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What is a Tricast Bet?

We are here to make understanding betting jargon easier with our series of guides breaking down complex betting terms, so that anyone and everyone can work out what their options are when it come to betting, making it a much more engrossing pursuit.

So what is on the itinerary for today? Well, we will be checking out what a tricast bet is, and when best to use it.

When should you place a tricast bet?

The tricast bet is another type of bets mostly used to bet on horse racing and greyhound racing, but it can be used to bet on any sport that has three or more participants that will be ranked in order, such as a football division like the Barclays Premier League, where you could pick the top three, or a bicycle race like the Tour de France.

In horse racing there usually has to be at least eight runners in a handicap race for tricast bets to be made available.

How do you place a tricast bet?

If you know what a straight forecast is, a tricast bet will seem pretty familiar. While the aim of the former is to correctly predict the top two participants in an event, the tricast goes a step further and challenges you the to guess what order the top three participants will finish in.

Obviously this makes a tricast bet harder to win a straight forecast bet, but the odds you will be offered will reflect that. Major sporting events like the Grand National have a lot of punters opting for a tricast bet as it gives you good odds and the potential of a great return if you end up getting your selections right.

What types of tricast bet are there?

There are two different types of tricast bet, and if you have checked out our explanation of a reverse forecast bet you will probably be able to work out what the difference is.

The straight tricast bet works in the same way as the straight forecast bet – you picked the top three in the order you think they will come in, and you will only receive a return if you get the order right.

The type of tricast bet is called a combination tricast bet. This works in much the same way as a reverse forecast bet, in that you do not actually have to get the order right to get a return, you just need to correctly predict the top three participants for a particular event.

It is called a combination tricast bet as the top three can have six different permutations, but for a reverse forecast bet there are only two.

As with the reverse forecast bet, covering all the permutations with a combination tricast bet will require you to increase your stake, so if you opt for a combination tricast bet your stake will be three times higher than it would be with a straight tricast bet, so remember this when you consider placing one.

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