if you no longer have access to the free sports bets.


Option Three – Bingo Offers

Bingo OffersAnother option if you no longer have access to free bets is to use the bingo offers. 

Many of the bingo offers actually represent excellent value and can be turned into a good few hundred pounds profit.

At the time of writing, there are over 30 bingo offers on Profit Maximiser, with the average offer ranging from £10 to £40.

They are often quite quick to do and once you have got the hang of it, they are pretty straightforward to execute.


Option Four – Each-Way Betting

One way to achieve some low-risk profits is to use a product like Each-Way Sniper.

This is great because it doesn’t rely on any kind of free bets or bonuses at all, so can be used by people outside of the UK and Ireland and those who have been gubbed of all offers.

Basically what Each Way Sniper does is to use certain each-way bets where the place part of the bet offers excellent value with the bookies.

Each-Way Sniper

So what you can do is set up the bet in a certain way to lay off your liability with the exchanges so that you make a profit whatever happens, whether the horse wins or loses.

Each time you do this you can make £5 – £10, depending on what kind of stake you are using. And with multiple opportunities per day normally, the profits can really add up.

Obviously you have to be a little bit careful not to overdo it or the bookies may end up limiting you, but with a degree of restraint this is a good alternative to matched betting.

You can read our full review of Each Way Sniper here, but suffice to say it is highly recommended. 


Option Five – Horse Racing Offers

Next on our list is the option of using extra place offers on horse racing.

These are offers where you are not using free bets, but rather instances where the bookies are offering an extra place on certain – usually high profile – horse races. 

Much like with Each Way Sniper, you can manipulate these offers to secure a low-risk profit if done right. There are full instructions of how to do this as part of Profit Maximiser.



Losing access to the bookies’ free bets can at first glance seem like a fatal blow to your hopes of matched betting.

However, there are actually a number of other avenues to exploit and you should by no means see it as the end of the story. 

With so many new bookies entering the market all the time, there is the opportunity to capitalise on their free bet offers even if you have lost your accounts with all the mainstream bookies.

Plus if you are careful and place a good number of mug bets, you may well be able to keep those accounts open for a long period of time.

In addition, there are all the casino and bingo offers as well which can add up to many hundreds of pounds.

Then there is the possibility of using Each Way Sniper and extra place offers in horse racing to make low-risk profits.

So all in all you should not give up on matched betting without free bets, there is still hope to make a good amount of money! 





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