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Sorare is a new platform that combines digital trading cards with fantasy football and is a project we are very excited about.

It is relatively new but has seen tremendous growth recently, having just raised $50m in venture capital funding. If you want to know more about Sorare and how it works, please check out our full Guide here. 

We are tracking our own progress on Sorare below.

You can sign up to Sorare here and get 10 free cards to get you started.

Just a reminder to only invest an amount you are willing to lose in a new platform like this, in the same way as if following a tipster you would set aside a betting bank you would be willing to lose if the tipster had a really bad run. 

Anyway, how has it been going on Sorare? 


Results Update

I (Dan) joined back in February and it’s been quite a journey since then. 

In terms of rewards, I have now won 0.26 ETH, which is worth around $560 at today’s prices. I have also won five card rewards on top. 

Most recently I bagged my first ever Tier 2 reward after finishing 24th in Champion America. The card I received was Djordje Mihailovic, who plays for Montreal in the MLS. 

That is an excellent reward and the card is currently being listed for around $430 on the secondary market. Since I received the reward he has posted scores of 77, 87 and 83 which is top class stuff. 

He is an attacking midfielder who sees a lot of the ball and is quite creative, which is exactly what you want in these fantasy football games like Sorare. He is also only 22 so has years of potential utility ahead and is eligible for the under-23s game for the next two seasons, which is an added bonus. 

Overall I’m delighted with this reward and it will help me to push on in Champion America and hopefully win some more rewards.

I remarked last time that it was ironic I was doing best in the Americas region which I know the least about, but that trend has continued and my squad is starting to develop quite nicely now.

The only downside is that with the CONCACAF Gold Cup this month (which is kind of like the Copa America for central/north America) my squad is being decimated as a number of my players go off to play in that tournament, which at the moment unfortunately isn’t scored on Sorare. Apparently that’s due to Opta not supplying the requisite data. 

So I am currently debating whether to add a couple of players for the next few weeks so I can still field a team in Champion America. I see it as a bit like “renting” cards – I would just hold them for a few weeks and then sell them on again afterwards. As long as you can get a similar price as what you paid for them and have the cash flow to do it, then it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me. 


New European Season and Taking Money Out

It’s not too long now until the new European season kicks off. In fact some of the “Challenger Europe” leagues like Belgium and Russia get underway in just a couple of weeks’ time, with other leagues gradually getting their seasons started throughout August.

In lieu of this I’ve been doing some wheeling and dealing on the transfer market to build my squad for when the new season gets underway. 

Most of my shopping has been focused on Challenger Europe as I feel like my Champion Europe team is already pretty strong. 

So I added Otavio (or Otavinho as was previously known) from Porto, who has some very good scores on SO5 and looks like exactly the sort of playmaker type I like.

There have however been some rumours of him potentially joining Liverpool. If he does so I would expect his price to increase and I would then probably offload him and use the funds to buy another Challenger Europe midfielder. I see it as a kind of win-win scenario. 

I am also looking for a new Challenger Europe forward as I was over-reliant on Haris Seferovic last season and it looks like he may also be off to the Premier League in any event. I have a few options in mind so hopefully will get a deal done before the new season kicks off. 

I have also started to take some money out of Sorare. I have been fortunate in that my portfolio has increased quite a lot in value since I joined, so together with the rewards I have won it enables me to start withdrawing some profits and get closer to my long-term goal of playing with the house’s money. 


Sorare News

There always seem to be exciting new things going on at Sorare and recently it has been no exception. The Belgian national team were just added to the platform, which meant the introduction of the one and only Kevin De Bruyne. That would be a fantastic card to own but sadly well out my price range, and probably that of 95% of Sorare managers. 

That means there are now three national teams on the platform, with France and Germany having preceded Belgium. However, it may be something of a jinx because all three teams were knocked out of the Euros shortly after being added to Sorare. Here’s hoping England aren’t added before Sunday!

Anyway, in other developments Sorare have also recently increased the reward payouts, with more cards being distributed as prizes. The increase is really noticeable, with Global All-Star Division 4 this week for example giving cards out all the way to 328th place. 

They also announced something of a rejig of the award structure yesterday, with more rewards being allocated to Division 3. This is something we called for in our last update (below), so it’s great to once again see Sorare responding to feedback from the community and adjusting their plans as a result.

There will also be *even more* rewards being distributed overall, with new DNP (did not play) cards being handed out. We imagine this might be as a “Tier 4” reward.

Finally, there are still rumours swirling about Sorare potentially raising $500m in venture capital, although none of these rumours have been confirmed so it’s difficult to know if they are true or not. As we said before though, if they are true it would be extremely bullish for the future of Sorare.

