The Footy God – New Review

We are starting a new review today of a football tipster called The Footy God. 

This is a tipster on the Betting Gods platform and they have been tipping since the start of the year. 

They mainly tip in the Asian Handicap and over/under markets and bet on leagues from all around the world. 

Results to date look very promising, with a profit of 79 points made so far to 1 point level stakes. 

The strike rate has been incredibly high at 74% and the return on investment equally as impressive at 46%. 

We’d be very surprised if they maintain those numbers in the long run as normally for footy service an ROI around 10% is considered top-notch over the long term. 

If they can remain profitable however and keep churning out winning months as they have done so far (6 out of 6) then it would be a notable achievement. 

So we will kick off the review today and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out The Footy God for yourself here.





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