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Strategy Betting Tips – Review Update

We completed our final review of Strategy Betting Tips back in April and gave them a neutral rating after we were not in a position to back all their tips.

We felt it would be worth updating the results as things have improved quite a bit since our review ended. 

In April they managed a strike rate of 76%, with approximately 66 points profit and in May they managed a 75% strike rate and approximately 60 points profit.

Those are the results for all the tips and as we said during our review, it would be tough to back all the tips as they are in-play bets that need to be backed straight away, so chances are you will miss some due to not being able to access your phone at some points (in a work meeting, in the bath, on the underground etc).

The results quoted are also based on achieving average odds of 1.85 for April and 1.8 for May. The odds you get for each selection will depend on when you place the bet and how far progressed the match is, so will be variable.

Anyway, the up-to-date results are a considerable improvement on the results during our review and are worthy of noting.

We had also commented in our original review about their customer service being somewhat lacking but it appears a couple of our e-mails may not have reached them and got lost in the ether somewhere, so that may not have been their fault. Overall they pride themselves on good customer service so we are prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt on that one. 

In view of the improved results we are prepared to upgrade Strategy Betting Tips to a PASSED rating. 

That assessment comes with the same caveats as during our main review though – you will need access to Bet 365 as most of the bets will be with them and you will need to be extremely watchful about pausing your tips at times when you are not able to place the bets, as otherwise you will be charged for winning tips even if weren’t able to place them.

As long as you are comfortable with those things though, it is looking like Strategy Betting Tips could be a winning service and is one we will be keeping an eye on. 








Strategy Betting Tips – Final Review

6th April 2018

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Strategy Betting Tips and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:     +5 points
Strike Rate:   57%
Bank Growth:     20%
ROI:   2.6%
Average number of bets:    4 per day
Cost:   €5 per winning tip (available in different packages)


You can view full results here.


Strategy Betting Tips – Full Review


Strategy Betting Tips (or SBT for short) is a football betting system that provides in-play selections for matches via the messenger app Telegram.

Most of these selections come in the “one more goal before half-time market,” often when there have already been three goals in the first 15-20 minutes of a game.

So once you receive the tip, which will come through via an alert on your phone, you have to place the bet quickly before another goal is scored.

It is quite an innovative approach to betting and we haven’t come across something like this before. Probably the closest thing is In-Play Trading, but that doesn’t provide bets via a phone app like Strategy Betting Tips.

Anyway, on to the important bit – how did it get on during our live trial?

Well, the good news is that it finished in profit, with a total of 5 points profit made overall. 

Whilst a profit was made however, we had some major concerns about the practicality of using the service. 

Firstly, there is the fact that tips can arrive at any time of day or night. If you know you are going to be unable to access your mobile phone for a period (e.g. when you are driving, on the Tube, in a work meeting etc), then you can pause your tips so you don’t use up any credits (it operates on a pay-per-winning tip model).

But you still have to remember to do this and then there are times when you don’t anticipate that you won’t be able to place the bets, so inevitably you will miss a few. And when you are paying €5 per winning tip, that can be quite frustrating.

The second concern we have is over the lack of options in terms of placing the bets. A lot of the best come in very obscure leagues – Algerian Women’s football, Israeli U19, the Macedonian league for example – and in the quite specialist market of one more goal before half-time. Even Betfair don’t cover a lot of these matches so we found ourselves using Bet365 for the vast majority of bets. 

That was fine for us, but for people who don’t have access to Bet365 it is obviously a problem. There is also the risk that if the system does really well, Bet365 will see the pattern of bets and start restricting accounts of people who follow SBT’s bets. 

Then there is the question of what odds to take. In the manual you receive when signing up, SBT say you shouldn’t take any bets below 1.75. However, lots of the odds are below that level when you receive the tip, so you effectively have to wait until they reach that level before placing your bet. But a goal may be scored in the meantime and you didn’t get to place the bet. 

To be fair to SBT, they often don’t charge for tips where a goal is scored very quickly, but we did have instances where there was a goal scored whilst the odds were still below 1.7, so the €5 charge for the tip would still be incurred.

Overall that gets us to our biggest concern about SBT and that is the pay-per-win subscription model. If you paid just a weekly or monthly subscription a lot of these concerns wouldn’t be such an issue.

But if you are paying €5 per tip, then during our trial there were 110 winning tips, meaning you would have had to pay €550 in fees, but only made 5 points profit. So you would need to be betting at over €100 per point to make it worthwhile, which we recognise most people won’t be able to do.