All in all then there is a huge amount to be positive about with Sorare and we are loving our journey on the platform. It just keeps getting better all the time and has developed hugely in just the few months we have been following it. The next year or two could be quite something to watch…

You can sign up to Sorare here and get 10 free cards to get you started.






Sorare – Live Results Tracker

22nd June 2021

Sorare is a new platform that combines digital trading cards with fantasy football and is a project we are very excited about.

It is relatively new but has seen tremendous growth recently, having just raised $50m in Series A funding. If you want to know more about Sorare and how it works, please check out our full Guide here. 

We are tracking our progress on Sorare below.

You can sign up to Sorare here and get 10 free cards to get you started.

Just a reminder to only invest an amount you are willing to lose in a new platform like this, in the same way as if following a tipster you would set aside a betting bank you would be willing to lose if the tipster had a really bad run. 

Anyway, how has it been going on Sorare? 


Results Update

I (Dan) joined back in February and it’s been quite a journey since then. 

In terms of rewards, I have now won 0.22 ETH, which is worth around $418 at today’s prices. I have also won four card rewards, which in total are worth around $250-$350. Those are great returns for just a few months on the platform and my portfolio has also increased significantly in value. 

My latest card win came just this week in the shape of Seattle forward Will Bruin after I finished 80th in Champion America Division 4:

It’s quite ironic in some ways that my best results have come in the Americas region, which I know almost nothing about, whilst it has been more of a struggle in Europe where I have a lot more knowledge of players and teams!

Part of the reason for that is I managed to put together a decent MLS team during the off season back in February when prices were cheap. I picked up some top names like Brad Guzan in goal, Francisco Calvo in defence and Jack Price in midfield relatively cheaply and they have been performing very well for me. 

Recently I also swapped out Latif Blessing who has been benched for Los Angeles and brought in Gustavo Bou who looks like a solid performer. I also made a couple of additions to the squad with MLS legend Diego Valeri and Columbus forward Kevin Molino, who was my most expensive MLS purchase to date. He is coming back from injury but had some great scores previously so if he can get back to that kind of form I should be laughing.

As I say I didn’t have much knowledge of MLS players when I started on Sorare, it was just a case of using Soraredata and doing my own research. Just shows you don’t have to be a football expert to do well on Sorare! 

I have also been putting teams into the new “Global Nations” league which is a combination of the Euros and Copa America, but sadly without much success. 

One of the issues with that league is under the new dynamic rewards structure, prizes are based on the number of games played and there are obviously only a small number of games in these tournaments relative to regular domestic leagues.

So only the top 50 managers get prizes and you have to score really highly to get into that top 50. Sadly I’ve had too many DNPs (did not play) which has scuppered my chances. These international line-ups seem much harder to predict than club lineups! Perhaps Sorare will add a substitute option at some stage in the future…

In any event, I’m really looking forward to the start of the new European league season as I have been doing quite a bit of wheeling and dealing and have my teams primed to go. 


Sorare News

There’s been a huge amount going on with Sorare itself, even since our last update in May. We’re just amazed with the product development and how quickly they are moving.

They have onboarded their first national teams, with firstly France and then today the German national team. That has meant the addition of players who weren’t previously on the platform like Pogba, Griezmann, Kante, Rudiger and Gosens. 

There’s actually been quite a battle between the players themselves to get some of these cards, with Griezmann bidding on his own unique card but being beaten to it by a user called Max M who paid a cool $114,000 for it!

Grizou did mange to pick up the Super Rare version of his own card though for €33,000. Ousmane Dembélé has also joined the platform and put together a pretty tasty collection. The more top footballers that join Sorare the more free publicity it is for them and the further validation it provides for the platform.

As mentioned above the new reward structure has been introduced recently. This new “dynamic” structure means that the rewards in a gameweek are based on the number of eligible clubs playing in that region.

In essence it means more card rewards being given out overall and when we get busy weekends during the European season there should be a really good number of cards being given out. We have already benefited from the new reward structure with our 80th place in Champion America which previously wouldn’t have won a reward.

There was a useful chart posted on Twitter recently which showed the chances of winning a card in each division and it is now over 10% in many of them, whereas under the old structure it had been less than 5%. Having more regular wins is great for engagement and we see it as a win-win for everyone.

The only division that seems to have suffered is Division 3 which it has now become very difficult to win a prize in. We’re not sure why this is – whether it’s an oversight by Sorare or for another reason, but hopefully they will take another look at it because D3 is quite a useful way for people to progress and it incentivizes mangers to buy Super Rare cards, so to devalue D3 seems strange.

