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All Weather Profits – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of All Weather Profits and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:   +26 points
Strike Rate:    19%
Bank Growth:   18%
Cost:   £3.79 for first month then £14.95/month or £29.95/quarter
ROI:   5%
Average number of tips:   3 per day


You can view full results here.


All Weather Profits – Full Review


Well after three months and 278 bets our trial of All Weather Profits has come to an end. Overall it has managed a profit of 26 points to 2 point level stakes.

The service is a simple horse racing tipster that bets only on the all-weather (as you may have guessed from the name). 

Bets are sent out each morning and are simply backed at Betfair SP.

The trial got off to a tough start, dipping down to -56 points at one stage but recovered nicely to finish in profit, as you can see from the graph below:

All Weather Profits Graph

This is a difficult one to give a verdict on as it has made a profit over the trial and in some ways we were close to giving this a passed rating. 

However, on balance we feel that a bank growth of 18% over three months isn’t quite enough to merit an approved rating. 

To one point level stakes the profit would be 13 points, which is a bit below what would be required to give a resounding thumbs up. 

Remember we have services like Master Racing Tipster and Racing Gold that have achieved well over 100% bank growth over their respective trials.

Ultimately the question we ask when considering a recommending rating is “would you recommend this to a friend?” 

Certainly we wouldn’t warn a friend off this but we wouldn’t go rushing to them imploring them to sign up either.

You may well want to give this a go and add it to your portfolio, but for us in the end it is a neutral rating, just below a pass. 

There is a lot to like about the service – all tips are simply backed at Betfair SP, which makes it easy to follow and you know you can at least match the published results, if not beat them. Plus the subscription costs are low at under £15 per month, with the first month for just £3.79. 

So perhaps worth giving a go, bearing in mind the long term results of over 500 points profit in two years of tipping.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: The bets are sent out by e-mail each morning and with an average of 3 tips per day, the workload is very manageable. Nice and simple to follow.

Availability of prices: With all selections advised at Betfair SP, you are guaranteed at least matching the advised prices and if you wanted to shop around, no doubt you could do a little better. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 19%, so a little bit of patience will be required with this service.

Advised Betting Bank: The advised bank was 150 points, which was plenty and never in threat during the trial, with the low point being 56 points down.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable at just £3.79 for first month then £14.95/month, £29.95/quarter or £119.95 for lifetime.



It’s been a solid performance by All Weather Profits over the course of our trial and any service that finishes in profit after 3 months should be commended.

We were close to giving this a recommended rating, but just felt in the end that 18% growth of the bank over three months wasn’t quite enough.

However, we are mindful that the previous results published on the Tipster Street show over 500 points profit, so it is one we will keep an eye on and see how things progress going forward.







All Weather Profits – Results Update

26th December 2015

It’s been a good turnaround for All Weather Profits, who have banked 83 points profit since our last update just over a month ago.

That is largely down to an impressive 33/1 winner at Kempton on 25th November, which at their standard 2 point stakes netted a whopping 73 points profit.

They now stand at +44 points for the trial overall, which is good stuff.

You can view full results here.

As we mentioned previously, they use 2 point staking for all their selections, so at 1 point level stakes this would be 22 points up so far.

Anyway, good to see the positive progress being made and let’s hope it continues. We will be back soon with more updates.




All Weather Profits – Results Update

20th November 2015

It has been a tough start to our trial of All Weather Profits, who are 39 points down after a month of results. 

You can view full results here.

All bets are 2 point win bets, which is a bit strange because it essentially just means you are doubling everything – whether good or bad. In this case it has been bad, as they would be just 19 points down to 1 point level stakes.

Anyway, all results are recorded to Betfair SP which makes following the service easy and we know we can match the published results. 

The all-weather season is only just getting going so hopefully we will see their results pick up in the coming weeks as the form becomes a bit more established.

Check back here for updates on how things go. 



All Weather Profits – New Review

22nd October 2015

As the evenings start to close in and the air turns rather chilly, thoughts in the flat horse racing world turn to the fibresand and polytrack.

What are we talking about you may ask? All weather racing of course.

Yes that gift from our American cousins – racing on dirt – comes in very handy when the weather turns foul and many national hunt meetings are cancelled or run on swamp-like ground.

All weather racing is steadily growing in popularity in the UK and Ireland, with more race meetings, new courses like Chelmsford opening – or at least reopening – greater prize funds and higher quality of horses running.

Certainly with the likes of Godolphin lavishing vast sums of money on their all-weather operation, it appears that racing on dirt is here to stay and will just grow and grow. At least it allows us flat racing fans to continue our betting habit throughout the Winter anyway.

So with the all-weather season about to get into full swing, it is with much relish that we start a trial of an all-weather specialist horse racing tipster.

All Weather Profits

Enter stage right All Weather Profits, a service from the Tipster Street stables with an impressive record of nearly 500 points profit since the service started in January 2014, which works out at 23 points per month. 

That has been earned with an impressive 17% return on investment and a solid strike rate of 22%. 

There are approximately two bets per day, so it should be reasonably straightforward to follow.

Subscription costs are very reasonable at £3.79 for the first month then £14.95 per month or £29.95 per quarter.

We will run our usual three month trial for this one which will give us a nice chunk of the all-weather season to enjoy.

Check back here for updates.

In the meantime you can can view All Weather Profits here.



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