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Bet Focus – New Review

We have previously reviewed a number of different systems from Exponential Bet, a service that specialises in developing betting systems and strategies for horse racing. 

In more recent times they have switched their service to focus on the use of automatic software to place selections directly on Betfair, using software called Cloud Bet Bot, developed by Level Software. 

We have been very impressed by the development of this software, as mentioned in previous reviews. The fact that you don’t need a VPS or to keep your computer running day and night is a real bonus and it works pretty much seamlessly these days.

Ryan who runs Exponential Bet is constantly working on new systems and strategies and one of his most promising recent projects is a system called Bet Focus. 

It places multiple back bets for members in qualifying races, operating at the top to middle of a race market, but targeting the horses with better than average connections and typically top jockeys.

The results so far look very good, with over 440 points profit made at BSP at a strike rate of 37% and an ROI of 13%.

That is from over 3,000 bets dating back to last June, so a good sample size. 

Those results are from straight staking, although there are other options such as target profit and ratchet staking. Using the alternative staking tends to reduce the drawdowns but also the overall profit, so it depends on your particular attitude to risk as to which one is best for you. 

Anyway, whichever staking used the results have been very positive so we are looking forward to getting this review underway. 

We will return soon to provide an update on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Bet Focus for yourself here.




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