Anyway, in addition to these changes there are also some big updates coming soon. These include:

  • Ethereum scaling solution, which is due by the end of July and will mean instant card transfers, lower fees and an all-round smoother experience.
  • New scarcity, which will significantly lower the costs of entry for new users and is much anticipated. We have some thoughts on how this may work but will publish those in a separate blog post.
  • Academy League, which will be limited to certain lower tier cards (e.g. with an average score under 45) and should be a great leveller for the lower budget accounts versus the larger ones. We just hope they make the rewards attractive enough for this league to entice people to enter it and enable progression. If they do it could really add utility to the lower tier cards and be great for the platform.
  • Progression bar – details are awaited on this but in short it will replace the current ETH threshold reward and be based on scores accumulated over a longer period (i.e. up to three months). Getting this right is really important because the ETH threshold is a big draw for many managers and indeed is what attracted us to the platform originally. 

So a huge amount to look forward to there. The last three developments don’t have fixed dates on them but we hope they will be ready for the new football season.



Finally a word on some rumours that have been circulating suggesting Sorare is in the process of raising further VC funding – up to $500m reportedly. Interestingly one article quotes Sorare as denying this so we don’t know if it’s true or not and in some ways it would seem strange to raise so much funding after just having raised $50m a few months ago. If it is true though it would be very bullish for the future of Sorare. We will just have to wait and see on that one…

All in all though the picture looks very positive and we are really enjoying our journey on Sorare. There are still a few kinks to iron out like the reward structure and fairness, but we are hopeful they will get these things right and then the sky’s the limit for Sorare.

Sign up here and get a FREE Rare Card once you have bought your first five Rare cards at auction.






Sorare News Update

7th May 2021

Sorare is a new platform that combines digital trading cards with fantasy football and is a project we are very excited about.

It is relatively new but has seen tremendous growth recently, having just raised $50m in Series A funding. If you want to know more about Sorare and how it works, please check out our Guide here. 

We are tracking our progress on Sorare and that of the platform itself here.

There have been some big announcements lately, a number of them coming via an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session held yesterday, which you can read the full transcript of here, or view on Sorare’s Discord channel. 

There was some great news in there, including measures to address some major concerns we had with the platform, plus there were lots of other positive developments announced.

We will take a look at the key announcements now and what they mean for Sorare.


Academy League

We had written at length in previous updates below and a separate post here that our main concern with Sorare was the growing disparity between the early adopters/big whales and everyone else. In summary the game structure was making it increasingly hard for a new user or one on a small-medium budget to compete with the larger accounts and the gap was only getting wider each week.  

The good news is that Sorare have gone a long way to addressing this via a new Academy League they plan to introduce and new progression element (more on that below).

In terms of the new Academy League, Sorare describe it as follows:-

“A single division league with no scarcity bonuses, max 1 Common, and a max average score of ~45 (value might change). If a Manager entered at least one lineup in any SO5 League above Division 4 in a given Gameweek, they will not be allowed to enter the Academy. Rewards for the Academy will be bonus XP, ETH and other exclusive prizes.”

This is just the sort of thing we were calling for and are really pleased the Sorare team have listened to feedback from the community and gone for this option. 

It will allow low-mid budget managers to compete on a level playing field in an arena where the big whales won’t have a huge advantage. In fact with the interesting detail that you will be prevented from entering the Academy League if you joined a division higher than 4 in that gameweek, it means these managers might not have to compete against the big whales at all in this league. 

It should also give greater utility to the lower-end cards, which suddenly could have significant value if you can find a player of strong potential who has just had a bad run of form or been on the bench recently etc. And it could really enhance the trading of cards at the lower end as people may look at the upcoming few fixtures for an eligible player with a soft run of games coming up. 

Our only suggestions would be to perhaps have the cut-off at 50 points average score rather than 45 and for the “other exclusive prizes” to include card prizes, which we think is essential if this new Academy League is going to genuinely offer progression. 

We are also not sure over how many gameweeks the average will be based – five seems to be the one used on Sorare itself but perhaps a longer timeframe like 15 or 40 weeks would be fairer. 

Overall though a great addition and exactly what was needed. 


Progress Bar

Another key element to helping managers progress will be a “beat the game” element that will allow managers to compile points across multiple gameweeks and win prizes accordingly. It will replace the current weekly ETH threshold payouts and be measured on a progress bar showing you how close you are to reaching certain targets.

