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phil bull

Phil Bull – Founder of Timeform and £5 million Pro Gambler

Phil Bull was a Yorkshireman, which was easy to discern from his fine West Yorkshire accent. He was born in 1910 and during his 79 years (he died in 1989), went on to transform the horserace betting world by founding the Timeform private handicapping system which since 1948 has been providing performance ratings for racehorses in Great Britain and, to an increasing extent, internationally. During his life, he became a well-known character throughout the horse racing world.

His father was a coal miner and his mother a teacher. As a young child, he showed exceptional promise academically and passed his entrance exams to the local grammar school. He went on to attend Leeds University, from which he graduated in 1931 with a degree in mathematics. His maths education was later put to excellent use when he combined it with his love of horse racing to develop techniques for evaluating racehorse performance, laying the foundations for his Timeform handicapping system.

After leaving university, he followed his mother’s profession and became a maths teacher, but the job failed to live up to his expectations, and he soon abandoned it for a career as a professional gambler.

Life As A Professional Gambler

Betting had always been an interest of his, right from being a schoolboy. In fact, an interest in gambling often goes hand in hand with an interest in mathematics. With Phil Bull the two activities were closely intertwined. One of his early big wins was in the Derby when he bet on Caerlon which went on to win at 25/1. By the 1940s he had devised his personal mathematic approach to horseracing which he called the Temple Time Test and went on to sell to fellow punters. Mainly, this was a weekly list of horses based on their time performance. He published it under the pseudonym William K Temple BSc and advertised it in the sporting press.

Phil Bull’s Biography by Howard Wright

The Temple Time Test was surprisingly successful; his clients who bet level stakes would usually make a substantial profit over a year. In fact, it was so successful that bookmakers became concerned. William Hill went as far as closing the accounts of many of Phil Bull’s clients. This didn’t go down well with Bull and led to an angry confrontation between him and William Hill. However, all ended well as William went on to become friends and colleagues with Phil Bull organising William Hill’s ante-post prices (and are pictured together above).

As a gambler, Phil Bull was extraordinarily successful. Between 1943 and 1974 his gambling profits were nearly £296,000. Today that would be a little over £5 million. Never let it be said that mathematics is a waste of time.

Timeform Private Handicapping System

The launch of the Timeform Private Handicapping System was a joint enterprise between Phil Bull and Dick Whitford, who had previously devised his own rating system. This was somewhat different from the Temple Time Test, which was based on assessing the probable race time. Whitford’s system was based mainly on form. The two approaches blended seamlessly, and the new system was christened Timeform, indication that it was an amalgam of both methods. They set up their own publishing company, Portway Press, to produce the Timeform publications, the first of which was issued in 1948 and was titled “Racehorses of 1948”. Betfair bought the Timeform company in 2006 for £15 million.

So, what exactly is a Timeform rating?

It is a little complicated. It is expressed in “pounds” and is calculated by comparing the running of a horse with other horses with weight showing the distance by which it is beaten weighted by the length of the race. For instance, a length is equivalent to 3 pounds for five furlongs, 2 pounds for one mile and a quarter, and one pound for two miles.  

Racehorse owner

Phil Bull was also a racehorse owner and breeder. He set up the Hollins Stud in Yorkshire in 1947 with four mares which produced a raft of winners. Some of his horses went on to win the Greenham Stakes, Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, Prix du Moulin, Gimcrack Stakes, Ebor Handicap, Wokingham Handicap and several more.


Phil Bull’s advice was to always make your own decisions based on reason. At races, he said, “Keep your eyes open and your ears shut”.

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Football Advisor free systems pic

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pinnacle racing tips

Clive Holt – From Amateur Punter to Winning Big

The late Clive Holt was a legend in horse racing circles. He was a punter who started from virtually nothing and eventually made it big time and enjoying the luxuries most of us dream about: exotic holidays, luxury cars, and even a country mansion with stables and many acres of parkland where he lived with his wife and four children. It was undoubtedly a huge step up from his early career with the electricity board.

Gambling came to Clive almost by accident. His father owned a couple of greyhounds which he would race. He introduced Clive to gambling and taught him a few tricks; however his early betting tended to be more than a little haphazard. He rarely kept track of his bets, though he did have a reasonable amount of luck. Back in the 1960s sometimes he would win as much as £1,000 – that is equivalent to around £18,000 in today’s money.  But it was win one day, lose the next day. There was no strategy to the way he bet.

