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How to Win Football Bets

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Honest Betting Reviews is “how can you win more football bets?”

Whilst over $500 billion is bet annually on football around the world, very few punters actually make money from betting on the game.

We have spent countless hours here at Honest Betting Reviews scouring the internet in an attempt to find methods of making money from betting on football.

The vast majority of these, if we are being frank about it, fail.

There are literally hundreds of betting systems and tipsters out there, many of them claiming to make you untold riches if you just follow their “foolproof” systems.

But sadly most of these are bunk and will only leave out of pocket, not just from the bets you have made but from the money you have forked out to pay for the system.

In among all this rubbish though, there are a few potential ways to make some profit from betting on football.

Below we will have a look at the top six ways to win your football bets. Firstly however it is important to approach your football betting with the right mindset.


Having a Winning Mindset

Making money on football is hard, there is no doubt about that. What sets apart those who win from the rest though is first and foremost a winning mindset. 

That means:

  • Having a clear plan before you start – and sticking to it.
  • Using a sensible staking plan that won’t blow your bank.
  • Keeping records of all your bets. 
  • Being able to withstand losing runs and not giving up or chasing losses.

If you can follow these rules you will have a much better chance of succeeding.


How to Win Football Bets – Top Six Ways Revealed 

Now we will take a look at the top six strategies you can adopt to start winning more of your football bets. These are based on the extensive trials we have conducted of hundreds of tipsters, strategies and betting systems here at Honest Betting Reviews. 

We hope you find these useful, but if you have any other ideas for winning football bets, please let us know in the comments below!


6.  Lay the Draw

One of the most popular football trading systems on the internet is the lay the draw system. We have explained in detail how we think it should be traded here, so you can have a look at that if you would like the full lowdown.  

In short though this strategy revolves around laying the draw on an exchange like Betfair or Smarkets before a match starts and trading out in-play at certain points in the game. This could be for example:

  • If the score goes 1-0 or 2-0 during the game, giving you a chance to exit with a profit;
  • Or if the scores are still level after 65 minutes, to exit without losing your full stake.

The essence of the strategy is to watch a game and ascertain how open or defensive it is and whether one side is dominating or the side behind is likely to equalize. Then you trade based on the action as you see it and how the market is moving. 

In our view the best way to trade the lay the draw strategy is to focus on teams that play open football and score (and concede) lots of goals, thus seeing scorelines such as 4-1, 2-4, 3-1 and so on. These sorts of teams tend to draw fewer matches than low-scoring teams and there are usually plenty of chances to trade out during a game. 

Trading these sides also gives you the opportunity to not necessarily just trade out when there has been a goal but to stay in for a while to see if it goes 2-0. These are the games that can really make you some good profits. 

But you don’t want to stay in too long into the match as the 1-1 will really sting you. Best to get out before the 65-minute mark, whatever happens. 

Or if you have a lower aversion to risk then you can just trade out after the first goal. That will deliver smaller profit on the match but is a safer approach. 

With the right match selection and some discipline, you can certainly build a bank gradually and steadily by using the lay the draw strategy.


5. Try a Top Tipster

The second approach to wining football bets is to try a top tipster. Again, whilst there are hundreds of football tipsters around, only a few will actually make you money.

We have tried many ourselves and the best ones we have uncovered so far are as follows:-

Predictology is a database of resources and statistics for football betting, which you can use to develop your own football betting strategies. With a database of over 300,000 matches from leagues all over the world, it has a rich resource to draw upon. 

However, if you don’t have time to develop your own strategies, they have some custom-made ones you can use. These can be sent you each day in an e-mail with the daily tips from their systems. We ran a review of these tips and they made a nice 38 points profit, or £950 profit to £25/point stakes. 

The Football Advisor is one of the most respected names in soccer betting with over 4 years of tipping success behind them. With profits of over 500 units profit made across their backing and laying tips, this is an impressive betting service.

Bets come primarily in the main European leagues, with bets from other leagues included and an excellent record on the big tournaments, including over 70 points profit at the 2014 World Cup and excellent profits at the 2018 World Cup and 2020 Euros. 

A team of professional gamblers, Bookie Insiders have established a formidable and respected reputation as some of the top sports tipsters out there. Their football expert specialises in the top five European leagues and has been besting the bookies for over eight years now. 

Using extensive research and analysis such as xG (expected goals) scored and conceded as well as team news, head-to-head record and more, they have proven their worth with over 400 units profit in total made since 2013. 

We conducted our own trial of Bookies Insiders Football and they made an impressive £2053 profit, which is one of the best football trials we have run here on the site. 

Following a tipster can be a good idea for a number of reasons then.

To study form and statistics, watch matches and get up to date on team news can take many hours of hard work. If you are working full time or have a busy schedule, finding the time to do this can be difficult.

So to have a tipster who can do this work for you and find value selections can save a great deal of time. They can do the hard work so you don’t have to. 

Plus if they have an established and verified track record of having made profit over many years, that means they proven their edge over the markets and will have a better chance of making a profit than the vast majority of punters out there. 