Sorare describe the Progress Bar as follows:-

“There are 4 reward thresholds on the Progress Bar, each requiring a different number of points, and each threshold offering a better prize than the last. When a Manager’s Progress Bar reaches a certain threshold, the Manager can choose to claim the reward OR ignore the reward and continue earning points until they reach the next, better threshold.”

You will only get points towards your target if you did not win a card and did not participate in a division higher than 4 in that gameweek. When managers claim a reward they can do so in cards, ETH or XP value and each progress bar will run over a three month period.

We think this is a good replacement for the current ETH thresholds and is a clever one because it will encourage longer-term engagement in Sorare.

It will also benefit those managers (like ourselves) who often hit good scores of say 280-320 but currently don’t really get rewarded for these scores (outside of hitting the ETH thresholds in Global All-Star Division 4 that is). With the new setup every score counts and getting these scores consistently should be a really good thing and help to hit those targets to unlock prizes. 

We will wait to see what the target scores and prizes are, but presuming they are reasonably good (and sustainable of course!) then this should be a really positive change to the structure of Sorare. 


New Scarcity Coming Soon

We are pleased to hear that a new scarcity is coming soon (second half of 2021) and will work as we had expected –  the new scarcity cards will have their own divisions which will reward the new scarcity cards. 

This will mean the new scarcity shouldn’t negatively impact the value of rare cards – in fact they could well end up enhancing them because the new scarcity is likely to bring a lot of new managers to the game, a certain percentage of whom will want to move up to competing with rare cards in the higher divisions. 

Overall bringing in a new scarcity is one of the most important elements to growing Sorare as the cost of the current rare cards is one of the main barriers to entry for new managers at the moment (along with the cryptocurrency element – but more on that below).


ETH Scaling/Cryptocurrency Issues

Very positive news that Sorare are only “weeks away” from introducing an ETH scaling solution that will mean faster and cheaper transactions and all-round smoother experience. This is great news as the slowness and expense of the Ethereum network at the moment, whilst obviously not Sorare’s fault, was a source of considerable frustration to users. 

It will also mean Sorare aren’t paying huge gas fees for card transfers which will make them more profitable, so a win for everyone. 

We were also intrigued by comments from Nicolas that they are exploring options around a stablecoin, which would mean managers no longer having to factor ETH fluctuations into their use of Sorare.


Collectability Game

More intriguing news about a collection game that will give a whole new utility to cards. Carl, the new game economist, reported:

“We are planning to introduce a full collection game with its own leaderboard system that will recognize collections from each club and each season. This will be a new way to play Sorare, and a new utility for a lot of cards in the game.”

This is a wise move as any additional utility they can give cards and bring in other types of users will benefit the platform as a whole. 


Global Nations League

Sorare recently announced that they will be including a whole host of international fixtures in the game, including:-

  • Euro 2021
  • U21 Euros
  • Copa America (from Group Stage)
  • World Cup Qualifiers UEFA (frm Group Stage)
  • World Cup Qual CONCACAF (Final Rnd)
  • World Cup Qual South America (from 1st Rnd)
  • World Cup Qual CAF (from 3rd Rnd)
  • World Cup Qual AFC (from 3rd Rnd)
  • AFC Champions League (from Group Stage)
  • Copa Libertadores (from Group Stage)
  • CONCACAF Champions League (from 1/8 Finals)

This is fantastic news and gives significant additional utility to cards as well as providing year-round action and enjoyment for managers. It should be good for attracting new managers around the upcoming Euros in particular.

On the AMA they announced that the Euros, Euro U21 and Copa America would be lumped together in a new “Global Nations” league, with a max of 1 common card and no scarcity bonuses. International players will also be scored for Global All-Star Division 4 and Global U23s.

Ideally we would have preferred a separate league for the Euros and Copa America but we can see it makes sense to have the international tournaments together from a logistical point of view. 


New Reward Structure Coming 27th May

It was also announced that the new reward structure – i.e. the additional card rewards – is due to be introduced from 27th May. We imagine this will be welcome news to all managers. 


Other News

There were a number of other titbits given away on the AMA, including:-

  • Marketing plans including working with footballers, influencers, clubs and others to grow the platform significantly
  • Enabling counter-offers and negotiation on trades
  • Introducing women’s football to the platform
  • Improving Rookie League/free-to-play element
  • New clubs being signed – today is the first Brazilian club, Atletico Mineiro 

All good stuff there and lots to look forward to.



There was a huge amount of information presented on the AMA and it was quite a lot to take in. Overall though it was excellent news all-round and we are more excited than ever about Sorare. 

