Black Port Capital

Black Port Capital – Final Review

Unfortunately we have bad news to report regarding our trial of stock trading service Black Port Capital. 

We have not received a single update from them since 19th July and even that was the sole update for July. 

They have not responded to our e-mails going back to June and now their website is not working – it just says “We are not accepting new members at the moment. Please check back later.”

The tips they did give out are down quite significantly too.

All of these are very worrying signs and it looks for all intents and purposes like the service has shut down.

We therefore have to issue a “Scam Warning” and advise that this should be avoided at all costs if there does come an option to sign up again.

Now of course we don’t know for sure if this is a scam or not and they could return with a new website and start sending out stock tips again.

However, the signs are clearly not good as communication from them has completely ceased, which in our experience is almost always the end of the road. 

If they were in the process of setting up a new website or providing signals again then you would expect regular updates, but there has been nothing. 

So there is no other choice but for us to give this a big fat FAILED rating.

This is another example of a dodgy stock tips service – which sadly there are a lot of out there on the internet.

Once again we would emphasise our usual warnings – never sign up to a service until you have seen a comprehensive and independent review of it and that review is complete. Be suspicious of results that seem “too good to be true” – they almost always are. And watch out for slick marketing that accompanies such outlandish results – the two together are tell-tale signs of a fraud.

Hopefully the people behind things like this will be caught and brought to justice but with the lack of online transparency we doubt it would even be possible to trace who they are. 

So it is yet another service in the FAILED bin unfortunately and time to move on to the next trial…








Black Port Capital – Results Update

4th July 2018

There hasn’t been any change to the overall results for stock tipping service Black Port Capital since our last update, as none of the positions have closed recently.

So in terms of closed positions, we are still 16% up.

You can view full results here.

However, in less positive news the six open positions are all currently down from the price bought at. 

None of those losses have been realised yet, so hopefully they can turn around and get into profit. But a little worrying for the service to see all that red. That is compounded by the fact that it is a very low volume service, with just two closed trades since joining in March, so this is a service that requires patience.

Anyway, let’s hope for more positive news by the time of our next update.






Black Port Capital – Results Update

1st May 2018

It’s been a good – if quiet – start to our trial of stock trading service Black Port Capital.

So far after six weeks we are 16% up, which is good news. 

You can view full results here.

However, we have only had two completed trades in that time, with two trades still running. In terms of the ones that are still running, we have not included the names of the stocks on our results spreadsheet, to be fair to the owners of the service so we are not potentially giving away their picks.

Anyway, suffice to say this is a low volume service, with only a few trades per month. We actually like that though. It means a low workload and it also seems they put a good deal of research into each pick.

Generally we haven’t found much of a problem getting the advised prices and one was even available at below their advised buy price. 

We have been using IG Index for our trades and it is worth noting that not all the advised trades are available on the spread betting/CFD function at IG. We have researched a number of other providers and they don’t either – in fact IG seem to be the best (here in the UK anyway) in terms of the number of stocks you can trade via spread betting/CFDs.

So for one of the picks we have ended up actually buying the stock in the traditional way, which of course brings fees into the equation. 

It is something to keep an eye on but for the moment we don’t see it as too much of a problem in that most of the picks do seem available to trade via spread betting/CFDs.





Black Port Capital – New Review

19th March 2018

As regular visitors here will know, we like to test out a variety of potential money-making strategies  on the site and not just betting systems. 

So when we recently came across a share tipping service that piqued our interest with some very strong-looking results, we thought we would give it a try and do a review of it.

The strange thing is that other than the mighty Motley Fool, there do seem to be a dearth of good share tipping services out there. 

And whilst the Motley Fool tends to concentrate on long-term ownership of shares over a 3-5 year period, this new service focuses more on trading over short periods of a few weeks normally, which gives the potential to bank some quick profits rather than having to wait a while for results.

The service in question is called Black Port Capital and it boasts some very impressive-looking results on its home page, with a strike rate of 82% successful trades and over 5600% profit supposedly made since 2013.

It is a straightforward tipping service, with buy alerts sent out of which stock to buy and at what price and the same thing when it comes to selling, so there is no need to understand complex graphs and charts and all that complex stuff. 

There is a list of all their trades for 2017 on the home page aswell, with the average winning trade making 25% profit whilst the average loser only lost 7%.

In addition there are lots of glowing testimonials about the service on Trust Pilot and Facebook, although of course those could be faked. That is the very reason we set up this website though, so we could test systems like this out and see if the testimonials are real or not.

It has the feel of a professional service from what we have seen of it so far and they were quick and efficient in coming back with questions we had, so we are cautiously optimistic that this could be the real thing.

Anyway, only time will tell of course. We have signed up for a full year so that will give us plenty of time to form a true opinion of the service.

As usual we will report all results here on a regular basis so you can see how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Black Port Capital here. 





13 replies
  1. David
    David says:

    The positions that have been in the red that were recommended by Black Port Capital are coming back strong towards profitability – all are looking very promising. Up today overall during a red market day.

  2. Dan
    Dan says:

    Hi Mal,

    The last update I received was on 19th July. Said “Most of our team are on holidays right now which is why you are receiving fewer updates. By the end of next week everyone will be back so trading will get back to normal.”

    But nothing received since then. Maybe they are still on holiday…



    • Doug
      Doug says:

      I have tried to contact Black Port through emails and messager with no response. Go to their website and it says they are not accepting new members. Try to log into their site and it says it is down for maintenance. this has been the case for a few weeks now. I think since they have not responded, they have closed down. Hoping I’m wrong. If not I would like my money refunded.

  3. Eric
    Eric says:

    I have been a victim of there SCAM as well. I had only been a subscriber for a couple of months and only received a few alerts, all which went into the toilet. And I have had no success in my attempts to contact them. But what I did discover was that one of the fraudsters from Black Port now has opened a new scam. If you look at the website, you’ll see its almost identical to Black Port, and there is a picture of the scam artist on the site. Same individual from Black Port.

  4. arthro
    arthro says:

    I joined Blackport in Feb 2018 and by end of April, I had received tips for 7 trades, that is around 2 trades per month. Fortunately only 3 turned out to be losing ones and I made around 1200$ in net profits. Then the messaging stopped abruptly and I haven’t received any since May. Based on reviews above, it seems they have closed off and starting another scam. At least I was able to recover the subscription money through the profits.

  5. DAVID
    DAVID says:

    Indeed looks like a scam. No reply to the 1/2 dozen emails I’ve sent as I was about 4 months into my yearly subscription. Anyone had any luck getting a refund? How does this sort of thing get reported for legal action? Thanks


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