But that was all to change. He decided there was far more to the sport than picking winners and more to money management than counting the difference between what he went to the racecourse with and with how much he came away. He decided there must be more logic to it than that and began analysing races in more detail. Eventually, he was able to work out which kinds of bets worked for him and those that were likely to fail.

The more effort he put into his analysis, the more successful he became. Now able to control his bankroll, he was able to survive losing runs and capitalise when he hit a winning streak. Overall, he began to turn a regular profit. During the mid-1970s he enjoyed considerable success, earning more money from gambling in a few months than he did in two years at his day job with the electricity Board.

That was the point he decided to become a full-time professional gambler. He quit his job to devote all his time to horse racing. Success followed success. He never made huge bets, and it was rare for him to win more than £1,000 on a race, but he won relatively small amounts consistently. He said that he was making 50% profit on his outlay.

Such was his luck that major bookmakers became concerned. In 1978 both Coral and William Hill closed his accounts as he was too successful. This forced him to do all his betting at the racecourse, and typically he would go racing around four times a week.

Holt is known for his famous Fineform racing system, which he developed and used successfully, eventually publishing it as a booklet and later refining it in his book “Be a Successful Punter” published in 1988. In the book, he advocated that “One vital ingredient for successful punting is that you’ve got to be confident that your selection can win.”

He went on to say that “Horses with good winning form when at their peak or improving win most of their races throughout the year and are a source of winners anyone can exploit.”  Perhaps surprisingly, Holt didn’t really enjoy betting on horses. He did it purely for the money it made for him. He often said that if he could find any job that paid as well, he would take it and wouldn’t miss betting at all. We are not quite sure we believe him.

The Fineform Ratings System

This system assigns a rating to runners based entirely on their last two races:

  • – First place = 5 points
  • – Second place = 3 points
  • – Third place = 2 points
  • – Fourth place = 1 point
  • – Course and distance success = 3 points
  • – Distance success = 3 points
  • – Course success = 1 point

You simply bet on the horse with the highest score. Although back then it proved a reasonably successful strategy, recent changes to the sport mean that today it is mainly irrelevant. However, it certainly worked for Holt, and according to reports, for many other punters too.

In addition to “The Fine Form Winners Guide” and “Be a Successful Punter”, other books by Clive Holt include “Winners back “Winners”, published in 1994; “Profitable Betting Strategies” published in 1989; and “Trading Inside”, published in 1996.

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Dave Nevison

Dave Nevison – Professional Gambler Making 100 Grand A Year

Dave Nevison – gambler, professional tipster, TV personality and author, has made a comfortable living from horseracing. He is now approaching his sixtieth year and is still picking the winners.  

As he states in his book “A Bloody Good Winner” when Dave Nevison wins, he loves to celebrate, which means drinking, dancing and, more often than not, singing. Standing on and falling off tables is also a common occurrence. After all, not every day is a winning day, so when they do happen it is, he says, essential to make the best of them. He admits to having a big ego, claiming that he is the best punter out there.

Nevison has been a big advocate of tissue pricing, a form of value betting that assigns a probability of the horse winning based on multiple factors and compares this with the probability indicated by the betting odds. When the tissue price is lower than the bookmaker’s odds, the bookmaker could be underestimating the likelihood of a win, so placing a bet is indicated. It has certainly worked for him, earning him over £100,000 a year from gambling.

Nevison has not always been a professional gambler. His previous life was as a city banker until in 1993 he abandoned it for a more hedonistic lifestyle on the racecourse. He frequently travelled from course to course, a lifestyle that took a toll on his marriage, especially when, as he said, “There are loads of women wandering around wanting to meet a man in a suit who’s got money in his pocket.”

As he also points out though, don’t underestimate the sheer hard work of making a good living from gambling. Typically, his days would begin a 4.00 am, and much of his time would be spent studying the form book. He would price up every race himself and look seriously at any opportunity where the price was 15% higher than he made it. While his strike rate was not high, it was enough to guarantee a good long term profit. Playing for Value rather than for winners, often he would back more than one runner in a race. 

Nevison has been known to place bets of £2,000 per race

Losing runs, or at least being able to handle them, is always a problem. However, his experience is they tend to be short-lived as he covered so many options. It was a rare day in which he failed to back at least one winner. His typical bet was around £2,000 a race. His preferred races are up to a mile handicap events as it is easier to understand how the race will be run and which horse is likely to win it. It is challenging, he says, making a profit on group races. Spotting winners is easy, especially late season, but making a profit is far more complicated.