Most importantly for us they have addressed the issue of fairness/progression which we had highlighted previously and felt was the platform’s biggest flaw. The new Academy League and progress-based rewards will go a long way to addressing those concerns. We hope these new elements become a focal point in terms of reward distribution as they could really help managers work their way up the leagues if given enough emphasis. 

Moreover it gives us confidence that the team are listening to feedback from the community and are prepared to adapt their plans accordingly. This should place them in great stead going forward. 

In terms of gameplay implications, we will have to see the details of the changes before being able to comment fully, but our initial reaction is they will give a lot more utility to the tier 2/3 cards. Those up-and-coming players or those who are out of form but have good potential or a favourable fixture list could become highly sought-after. We also see this increasing the trading of cards at the lower end. 

This new structure also puts considerable emphasis on Global All-Star Division 4 and the new Academy League, as only scores in those contests will count towards the Progress Bar targets. So we may see managers prioritising these divisions above others going forward.

Overall though there was so much good news in the AMA that it’s difficult not to be positive about the speed and skill with which Sorare are moving forward. It feels like chalk and cheese compared to some other (now defunct) football platforms, but we won’t go on about that now! 

The key to growing the platform now in our opinion is the new scarcity and the ETH scaling solutions/decoupling from crypto, which are the two main barriers to entry at the moment. If they get these right then we really think the sky’s the limit for Sorare.

You can sign up to Sorare here and get 10 free cards to get you started.






Sorare Live Portfolio Tracker

13th April 2021

Sorare is a new platform that combines digital trading cards with fantasy football and is a project we are very excited about.

It is relatively new but has seen tremendous growth recently, having just raised $50m in Series A funding. If you want to know more about Sorare and how it works, please check out our Guide here. 

I (Dan) joined Sorare recently and purchased some cards. I will be recording my Sorare journey here on this page.

Just a quick reminder before getting on to the update – as usual please note this is not financial advice and is for educational purposes only. You should only invest an amount you are willing to lose all of in a platform like this, in the same way as if you were going to follow a tipster you should set aside a betting bank you would be willing to lose all of if the tipster had a really bad run. 

Anyway, that’s the formalities out the way, let’s get on with a look at how it’s been going.

Results Update

Okay so I have some good news to report in terms of my own results but also some issues to tackle with the way the platform operates at the moment.

Firstly in terms of my own results, I am pleased to say I won my first card this week! 

Yes, I finished 51st in the Challenger Europe Division 4 with a score of 381 points. That was largely thanks to a brilliant 100 (the maximum score possible) from striker Haris Seferovic of Benfica and a very good 94 from my new signing Yaroslav Rakitskiy of Zenit St Petersburg. 

The problem is that Sorare is so competitive now, that kind of score doesn’t win you a particularly good prize, but we will get on to that more below. 

For now, I am delighted to have just won any type of card and it actually looks like quite an interesting one, being an 18 year-old defender at Anderlecht who is already getting game time. The card value is only around €100 at the moment but is one I may hold onto to see how he develops in the future. 

And he has the same first name as a certain Mr Mbappe (different spelling), so perhaps that’s a good sign 🙂 

Anyway, in addition to the card reward, I have now won 0.1 ETH in payouts, which is around €191 at current prices. 

All that and I’ve only been on the platform a few weeks! 

Sorare is also such an engrossing platform. Haris Seferovic for example who scored the perfect 100 for me this week is a player I didn’t really know much about before I joined Sorare. Now I watch all his games though and am probably one of his biggest fans!

That’s what Sorare does in terms of sucking you in and getting you engrossed in following various players and leagues you wouldn’t otherwise have had much interest in. 

However, as much as I am enjoying it so far, there are some gripes with the way the platform works at the moment, which are worth discussing below because we believe it’s crucial the team addresses these if Sorare is to really grow and become a mass-market product.


Platform Issues – The “Squeezed Middle”

We mentioned this in our last update but it is worth emphasising again because it is becoming such a huge issue with the platform.

Essentially the gap between the top few percent of users (the “big whales”) and the rest is getting wider and wider each week and it’s becoming almost impossible for a new user to compete with them unless they have a massive – and we mean really massive  – budget.

This is because the top users hold all the best cards and totally dominate the fantasy contests. These top cards now cost thousands of Euros each so are simply not affordable for the vast majority of users. 

This is acting like a vicious cycle, because in winning the fantasy contests the big whales also win the best cards as rewards, only serving to increase their advantage further – and so on. 

One user won £9,500 worth of cards this week for example! 

What this is doing is creating a huge gap between that small percentage of users who were either early adopters or have massive budgets (or both) and everyone else. 

