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Racing Goldmine – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Racing Goldmine and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:    -57 points 
Strike Rate:   13%
Bank Growth:     -57%
ROI:   -7%
Average number of bets:     10 per day
Cost:   £57/month or £114/quarter  


You can view full results here.


Racing Goldmine – Full Review


Racing Goldmine is a horse racing tipster that takes quite an unusual approach to their betting. 

Basically they tend to provide multiple selections in the same race – or in other words are “dutching” in betting parlance. The idea is that you are hedging your bets and covering multiple angles for how the race may pan out.

The results coming into our trial looked outstanding so we were cautiously optimistic that the people behind the service had found a new profitable angle for betting on the horses.

Unfortunately though, things did not turn out well under the spotlight of a live trial and we ended up 57 points down at advised prices and 75 points down at Betfair SP.

At advised prices, that represented a return on investment of -7% and a 57% loss of the bank, which are fairly disappointing figures.

As always, it could be that we just caught the service at a bad time but really we were hoping for better than that and we feel we have no alternative but to award it a FAILED rating based on the results of our trial. 

It is one to avoid for the time being and is not one we will be adding to our portfolio. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: The bet volume is high with around 10 bets per day, which are sent out the evening before racing, so there is quite a bit of work involved in the following the service.

Availability of prices: We did not experience any problems in terms of obtaining the advised prices.

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was quite low at 13% so there will be drawdowns encountered with this tipster.

Advised Betting Bank: We used a 100 point bank for the service but a larger bank of up to 150 points could be used for added safety. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £57 per month or £114 per quarter which are quite high given the results achieved during our trial.



We had high hopes for Racing Goldmine coming into our trial but sadly it ended up disappointing with a loss of 57 points at advised prices.

This isn’t a service we will be following and it receives a FAILED rating from us.  






Racing Goldmine – Results Update

11th December 2017

A bit of an improvement for Racing Goldmine since our last update, with 10 points profit made.

That means we are now 6 points up for the trial as a whole.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair there has also been a slight improvement, with 11 points profit made since our last update.

However, we are still 39 points down at Betfair SP for the trial overall, so it is looking questionable as to whether the service is practical to follow at Betfair SP.

Back soon with more updates.






Racing Goldmine – Results Update

25th November 2017

Things have gone south for Racing Goldmine since our last update a month ago, with 21 points lost in that time to advised prices.

That means overall we are now 6 points down for the trial so far.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP we have seen things take a more severe nosedive, with 50 points lost since our last update and 42 points lost overall.

So far Racing Goldmine isn’t living up to the results published on their website prior to our trial starting, which if you remember showed an astonishing profit of over 1300 points since April.

Anyway, we only around half way through the trial, so plenty of time for results to pick up.

We will be back soon with more updates.






Racing Goldmine – Results Update

23rd October 2017

It has been solid start to our trial of Racing Goldmine, whilst not quite matching the amazing results published for the period prior to our trial.

So far to advised prices we are 15 points up after three weeks.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP we are 8 points up, which isn’t bad either.

There are a large volume of bets with this service, although a lot of them are in the same races. So you will be backing 3 or 4 horses in the same race, which is quite an unusual approach.

However, so far it is working well so we can’t have any complaints really.





Racing Goldmine – New Review

3rd October 2017

Today we are commencing a new trial of a very promising horse racing service called Racing Goldmine.

To say this has some of the best results we have ever seen from a horse racing tipster would be an understatement.

These results are positively mind-blowing!

Since starting proofing to Bet Kudos in April 2017, the service has made an astonishing 1380 points profit to advised prices. 

That would be £13,800 profit to just £10 per point in only 6 months!

And that is to 1 point level stakes. So no crazy staking system to inflate results, just simple 1 point stakes on every bet.

The return on investment is a ridiculous 160%. Nuts. Just nuts.

Even the strike rate is pretty good at 35%, so a decent proportion of winners.

Now having seen those results, our initial worry was that they would all be predicated on getting early prices and that by the time the races come round, the value would be all gone and those without bookie accounts wouldn’t be able to follow the service.

But get this – the Betfair SP results are an amazing 1144 points profit too! So hugely profitable by using Betfair as well.

There isn’t much given away on the sales page as to how selections are chosen and all we can glean is that it involves backing more than one horse in each race and the service is run by a guy called Richard Man.

We have been advised to use a 200 point bank when following the service, which for once seems like a more than adequate bank given the 1 point stakes and 35% strike rate.

So we are very excited to get the trial underway and to see if results can come anywhere close to those published on the Bet Kudos website. 

If they can then we will be onto something very special here indeed!

We will update results here regularly during the trial so you can see how the service is progressing.

In the meantime you can check out Racing Goldmine here. 





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