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Ultimate Horse Power – Final Review

Oh dear.

What can we say really?

Sometimes everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.

This has been the case for Ultimate Horse Power sadly, who on 26th May reached the disappointing point of having blown the whole advised 100 point bank.

You can view full results here.

Any service that reaches that point has to be an automatic fail really. 

You can debate whether the advised bank should have been bigger, and with a strike rate of 17%, there is an argument that it should have been quite a bit more substantial.

However, we can only go with is advised at the outset of our trial and on that basis the whole bank was lost.

Sometimes that just happens in betting, occasionally any service can hit a horror run.

But in the sink-or-swim world of tipping, anything that doesn’t excel sadly falls by the wayside and so with 100 points lost in a month, Ultimate Horse Power is one such service.






Ultimate Horse Power – Results Update

13th May 2016

It seems like the reviewer’s curse has struck again.

So often it seems like a tipster or betting system has a brilliant record and promises great levels of return.

But then for some reason, as soon as you start a review of said product, things go pear-shaped.

This has been the case so far with Ultimate Horse Power, which had made a superb 230 points profit coming into our trial, with an average monthly profit of 59 points.

However, unfortunately after three weeks of the trial we are 44 points down.

You can view full results here.

All bets are placed at Betfair SP and a bot can be used for placing the bets, as there are a large number of bets each day. 

It is early days of course, so plenty of time to turn things around and get back to winning ways for Ultimate Horse Power.

Back soon with more updates.





Ultimate Horse Power – New Review

25th April 2016

There are generally two approaches to betting on the horses.

One is to take a very selective approach, scanning the races very carefully and only choosing those one or two bets each day that really stand out.

Then there is the other approach that focuses on high volume betting, backing 10-20 horses per day and looking to take advantage of a small edge over the market that repeated many times, will add up to big profits over time.

There is no “wrong” or “right” approach as such – both can work well.

However, the latter can certainly build a bank more quickly and tends to lead to higher profit levels at the end of an extended period of say a year.

And it is into this latter category that our latest trialist falls.

Ultimate Horse Power is a relatively new service to the reputable Pro Betting Club stable and has amassed an impressive record so far.

After 4 months, the service is over 230 points in profit.

That works out at 59 points profit per month, a very decent average.

And April is going well so far too, with over 30 points profit accumulated to date in the month.

The good thing is that the results are recorded at Betfair SP, which is reassuring and means you know you can match their results.

As we say, there are a large number of bets each day – often between 20 and 30 – so if you were doing things manually then it could take a bit of time to place the bets.

However, if time is an issue then you can use a bot to place the bets for you. Full instructions of how to set up the Bet Engine bot to place bets for you are given on the Pro Betting Club website.

A 100 point bank is advised for the service, so hopefully that will be enough to cover losing runs and give us steady returns.

Anyway, without further ado, we are pleased to get our trial of Ultimate Horse Power underway and we will return soon with our first update.

In the meantime, you can check out Ultimate Horse Power here. 

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