Over recent years Nevison has been turning his attention to other activities. He has recently celebrated his 58th birthday and maintains that betting is a young man’s sport. He certainly wishes to avoid “putting he head on the block” during his sixties. Today writing books, running websites and providing tips is more his lifestyle.

One concern he has regarding the future is the burgeoning presence of artificial intelligence and machine learning and the impact they are likely to have on the tipster industry. Does he intend to incorporate these latest technological advances in his professional tipping service to deliver the best possible advice to his paying clients? It has been claimed that tipsters who fail to keep up with these advances will become dinosaurs. Algorithms are achieving a strike rate approaching 40%. Time will tell.

In addition to “A Bloody Good Winner”, Nevison has also written, “No Easy Money” in which he describes in more detail how he calculates tissue odds for each race. It is, he explains, all a matter of getting your percentages right rather than finding a winner.

Dave Nevison’s advice to young punters who hope to make a successful career as a professional gambler is to specialise. Select one branch of racing, stick to it, be patient and learn all you can about it until you become a master of It. That way, you can be optimistic about earning enough to enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle.

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tennis match

Best Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world and there are matches nearly all year round. Of course the four grand slams events take centre stage, but there are also weekly events on the ATP and WTA tours that attract top players and huge amounts of betting interest. 

This is good news for those fancying a punt on the tennis but it is important not to just bet on a whim or on players you may happen to like. Success in tennis betting – just as with any other form of betting – requires a clear strategy, a good deal of work and a method that has an edge over the bookies. 

Fortunately there are a number of good websites out there that can help with your tennis betting and we have made it our job over the last few years to try and find the best ones. 

So below we will take a look at the best tennis betting sites, including a mixture of stats sites, tipsters, betting strategies and more. 


Our Top 5 Tennis Betting Sites

There are a whole host of tennis betting sites out there and not all of them are helpful. There are some selling dodgy tips and information which we would not recommend following. However, there are a few gems that can really aid your tennis betting, whether you are looking to follow a tried and tested expert or develop your own strategies. 

Here are our top 5 tennis betting sites in ascending order:-


5. Tennis Insight

One of our favourite sites for stats and information on both men’s and women’s tennis is the excellent Tennis Insight. Including a host of useful info such as match previews, head to head records, tournament features and much more it is a very comprehensive resource for researching your picks. 

Of particular interest are the stats around serving and returning percentages for each surface, which is vital if you are looking to trade certain strategies such as back the server, lay the server etc. They also allow members of the site to post their own tips for matches and everyone who does has a record of success (or failure), so you can see who is doing well and can choose to follow them if you like.

All in all Tennis Insight is a very good site and well worth visiting for some research and study before making your picks.


4. Tennis Goldmine

An all round of package including a tennis betting system plus trading and betting tips, Tennis Goldmine comes from renowned tennis expert Patrick Ross. The principal part of the package is the betting system which involves laying players who fit particular criteria. It produced good results during our live trial and is a slow, solid way to grow your betting bank. 

Another part of Tennis Goldmine is Patrick’s betting tips and Spartan Trading Tips, which have both made impressive long-term profits. In terms of the trading tips, they have reached a total of 1500 points profit from a starting bank of 100, which is very good going. Patrick Ross has been a respected name in tennis betting for a number of years and has the results to back it up so if you are looking for a package that covers both betting and trading on tennis, this is well worth a look.


3. Tennis Ratings

Although the website itself may look pretty basic, don’t let that put you off as there as some valuable resources contained within Tennis Ratings. We originally came across the site via the excellent book “Mastering Tennis Trading” by Dan Weston, who also runs the site. It’s one of the best guides we’ve read on tennis trading and contains strategies, data and worked examples of trades. 

Mr Weston is a respected figure in the world of tennis betting, having previously written for Pinnacle and the Eastbridge sports betting broker. The site itself includes a host of useful articles on tennis betting and trading which should be an aid to anyone looking to improve their returns on the game. There are also records of his own pre-match betting model for the ATP and WTA tours, both of which show a good profit to date. There is even a YouTube channel with some video examples of trades. 

If you are interested in taking things further and trading on a regular basis then for a fee there are daily spreadsheets which give you the basis of potential trades to make for the day’s matches based on stats and past performances, highlighting players’ strengths and weaknesses and where profitable trading opportunities may lie. 


