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Place Betting – New Review

One of the most neglected forms of betting when it comes to horse racing is place betting. Very few tipsters or betting systems focus on it and there is little discussion in the racing media about betting on the place market. 

It is almost an afterthought in many cases, something that is only talked about with reference to the each-way market.

However, this lack of attention on place betting does mean there is potential to find value in the market and the system we are looking at today attempts to do exactly that.

From Exponential Bet – who our long term members will know well from a number of other reviews of their systems we have done – this Place Betting System is an automated betting system for the horse racing place markets on Betfair. 

Using the same Cloud Bet Bot software that is utilised for a number of their other systems, the bets are placed automatically on your Betfair account via the cloud, without you needing to run a VPN or keep your computer on day and night. 

There are essentially three elements to the Place Betting strategy:

  • Place Back Multi – Backs up to five horses in the place market within applicable races.
  • Place Lay Multi – Lays up to five horses in the place market within applicable races.
  • Place Lay Single – Lays one horse in the place market within applicable races.

You can play all, one or two of the strategies at the same time, it is up to you.

The results so far look very impressive, with the respective totals since starting last December for the three systems (using the “straight exchange” approach) as follows:

  • Place Back Multi: +162 points
  • Place Lay Multi: +273 points
  • Place Lay Single: +86 points

So that’s 521 points profit overall for the three systems. 

We will be following all three, using the straight exchange approach. The two other options are BSP and target profit, but as we say the results are best for the straight exchange method.

We are really looking to testing this system out because as we say there is a real gap in the market for a good place betting system and this looks very promising. 

As we always warn though, it is better to reserve judgement until we have seen how it performs under live trial conditions.

Anyway, we will record updates here as we along so you can see how the system is getting on.

In the meantime you can check out Place Betting from Exponential Bet here.




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