MK Horse Racing Tips – Final Review

We remarked the other day about sounding like a broken record regarding services closing down before we had even finished our review of them. Well today we sound even more like a broken record!

Yes unfortunately we received an e-mail last Thursday from MK saying that he had decided to fall on his sword and close down the service as things had clearly gone wrong. 

Well to be fair things hadn’t gone that wrong as he was still 20 points up since July – many tipsters lose hundreds of points before considering closing their service.

But sadly in the tipping world sometimes treading water is as bad as losing from the point of view of maintaining subscribers, so it is understandable if MK decided it wasn’t worth continuing.

Either way it’s another service on the scrapheap unfortunately and we are getting to the point where we will be glad just to complete a review at the moment!









MK Horse Racing Tips – Results Update

21st December 2018

It’s been a solid start to our trial of MK Horse Racing Tips. So far after one month of our trial they are 4 points up at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

Interestingly they are doing better at Betfair SP than at advised prices so far, with a profit of 22 points made at BSP.

You don’t see that very often so will be interesting to find out whether it persists for the remainder of our trial. A good start though anyway and let’s hope it continues. 






MK Horse Racing Tips – New Review

19th November 2018

Today we are starting a trial of a horse racing tipster with a bit of a twist. 

This tipster bets not just on singles on the horses but also does doubles, trebles and 4-folds. 

They are called MK Horse Racing Tips and come from the Betting Gods network of tipsters. 

Results so far look pretty decent, with over 57 points profit made to a return on investment of 22% and a strike rate of 26% since starting tipping back in July.

That equates to over £114 per month profit on average to £10 stakes and bank growth of over 75%

So it looks like a promising service, plus it has the added bonus of potentially winning big if one of their multiples comes in! 

Hopefully it will still be profitable just on the basis of the single bets but we will see. 

We will run our normal three month trial and will report back soon on how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out MK Horse Racing Tips here.






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