Bet365 Early Payout Offer – Explained

The Bet365 Early Payout Offer is one of the more attractive bookmakers offers currently out there and has acquired an excellent reputation with punters who enjoy the low-risk high gains provided by matched betting.

In a nutshell, if you back a team to win in the match odds market of a football game, Bet365 will pay out if they go two goals ahead at any time during the match, not just the final result. Even if your selection eventually loses the game, you will still profit. We will look in more detail at how it works and why it is an exciting option for matched betters.

How It Works

Let’s assume you are betting on Liverpool to beat Manchester City. Regardless of the final result, if at any stage of the game Liverpool goes two goals ahead of Manchester City, your bet will be settled as a winner, even if Manchester City go on the win the game or it finishes in a draw.

Even if the final score were 3-4 to Manchester City, if at some point in the game the score was 2-0 or 3-1 to Liverpool, then you would win. That must be worth considering, as there are significantly more ways to win, but it is even more impressive when you use it as part of a matched bet.

Bet365 Early Payout and Matched Betting

Building on the previous example, assume you bet on Liverpool to win with Bet365 and laid Manchester City on Betfair. If Liverpool goes two goals ahead at any time, Bet365 will pay you out as a winner. But you would also have your lay in play with Betfair. You now have two options:

  • – Cash-out your lay bet and take your profit
  • – Let your lay bet run

If you go for the second option and Manchester City goes on to win, or the game is a draw, then both your lay-bet and back-bet will provide you with a profit.

So if you had backed Liverpool at 2.5 with Bet365 for £100 and then laid them for the same amount at Betfair, you would win £150 from Bet365, plus win your £100 lay bet with Betfair. Pretty awesome eh?

Of course, if this didn’t happen and Liverpool went on to win the game, you would lose your lay bet, but you would almost compensate for that with your back bet on Bet365.

The Early Payout Offer is generally regarded as one of the best bookmaker offers around and has one of the highest EVs (estimated values), meaning over the course of a large number of bets it would be expected to have one of the highest returns of any offer. 

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The Bet365 Early Payout Offer also applies to accumulators. So, if any of your multiple selections were to go two goals ahead at any time, that leg of your accumulator would be a winner.


Do be aware there are some restrictions:

The offer applies to the Premier League, Championship, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, EFL, UEFA Europa League, Serie A, Primera Liga, and Bundesliga.

It only applies to the Full-Time Result market. Any bets placed on enhanced prices markets are not eligible.

Please check out the full terms and conditions here. 

Six Nations

Bet365 Early Payout Offer also applies to Six Nations matches. Here the criterion is your selection must be 10 points ahead at any stage of the game.


There is also an Early Payout Offer on NFL (American football) matches, whereby if the team you have backed goes 17 points up at any stage, they will pay your bet out in full even if that team doesn’t go on to win the game. Applies to the Money Line market.


This is a useful offer from Bet365 that should result in higher profits for savvy punters. While sides that are two goals ahead rarely go on to lose or draw the game, it happens frequently enough to make this an attractive offer.

The availability of the early payout offer varies by country and customer, so please check the terms and conditions and your own account to see if you are eligible, or contact Bet365 if you are not sure.

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