2. The Goat

Next on our list is the interestingly-named “The Goat.” We presume this is a reference to “Greatest Of All Time” rather than the animal, however with a picture of a goat on their profile we are not sure. Either way it’s a very good tennis tipping service with over 150 points profit made to date and a healthy strike rate of just under 50%, meaning nearly half the bets have been winners thus far. 

Bets come in a variety of markets including match odds, Asian handicap games and Asian handicap sets and also double and treble bets in addition to singles. 

Whatever the real story behind the name, The Goat is an impressive tennis betting service. 


1. Tee and Serve Tips

The top tennis site we have come across is the excellent tipping service Tee and Serve Tips. Whilst strictly speaking not just a tennis service as it does include golf tips as well (hence the name), its tennis selections are second to none and the results it has achieved have been excellent. 

With an average return of over £400 per month to £10 stakes at a return on investment of 17%, it has shown a clear edge over the market. In less than a year they managed to grow the starting bank by over 150%, which is no mean feat. 

The tennis tips focus mainly on set betting, with favourites who are fancied to win by two sets to nil often given in doubles to provide good odds, aswell as in singles. If you are looking for a service providing top quality tips so you don’t have to do all the research and work yourself then Tee and Serve Tips would be a strong choice. 



So there you have it, our list of the best tennis betting sites we have come across through our extensive research and testing. All of these should aid you in your quest to make some profit from the game, whether you are betting, trading or doing both. With the wealth of information, stats and expert advice available online nowadays, punters are better armed than ever to take on the bookies. 

As ever, if you are going to wager some money on the tennis then please gamble responsibly and only risk money you can afford to lose. 






Members’ Choice Awards – Best Matched Betting Service 2019

So we move on to the penultimate in our series of awards voted for by you the members of Honest Betting Reviews. 

This time it is the turn of Best Matched Betting Service 2019 and this was a very close run thing – the closest of all our awards in fact. 

Matched betting has been very popular over the last five years or so and it is one of the very few ways of ensuring you can beat the bookies over the long term. The bookies have of course become wiser to it over time and so the methods used have had to become more sophisticated.

Hence you now have some very impressive matched betting products all attempting to outdo each other, with software, live odds portals, calculators and all sorts of other tools for aspiring matched bettors. 

So it is perhaps not surprising that this year’s voting was so close and there was very little to separate the top three choices.

Anyway, without further ado let’s have a look at how the voting went. 

In third place was Profit Accumulator from Sam Stoffel, which has high ratings on Trust Pilot and was also a popular choice with you guys. 

Coming in second place and just missing out on top spot was the renowned Oddsmonkey, which made £1,045 in our review of it back in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength since then. 

But which service took top slot this year? 

Best Matched Betting Service 2019

Well this year’s winner is no stranger to regular followers and also won this award last year. Yes the winner was…

Profit Maximiser!

Congratulations to Mike Cruickshank, the developer of Profit Maximiser and generally known as the “doyen of matched betting.”

As we say, the voting was very close, with just a few percent separating the top three choices. Here is how the voting went:-

  1. 1. Profit Maximiser (28.81% of the votes)
  2. 2. Oddsmonkey (27.12%)
  3. 3. Profit Accumulator (25.42%)

So a tight affair but Profit Maximiser just edged the award this year. Here is what Mike had to say on receiving news of the win:

“That’s awesome. Thanks to all the HBR users who voted for Profit Maximiser.

PM is over 6 years old now, it’s great to see that it’s still relevant & popular! It’s great to see users are doing so well with it.

I can’t take all the credit myself. The forum users who share offers, loopholes and post the best bets really help turn a good product in to a fantastic one.

I’ve got some exciting plans for Profit Maximiser over the next 12 months! Stay tuned for more information on that shortly.”

Well done to Mike on the win and we look forward to seeing what he’s got in store for PM members this year. 

In the meantime you can get a 14 day trial of Profit Maximiser for just £1 here. 





Yellow Football

Who is the Best Football Tipster?

One of the questions we are most often asked here at Honest Betting Reviews is “Who is the best football tipster?”

We have searched the internet far and wide to find the top football tipsters and continue to review new tipsters here on the site in our quest to find the best.

In giving you our verdict on who we think is the best football tipster, we firstly reveal who we think are the top 6 football tipsters that we have reviewed here on the site.

Then we take a look at the credentials of some of the biggest names in football tipping and analyse their claim to the crown of “best football tipster.”