So the rest are essentially left fighting for scraps at the bottom end and have little or no hope of ever catching those at the top – unless something changes.

In effect that leaves most users having two options: –

  • Just pick up budget players to compete for the ETH threshold payouts each week;
  • Buy and sell cards and try to make a profit that way.

However, there should be a third option: new users should have the chance to work their way up the leagues through skill, research, knowledge and trading, but this possibility is very limited under the current structure. 

At the moment it’s a little pointless going for those players who are good but not amazing. Increasingly you need players who score 80+ points to stand a chance of winning cards – or the “Steady Eddy” types if you are just trying to grind out some ETH. 

The current structure is leaving out of a huge number of players in the middle, who could be valuable in a different structure. It is also leaving out a huge number of potential users who want to do more than than just grind out the ETH but are frustrated by the ever-increasing advantage of the top users. It’s a bit like there’s a “squeezed middle” on Sorare currently. 

If Sorare don’t tackle this head-on, we could see the platform really struggling to grow. If it’s just not viable to do anything other than grind out ETH every week – which don’t get us wrong is a good reward – then users are going to probably lose interest at some point and either join a competitor who has a fairer structure or just quit altogether. 

This wouldn’t be good news for the big whales either, because if the platform doesn’t grow then the value of their cards will fall – and eventually may be worth little or nothing. 

There are some things Sorare can do to fix this though. Let’s take a look at those now.


How to Give More Users a Chance

Okay, so what can Sorare do to address the current imbalance on the platform? Well, we have three suggestions for them:-

  1. Limit use of the top cards – although the big whales obviously won’t like this, Sorare could limit the use of the very top cards to say one per team entry. So for example you could only use one of Mbappe, Neymar, Kroos, Kimmich etc per team you enter. This would give other users who don’t own these cards a chance to compete. We understand there are restrictions like this in other fantasy sports games. Of course there will be knock-on effects as the value of those top players would be likely to drop whilst the value of players just below that top tier would be likely to increase, but spread across a large number of players the effects should be manageable. 
  2. Spread rewards around more evenly – a review of the reward structure is ongoing so we may be superseded by events on this, but ideally we would like to see rewards spread around much more evenly. Currently in addition to winning cards worth thousands of Euros, the top three managers in each division also receive generous amounts of ETH on top. This seems rather unnecessary now given the huge rise in card prices, so you could take this cash and spread it around say the top 100 who just missed out on a card. You could also give rewards for an outstanding player performance like a 100 score, or for a certain team score (e.g. 320+). By spreading the awards around to more managers, it would give more users the chance to improve their squad and compete with the top managers. 
  3. Create new leagues and divisions – Sorare could add separate SO5 leagues and divisions for managers not in the top few percent to compete in. These separate leagues might have restrictions like maximum gallery values or player average scores for example. This sort of addition would probably only work when the platform is bigger and has the scope for more leagues, but is something to consider for the future.

In addition to these suggestions, Sorare are due to increase the rewards shortly so hopefully that should see more users winning cards/prizes and help to some extent too. 

The key to any changes though in our opinion is to address the gap between the top few percent of manages and the rest if the platform is to remain attractive to new and existing users and have the chance to really grow over the coming months and years. 


Summing Up

To sum up then we are really enjoying our journey on Sorare and are finding it a very engrossing platform. With some changes to its structure to give the majority of managers more of a chance to compete and work their way up the leagues, we think Sorare could really fly long term. 

You can sign up to Sorare here and get a free Rare Card once you have bought your first five Rare cards at auction.





Sorare Live Portfolio Tracker

24th March 2021

Sorare is a new platform that combines digital trading cards with fantasy football and is a project we are very enthusiastic about.

It is relatively new, having launched in 2019 but since then has seen tremendous growth, raising $50m in Series A funding recently. If you want to know more about Sorare and how it works, please check out our Guide here. 

I (Dan) joined Sorare about a month ago and purchased some cards and will be recording my performance in the fantasy football games (called SO5 on the platform) here on this page.

So, how has it been going so far?

Well first up I should say I have been loving the platform. The game is really immersive, kind of addictive in fact, and it really gets you following your players and their performances closely. I’ve found myself watching random Portuguese and Belgian matches that I would never have watched otherwise! The whole concept is amazing and there’s so much potential for Sorare to grow and develop in the years to come. 

You can easily find yourself spending hours scouting players and studying their stats, looking for a bargain or the next hot prospect. There’s some great content out there on social media and YouTube now and a fast-growing community. We would recommend the Sorare Podcast if you are looking for interesting chats about the platform. 

