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Town Star – Results Update

If you’ve been following us recently you’ll know we’ve been delving into the world of play-to-earn games. Whilst our focus here is mainly on betting and trading systems, we are always interested in alternative ways to make some extra income and the play-to-earn space looks set to explode this year.

Our first foray in this area was Sorare, which if you’ve been tracking our journey you’ll have seen we’ve been doing very well with over $20,000 in prizes won last year. 

Our next venture into this space is with an interesting little game called Town Star from Gala Games. 

This is a fun game that is a lot like Farmville if you ever played that game. You can read our full guide on Town Star here.

In order to be able to earn in the game, you have to first purchase some NFTs. These are the farming items that you use in the game like grain storage, water fountains, shops and so on. 

We purchased four NFTs:-

  • Alfa Fountain (OK)
  • Rare Sugarcane storage
  • Water Tower
  • Sugarcane storage

We also received a free Express Depot for becoming a gold Gala member.

Each one of these NFTs pays out a certain number of Town Coin per day if you complete a Daily Challenge, which you can then exchange for other cryptocurrency and then fiat money. 

However, unfortunately at the moment we are not able to use all our NFTs. This is because you need to have a certain amount of what is called “Gala Power.” There is a full article explaining it here, but in essence you need a certain amount of Gala tokens and/or Town Coin in your wallet.

At current prices this means spending thousands of dollars to move up the Gala Power levels and use your NFTs, which is far from ideal.

Gala Games say they will allow renting out of NFTs in future (no date confirmed though) and they may adjust the terms of the Power levels to take account of things like account age, number of NFTs etc, but for the time being we are stuck with this situation. The simple advice is it’s better to buy one big NFT than lots of small ones – you only need one Gala token in your wallet to use one NFT. 

Anyway, putting that issue aside how has it been going on Town Star? 

We have managed to earn Town Coin pretty much every day (apart from the odd day like Christmas Day, for obvious reasons) and so far have earned just over 1,000 Town Coin. 

At today’s prices of $0.56 per Town Coin, that equals just over $560. 

That’s not bad for a few weeks work and the NFTs we bought have gone up a lot in value. In particular the Rare Sugarcane Storage cost us around $1,200 when we bought it and is now selling for around $3,000. 

In this game you are hostage to the price of Town Coin, which has fluctuated quite a lot since we joined the game, from around $0.30 all the way up to over $2. 

We imagine when they actually integrate the token into the game itself – which they have said in two blog posts they plan to do – its value could appreciate, although that rests on them bringing lots of new players to the game too. 

In any event, the bottom line is our earnings have been pretty good so far even with the price of Town Coin having fallen a lot over the past month. It’s also a fun game to play so we would say we are cautiously optimistic about this one. There is still a lot of work for them to do to bring it to the mainstream but the early signs are encouraging. 





Town Star – New Review

25th November 2021

If you’ve been following us recently you’ll know we’ve started to get involved in the play-to-earn gaming revolution. 

Whilst this isn’t strictly in the “betting category,” we do occasionally like to venture into other fields like forex, crypto and passive income. Anything really that can make an extra bit of income on the side! 

So our first foray in the play-to-earn field was Sorare, the fantasy football game that runs on the blockchain. If you’ve been following our journey you’ll have seen it’s been going very well with lots of rewards won. 

Our next sortie into the realm of play-to-earn games then is a fun little simulation game called Town Star from Gala Games.

We’ve written a full guide here on what Town Star is all about and how you can earn from it, but basically it’s a lot like Farmville. You run a small town and have to build it up from scratch by farming goods and then selling them. 

In order to earn tokens on it (which you can then sell on exchanges like Coinbase), you have to buy NFTs – or non-fungible tokens. These are the farming/industrial items like wheat storage, water fountains, solar panels and so on. Then you have to complete a daily challenge in the game to earn your tokens.

Another way to earn Town Coin is to finish high up on the leaderboard, although that is very tough so for most people the focus will be on earning the daily Town Coin. 

We’ve recently joined the game and will be documenting our journey here, just as we have been doing with Sorare.

So far we have one NFT placed in the game, earning 14 of the game’s tokens, called Town Coin, per day.

At today’s prices of $1.23 per Town Coin, that’s $17 per day in earnings, for just a small amount of time playing the game each day. Some people are already earning over $100 per day from the game. 

There is also the potential to move up the levels and be able to place more NFTs in the game, thus earning more Town Coin. 

Plus of course the value of Town Coin could go up as well – although it could also go down so you do have to accept the fluctuations in the price of the token and not expect it will necessarily go up. 

If more people join the game though, in theory it should drive more adoption of the token. 

Just to note that the cheapest NFTs that pay out Town Coin are currently priced at around $730. So at current prices it would take approximately 54 days to earn back the cost of the NFT. 

That presumes Town Coin stays at its current price of course, but it gives you a ball park idea of the payback time anyway. You also will own the NFT and they are generally going up in price all the time.

Please note there are a very limited supply of the NFTs though and they are selling out fast. All of the NFT info is covered in our guide so we recommend you read that first before buying any of them. 

In any event, given the potential here and the fact it’s quite a fun game to play, we are looking forward to running this review and will update our progress here as usual.

In the meantime you can open a Gala Games account and start playing Town Star for free here.



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