Our Top 6 Football Tipsters

Without further ado, here is the list of our top six football tipsters based on our extensive trials conducted to date:


1. JK Diego’s Draw Betting System

Betting on draws is one the most underrated forms of football betting and one person who has really cracked the code of how to bet on draws after 8 years of studying them is a guy called JK Diego.

The headline figures are that he made over $100,000 betting on draws last year, which in itself is a phenomenal achievement.

When you analyse the numbers further however you realise just how good his results really are. Those members starting off with just $20 stakes have been making over $2,000 per month following his betting system.

At level stakes JK made over 350 points profit last year, which is quite outstanding. Normally you would say just 20-30 points profit to level stakes is impressive for a football tipster, so these kind of results are quite unheard of. Every month last year was profitable and this year is following the same pattern – as you can see from our live trial here.

And what is even better is that you can actually improve upon the results by trading out at 85 mins in games that are drawing. 

The service doesn’t come cheap however – which is fair enough as JK needs to protect prices for his elite group of followers – so this is is for high-rollers and serious gamblers only. If that is you then quite simply we don’t think you’ll find a better football tipster anywhere.

Rating: 5 stars  

You can check out JK Diego’s Draw Betting System here.



2. Football Acca Tipster

Next on our list of tops football tipsters comes from the Betting Gods stable and it is the one and only Football Acca Tipster. 

This is a service which has made an excellent £1,200 profit for its members since starting up, to just £10 per point stakes.

Over the course of the service they have landed some fantastic accumulators, including doubles, trebles and more. 

And they have achieved a strong strike rate of over 50% for members of the service.

They tip in the main European leagues and focuses on a variety of markets including over/under, double chance, BTTS, and match odds. 

All in our years of looking at football tipsters these are some of the most impressive results we have seen. 

Rating: 5 stars  

And the great news is you can get a 15 day trial for just £1.99 here.


3. The Football Guru

The Football Guru is a tipster on the Tipping Gurus platform and was previously with Betting Gods. They are a very respected tipster and have been providing tips on football since December 2015. In that time they have amassed a very impressive record, making over 500 points profit which would be over £5,000 profit to just £10 stakes.

That has been achieved with an excellent strike rate of 38% and a respectable return on investment of over 7%

Bets come in a variety of leagues around the world and in a variety of markets including the match odds, handicap, BTTS, goal markets and others. Perhaps most impressive was the Goliath bet the Football Guru landed in March 2018 that brought in over 200 points in one go – that’s over £2,000 profit to just £10 stakes! 

With big wins like that and an enviable record over a long period of time, The Football Guru certainly deserves a place high on our list. 

Rating: 5 stars

You can get a 14 day trial for just £5 here.



4. Profit Maximiser

Imagine if you could win £500 per month risk-free from betting on football. 

Well that possibility has become a reality with this amazing piece of software.

Profit Maximiser is basically a system that brings together all of the free bets you get on football (and some other sports) from the bookies. 

It then shows you exactly how to set these free bets up so you cannot lose, whatever happens.

Clever eh?

We trialed this system for three months and gave it a solid thumbs up after it made over £2,400 profit.

There are literally dozens of offers every month for you to capitalise on, it is just a question of knowing where they are and how to do them.

Profit Maximiser does all this work for you so for just a couple of hours per week, you can make money completely risk-free. 

There is also a Facebook group with over 50,000 members and a wealth of knowledge and experience to be gleaned from fellow members.  

Rating: 5 stars  

Great News! You can now try Profit Maximiser for 30 days for just £1 by clicking here.



5. Football Advisor Lays

Next on our list is Football Advisor Lays and this is a strategy that lays teams to lose on major football leagues around the world and has been very successful. 

We have reviewed this service extensively and it performed admirably in a seven-month trial, making 37 points profit on the win lay bets.

It has achieved a long-term strike of over 80% which is very impressive and means the large majority of bets so far have been winners. 

It is notoriously difficult to make money from laying so it is good to find a service that has managed it and done so over a long period of time. 

All bets can be placed on Betfair so you don’t need bookies accounts which is a bonus. 

All in all then this is a service well worth checking out. 

You can check out Football Advisor Lays here. 

Rating: 4.5 stars  



6. Banker Bets

As the name suggests, Banker Bets is a service that focuses on low-odds selections – or so called “bankers” – in a variety of world leagues. 

