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Auto Pro(fessional) Trader: APT – Update

Well it’s not the update we were hoping to make this month but here is the e-mail we received from David Ayerst, who manages the APT platform, on 15th March:-


“Before I throw in my two pennies worth a note from Steve Smith our Pro Trader Team Manager

I am sure we agree that this has not worked. I have had no choice but to make a total reorganization of the entire trading team, this means that some traders will not be on APT at least for the time being.

Please see my notes below:

David Murphy – David has had a bad time of it over the last few months, I can’t let him carry on. David will be returning to proofing for a number of months to see if he can again make the consistent profits I know he is capable off.

Garry Scullion – Garry is taking some time off due to personal circumstances.

Garry Bassett – I am personally sure that Garry is a very good trader; I have seen his results from his Betfair account. However what is apparent is that his staking style is not liked by members. Over the last 2 weeks Garry and I have worked on a new staking plan that should lead to more consistency. Garry is returning to proofing for a month or two to ensure we can iron out any problems. As long as this works he will be returning to APT in paper trading mode so you can view the new staking and see if you wish to follow him.

Sean Haren – Sean has been working on a new staking plan with stop losses in place to cut out the large losing days he was having. He has been back on the proofing tool now for a number of weeks and it appears to be working. Sean will be on APT in paper trading mode for you all to view his results but will not be available to follow for the time being.

Keith White – Keith is a new name who has been doing very well in proofing. However he is having problems getting all the bets on the proofing tool and his own Betfair account so it is costing him money. Our proofing tool does not have the feature to link an account so we are going to allow him to finish his proofing on APT. This will give you all a chance to evaluate his style but as with Sean will not be available to follow for the time being.


So by their own admission unfortunately things have not worked out with APT. They are reorganising the trading team and putting them in proofing mode for a while. 

This seems like the right decision to us as there is no point carrying on with losses piling up. In terms of our review, there isn’t much we can do other than put our review into abeyance for the time being. With the coronavirus meaning there is no sport for the time being either, it could be quite a while before we are in a position to recommence our trial. 

When they do recommence we hope they can find some consistently profitable traders as the underlying software is impressive. 






Auto Pro Trader – Results Update

20th February 2020

Auto Pro Trader is a piece of software that allows you to automatically copy the trades of professional traders on Betfair. 

It has been a rough time for the traders lately, with a combined £317 lost since our last update a month ago across the four traders we are following. 

That means we are now £220 down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here. (The previous results for the paper trading mode are available in the second tab of the spreadsheet). 

As mentioned last time, those results also include a single trade by one of the traders, Gary Scullion, which won £670 but we understand wasn’t matched for the majority of APT users. Therefore with that trade taken out the results would be £890 down at the moment.

Obviously this has been a very disappointing start to a promising piece of software. Ultimately even though the software works well, unless there are profitable traders you can follow then it doesn’t really matter how good the software is. The challenge for them now is for either the current traders to turn things around quickly or to find traders who are profitable. 





Auto Pro Trader – Results Update

21st January 2020

Auto Pro Trader is a piece of software that allows you to automatically copy the trades of professional traders on Betfair. 

We have been following three traders for a full month now and are £96.11 up across the three traders so far.

You can view full results here.

The previous results for the paper trading mode are available in the second tab of the spreadsheet. 

The software works very well and we have had no issues having the trades automatically copied onto our Betfair account.

The APT team are however on the lookout for more pro traders to add to the platform so if you fit the bill – or just want to sign up as a user to copy the existing pro traders – please drop us a line at 

Update 25.01.20 – It has come to our attention that a large part of the profit made so far came from one bet, i.e. for Gary Scullion on 16th January, which was not matched for some members. This bet was a lay which won £669.66 (at high risk stake levels), which might not have been matched for some people due to amounts they had in their accounts and also liquidity. So without that the results would be quite different and would actually be £573.55 down – a very different picture obviously.  

Whilst it was good that the bet won, it also highlighted the risks involved in a trader doing something out of the ordinary and placing a large stake like this. The APT team say they have now implemented a max stake of £150 so hopefully this won’t happen again.

It is another example of why we always recommend following our full review to its conclusion before signing up to a service, so issues like this can be highlighted and ironed out. This is particular the case with new and innovative software like APT, which there were likely to be teething issues with in its early days. 





Auto Pro Trader – Results Update

21st December 2019

We are now following three live traders on APT – David Murphy, Garry Scullion and Garry Bassett, with Kevin Haskell no longer available on the platform as he is apparently working on other projects. 

We just went to live betting with the two Garrys yesterday so don’t have much to go on so far, but their proofing looked good whilst we were following them in paper trading mode. 

Overall we are pretty much even for live betting so far, with just £3.51 lost in total across the three live traders. 

You can view full results here.

The previous results for the paper trading mode are available in the second tab of the spreadsheet. 

They are also bringing on board a number of new traders, with a couple more proofing at the moment so the platform looks poised to really take off in 2020. 

Once again if you are interested in joining, please drop us an e-mail at and we will provide further details on how you can do so. 






