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Angus Loughran Profile

The Early Days

Angus Loughran, son of James Loughran was born in Glasgow 50 years ago. His father, was a director of the Halle Orchestra. When he is not traveling around the world, he lived with Nancy his mother in Altrincham, Cheshire. His friends and others believe he is the most listened to football analyst on the earth. 

Loughran is a very passionate sportsman but was never actually very good at playing the sport. He threw himself into rugby games by commentating on rugby matches from the touch line and taking bets at Ampleforth- which is a distinguished Catholic public school in North Yorkshire.

In his search for a good bet, 15-year-old Loughran made about 300pounds after he advanced to the Oval and handed Chris Tavare the batsman, a stool during an endless long and boring inning. The crowd raged and Loughran found himself on the news at 9pm and this marked the start of his career.

After he was discovered by Andy Jacobs, the producer of Fantasy Football League, Angus Loughran’s sporting life became more hectic. Andy Jacobs was looking for an anorak and nerdy kind of person to be part of the Fantasy Football League household and he eventually bumped into Loughran commentating on Spurs at White Hart Lane.

The rise of Statto

Angus Loughran eventually became a British sports pundit and commentator. He appears on television, newspapers and websites regularly, and usually concentrates on football and horse racing, writing articles and betting tips daily on online bookmaker Easyodds and the Daily Telegraph. Angus has also provided English football commentary for ESPN and Eurosport.

He first provided racing commentary for Ladbrokes for their betting shops, but rose to fame when he became the resident statistician on the BBC two television series Fantasy Football League. Wearing a dressing gown and pajamas in the locker room, during the set he would give the facts and figures about each of the guest Fantasy Football teams, while hosts David Baddiel and Frank Skinner made fun of him. He also had made a cameo appearance in the Mel Smith directed Blackball in 2003 and in the Rowan Atkinson comedy film Bean in 1997.

Angus Loughran’s bankruptcy issues

Loughran was declared bankrupt in February 2008 at a court hearing in Manchester County for debts he owed Sporting Index. The bankruptcy process was cancelled in April 2008 after Loughran presented an IVA to his creditors.

Over the years, Eurosport commentator and BBC racing expert Angus Loughran has done many promotional favours for Sporting Index, with whom he has a very close relationship. However, there will be an uneasy feeling concerning the tactics used to regain a paltry debt from a popular sports person and a friend of the firm.

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