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How Online Casino Sites Outperform Bookmakers When It Comes to Betting

Sports betting has enjoyed explosive growth in the last few decades. This is partly due to many countries legalizing sports betting.

The other part is that it is now available online and the experience is much-enhanced thanks to technology. Today, you don’t have to call a bookie or visit a betting establishment to make a wager on a match. You can do this from any place on your mobile device.

That’s not the only thing that changed, though. As soon as online sports betting became an option, traditional bookies started losing clients to online bookmakers i.e. sportsbooks. These, on the other hand, are often losing clients to sports betting online casino websites i.e. casinos that also offer betting on sports.

Today, players can quite literally sign up and do online sports betting and casino gambling at the same place, on the same website. When they win, they can collect their winnings even without having to process documents at a no verification withdrawal casino and receive their payouts in just a few hours. And this is just one of the perks that players enjoy when they place wagers on casino sites!

If you want to learn more about how online casino sites differ from bookmakers – and how they outperform them, keep reading.

Bookmakers vs. Online Casino Sites

The predictions to Aussie casinos point out that the incredible growth in interest will continue in the years that follow. As technology advances, so does the quality of gambling at online casinos. And while very few offer betting in addition to gambling, there are sites that have both options for players – and they attract a very big audience.

The rapid growth of online betting added to the boom that legalized betting already made on the market. Both sportsbooks and casinos are poised to capitalize on the influx of cash that the growing popularity of gamblers brings in, but who wins the battle?

There are certain things that make sports betting and casino online sites more attractive to players than traditional and online bookmakers. Before we explore the advantages, let’s differentiate between the two.

What is a Bookmaker?

A bookmaker or a sportsbook is a website exclusively accepting bets on sporting events and contests. Also known as a bookie, this is a modern, digital way to present the odds to the audience and allow them to place their wagers. A bookie will set the odds for the event before they accept any wagers.

Thanks to online betting, the job of bookmakers is in higher demand, more diversified, but also more complex. Things have changed. Now there are people from the other side of the world placing their wagers on such websites. There are very few people in the world that call to get in on the action. Bookies no longer meet physically with customers. They take the bets and pay the winner online.

For a bookie to accept a bet from a customer, they must balance the book first. This is a very difficult and risky process. If the bookie doesn’t hedge against taking a big loss on a match, they can be sunk in an instant. A good bookmaker will set the odds in a way that guarantees that they’ll at least get a return on their investment, no matter the outcome.

Because of this, bookies can’t make a fortune off a single event or offer highly competitive odds. If bookmakers want to be safe and protected, and avoid going bankrupt overnight, they need to be extra careful. Basically, it all boils down to giving fair odds on both sides – the bettor and the bookie.

Now, most bookies are smaller than casinos. These corporations must be extra careful about maintaining a good reputation. They need to process payouts faster, avoid misunderstandings and mistakes, and basically set themselves apart as a good choice.

The larger sportsbooks, on the other hand, have bigger budgets, and more odds, and can be more flexible with their calculations in order to attract more bettors.

What Is an Online Betting and Casino Site?

Online casinos are frequented by thousands of players, especially the big and popular ones. Those who offer sports betting in addition to casino games like slots, blackjack, and roulette, attract an even bigger audience since they offer two different things.

In a sports betting and casino online, you can find a variety of games such as slot machines, blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, live dealer games, craps, and much more. You can play the lottery on some sites, buy bingo tickets, and join tournaments. On top of that, you can hop on their sportsbook and place wagers on sports matches and events, just like you would with a bookmaker.

A bookmaker will only offer sports betting as their main service, while a casino can offer sports betting as part of their services.

How Casinos Outperform Bookmakers Today

Now that we’ve distinguished between the two, let’s answer the main question – how do casinos outperform bookmakers?

1.    More Gambling Options

The target audience of a casino and a sportsbook often overlap. Many people love playing casino games and betting on sports. In an online casino that offers the two, players can do everything they want without looking for another source. In other words, online casinos allow you to operate in both areas without leaving the platform.

Not only that, but you can do this while enjoying the perks that the casino offers to regular players and bettors. When you get tired of placing bets or don’t like the current odds or events, you can switch to casino gambling and have an amazing time.

Many dedicated sports bettors don’t go to bookmakers today to place wagers because they want a more diverse experience. In a casino with sports betting, they can play high-stakes roulette, try their luck on a blackjack table, or spin the reels on the trending slot machines – and even win a jackpot.

Instead of signing up and switching between two separate websites, players can simply use one site. They can bet on sports, but also play sport-themed casino games, which is yet another plus.