You can sign up to Sorare here and get a free Rare Card once you have bought your first five Rare cards at auction.


Anyway, getting on to my results, so far I have made 0.08 ETH in rewards, which has been made up of hitting the 250 point threshold four times. At today’s prices that’s about €117.

That’s a fantastic return in just a month on the platform and I’m well on my way to making back the initial investment I put in pretty quickly. My plan is to also sell a couple of players soon to recoup a large portion of my initial investment and then play “with the house’s money” in the long run. 

A shout-out to the players who have been performing well for me so far: Bentancur – before contracting Covid that is – was an absolute rock and is probably the best player in my gallery.

Seferovic of Benfica has also been on great form, smashing in the goals left, right and centre. Mario Hermoso looks a good signing and is the kind of dependable defender who should do well long-term. Daniil Fomin at Dynamo Moscow looks a bargain too for a young player with a lot of good scores already behind him. 

There have been a few underperformers too unfortunately – Ponce has been dropped at Spartak Moscow which is a little concerning and Arthur had a shocker in his last game but I think is still a quality player who should do well overall.

So far I haven’t really been close to winning a card though, which is a little disappointing but with so many new members joining Sorare recently it’s become incredibly competitive at the top end and generally you need at least 320 points to win a card now. The most I have been hitting is around 290 points.

Top-end “Vicious Cycle”

This actually touches on one of the issues with the game the way it is at the moment. The early adopters now have such an advantage in terms of holding all the best cards that they are totally dominating the fantasy contests.

This is acting like a vicious cycle, because in winning the contests they also win the best cards as rewards, only serving to increase their advantage further – and so on. 

So unless you have like 20 grand to invest now and challenge those users, it looks like everyone else is pretty much left fighting for scraps. 

You can still win a lesser card, which as I say is possible with a score of around 320. And those lesser cards can still be worth a few hundred Euros, plus you have the ETH threshold payouts, so the prizes are still very good overall. It’s just a bit frustrating to see that your chances of ever competing at the top end are almost gone already and those at the top are just increasing their advantage over you all the time.

I am not sure what Sorare can do to address this really. Perhaps creating more sub-divisions for people to enter as the platform grows – for example by country – would provide more diversity and give a greater number of users a chance.

The top managers would still dominate of course, but it might just allow some others a chance if you had a Russia-only league or Portugal-only league for example, where there is no Mbappe, Neymar or Kroos to steal the show every week.

Ubisoft’s One Shot League is a move in this direction of course as it involves just the Belgian Jupiler league and is more egalitarian. Perhaps we will see more of this, either within Sorare itself or in the offshoot games that are developed. 

Portfolio & Strategy   

Understanding some of these dynamics has led me to rethink my strategy a little lately. When I signed up, I was mainly aiming to just compile a solid team of players who could regularly help me hit the ETH threshold each week and amass a nice steady income from that. And to be honest, the prices went so crazy not long after I signed up that’s pretty much all you could do! 

Whilst that is still a sound strategy, the incentive to win cards is so strong – with that possibility of being able to “move up the ladder” by doing so – that I have slightly changed my approach. So now I am looking more for players who can hit big scores now and then rather than just the “Steady Eddy” types I was looking at before. A drop in card prices over the past couple of weeks has also helped in this regard.

So in to my gallery have come players like: Rafa Silva, Joao Mario, Angel Correa and Alexis Sanchez. 

There’s also another theme to these players – they are all players I know and have watched quite a lot of, either lately or over the years. Whilst it’s nice to scout those unheard-of players and find a few bargains, one thing I’ve found a little frustrating is in picking players based on their SO5 scores alone without knowing much about them, you can find those players dropped or losing form and left somewhat in the dark about how good they actually are. 

Having known quantities and players you know are top class provides a degree of security that whilst they may have dips in form now and then (as all players do), they have that underlying quality which will always shine through. Form is temporary, class is permanent as they say. 

Another aspect I’ve noticed recently is some people seem to be primarily using just a player’s recent scores to judge them. This might be because Sorare only displays a player’s last five scores on the platform, so people might be evaluating players largely based on that. It is creating some great value on players who are out of form in their last five games but have better long-term scores however.

New Reward Structure and Scarcity Level 

Sorare reported on Discord recently that they are working on a new reward structure and scarcity level. These are hugely important developments for the platform and it is important they get them right. 

In terms of the reward structure, this will be very welcome, should help the continued growth of the platform and to support card prices. Whilst the Sorare team have hinted at increasing the number of cards available to win, we actually think adding the ETH threshold reward to a couple of more leagues would be more beneficial. 

