Who is the Best Basketball Tipster?

With the popularity of US sports growing around the world, there are now a number of good basketball tipsters (or cappers, if you prefer) to choose from. 

Whether this is covering the NBA, NCAAB or European leagues, there are now a wide variety of options for betting on the sport and potentially profiting from it. 

Some tipsters provide selections purely on basketball where as others include it as part of a range of sports they bet on. Either way we will take a look below at who the best basketball tipsters (or cappers) are. 


What to Look For in a Successful Basketball Tipster

Before we get on to looking at specific basketball tipsters, just a few words on what to look for when picking a basketball capper.

We have tested hundreds of tipsters here at Honest Betting Reviews across a range of different sports and have found there are a few key metrics to keep in mind when looking at a basketball tipster’s record: 

  • Verified track-record:- it’s important to ensure the tipster has a track-record that has been independently verified by a site like this. There are lots of glossy sales pages out there making claims of big profits, but many of these will be fake or have inflated their results. Look for an independent review or verification of the results.
  • Long-term results:- any tipster can produce good results for a few weeks, or even months. But the true mark of a good tipster is that they have stood the test of time and produced solid, long-term results.
  • Return on investment (ROI):- a key metric in terms of comparing tipsters, this tells you how much profit you would have made for every $100 staked. So an ROI of 23% would mean a profit of $23 for every $100 staked for example.
  • Win rate:- also known as the strike rate, this tells you what percentage of the tipster’s bets have been winners. In basketball we would expect this figure to be quite high, often around 50% or higher.
  • Profit/Loss (P/L):- key stat telling you what their overall profit or loss has been, expressed in points or units.
  • Return on capital (ROC):- also known as bank growth, this tells you how much your starting capital would have grown by from following the capper since they started. For example if the ROC was 50%, then a starting bank of $1,000 would have grown to $1,500.

So those are some of the key factors to look at when assessing a basketball tipster’s record and some of the main metrics we use to compare tipsters.


Top Five Basketball Tipsters

Okay, so let’s get onto looking at the top five basketball tipsters we have found through our extensive research and testing. We will list these from five to one, saving the best for last.


5. Basket Value

Starting off our list is a capper called Basket Value and the service is run by a Portuguese gentleman called Mario V. He provides selections from leagues all over the world, including Australia, Brazil and various European Leagues.

Most of the picks are in the match winner market and they come out a good few hours before games start which makes it straightforward to follow the service.

They started tipping back in February 2019 and have made over $2000 profit since then at a win rate of around 40% and a return on investment of just over 6%, which are pretty solid metrics. 

So for an established basketball capper with an impressive record, Basket Value is well worth checking out. 


4. Super Sports Capper

The Super Sports Capper is actually a multi-sports tipster covering the NBA, NFL, football, European basketball & tennis. They are a full-time professional sports bettor and spend a considerable amount of time studying team form, news, injuries, betting market conditions and a host of other factors to find value for their members. 

The results to date have been excellent, with over $4,000 profit made to $25/unit stakes, at a return on investment of over 20%. The return on capital is over 200% which is substantial growth in a relatively short space of time. 

A large proportion of their bets are in basketball and they focus primarily on the NBA. They concentrate on player performance bets, for example a player to get over (or under) a certain number of assists, rebounds, steals, turnovers or points in a game. These are quite niche markets so there is a good opportunity to find value in them, which the Super Sports Capper has clearly been able to do to great effect. 


3. Around the Orange Ball

Around the Orange Ball is a service that has been tipping since December 2019 and has amassed an impressive record. A service focusing solely on basketball, they aim to be profitable over the long-term using a flat staking plan.

Their picks come in a variety of leagues including the NBA, China’s CBA, the Euro League and Germany’s Bundesliga. The principal markets they tip in are the Asian handicap, over/under pts and match winner. 

The total profit made since they began tipping stands at over $3,000 at $25/unit stakes at a return on investment of over 6%. With a solid win rate of well over 50% there have been a high proportion of winners too.

All in all then there is a lot to like about Around the Orange Ball, a proven basketball specialist.


2. Sports Insider

Next up on our list we have the excellent Sports Insider. After 20 years in the betting industry, this specialist uses their knowledge, connections and experience to analyze and evaluate the information they receive to provide their tips. The selections are thoroughly researched and based on stats and team info. 

Although they are a multi-sports tipster, the vast majority of their picks are on basketball. They provide tips in leagues from all over the world including France, Finland, Qatar and Italy. The main markets they bet in are the Asian handicap, over/under points, HT/FT and match winner. 

Since they began tipping in August 2018, the Sports Insider has amassed an excellent $7,100 profit at $25/unit stakes at a return on investment of over 12%. The win rate is very healthy at over 60%, meaning a high proportion of winning bets. 

That’s an impressive long-term record and makes the Sports Insider one of the top basketball cappers out there.


1. The Basketball Geek

Topping our list is the formidable Basketball Geek. The tips are provided by a guy called Steven who has devoted the past few decades to analyzing the basketball markets to spot trends, patterns and to create strategies that he knows will go on to produce a regular profit.

That approach has worked extremely well, with a profit of over $9,000 made to $25/unit stakes since he started providing tips back in November 2019. The return on investment is an impressive 17% whilst the win rate is just shy of 50%, which are very solid metrics when taken together.  

Most notably the return on capital stands at over 500%, so a $1,000 starting bank would have grown to over $5,000 by now.

Bets come in a variety of leagues including the NBA, WNBA and from places like Tunisia and Australia so it’s pretty wide ranging but the key has been the ability to find value picks consistently. 

That is something they have done with tremendous success and it is no surprise then that The Basketball Geek gets a place at the top of the list of the best basketball cappers. 


Conclusion – The Best in Basketball Betting

So there you have it, that is our list of the top experts in the world of basketball betting. They have all demonstrated proven track-records over a long period of time and an ability to beat the bookies consistently, which is what we all want.

With the popularity of basketball growing around the world and sports betting being liberalized in the USA, we expect more basketball cappers to emerge in the coming months and years, giving bettors an even greater choice. 

There are a whole host of leagues and markets to choose from too so there are lots of angles for finding value, as the list above demonstrates. 

Whether you use some tipsters from the list above or follow your own picks, good luck with your basketball betting and please remember to always gamble responsibly. 




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