Although betting at odds-on is often seen as the fastest way to the poor house, they have proved the opposite since they started tipping in late 2014. During our trial they managed 95% bank growth with an outstanding 84% strike rate and have continued to perform strongly since our trial finished. 

As they point out themselves, there is just as much chance of there being value on a short price as on a long odds selection. Their results would certainly seem to bear this sentiment out.

Of the football tipsters we have reviewed so far, they have been one of the most reliable and profitable. The very high strike also allows larger staking and offers the potential to build a bank quickly.

Rating: 4.5 stars  




Best Football Tipster – The Contenders

Now we assess the credentials of some of the more famous figures in football tipping and evaluate whether they have a claim to sit on the Iron Throne of football betting as tipster-in-chief.


Kevin Pullein – Racing Post

Kevin Pullein

Perhaps one of the most famous football tipsters around is Kevin Pullein from the Racing Post. According to his employers, he is “quite simply the best football analyst and forecaster ever to have appeared in print in the UK.”

Now perhaps they are biased, we couldn’t really say. But Kevin has established a formidable reputation as a predictor of all things football-related and used to have a regular column on the Guardian where he published some fascinating articles on general trends in football betting.

These articles were based on extensive research and years worth of statistics and often revealed that long-held beliefs about “universal truths” in football betting are, in fact, bunkum.

Some of our personal favourites were his article showing that it is not always a goal-fest when top teams play those lower down their division, analysis about the significance of playing at home (it’s actually more of a factor in South America than Europe) and stats showing you shouldn’t always to expect lots of cards in derby matches.

Some of these ideas were expanded on in his 2009 book “The Definitive Guide to Betting on Football,” which we thoroughly recommend as an insightful guide to developing winning football betting strategies.

Now frustratingly the Racing Post don’t publish full results of their tipsters so we can’t really say how good Mr Pullein’s tips are (cue a trial perhaps?). But given his long-standing reputation and contribution to exploding some of the myths around football betting, we think Kevin is certainly worthy of consideration for the accolade of “Best football tipster.”


Angus Loughran – aka “Statto”

Angus Loughran

Another famous tipster and professional gambler familiar to many is Angus Loughran.

Loughran rose to prominence on 1990s television show Fantasy Football League alongside Frank Skinner and David Baddiel. Clad in pyjamas and a dressing gown, Loughran was nicknamed “Statto” on the show and provided stats on the guests’ fantasy football teams.

Loughran built up quite a reputation for himself, appearing on the BBC’s horse racing coverage, writing a betting column for the Daily Telegraph and commentating on football for Eurosport and ESPN.

He was famed for his almost encyclopedic knowledge of football, reportedly watching hundreds of football matches per year (before the days of Sky and BT Sports when that sort of thing became normal) and there were even whispers that Loughran was making hundreds of thousands per year betting on football.

Sadly his carefully cultivated image appeared to have come crashing down in 2008 when he was declared bankrupt, reportedly for owing debts to spread betting firm Sporting Index.

Events surrounding the bankruptcy were shrouded in mystery however, with reports suggesting the debt amounted to little more than £5,000 and that Loughran had done promotional work for Sporting Index and had not expected the firm to press ahead with the bankruptcy proceedings.

In the event the bankrupty was annulled in April 2008 via a voluntary agreement. Whatever the exact circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy, the incident did little for the pundit’s reputation as one of the country’s most foremost professional gamblers.

Perhaps Angus had the last laugh though, as he was reported to be one of the main investors in stats firm Opta, which was sold for £47m in 2013.

He currently provide tips on the easyodds website, although these are on horse racing rather than football.

It is difficult to give a firm verdict on Loughran’s abilities as a football tipster – or even as a gambler. For reputation alone though he must be considered as one of the most famous of the modern era.


Pete Nordsted – Premier Betting

Pete Nordsted

Pete Nordsted rose to prominence with the publication of his 2009 book “Mastering Betfair” which contained strategies for making money trading on the betting exchanges.

That was quickly followed up in 2010 with “The Essential World Cup Betting Guide”, which received widespread acclaim, as did his Premier Betting Handbooks series. 

Pete now runs two football betting websites, the aptly-named petenordsted.com and also the premierbetting.com website with fellow full-time punter Danny Jacques.

He is a full-time sports trader and football betting expert and spends countless hours analysing football markets looking for value betting opportunities.

Contributing weekly articles at goal.com, Matchbook and Pete Nordsted.com – where you can view his drawmaster tips – Mr Nordsted is very widely respected in the industry and has built up a formidable knowledge of football betting.