In terms of increasing the number of places that win a card, that would be good in itself but ultimately there are only so many cards they can give away before it starts cannibalizing their business model and ending up with too much dilution.

We don’t think they’ve reached that point yet and they could reasonably increase it to the extent that around 10% of entrants win a card prize, but ultimately it probably isn’t practical for them to go beyond that and long term as more and more users join Sorare, that percentage will probably come down over time.

With the ETH threshold payouts though they can make the platform hugely attractive to new users – after all that is the main reason we joined Sorare. Having that steady payout is a great incentive and really helps with enjoyment levels. Even when you know you’re not competing for the big card prizes, watching your players just sneak by the 250 or 205 point mark is a great buzz and keeps you hooked to the end of most gameweeks. 

Whilst we are conscious of the need to have a sustainable business model given what happened to Football Index recently, we think given the tens of millions they are bringing in through card sales they could easily add the ETH threshold to one or two more divisions. 

In the last gameweek for example they paid out 27.35 ETH in threshold payouts, which is around $47,000 at today’s prices. However, they are taking in around $400,000 per day in new card sales.

So when you consider they only have to pay out once every 3.5 days (and not at all in periods like the current international break), it should be more than comfortable for them to add the ETH threshold payout to one or two more leagues. 

However, at the same time we understand if they want to be cautious and don’t want to overextend themselves by making a financial commitment like this. So it would be understandable if they wanted to experiment with just adding the payout on an ad-hoc basis to start with and get some more data on the implications of it.

They added an ETH threshold payout for example to one of the Special Contests recently so they could experiment with adding it to a different league each week on a trial basis to see how it goes. 

As we say, we expect adding the ETH threshold payout to more leagues would do a lot to support card prices (as cards would then intrinsically have more value) so we expect this would be in Sorare’s interests as well. But we will leave it to them to come up with the best solution as they have shown themselves to be very adept at listening to the community and coming up with the right solutions so far. 

In terms of the new scarcity level, we covered that in some detail in our Sorare Strategy Guide, but the short version is that we think if done in the right way it should work well and encourage a lot of new users to join the platform, which in the long run should be good for everyone. 


All in all then we would sum up by saying we are loving Sorare and have become quite hooked on it. There are some issues to sort out as with any fast-growing new venture like this but we are confident they will solve the issues and continue to build an amazing platform. 

There are so many exciting developments happening all the time – we didn’t even mention the two new clubs coming on board – Galatasaray were added earlier in the week and there’s a new club due to be announced soon. Could be Milan, Dortmund, or another big club. Exciting times…

Sign up to Sorare and get a free Rare Card once you have bought your first five Rare cards at auction.






Sorare Live Portfolio Tracker

5th March 2021

Sorare is a combination of fantasy football and digital trading cards and is a platform we are very enthusiastic about.

It is relatively new, having launched in 2019 but since then has seen tremendous growth, recently raising $50m in Series A funding. We have joined Sorare and purchased some cards and will be recording our performance in the fantasy football games here on this page.

If you want to know more about Sorare and how it works, please check out our Guide here. 

It is a little complicated at first but once you understand the concept it is great fun to be involved in and we are looking forward to recording our experiences on the platform.

Results So Far

To kick things off, here is a little summary of how we have got on so far:

We have played three “gameweeks” so far – which as mentioned in our guide are actually just a few days: one for the midweek fixtures and one for the weekend fixtures, meaning you get two “gameweeks” per week. 

Anyway, in our first gameweek from Feb 23-26 we scored 146 points in the Global All-Star Division 4, which wasn’t enough to win any prizes 🙁 .

However, in the next two gameweeks we managed to clear the 250 point threshold in the Global All-Star Division 4, landing us 0.02 ETH on each occasion, so we are around €50 up already in game rewards! 

We also made around €20 from a quick flip of a player (buying then selling for profit), so in total are €70 up. 

The value of our players has also increased substantially since we bought them – over 300% in fact – although we will not record that here as obviously those prices could go down again. We will only record banked profit for this trial. 

We now have a good number of players in our portfolio – or “gallery” as it is called on Sorare – so will be looking to enter a few different contests this weekend. We are aiming to enter three different contests which would give us a good spread and hopefully a decent chance of winning a prize!

So that’s our introduction to our experience of Sorare so far. In future updates we will take a look at some of the players in our gallery and why we picked them and detail our long-term strategy for getting the most out of Sorare. 

In the meantime it’s fingers crossed for a good gameweek and we will be back soon.  

You can sign up to Sorare here and get a free Rare Card once you have bought you first five Rare cards at auction.




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