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Members’ Choice Awards – Best Horse Racing Service 2022

We hope you had a good Christmas and have recovered from all the festivities.

As this year draws to a close, we have been running a contest to choose the best betting services of 2022, as voted for by you in our Members’ Choice Awards 2022.

The voting closed on Christmas Eve and we would like to say thank you to everyone who voted. We had a huge number of participants which is much appreciated.

It’s good to be able to recognise those services that have performed well this year and hopefully helped us make a profit.

The votes have now been counted and we are pleased to announce the first award in our series – for the Best Horse Racing Service (tipster or betting system) of the year.

Best Horse Racing Service 2022

How did it all pan out then once all the votes were counted?

This is perhaps the premiere category, with the most services in our Winning Systems list coming from the sport of kings.

So as expected it was a very competitive category this year and the results were very tight. There were a number of hot contenders who had their fair share of support.

Onto the results then. 

In third place in the contest for Best Horse Racing Service 2022 was the excellent Hanbury Racing. It’s a service we reviewed last year and it made an impressive 238 points profit.  It has a penchant for big-priced winners, with another 500 points profit added this year.

Taking the runner-up spot was the venerable Quentin Franks who has been a regular feature in these awards over the years and added yet another profitable year in 2022. 

On to the winner then and the service taking the accolade this time has also been a regular in these awards over the years, taking the title in 2020 after some near misses in previous years.

After missing out last time, this year it bounced back to reclaim its crown and grab the top spot again.

Yes the winner of the Best Horse Racing Service 2022 was…

Little Acorns!

This is one the longest-running horse racing services out there, having been originally released way back in 2009.

It’s a low-liability laying system that follows a clear set of rules and has been delivering profits every year for over a decade now. We conducted our own review of the service back in 2017 and it came through with flying colours. 

It’s impressive to have stood the test of time in the way Little Acorns has and testament to its popularity that it has won this award for a second time. 

Here are the final rankings then for Best Horse Racing Service 2022:

1. Little Acorns
2. Quentin Franks Racing
3. Hanbury Racing

So the spoils go to Little Acorns and here is what Andrew David, who designed the system, had to say on receiving news of the award:

“A big thanks Dan to all your sharp readers on the award for Little Acorns! I am overjoyed many are getting some great use and profits out of it, and if I could thank every one of them individually I would.I’m happy that many punters are now becoming more realistic in their expectations on the gains to be made from gambling, and with the help of quality sites such as yours, are now turning their attention to low risk based systems and services that can offer the patient follower some very worthwhile gains over the long term.The focus when developing Little Acorns was primarily centred around the end user. In my experience, punters hate losing and dread long losing runs that can see most out of the game before they can reap the rewards of the upturn. Therefore, with Little Acorns I’ve included a few staking options that would suit everyone’s attitude to risk. Some are more progressive than others, but either way you will get the edge as Little Acorns simply exploits the unreliability of horse racing, to lead the end user to a profitable conclusion overall. It also provides a great platform for buyers to further tweak if they so wish in the whole arena of low-risk betting.Little Acorns was born out of my extreme dislike of the highs and lows that come with most forms of betting and if you feel the same then you’re on my wavelength.Finally, the beauty of Little Acorns is that it operates in an arena where liquidity is never an issue, ensuring that everyone can profit to more or less the same level.Thanks again to all your readers and I hope to share more ideas going forward.”

So that wraps up the award and well done again to Andrew and his Little Acorns system. We’ll be back soon with the next award in the series.

You can check out Little Acorns for yourself here.





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