Auto Pro Trader – Results Update

22nd November 2019

After paper trading for a few weeks we finally switched to live betting on the APT platform on 2nd November, following the two traders currently available, David Murphy and Kevin Haskell. 

So far it has been a quiet start, down largely to the international break which meant not much trading was going on. However, in terms of the trades that have been placed we are currently £30 down on the live betting. 

You can view full results here.

The previous results for the paper trading mode are available in the second tab of the spreadsheet. 

Now that the international break is over we should see trade volume picking up and hopefully some profits too. Kevin did fantastically well last year on the NFL so we are looking forward to him getting stuck into that and seeing if he can repeat last year’s performance. 

Once again if you are interested in joining, please drop us an e-mail at and we will provide further details. 






Auto Pro Trader – Results Update

22nd October 2019

Auto Pro Trader is a platform that allows you to automatically copy the trades of professional traders onto your Betfair account. 

We began a review of the service a month ago following their two pro traders, Kevin Haskell and David Murphy. It has been a bit of a slow start for APT, with it taking a couple of weeks to get going due to server upgrades and on-boarding all the new people, so we only began trading on 10th October and even then it was just paper trading rather than live betting. 

You can view the paper trading results here.

It’s probably a good thing we are just paper trading at the moment as they are £143 down so far. Hopefully once we go to live trading things will pick up and we’ll start building some nice profits, as we did during our live trial of the football trading webinars from the same traders. 

The demand for the service has been very high so they have been operating a waiting list for new people to join. If you would like to join the service please drop us a line at and we will provide more details of how you can get involved.







Auto Pro Trader – New Review

23rd September 2019

Today we are starting a trial of one of the most exciting concepts we have come across since we started this website over four years ago. 

It is of a piece of software that has been over two years in development and we have been eagerly awaiting its official launch for some time now…well at last it is here!

It offers a huge breakthrough in the world of betting and trading and is called Auto Professional (Pro) Trader – or APT for short. It allows you to copy the trades of a professional Betfair trader automatically, without needing to do anything at all. 

So for example if the trader backs under 2.5 goals in Arsenal v Chelsea at 2.06 for £100 and then lays it at 1.5 for £37 profit, those trades would be automatically copied onto your Betfair account. 

The trader makes £37, you make £37 – simples!

The possibilities of this technology are endless but first and foremost it gives us the chance to earn a passive income from the skills and efforts of people who trade for a living. Trading is what they do day in, day out and now we have the opportunity to make money alongside them – without needing to lift a finger. So you can go out and enjoy your day and don’t need to be sat for hours in front of a screen as the trader will do all the work for you. How cool is that?!

To start off with they have two professional traders you can follow – Kevin Haskell who we actually followed via live webinars for six months earlier this year and who we can vouch for being very good – and David Murphy who has a strong reputation aswell. Kevin trades football, NFL and golf where as David trades just football. 

The team behind APT are also proofing up to ten other professional traders so there may well be more experts you can follow on the platform soon. 

You can select a staking level of low, medium or high, with the highest level being stakes of £100. To start off with there will be a default of low stakes just to keep an eye on liquidity and bet matching but that should be lifted fairly soon after.

In terms of cost, it is a revenue-share model so you pay 35% of whatever the traders make you in a month. So for example if they make you £1,000 profit, you would pay £350 for that month. If they don’t make you any profit then you don’t pay anything – simple as that. 

As we say, the potential of this is enormous and credit to the team for getting this software built as it can’t have been easy. 

We are going to be following this with our own money as we have a great deal of faith in the traders and are hoping for big things from them. It would be great if you could make a nice passive income of £1,000 per month or more from doing nothing – quite appealing really!

As usual we will update results here so you can see how things are going.  

Please note this is by invite only and they are opening it up to new members on 1st October so if you are interested, please drop us an e-mail at








12 replies
  1. Mick
    Mick says:

    I’m currently waiting for a refund off this fella.

    I requested it sunday and he said “i’ll pass it on to a lady from accounts but she wont be in till wednesday.”

    I hadn’t heard anything today so emailed asking what was going on.

    His response…..”it’s being processed”.

    Surely it shouldn’t be that hard to send £75 back that was originally sent through paypal?

    Just hope “the lady from accounts” gets it to me this week.

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi Mick,

      Sorry if you have not been receiving any e-mails, I believe David has been having some problems with his laptop. I have worked with them for over a year now and always found them to be straightforward and honest to deal with, certainly not conmen in my opinion. Hopefully they will deal with your query shortly but if not please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.



  2. Mick
    Mick says:

    Been nearly a month since david from jolly robbers said he’d send me a refund,still nothing and he has stopped responding to emails.

    Dan the owner of this site kindly stepped in and asked him what the score was but he was palmed him off with the same b.s story he palmed me off with…’s being processed

    Moody moody firm

  3. Mick
    Mick says:

    Managed to get a refund but not off david ayers but off paypal after i started a dispute.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if his account is now suspended so my advice would be to be wary if he asks any potential new customers for a bank transfer as you wont have a leg to stand on when he rips you off.


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