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Best Sports Cappers

Sports betting has exploded in the US in recent times as states rush to legalize it in wake of the 2018 Supreme Court ruling.

Billions of dollars are now wagered on sports every week in the US and that has meant budding sports cappers popping up everywhere offering their two cents on who they think are the top picks for the week’s sporting action.

They are now hundreds of these handicappers online, but how do you know if they are any good or which ones you should follow?

Well thankfully here at Honest Betting Reviews we test out promising sports cappers under live trial conditions and record all the results in full so you can see for yourself who’s good and who isn’t.

We’ve tested out literally hundreds of cappers over the last seven years and we’ve been able to see who passes the grade and who isn’t up to scratch.

So we’ll take a look below at who the best sports cappers are and their full betting records.


Our Top Five Sports Cappers

There are a huge range of sports cappers these days offering picks across various sports. That includes everything from NFL to baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, soccer and basically any other sport you can think of!

We are mainly focusing on cappers who specialize in the major sports like basketball, NFL and so on, but also include others who have found a successful niche in other sports. If they make a good profit, why not include them!

Anyway, let’s get on with looking at our top 5 sports cappers, in reverse order from five to one with the best saved for last:


5. Slam Dunk Wizard

The first service on our list is a basketball capper called the Slam Dunk Wizard. They are a relatively new kid on the block but have amassed a very impressive record of success so far.

Their first ten months of capping were all profitable, with a combined profit of over 150 points. That would be over $1,500 profit at $10 unit stakes or $3,750 at $25 unit stakes.

The picks have had a high winning rate so far, with over 40% being successful. That means a good proportion of winners and minimal losing streaks to date. The return on investment (ROI) has also been strong at over 12% thus far.

The picks come in basketball leagues around the world and are not just limited to the NBA. Every bet is a 1 unit stake which makes it straightforward to follow and the selections are all in the match winner market, so no need to worry about fancy side-markets.

Although it is a relatively new capper, the Slam Dunk Wizard looks very promising indeed.


4. Trade On Sports

Trade On Sports is a multi-sports tipping and trading platform which is run by a team of professional gamblers and traders.

They cover US sports as well as soccer and tennis. We tracked the results of their US sports picks during our own live trial and they made the following profits:

  • NFL bets: 327 Bets: staked 327 Pts, +72.12 pts, 22.05% ROI
  • NHL: 186 Bets: Staked 152.79 pts, +16.57 pts, 10.84% ROI
  • MLB: 126 Bets: Staked 82.32 pts, +16.77 pts, 20.37% ROI

Their main focus these days in terms of US sports is the NFL, where their resident expert Matt provides picks on markets such as anytime touchdown scorer, number of receptions, handicaps, points totals and the moneyline.

We have continued to track the results since our review ended and the picks have remained profitable. They also produce season-long picks and provide detailed write-ups with their selections which is good to see.

Overall then Trade On Sports is a service that is well worth checking out.


3. Touchdown Profit

Next on our list we have a NFL capper called Touchdown Profit. This is a free service that provides picks on the spread and total points markets. They used to provide picks on the anytime touchdown scorer markets but these are on pause at the moment. 

They have been going since 2017 and have put together a more than respectable record since then, with over 120 units profit made. That would be over $6,000 profit at $50 unit stakes. 

The picks are delivered by e-mail and come with detailed rationales behind them. Most of the picks are on the handicap market, for example Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs – Bengals +7 @ -100.

On the most recent season (2021-22) their picks finished an impressive 42-31-1 with over 20% ROI. The season before that the figures were equally strong, with results of 47-27-2 and a return on investment of 19.35%.

Those are more than decent numbers and being a very straightforward capper to follow, Touchdown Profit is well worthy of a place on this list.


2. Golf Insider

Golf is an increasingly popular sport to bet on and one of the top golf cappers out there is the Golf Insider.

They have been handicapping the golf markets since way back in 2014 and in that time have amassed a superb 2,000 points profit in total. That would be over $20,000 to $10 per point stakes or $50,000 to $25 per point stakes.

Picks come on both the European and PGA Tours and there have been some fantastic winners over the years including:-

  • Marc Warren – WON at 150/1
  • Martin Laird – WON at 250/1
  • Chris Kirk – WON at 125/1
  • Rasmus Hojgaard – WON at 200/1
  • Andrew Dodt – WON at 150/1
  • Corey Conners – WON at 175/1
  • Cameron Champ – WON at 150/1

Plus there have been many high-priced placed finishes which helps to keep the bank ticking over in between the big winners.

In our own live trial they performed very well, making over 400 units profit at a massive ROI of 47%. That is one of the best trials we have run here at Honest Betting Reviews.

With such an impressive record then stretching back over eight years, the Golf Insider has proved themselves to be one of the best cappers out there in any sport.


1. Super Sports Capper

Taking the top spot in our list is a multi-sports expert called the Super Sports Capper. They provide picks across a range of sports including NBA, NFL, tennis and soccer.

Having started providing picks back in September 2020, their record since then is excellent, with over 270 units profit made. That would be over $6,700 profit at $25 per unit stakes.

That has been achieved with a win rate on the picks of over 60%, meaning over half of the bets have been winners, which is very good for betting bank stability. The return on investment has been good too at around 12%.

The picks tend to be in quite niche markets like the number of points or assists a particular player will have in a game, which is a little different to most cappers we have come across but has worked well for this one.

In our own trial this capper also performed strongly, notching 97 points profit. One of the aspects we most like about this capper is their consistency, with 13 of their first 15 months being profitable. If they can maintain that kind of record in the long run it would be phenomenal.

The profit they have made to date is all we can judge them on though and that has been outstanding, so for that reason the Super Sports Capper has earned a place at the top of our list. 


Conclusion – Best in Class

There are hundreds of sports cappers out there these days but very few actually make a long-term profit. Anyone who has gambled for any length of time knows it’s a tough game. As Doyle Brunson once said, gambling “is a hard way to make an easy living.”

It can be made easier though if you manage to find a capper who knows what they are doing and has an established track record of success. They put in the many hours of hard work studying form and watching out for team news to find some value plays so that you don’t have to. 

In our list above we have put together the best sports cappers we have come across through all of our research and live testing here on the site. Hopefully these are useful to you but if there are others that we have missed who should be on this list, please let us know.




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