Maximizing Returns with Combined Horse Racing Betting Systems

Horse racing is a popular sport all around the world, but not only for athletes and those who follow the races – for bettors, too.

The gambling industry today is richer than ever, and betting on the outcome of horse races is one of the punters’ favorites. Now that they have the option to do this online in addition to through a bookie, players are frequently testing out horse race betting systems to find the one that maximizes returns.

In this article, we’ll discuss the two main things to look for when you plan to bet on horse races and tell you about a few proven winning horse race betting systems.

How to Get the Best Horse Race Betting Experience

Before we jump into the horse race betting systems that work, we need to share two tips with you. No system will be successful unless you know where to place your bets and how to do this. Here is what you should do to ensure that you are betting safely and fairly.

  • Choose a secure place to make your bet

Everything starts by finding a secure website to place your wagers on. You can do this with online bookies or at online casinos that allow for such bets. Choose the casino carefully. Make sure that it is licensed, safe to use, and most importantly, find fastest withdrawal online casino in Canada so that you can collect your winnings whenever you want without delays or problems.

  • Know the odds and options

If you want to make the most out of the experience, you need to know your betting options and the odds. Otherwise, no strategy will work because you’ll be running blind, and you’ll lose money in the process.

This is important for any kind of gambling you do. Let’s say that you gamble on popular slots at online casinos. You need to know what your betting options are, what you can win, and what the odds are of winning at the casino and on the game you selected. The same applies to horse race betting – you need to know your options to make bets that maximize returns.

Depending on where the race happens, you have two main options – fixed odds and pari-mutuel betting. In the first case, the payout is agreed on when you place the bet and won’t change. In pari-mutuel betting, you get a portion of all money placed in a common betting pool.

Winning Horse Race Betting System You Should Try

Once you choose the right place to bet on races and are familiar with the odds and betting options, it’s time to test some trending horse racing betting strategies and systems that have worked for other players. Let’s see what the most popular racehorse betting systems are these days.

1.     The Dutching Strategy

The Dutching strategy is one of the most widely known gambling systems in the world of sports. It’s a system based on mathematics. Many bettors use services or calculators to decide what to wager on. The strategy ensures that, when you place a bet on a selection of horses, each instance will give you the same payout no matter who wins the race.

The method is not easy, but once you master it, it can significantly maximize your returns. To begin, find a race that has at least 10 horses. Choose 2 of the 3 that are top-ranked, set your profit, and calculate the following:

  • Odds for betting on the 2 horses
  • The implied probability

This will tell you how much you need to bet to get to the amount.

Let’s say that you aim to get a profit of $30. In this case, you should stake $10 on your 2 top horses with 4/1 odds. No matter which horse of the two wins the race, you get $30 i.e. $50 minus your stake of $20.

2.     The Pick 6 Betting System

Horse race bettors often use The Pick 6 system. As the name tells you, you will place 6 wagers if you follow this technique. However, you’ll wager on the outcome of 6 separate races. Your ultimate goal is to choose the winners of all races and get the biggest profit you can possibly get.

The system allows bettors to spread their bets across races, which slightly boosts the chances of success.


3.     The Trifecta Betting System

Next on our list is the famous Trifecta system, one that involves choosing the first 3 horses that will cross the finish line. There’s a catch, though. You need to guess the order in which they’ll win the race. The system is not an easy one to master, but those who know how to use it are reporting more frequent and bigger returns.

Let’s delve a bit into it.

To make this bet, you should choose the 3 horses that will win the first, second, and third place. Another option is to box your bet i.e. include any combination of your horses to increase your chances. This will change the odds and payout significantly, but it’s a safer option.

4.     The Exacta Betting System

In the Exacta system, you are betting on 2 horses instead of 3. You need to predict the first and second-place winners in the race. You can place this bet on any race including Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Harness, and Arabian. If you miss any of the two predicted positions, you lose your bet.

5.     The Superfecta Betting System

Superfecta is profitable when you predict the race’s outcome accurately and choose the right combination of horses. How does this work? With this system, you choose the first 4 horses that will win the race in the exact order. This method is reserved to the more experienced bettors and comes with somewhat of a learning curve, but the potential payouts can be very high. It’s also one of the most expensive bets to make.

Wrapping Up

Choosing one winner in a horse race is hard, and choosing several of them is even harder. Systems are not easy to master, including the 5 in this list, but when you do, this can significantly boost your odds of winning or give you a chance to win a lot of money. Whether you prefer the Dutching strategy or the Superfecta system, having a plan will allow you to make more informed bets and maximize your potential returns.





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