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Phil’s Rugby Tips – Results Update

It’s been a very rough spell for Phil’s Rugby Tips unfortunately, with a loss of 67 points since our last update just over a month ago. 

That means he is now 25 points down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here. 

The trial started off so well but has sadly gone from bad to worse over the last couple of months. There have been some close calls which could have gone our way and seen the results looking much better right now, but that’s the way things go sometimes in betting. 

Phil seems to really like the one team to be winning at half time and the other winning at full time, but not many of those bets have come in which has affected results. 

Anyway, with rugby suspended for the time being like just about everything else, it remains to be seen when the action will get underway again but let’s hope it’s not too long. 







Phil’s Rugby Tips – Results Update

19th February 2020

It’s been somewhat of a mixed start to our trial of Phil’s Rugby Tips. Things got off to a very good start initially as we went over 90 points up after the first couple of weeks. 

However, since the service launched its Six Nations Special, things have taken a bit of a turn for the worse with three losing weeks in a row. 

Still, overall we are 42 points up for our trial so far. 

You can view full results here. 

It could be seen as “sod’s law” that once the service went officially live with the Six Nations tips things would take a downturn after such an impressive run previously, but that is how it goes sometimes unfortunately. 

The good news however is that the pre-tournament picks for the Six Nations are still in reasonably good shape so hopefully we will see some profits there. 

In the meantime if you are interested in joining for the rest of the Six Nations, please drop us a line at and we will provide more info on joining Phil’s Rugby Tips. 






Phil’s Rugby Tips – New Review

21st January 2020

If you’ve been following us for a while you will know that we have previously reviewed a professional rugby gambler/trader, Phil Worrall, who is very good at what he does.

During our previous four month trial Phil produced an excellent 162 points profit – made up of 136 points profit trading and 26 points from straight tips. 

Whilst his in-running trading generated substantial returns, it was difficult to follow for some people so the team decided to discontinue it sadly. 

However, Phil provided a tipping guide for last year’s Rugby World Cup which produced an excellent 48 points profit. 

And he has recently re-launched his service as a pure tipping service with weekly rugby tips – and it has got off to an absolute flyer!

The first four weeks were provided free of charge on a trial basis and made a whopping 118 points profit at a return on investment of over 100%!

Then last week was the first week of the paid service and it continued in the same fashion, making a very nice 17 points profit.

So in total that is 135 points profit in just five weeks – pretty awesome stuff! 

Together with the previous results achieved during our proofing of his various tips and trading, we would say Phil is in a league of his own when it comes to rugby betting. Now of course in gambling terms rugby may be more niche than other sports like football and horse racing which attract the majority of punters’ money but as we always say – if you can make money out of it we don’t really care what sport it is! 

Six Nations Special Offer

With the Six Nations tournament coming up Phil will be focusing his attention on that big style, with a full tournament guide containing outright tips as well as weekly selections for the upcoming games.

For a £5.00 introductory offer you can get Phil’s Six Nations Tournament Preview with outright tips, plus Week 1 of his tips.

You can then decide to sign up for his tips for the rest of the tournament if you like. 

After the Six Nations Phil will be operating his service year-round, with weekly tips for the big rugby fixtures of the week.

We will be proofing his tips here in our review as normal, but as we say with such a solid history we have proofed previously we would already have this as a “recommended” service. It will more a case of continuing to monitor results to see if they can hopefully maintain their level of excellence. 

Anyway, if you are interested in signing up to the £5 introductory offer for the Six Nations, please drop us a line at and we will provide more info on joining Phil’s service. 





16 replies
  1. Aaron kalinski
    Aaron kalinski says:

    Would recommend this to anyone reading. Up there with the best services I’ve ever been a part of. Whether you like rugby or not, I can take it or leave it personally, if you like money, you won’t regret it. If Johnny Wilkinson and Owen Farrell had a baby which came out doing the haka then Phil would of probably predicted it.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    I was lucky enough to join Phil’s for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and achieve the 48 pts profit. Having had this initial success with Phil I jumped at the opportunity of the four week trial and was I glad that I did, serious profit made. Of course I’ve signed up for both the Six Nations tips and the in-running trading. When it comes to tipping services for any sport I believe that Phil Worrall’s is the best out there. Believe me I know as I have the best tipsters onside and I have been through many awful tipsters as well as, unfortunately, scam artists. Don’t delay, sign up.

  3. Ray Pohl
    Ray Pohl says:

    Phil.s tipping service for the Rugby Tips is excellent and I have been trying many of tipsters for more years than I would like to remember.
    So for £5 for the trial its really worth giving it a go.
    Highly recommended, you may not be successful in every bet but in the mid to long term you will be in profit
    Best tipster I have tried.

  4. Lynda Dickson
    Lynda Dickson says:

    I have been with Phil’s tips for the last 5 weeks, the first 4 were free and we had great success with that and then we joined up. The first week in and we’ve already paid for the subscription. Who knows if the success will be this good every week, but all systems have to have a bit of down time. We can afford some down time with the last big successes. The bets are fun, quick and easy to place. Being Australian, I don’t even follow the rugby in Europe, but it’s nice to have a look at something different and learn some new sports

    • Paul M
      Paul M says:

      I would highly recommend getting involved in Phil’s six nations service.
      He really knows his stuff when it comes to rugby union and his previous tournament bets have been very profitable.

  5. Graham
    Graham says:

    Superb, insightful and comprehensive analysis of the weekend’s games. Interesting variety of bets which in my experience, have so far been extremely profitable. Highly recommended.

  6. michael neary
    michael neary says:

    there are some con artist’s out there but i have no hesitation in recommending phil’s rugby service
    he made me over £1000 to £10 a point bets withinn four weeks and if you join now i believe there is a money back guarantee

  7. Francis
    Francis says:

    I joined in with the four week free rugby and am up 85 points, I have now joined what they are offering you, you’d be a fool not to try it, at least they come up with the goods, not like the other so called tipsters and I bet you’ve had a few, I no I have and I don’t think I have to say anymore on that one.


    I have and still don’t have much idea about Rugby, I found this service some time ago and it made good profits with that said I found it a bit hard to follow and I was missing bets so even though I was making money I felt a bit cheated and stopped following, recently I was offered a 4week free trial I thought I would just follow for a few weeks to see if things had changed and they have the bets are quite easy to follow with time to place them, and all five weeks have been in profit, I joined after the third week of the 4 weeks free trial and already I have over doubled my betting bank one of the first bets I placed gave me a 10/1 winner and a 28/1 winner in the same game, I have been with A LOT of services over the years and I promise you you just don’t get that anywhere else, whether you like rugby or not and YOU WILL if you follow this lad, WELL DONE Phil please keep the good work up.

  9. Paul Morris
    Paul Morris says:

    Phil definitely knows his stuff when it comes to Rugby and doesn’t disappoint with his tips.
    I would definitely recommend this service for the forthcoming six nations tournament.

  10. Warwick
    Warwick says:

    I do not follow Rugby, so i was worried I wound make mistakes (I did) even so following Phil’s tips and instructions I have made a profit every time, just signed up again, think this will be the 5th time. I’m no spring chicken, so if I can do it anyone can. Its fun and profitable what more do you need.

  11. DJIC
    DJIC says:

    This guy does know rugby, & most importantly how to make money out of it. Profits in his first 4 weeks this year & an impressive Six Nations profit last year in 2019. No reason why you won’t get your outlay back & some!


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