Outside Rides – Results Update

It’s been a bit of a slow start to our trial of horse racing service Outside Rides, with a loss of 16 points made so far to advised prices. 

You can view full results here.

It’s a similar story at Betfair SP, with a loss of 23 points made for our trial to date.

Just a reminder, this is service that is based on a theory around top jockeys and small yards. Tips are delivered via the Telegram app to be backed either with the bookies or on Betfair. 

So not the ideal start here but still early days and plenty of time to turn things around.  






Outside Rides – New Review

8th May 2024

We are starting a new trial today of a horse racing service called Outside Rides. 

This is a relatively new service that is based on a theory around top jockeys and small yards. 

The idea is that because small racing stables don’t get much access to top jockeys compared to the bigger, more wealthy stables, they offer those jockeys their best horses in an effort to secure their services over the long term. 

Outside Rides is focused on flat racing and has been live for just over a year now and has made a little over 50 points profit so far. 

That has come at a return on investment of around 8%, which is a solid enough return. 

At Betfair SP the results have been pretty decent too, with a profit of 38 points made to date at an ROI of just under 6%

Their backtested results look very impressive with a reported 1700 points profit made from the system.

However, we don’t normally put much store in backtested results as we have seen plenty of examples of backtested results that look great on paper but then when they go live fail to deliver the goods. Ultimately only live, proofed results carry any weight. 

Anyway, it looks like a promising service and we are always interested in new or innovative betting theories so let’s see how this one gets on under a live trial.

It operates on a “pay as you win” model which is good so no expensive subscription fees to pay if the service isn’t making a positive return. 

We’ll update results here as always so you can see how they are progressing. 

In the meantime you can check out Outside Rides for yourself here.





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