If you are looking for the answer of how to win football bets, there are some great tipsters out there to help you. If you can’t afford a subscription to a tipster, there are also a good number who provide free football tips.


4. Develop a niche

If you do decide to go it alone rather than use a tipster or a system, then your best chance is to focus on a specialist niche.

One such example of this came from a friend of ours who developed a specialist niche system based on corners betting.

This guy developed a very clever system, realising that the spread betting firms were pricing up their corner supremacy markets based on the relative strength of the two teams rather than how each team played and their propensity to have corners awarded to or against them.

Using this edge, he took very substantial amounts of money off the spread betting companies, before they closed his accounts.

If you are going to try to find winning football bets for yourself, you would be well advised to specialise on a particular niche such as over/under bets, corner markets, correct score markets or any other potential you can identify.

Study the statistics, look at the odds and see if you can identify any anomalies not obvious to the general betting public and you may well be on to the way to winning your football bets on a consistent basis.


3. Follow Low-Scoring Specialist Teams

One of the things that is amazing in football is how some teams make an art form of winning games 1-0 and 2-0. In the old days it was Arsenal under George Graham, who built his team around a rock-solid back four and then tried to win games on the break with players like Ian Wright or Alan “Smudger” Smith nicking a goal.

The great thing about teams like this is that they consistently hit the same scorelines. However, the correct score markets are primarily priced according to the supremacy of teams rather than on the way they play.

Yes, there may be an allowance may if the teams are low scoring, for the 0-0 odds to be lower for example, but you can still get good odds on the 1-0 and 2-0 scorelines.

A case in point is Athletico Madrid. During the 2020-21 season for example, they won 12 of their 38 games by either a 1-0 or 2-0 scoreline That is over 31% of their matches – and there were also four 0-0 scorelines. That was not unusual for them either but has been a familiar pattern for them for years under coach Diego Simeone.  

Combining the 1-0 & 2-0 scores (any maybe 0-0 too) then could be a profitable strategy – particularly if you look at the opposition and they are a low-scoring team too. 

There are a few of these teams around – the Greek, Portugese, Spanish and French leagues are the best places to look around for these specialist low scoring teams. 


2. Trade the Football Markets

An alternative approach to profit on football is to trade the markets in-play rather than place pre-match bets. This can have the advantage of you not needing to know who will win a game or what the score will be etc, but rather you can just profit from the movement in odds.

There is huge amounts of liquidity in the Betfair football markets in major leagues such as the Premiership, Serie A, La Liga and other top European leagues as well as the Champions League. This is good news for trading because it means you can move in and out of trades with ease and secure very good value.

Mastering the Betfair markets is another thing altogether however and is not easy. Thankfully there is some help at hand.

An award-winning trading package called Goal Profits provides 16 separate trading strategies in a range of football markets, as well as a stats database, training videos, e-mail support and a forum to assist their many members with their trading journey. You can also follow along with the pro traders live in their chat room, to see how they go about trading football matches. 

Additionally there is Assured Soccer Profits, a system specifically for the correct score markets that similarly provides users with training videos, a PDF guide, ongoing support and a community of members. 

Of course, you may wish to develop your own trading strategies and we have a few ideas of our own in our Both Teams to Score Strategy and Over 2.5 Goals Strategy, which we hope offers a starting point for you. 



1. Back the Draw

Backing the draw is one of the most underrated ways of betting on football. Most people like to bet on one team or the other to win a game, but few actually like the idea of cheering on a game to finish level.

That means there is often value to be found in backing the draw, particularly in leagues where draws are common and on teams who have a propensity for drawing a lot of games.

One guy who has spent eight years studying draws and has really cracked the code of how to profit from them is Mr JK Diego, who is quickly establishing a reputation as something of a gambling legend. The best football betting strategy we have come across is a system for betting on the draw called JK Diego’s Draw Betting System. 

He bets on draws in leagues all over the world and made an amazing $100,000 from backing the draw.

Even those of his members who started betting with just $20 per match and used his staking system have been making over $2,000 per month consistently. 

Every month last year was profitable and this year has progressed in a similar fashion, as you can see from our live trial. Even just to level staking the bets have made over 350 points profit, which is quite a staggering achievement in football betting and far better than any football betting system we have seen in over 15 years of searching and testing soccer strategies. 

What is even crazier though is that you could actually beat the official results by trading out of matches at 85 mins if the game is drawing, thus removing the chance of a late goal ruining your bet.

Membership of JK Diego’s service doesn’t come cheap however, but that is understandable as he wants to protect prices for his elite group of followers – and to be fair given the profits achieved so far the subscription costs would have been covered many times over.

So if you want to start winning your football bets consistently then look no further than JK Diego’s Draw Betting System. 


Conclusion – How to Win Football Bets

So there you have it, the top 6 ways to win football bets. It is not easy to answer the question of how to win football bets, but follow this advice and you will hopefully start developing a better return on your soccer wagers. 

If you have any of your own ideas you have found to work well when betting on football, we would be happy to hear from you and discuss them further. 

If you are going to bet on the football, please remember to always gamble responsibly and only risk money you can afford to lose. 





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