Racing Gold – Final Review

We have come to the end of our three month trial of Racing Gold and here are the final results:


Profit/loss: +158 points
Strike Rate: 42% (including placed horses)
Bank Growth: 158%*
Cost: £4.99 for first month then £19.95/month, £39.95/quarter or £159.95 for lifetime
ROI: 23%
Average number of tips: 4-5 per day


 *based on recommended 100 point bank (we recommend at least a 150 point bank – see more below)

You can view full results here


Racing Gold Final Review

It has been a superb trial for Racing Gold, who have amassed an excellent 158 points of profit at a return on investment of 23%.

It has been pretty steady and unwavering profit throughout the trial, as you can see from the graph below:


Racing Gold profit graph

Racing Gold profit graph


As you can see, a very nice graph indeed. Things really grew fast early on, then went into a more gradual phase, before a bit of a drawdown and finally a nice rally towards the end.

The steady profit building was punctuated by a couple of superb days in the middle of the trial though. 

On 26th July they advised 5 bets, all of which won at combined odds of 498-1. Now they don’t advise you back the tips in accumulators, so we haven’t recorded that accumulator in the official results.

However, we understand some members did back the selections in an acca and were celebrating pretty wildly after that one came in!

As if that wasn’t enough though, on 16th September they went and did it again, landing an even more incredible 1406-1 accumulator with all four selections advised that day winning.

Needless to say if you had backed that one, it was a pretty good day.

Anyway, getting back to the official results, what are our overall thoughts on Racing Gold?

The results have been excellent and we have no hesitation in giving this a hearty thumbs up. Any service that can make 158 points profit in 3 months deserves much acclaim.

With a very healthy strike rate of 42% (including the horses who placed), there is real potential to build a bank with this service.

Upturn in Fortunes

Looking back at the previous results prior to our trial, we are interested to note that things have really picked up in the last 18 months or so.

From when the service started in February 2013 until 15th May 2014, they had made 105 points profit.

Since then however, the service has taken off like a rocket and added 550 points profit to stand at over 650 points in profit in total. 

We can’t  verify the results before our trial started, but have no reason to doubt the veracity of the results as those recorded on the website have been exactly as given out in the e-mails since we have been members.

We understand from Tipster Street that there was a slight change of approach that could well explain the upturn in results, as the tipster decided to focus on certain courses and races depending on the time of year. Well, it certainly seems to have worked!

Points to Note

A couple of things to note about this service. Firstly, there was quite a difference between the results at Betfair SP and the advised prices. Whilst the advised prices made 158 points profit, at Betfair SP the total profit was 97 points, which is a 39% difference and a little higher than we would like ideally. 

The prices quoted in the e-mails are those available at Betfair in the morning, but there isn’t great liquidity on Betfair at the time so you would probably be better off using the bookies prices.

Again we asked Tipster Street about this and they said they understand the liquidity isn’t always in the Betfair markets early in the morning, but the tipster does try to select races where there is better liquidity than certain other races. However they said they are considering a new pricing structure, so “watch this space” as it were!

A second thing to note regards the advised bank size to be used. With the recent debacle surrounding Big Race Bookie Busters – where a full 100 point bank was blown shortly after we gave them a recommended verdict – we are keenly aware of the need to ensure bank sizes are big enough to cope with the drawdowns and losing runs.

Although they recommend a 100 point bank for this service, it has actually endured an 81 point drawdown in its past, between September and November 2013.

We therefore think a bank of at least 150 points should be used and preferably 200 points to be on the safe side.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Fairly good – there is a little bit of work to do on your part, as there are on average 4-5 selections per day. You can just back all these at Betfair SP, but to maximise value it is worth spending some time shopping around the bookies for the best price.

Availability of prices: OK – as above, there is not much liquidity on Betfair in the mornings so best to shop around the bookies, where prices are generally fairly readily available.

Strike rate: Very good at 42% – that means lots of winners, shorter losing runs than most servies and the potential to build a bank relatively quickly.

Advised Betting Bank: As above – 100 points is advised but we think a 150 or preferably 200 point bank should be used.

Subscription costs: Excellent value for a service of this quality at just £4.99 for first month then £19.95/month, £39.95/quarter or £159.95 for lifetime

Some services of this quality charge upwards of £1,000 per year, so this is great value for a tipster with a track record like this one.



This has been a great trial and we are delighted to place Racing Gold on our approved list – with bells on!

They have amassed 158 points profit at advised prices and just under 100 points at Betfair SP, which is a great effort in three months.

The longer term results of the service are also very impressive, with 550 points profit made in the last 18 months. How many horse racing tipsters do you know with that record? We would wager not very many.

Plus how many services out there can boast two accumulators at 500-1 and 1400-1 in less than three months?

And all that  profit is with a simple 1 or 2 points staking system and over 40% strike rate.

Added to an amazingly low subscription rate and we believe we have uncovered a real gem here with Racing Gold. 

So as long as you use at least a 150 point bank and spend a little time shopping around for the best prices each morning, we believe you will struggle to find many better tipsters than this.

You can get Racing Gold here.




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