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Members’ Choice Awards – Best Matched Betting Service 2018

We hope you had a great Christmas and are enjoying the festive period. 

As the year draws to a close, we are running a series of awards for the Best Betting Systems and Tipsters of 2018.

The difference this year though is that the awards have been voted for by you – the members of Honest Betting Reviews. 

The voting has now closed and thank you very much to those who voted – it’s been great to see so many of you taking part. 

Looking at the results, it’s interesting to see that quite a few of the winners tallied with our own views – but there were some surprises in there too. 

So turning to the awards themselves, we will be announcing the winners in each category separately. 

First up, we have the award for Best Matched Betting Service of 2018.

For those of you not familiar with it, matched betting is the process of using the bookies’ free bets and bonuses to set up risk-free (or low-risk) betting opportunities to make a long-term profit.

It’s become very popular over the last few years and some people have even turned it into a full-time profession. 

Not surprisingly, a number of different matched betting services have sprung up in recent times too, providing complete packages for wannabe matched bettors. 

It’s become quite a competitive field, with services offering great features like video tutorials, live matched betting software so you can see opportunities in real time, calendars with all the daily offers and calculators so you can work out the stakes to place. 

Voting Results

We know lots of you are keen matched bettors and this would be a popular category in our betting awards.

So how did the voting go?

Well it turned out there was actually a runaway winner that blew away the rest of the competition, receiving more than three times the number of votes of the runner-up, with over 40% of the vote. The next best received just 10% of the vote. 

Yes it was no contest really. 

And the winner was…

Drum roll please…

Profit Maximiser!


A hearty congratulations to Profit Maximiser and a well-deserved winner.

Profit Maximiser is run by Mike Cruickshank, known as the doyen of matched betting and it’s clear lots of you love his service. 

You can read our original review of it here. 

Here is what Mike said when we informed him of the award:

“Awesome News, I’m made up. Thanks to all the Honest Betting Reviews members who voted.

Profit Maximiser has been running since 2013 yet we are still finding new edges to exploit all the time.

I can’t take all the credit for this award. We have a lot of helpful forum users who share offers and strategies. It helps turn a good product in to an amazing one.

Over the next 12 months I plan on increasing the amount of strategies and offers on the Profit Maximiser site to give my clients more opportunities to profit.”

As Mike alludes to, much of the appeal of the service is its large and active membership who contribute via forums such as the Profit Maximiser Facebook group, which has over 50,000 members and is where people share the latest offers and the best ways of exploiting them.  

You can see on the group some of amazing amounts of money people have made from matched betting, with £10,000+ totals regularly posted. 

And the great news is that if you aren’t already a member of Profit Maximiser, you can get a 14 day trial for just £1 here.

So you can join all those very happy members who have been using it to make great profits!

[Please note that Profit Maximiser relies on using bookies’ free bets and bonuses, so if these are not available in your country then its effectiveness will be limited]. 

Well done to Profit Maximiser then on winning the Best Matched Betting Service of 2018. We will be announcing the next award winner shortly.





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