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Tony Langley is a creator of sports trading systems and is best known for his Football Hedging System and Sportsure trading service.

Tony has apparently made over £230,000 in the last five years from his football trading and now mentors others on how to trade the Betfair markets.

He works with the marketer Tim Lowe on bringing his trading expertise to the public via websites, seminars and training days.

Here we take a look at Tony’s two main trading services and what they are all about.


Football Hedging System

Tony’s number one trading package is the Football Hedging System, which is a suite of football trading systems for the Betfair markets.

There are five separate methods to trade as part of the package. The systems are set up in such a way as to ensure that you shouldn’t make a loss on any of the trades – i.e. they are risk free.

Since the trading systems went live in June 2015, there hasn’t been a single losing trade which is impressive.

The sales page for Football Hedging System claims that you could make between £9,000 and £12,000 per month from trading the systems.

That is a fairly bold claim, but there are some traders who have claimed you can make a decent profit from the systems on a monthly basis, so whilst it may be difficult to make the sums claimed, there does appear to be positive feedback coming out regarding the Football Hedging System.

The systems operate on a high strike rate basis, with approximately 90% of the trades being successful.

On the other 10%, you have to operate what is termed a “recovery trade.” This involves taking up various positions in two different markets that are related but not mutually dependent. 

The method behind the systems is quite ingenious and involves some quite complicated trading to get right, but there are lots of helpful training videos and instructional slides to aid your learning.

Tony provides excellent customer service as part of the package, dealing with all the queries from members personally and in a comprehensive manner.

There is quite a buzz around what Tony has created with Football Hedging System and it is not hard to see why.


Sportsure Trading 

Tony’s other major trading suite is Sportsure Trading, which he set up with his wife Pauline.

Their development of sports trading strategies began following the attendance of a seminar on trading, from which they learned about the possibilities of trading Betfair markets to make a profitable monthly income.

From there, they spent a great deal of time developing their own strategies and now make monthly incomes from trading that many City professionals would be proud of!

The Sportsure trading suite comes with monthly modules on the various trading methods, such as the “Early Goal Method.”

There are also training videos to aid with your understanding and development as a trader and a support centre to deal with any queries.



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