Added to that was the fact that they stopped responding to our e-mails over the last couple of months and you have a bit of a disappointing service overall.* 



Whilst Strategy Betting Tips made a small profit during our three month trial, we have major concerns about the set up of the service. 

We are not sure that the current set up is practical for most people to follow and even if the tips make a profit overall, you may well end up having made a loss from missed tips and the pay-per-winning tip subscription model. 

Coupled with the limited options for placing the bets and a lack of customer service, we feel this is not a service we can recommend at the moment. 

If they change the subscription model and make it more practical to follow (perhaps with a bot), we could consider revisiting our review, but for the time being it’s a NEUTRAL rating for Strategy Betting Tips from us. 



* We note that they did not receive a couple of e-mails from us but it appears these may have got lost in the ether so this may not have been their fault and in general they aim to deliver good customer service.




Strategy Betting Tips – Results Update

19th January 2018

Steady progress has been the name of the game for Strategy Betting Tips so far, which has made another 4 points profit since our last update a month ago.

That means we are now 10 points up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Just to recap, you need to install an app called Telegram to receive the tips and then it is important to switch off the notifications when you don’t have access to your phone because you are paying for the number of active tips you receive.

To be fair to the team at Strategy Betting Tips, they refunded all members’ credits for December as the performance was a bit below their long term average of a 70% strike rate, which was good of them.

Overall though performance has been pretty decent so this is looking like one to keep an eye on. 






Strategy Betting Tips – Results Update

20th December 2017

It’s been a positive start to our trial of Strategy Betting Tips, an innovative new approach to betting on football matches in-running.

After one month of following the tips we are 6 points in profit, which is pretty good.

You can view full results here.

This is a little different to most services we have tested here at Honest Betting Reviews.

Firstly, you can only receive the tips via a mobile app called Telegram.

You then need to react quickly to get your bets on once you have received the tips, as most of them are for there to be one more goal in the first half, so if you’re slow then there may have already been a goal. 

Although to be fair if a goal is scored very quickly, they often don’t deduct any credits from you (as it is pay-as-you-win), so that is reasonable of them.

Most of the tips are in obscure leagues, like Algerian Women’s football or Israeli U19. Can’t say I am too familiar with some of the teams, even being a football fanatic myself!

I have been using Bet365 to place all the bets, as they always seem to have the matches and leagues tipped in.

From our research it doesn’t look like Betfair will work for following the service as they often don’t have the relevant markets for the matches, or sometimes not even the matches themselves.

The good thing about the service is that if you know you are going to be unable to access your mobile phone for a period (e.g. when you are driving, on the Tube, in a work meeting etc), then you can pause your tips so you don’t use up any credits.

All in all it has taken a little getting used to this but once you have got the hang of it it’s actually quite straightforward and results have been profitable so far, which is good to see. Let’s hope that continues.

You can check out Strategy Betting Tips here.







Strategy Betting Tips – New Review

20th November 2017

We have something new for you today in the football betting world that looks quite interesting.

The system in question is called Strategy Betting Tips – or SBT for short – and it is based on betting on live in-running football matches.

The selections apparently come from complex software which collects data from thousands of live football matches across the world, which is then processed by sophisticated algorithms in real time.

When any of this data matches SBT’s pre-set criteria, their software will send a tip to your smartphone.

They claim to have achieved an average win rate of over 70% month after month and the results published on the website look very impressive. Staking £50 per tip you would have made over £2,000 profit per month on average since January 2017.

It is quite a high volume service, with an average of over 100 tips per month and some months they even have 200 tips.

To receive the tips, you will need to download the Telegram messenger app and then you receive alerts through that app when there is a bet to be placed.

The pricing of the service is different to most tipsters and systems, with it being a kind of pay-as-you-win model. 

Basically if you sign up for one of their €50 packages for example, you will get 50 credits. Each winning tip costs 5 credits, so effectively you are getting 10 winning tips for €50. Losing tips don’t cost anything.

Plus if you go for one of the larger packages then you get some bonus tips as well.

So their interests are very much aligned with yours – if their tips don’t win then they aren’t making money. 

That all sounds good in theory and certainly they look like a very professional outfit. As ever though, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating and we will be interested to see if they can reproduce the results published on the website under the spotlight of a live trial.

We will aim to run a standard three month trial of Strategy Betting Tips and will update results here during the trial so you can see how they are getting on.

In the meantime you can check out Strategy Betting Tips here.









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