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What is a Scorecast Bet?

A ‘Scorecast’ bet is a bet on the player who will be the first to score a goal in the match plus a prediction of the final score. Essentially it is a double bet which you place as a single bet.

One variant of this bet is an ‘anytime Scorecast’ in which, as before, you must predict the correct final score, but, as long as your selected player scores a goal sometime in the game, you will win the bet. In some markets you can also bet on a ‘last goal scorer Scorecast’ or alternatively on a first half or second half scorecast.

Here we will look in a little more depth at how these bets work and why you might find them both fun and potentially valuable. We will look at how bookmakers calculate the odds of these bets, some of the small print that goes with them, and show how easy it is to place them.

The attraction of Scorecast bets

Scorecast bets are one of the more popular of bets of its kind. Their main attraction is that they offer great odds, they are a great deal of fun as you can easily play around with them and, as we shall show, they are easy to place.

As with all double bets, while the odds can be excellent, getting the first goal scorer and the final score correct isn’t easy, but therein lies the challenge and the fun.


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How the odds are calculated

A scorecast bet is basically a double bet in which the return from the first section of the bet, that made on correctly predicting the first goalscorer, is used to stake the second section of the bet, the correct final score.

For instance if your scorecast was for Diego Costa to score the first goal for Chelsea in an away match to Burnley, the odds might typically be around 3/1, so if you bet £5 your potential winnings on that part of the bet would be £15 plus the return of  your original £5 stake. If the second part of your bet was a final score of 1-2 to Chelsea, then your total £20 fund would be staked on that final score with typical odds of say 7/1, winning you £140 plus your £20 stake; a total of £160 on a £5 bet.

With a Scorecast these odds are calculated beforehand, so you can see exactly what odds you are being offered.

The fine print

While there are likely to some minor differences between different bookmakers, the following rules apply across the board:

  • Your selected player fails to start the game. In this case your bet will be considered as a single bet on the final score of the game.
  • The first goal is scored before your selected player comes on the field. In this case after the first goal is scored, then your bet will be considered as a single bet on the final score of the game.
  • Your goalscorer scores an own goal. This doesn’t count; your bet remains valid until another goal is scored.
  • Somebody else scores and own goal. This doesn’t count; your bet remains valid until another goal is scored.
  • The match ends 1-0 following an own goal. Your bet will be considered as a single bet on the final score of the game.

Placing a scorecast bet

Placing an online scorecast bet couldn’t be simpler. While there are some differences between different online bookmakers, they all essentially allow you to select the game, choose the first goalscorer of the match from a dropdown list of all players in both teams including starters and the bench, and the final score from another dropdown list.

For instance, you might select Manchester United versus Watford, Wayne Rooney as the first goalscorer, and a final score of 2 -1, a reasonably possible outcome. Typical odds for such a selection might be around 15/1.

If you want a little fun, you can easily place fun bets that have high odds. For instance if you stuck to Wayne Rooney being the first goal scorer but with Watford winning the game 1-2, typically you would be offered odds around 200/1.


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