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The Win Picker – New Review

Today we are starting a new trial of a horse racing tipster called The Win Picker.

This is a straightforward tipping service that provides on average 2-3 tips per day, to be placed at Betfair SP.

We always like services that advise bets simply at Betfair SP, as it means that everyone knows they can match the results, so that is already a plus in our book.

They also back all selections to 1 point level stakes, another positive in our view.

The sales page boasts excellent results since the service started in January of this year.

They claim to have had no losing months and to have amassed £3,239.91 in 2015 to £25 stakes, including deducting 5% commission from Betfair.

The service is run by a guy called Kevin Butler who says he has honed his technique over many years, although he doesn’t give away too many secrets about what his selection criteria is.

To get things going they are offering a generous offer of £20 for 100 days of tips – which is just enough for us to complete a full review. 🙂

We actually started receiving the tips from 27th July 2015 so we will record results from then.

If the results during our trial can match those on the sales page, we should be in for a treat.

We will provide regular updates throughout the trial on how this one gets on.

In the meantime, you can check out The Win Picker here.

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