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2.    Versatile Bet Selection

Truth is, you can find a versatile bet selection at the major sportsbooks, too, but most small bookmakers will have a limited number of options for placing bets. Casinos that offer sports betting are usually already very successful when they decide to dip into a different gambling field. This means that most of them will have a tremendous choice in terms of bet selection. This is another reason why they outperform bookmakers.

In a casino, you’ll have the chance to bet on a variety of sports. This starts with the major sports and events in football, basketball, ice hockey, and tennis. It expands to marginal sports, too, like winter sports and cricket. Finally, you can find virtual sports to bet on these websites such as Counterstrike and League of Legends gameplay, as well as virtual tennis games and Formula 1 races.

3.    Excellent Betting Odds

Bookmakers, especially the smaller companies, don’t have a lot of flexibility in terms of offering more favorable odds to attract players. They have to guarantee a profit. Casinos, on the other hand, will still aim to guarantee a profit, but they have a bigger budget because they source it from casino games, too. To attract players, they’ll be willing to offer some amazing odds you can’t find at bookmakers’ websites. Such betting odds have turned many bettors toward casino websites.

Keep in mind, though, that in some countries there’s a betting tax for wagering on sports. Some casinos offer players to place their wagers without the task and cover the amount themselves if you win. You can hardly find such a thing at a bookmaker.

Due to their popularity and the fact that casinos operate on two fields, they can offer better and higher odds, and perks like the one we just mentioned. That might be the reason why thousands of bettors switched to these sites and left their old bookmakers behind.

4.    Varied Betting Markets

In addition to tackling diverse sports, serious online casinos will also offer betting on varied markets. They’ll offer betting on the major leagues and events, of course. But, the options are usually far more versatile.

At an online casino that also has a sportsbook, you can place wagers on smaller leagues and minor events that you won’t find with most bookies.

5.    A Huge Number of Bet Types

There will be a number of possibilities for betting on a single sport – bet on the loser, the winner, a draw, etc. You can also bet on the number of goals scored, make handicap bets, and other special bets. Special bets at casinos are usually very interesting – and rather unique. For instance, you can tap the number of given yellow cards or corner balls and bet on them. You can bet on a victory of one set in tennis, or a singer in a big singing contest.

A good online casino will offer single bets, combination bets, and live bets. You can make system bets to give yourself higher odds of winning even if some tips on your slip don’t end up as you anticipated.

Live bets are especially popular at online casinos. They are made available instantly and for diverse matches, and some players prefer betting this way, while watching the match, over betting ahead. In some casinos, you can even watch live broadcasts, so you won’t have to switch to a different page to watch.

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6.    Incredible Bonuses

Bonus promotions at trending casinos are always enticing. As long as they come with reasonable terms, these are one of the biggest incentives to pick a website. Casinos usually have enormous welcome bonuses. Those who also offer sports betting are known to diversify their choices. For instance, they can offer one bonus for casino players and another for sports bettors. Depending on what you prefer, you can claim the welcome bonus of your choice.

While in most cases you won’t be able to claim the other welcome bonus, some casinos might give you the incentive to play their casino games afterward, too.

Either way, bonuses at casinos are usually the biggest you can find, often bigger than those with bookmakers. In fact, the majority of bookmakers don’t offer bonuses to their players. Casinos, on the other hand, shower players with promotions. This starts with the welcome bonus and goes to regular promotions, cashback offers, as well as VIP perks and presents.

If you are a regular player at a casino and sportsbook, you can claim bigger and bigger bonuses as you get higher in their VIP program. You’ll get promotions sent via email as incentives to play, can claim regular bonuses available to all, and enjoy perks like VIP support if you are a high roller or frequent bettor.

7.    Excellent Casino Apps

Now, in this sense, casinos might not outperform big bookmakers since both can have amazing mobile apps. Even so, at a casino that’s also a sportsbook, you can navigate through a single app to play casino games and wager on sports, so that’s a great plus.

A casino app is not available on all sites these days. Some simply offer browser access because many players don’t have the space for an app on their phones. Mobile optimization is vital for all trending casinos, so whether you play in an app or a browser, you can expect a seamless experience on both.

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Wrapping Up

This list is not a final indicator that a casino will outperform a bookmaker. In the end, it all comes down to how good of a website you choose to gamble on. However, if you choose a high-quality casino that also offers sports betting, you can enjoy the two amazing forms of gambling all at the same place, combined with big bonuses that aren’t found at bookmakers’ sites. So, in some ways, casinos almost always outperform bookmakers, which is why they attract more bettors every day.





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