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Value Football Betting Review – Results Update

We are just about two months into our Value Football Betting review and thought it would be a good time for an update.

I have to say this service has been extremely difficult to review. This is because the service has changed numerous times since I began the review, with new and different offerings being made all the time.

So I will do my best to break down the service into what it offers.

Football betting tips

Kevin’s Selections

Firstly, you get selections from Kevin, the owner of the site, by e-mail. These are his main selections for the day and concentrate mainly on the both teams to score and over/under markets.

Since this is the main offering of the service and the one that is most practical to follow – as well as being the one that was available when I started the review – this is what I will be recording results for.

So far after two months we are just over one point down.

You can view full results here.

So not a great performance there, but not too disastrous either. What about the other offerings?

Daily Best Bets

You also have the option of backing their daily best bets, which come from a database the service has built covering 17 leagues from around the world over the last 10 years. The database produces value ratings for each game.

The selections with the best value are then deemed the “Daily Best Bets.”

Now interestingly in an e-mail in March, after giving updates on the results of the daily best bets. Kevin said “this does not mean that anyone should be backing all selections – that is not smart.”

However, Kevin does regularly provide updates on how the daily best bets are doing – and they have been doing rather well! 

Here are the results for March:

First Half – Profit +17.6 points from 127 bets = 13.9% ROI

Match Odds – Profit +23.3 points from 59 bets = 39.5% ROI

Goals – Profit +18.7 points from 188 bets = 9.9% ROI

DBB Overall – Profit +59.6 points from 374 bets = 15.9% ROI


And here are the results for April:

First Half gave a 1.8 point loss from 129 bets, giving -1.4% ROI

Match Odds gave a 0.8 point profit from 78 bets, giving +1.1% ROI

Goals market gave a 40.3 points profit from 182 bets, giving +22.1% ROI

Total gives a 39.3 points profit from 389 bets, giving +10.1% ROI



So perhaps you should be backing all selections!

This is interesting stuff as it comes from quite a large number of bets – over 760 in total – so does not seem to be just a fluke. We will continue to follow these closely as there appears to be real potential in the daily best bets.

Trading Room

There is also the opportunity to join a forum on the site and follow the trades that Kevin makes. These are mainly based around the correct score market and seem like sensible strategies, but I have not managed to make any significant profit from them as yet so am not convinced they are a surefire way to become a professional trader or anything like that.

£30k challenge

This is an experiment Kevin is running to try to turn £1,000 into £30,000 in three years by betting on football. It started on 1st April 2015 and so far is 1 point down.


So overall after two months, whilst I have not made any money myself from following Kevin’s bets and trades, there does seem to be some potential in following all of the Daily Best Bets. I will continue to monitor all aspects of this service and report back in a month’s time with our final review.

You can check out Value Football Betting here.

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