The Sports Guru – Final Review

We have completed our trial of the Sports Guru and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:   +17 points
Strike Rate:   43%
Bank Growth:   17%
Cost:   Free 14 day trial then £14.95 per month 
ROI:   1.4%
Average number of tips:   11 per day


You can view full results here.


The Sports Guru Full Review


Well after 3 months of tipping and an astonishing 1014 bets, our trial of the Sports Guru comes to an end.

The final total for the trial is +17 points, which isn’t bad as these things go but not quite good enough to give it a recommended rating.

For the amount of work involved – with an average of 11 bets per day – you would probably want to see a higher points total accrued.

The return on investment figure of 1.4% is also somewhat below what we would look for to give a service an approved rating.

That all being said, it has certainly been no disaster either and any service that finishes in profit after 3 months of betting has achieved the primary goal of a tipster.

The 100 point bank we used for the trial was never threatened, as you can see from the table below:

The Sports Guru Profit Graph

We didn’t even touch the -20 point bank over the trial, so things were pretty comfortable and we were in profit for the majority of the trial.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: With 11 bets per day, this is a high volume service and a good deal of work is involved in getting the bets on. You also have to be able to put bets on at various times of the day, as tips are released at different times depending on the sporting fixtures.

Availability of prices: The availability of prices was generally good and there was no problem matching the advised prices.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 43%, which is a bit below the historic strike rate of 47% achieved by the service. 

Advised Betting Bank: A bank wasn’t advised but we used a 100 point bank for the trial, which as stated above was comfortable and never in jeopardy. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are reasonable, with a free 14 trial available followed by £14,95 per month. 



We started off this trial three months ago by saying it is notoriously hard to make money betting across numerous sports and most professional gamblers tend to concentrate on just one sport.

The Sports Guru has made a pretty good fist of disproving that old adage and for a period early in the trial was moving along very nicely.

Sadly things made a downward turn and although the Guru recovered to finish in profit, he didn’t quite amass enough profit to make it on to our approved list unfortunately.

Seventeen profits from 1014 bets is a little on the low side for the amount of work that is involved with following the service in our view. 

It remains to be seen whether the Sports Guru can make a long-term profit from tipping and match the achievements of some of his Betting Gods stablemates – the bar has been set pretty high in that regard.

So this is a service to keep a watching brief on for now and see how it does over a longer period. We will aim to update things a few months down the line and see how the service is progressing.









The Sports Guru – Results Update

16th November 2015

There has been a bit of a downturn for the Sports Guru since our last update a few weeks ago. 

He has dropped 21 points since our previous update, leaving him 9 points up overall.

You can view full results here.

There are a huge number of bets – we have had over 500 already and we still have well over a month to go! So there is a bit of work to do if you want to follow this service.

We do like the full write ups for the tips though and analysis afterwards, so you can see a lot of thought has gone into picking the bets.

Let’s hope things return to the upward curve we had earlier on in the trial.




The Sports Guru – Results Update

20th October 2015

It’s been an excellent start to our trial of the Sports Guru, who is living up to his name with over 30 points in profit so far.

You can view full results here.

Things got off to a little bit of a slow start and we were 15 points down at one stage, but the form has really picked up in October with strong profit growth.

This is a high-volume service, with 200 bets given out since we started under a month ago. That equates to about 8 bets per day.

Tips are provided across a range of sports and the bookmakers’ prices are given next to each tip.

We are pleased to see that rather than just quoting the best price, the tipster will quote a range of bookies’ prices from now on (i.e. from 19th October) to make sure everyone can get the prices.

That should ensure the service is more sustainable in the long run, so we very much welcome the changes.

So a promising start for the Sports Guru, let’s hope things continue like this.

You can check out the Sports Guru here.




The Sports Guru – New Review

26th September 2015

The bookies are said to love punters who bet on multiple sports.

The theory goes that no-one can be an expert on more than one sport and given that most people struggle to make a profit out of even one sport, there would appear to be some substance in the theory.

So we start a trial of The Sports Guru wondering if this tipster can prove the bookies wrong and make a profit across multiple sports. 

They tip on a whole range of sports including baseball, American football, tennis, golf, football, rugby and speedway, so the theory will be tested to its limit!

The results published on the Bettinggods website so far look fairly impressive, with over 100 points profit at an ROI of over 10% since the service started in May.

That is with a strike rate of over 50%, so we shouldn’t be looking at long losing runs with this one which is good.

The bet volume is high, with on average 230-250 bets per month. 

It is nice to mix things up with a multi-sports tipster as we have mainly had football and horse racing tipsters so far here at Honest Betting Reviews.

We started receiving tips on 18th September so we will record results from then.

Check back here for updates on how the trial goes. 

In the meantime you can view The Sports Guru here.



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