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Mercurius Tradr – New Review

Today we are starting a trial of a new piece of auto-betting software called Mercurius Tradr.

This is an Artificial Intelligence application that analyses thousands of data points on football matches to find value on the Betfair Exchange.  

It looks at the quality of chances created by each team and simulates matches over 10,000 times. From that data it identifies where the real value lies on Betfair. 

Here is a short video explanation of Mercurius Tradr:

Terms like “AI” are thrown around like confetti these days, often without much basis and in the hope of making something sound more sophisticated and cutting-edge than it actually is. 

However, having been given a lengthy presentation by a member of the Mercurius team (Carlo) about how it works, the brains behind it (PhDs in mathematics) and their plans for developing it further, we have no doubt that the use of such a term is warranted in this case. 

It’s a very impressive piece of software and runs automatically in the background so you don’t need a VPS or to leave your computer on day and night. 

Since it went live at the start of 2019 the Mercurius bot has made 32 points profit, all at the Betfair exchange and including commission. That is a 32% return on capital, which is not bad at all for something that runs on autopilot and places the bets for you.

That’s the least you would have made as well, as they record the minimum odds achieved but some members may have got better odds. 

At the moment they use just the match odds and Asian handicap markets and focus on the main European leagues, but aim to add more leagues and markets in future. Just recently for example they added the Swedish league. The more leagues and markets they use, the more chance there is to make profits – that’s the idea anyway!

We are starting with a £1,000 bank and using 1% stake per bet, so that means £10 per bet. 

At the moment all bets are pre-kick off, but they may add in-play betting in future. 

The costs are structured in such a way that you pay a maintenance fee of 2% per annum and a 30% performance fee per quarter, but only if they make you a profit of more than 5% ROC for that quarter. 

Anyway, we are really looking forward to testing this out as it looks like a very innovative piece of betting software and we think it has great potential. 

As ever we will provide updates here as we go along.

In the meantime you can check out Mercurius Tradr for yourself here.




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