Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks – Final Review

Jason Bond Picks is a stock market advisory service that offers up live picks plus videos, advice and a live chat room.

At the outset of our review, we tried to follow the picks and buy and sell as Jason did.

However, the problem is that by the time you have received the pick, the price has nearly always changed and you cannot get the same price as Jason did.

That is the case in both buying and selling the stock, so you are missing out on value on both sides.

In short, it didn’t really work following the picks.

You can view full results here.

Whilst Jason made 245% profit, we made just 25%, which once you take the costs of dealing into account, doesn’t leave you with much. 

Anyway, Jason doesn’t advise just following his stocks blindly, so that is probably not the way to go.

Included in the subscription package is also advice and training on looking for patterns and indicators to trade like Jason does.

However, having looked at this we didn’t feel there was anything particularly outstanding or foolproof there that would guarantee making you the kinds of money Jason talks about.

There are some useful training aids and videos, plus spending time in the chat room is a good way to pick up ideas and learn from other traders.

Overall as part of the package we feel you will probably improve as a trader, but ultimately here at Honest Betting Reviews we have to judge systems by their results.

And we just didn’t feel the results were quite good enough, once trading and subscription costs are taken into account, to justify a recommended rating.

So it’s a neutral rating for Jason Bond Picks for us – a lot of marketing here but sadly we didn’t find it worked to follow Jason’s picks.







Jason Bond Picks – Results Update

7th July 2016

OK so after following Jason Bond’s stock picks for about six weeks, we have come to a realisation. 

And that realisation is that basically there is no point trying to copy his picks!

Whilst Jason is 245% up since we started following his picks at the end of May, we are only 25%.

You can view full results here.

Once you have taken trade costs into account, it is barely worth it. 

Plus we have had to be right on the button to achieve that, if you had been a bit slower you probably would have made even less.

It is very frustrating to see Jason boasting about all these profits he is making whilst you can’t match his trades.

But in any event, Jason advises against mirroring his trades and rather sees his service as a learning process.

So for the remainder of this review we will look at what we can learn and whether the lessons are worth the (rather considerable) subscription fees…

In the meantime, if anyone knows of a stockmarket service that actually sends out genuine stock tips that you are meant to copy, please let us know!





Jason Bond Picks – Results Update

6th June 2016

Firstly our apologies for the late update on Jason Bond Picks. With a few other things going on around the site we were delayed in getting going.

We are now off and running though and happy to give you our first thoughts. 

The overall news is good. 

Jason’s picks – which are sent out by e-mail – have so far made 54% profit for him, netting him a cool $23,555 in profit.

You can view full results here.

However, there are three fairly important things to be aware of when looking at the results. 

Firstly, you will struggle to match Jason’s results exactly. By the time his picks have been sent out, the prices tend to have changed quite a bit, losing some of the value he has secured.

So as you will see from the right side of the results spreadsheet, our results haven’t been quite as impressive as Jason’s.

As you can see, whilst he is 54% up, we are 22% up so far.

That is still very good and six of the eight trades to date have been winners, with one effectively being a scratch trade.

Secondly, Jason is trading in very large amounts, so the fact that he is over $23,000 in profit so far is partly due to the fact that he is buying in chunks of $30,000 – $50,000 for each trade. 

You may not (and I have to say I am not able to!) match those kinds of stakes. But just set yourself what is realistic and you can still make a healthy profit based on what we have seen so far.

Finally, if you are based outside the US it is worth bearing in mind that Jason’s picks are all US stocks, some of which may not be easily be available to buy via all stockbrokers in other countries.

We use Hargreaves Lansdown for our trades, who are a UK-based broker and are very good for US stocks. So far we have been able to buy all but one of the stocks through them. 

For those that aren’t available through stockbrokers, there are always spread betting companies like IG Index and FXTM who also cover US stocks.

So you should be able to follow the vast majority of the trades if you are outside the US, but just be aware you may miss one of two.

Now of course Jason Bond Picks is about more than just Jason’s trades – there are a number of other interesting features to the site. 

There is a live chat room where you can pick up strategies and tips from expert stock traders, plus have a gas with other share enthusiasts. 

There is also a penny stocks 101 section, which is a step-by-step guide to trading penny stocks.

In addition, there are also helpful video lessons on the site and plenty of other useful info.

One other thing to note, apparently Jason is heading to LA in the middle of the month to deliver a NEW Porsche 911 Targa to a client, who at the young age of 25, is now a millionaire with $1,000,000+ in trading profits (audited) since joining Jason Bond Picks just 2 years ago.

Apparently the guy started out with less than $50,000 and is now a millionaire from following Jason Bond Picks.

Now we can’t obviously verify this one way or the other but would be pretty amazing if true!

Anyway, so far we are impressed with Jason Bond Picks and are quite excited by the profit building potential of the service.

We will be back soon with more updates.




Jason Bond Picks – New Review

18th March 2016

When we started this site, we had intended to cover both betting systems and financial trading systems. 

However, to date we must say that the vast majority have been betting systems. This is our own preference and they tend to be a little less time consuming to review.

There are lots of good potential financial trading strategies out there too though.

And to be honest, if something makes money then we don’t really care if it’s based on sport, games, casinos, financial markets or whatever else people may bet on – the most important thing is that it makes money!

So to correct the imbalance we have had on the site to date we are intending to do some more reviews of financial and forex systems.

First up is Jason Bond Picks (no relation to James we understand), a guy who focuses on winning small cap swing trades.

We have heard good things about this site from other stockmarket traders, so thought it would be a good place to start.

Jason is a professional trader and teaches people to trade stocks. He has apparently made over $500,000 in trading profits since the inception of his site.

He has a verified record of profits in the last few years of:

2015: 188% profit

2014: 31% profit

2013: 78% profit

So pretty good records, although it is not clear where these figures have been verified.

Anyway, there are potentially two options for trading with Jason.

  1. One is the day trading option, for supposedly “greedy, trigger happy traders” (sound familiar anyone?) who need profitable intraday trades.
  2. Then there is the swing trading option, which is designed to make money without being chained to your computer all day. There are apparently an average of 3 swing trades per week with a hold time of 1-4 days. 

We will be focusing on the latter of these two, whilst keeping an eye on the first one.

So, with our first foray into financial trading for a while, let’s hope we are in safe hands with Jason Bond – and end up not too shaken, or stirred (sorry, couldn’t resist a Bond-related pun)…

Back soon with our first update on how things are going.

In the meantime, you can check out Jason Bond Picks here. 



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