With such a broad portfolio and a considerable depth of knowledge, Pete is rightly considered one of the foremost names in football tipping.


Ben Linfoot – Sporting Life

Ben Linfoot

Sadly we couldn’t find a photo of Ben – merely a mysterious silhouetted man with binoculars who may or may not be the legendary tipster himself.

What isn’t such a mystery however is the excellent record of Mr Linfoot, who has amassed quite a following at the Sporting Life’s Betting Zone tipping section. 

Ben is probably best known for his Value Bet column, which offers value bets for the top weekend race meetings. However, he has also produced a commendable return on his football bets, including tipping Athletico Madrid for the 2014 Champions League each-way at 40/1 (if you remember they were just a minute away from victory in the final before Sergio Ramos headed an equaliser for Real Madrid). 

Mr Linfoot concentrates mainly on the big leagues and Champions League and opts for the selective approach of a few well-thought out tips rather than tipping large numbers of selections.

With a large following and a profitable record, Bin Linfoot deserves to be recognised as one of the best football tipsters.


Matt Love – Football Elite

Football Elite

Matt has run the respected Football Elite website since 2009 and has built up a deserved reputation as one of the top football tipsters around.

His selections are based on evaluations of home and away form and the over-valuation of big name teams when they are out of form. Together with other stats, Matt puts together weekly “recommended bets” that are usually around 5-10 of the top bets from around the top leagues in Europe.

The good thing about betting in the top European leagues is that prices stand up well and there is no rush to get the bets on in the fear that prices will crash. On the contrary, prices often drift out before kick-off with people tending to back the big-name clubs whilst Matt opposes them.

In the past couple of seasons, Matt has also introduced tips for the English leagues below the Premiership and a “vulnerable home favourites” system.

The results speak for themselves, with his recommended bets having amassed 458% bank growth since going live, the football league bets producing 44% profit and his ante-post bets making 73%.

There are few football tipsters out there who can boast such an impressive long-term record, so although he may not be as well known as some of the names above, we believe Mr Love deserves to be considered for the crown of best football tipster.



Well it seems there is no obvious winner of the title of “best football tipster.” Certainly we have a few contenders, but frustratingly many of the big names don’t actually publish their results, which is both unhelpful and usually a bad sign.

In terms of knowledge and publishing record, Kevin Pullein and Pete Nordsted would appear to have the edge. Perhaps on notoriety and fame, few can top Angus Loughran. On their actual tipping record however, it appears Matt Love has it with his Football Elite tips. We heartily recommend his football tips if you are looking for someone who can find value bets in high liquid markets and produce profit season-in and season-out.

As ever though, we will continue our quest to find the ultimate football tipster and we have a number of trials going on at the moment. Perhaps one will emerge to take the crown once and for all…




sports general pic

Members’ Choice Awards – Best Sports System 2019

Next up in our series of the HBR Members’ Choice Awards is the accolade of Best (Other) Sports System 2019. 

So far we have had the award of Best Horse Racing Service which went to Quentin Franks Racing and the Best Football Service which went to Goal Profits. 

Now it is the turn of those services that either focus on sports other than the “big two” of horse racing and football, or combine a range of sports into one service.

This can include anything from golf to tennis, cricket, NFL, darts and more. So it is quite a wide playing field and this was a competitive category. 

It is often in these more niche services that you find the best value however, so it is a category to keep an eye on.  

But without further ado, let’s have a look at the results. 

Following up their third place from last year with the same position this year was the renowned Golf Betting Expert. Having amassed over £10,000 at an ROI of 24% in his four years of tipping, he has built a solid following and it is good to see his consistent excellence recognised here in the voting. 

In second place was last year’s winner, Sports Spread Betting. A niche service that focuses on the spread betting markets on football, horse racing and cricket, they have amassed over 4,000 points profit since starting up in 2017 and it remains popular with those who have the tolerance for the high variance involved in spread betting. 

So now we move on to the winner of this year’s award.

Best (Other) Sports Service 2019

This year’s winner is a relative new kid on the block but has really impressed us during our live trial of their service and has obviously been a big hit with you guys as well. 

Yes the winner of this year’s award is…

Trade On Sports!

As we say they have been flying along in our review with over £6,000 profit made on their football bot, but they also provide tips and stats across a range of other sports including tennis, NFL and ice hockey so it’s quite a comprehensive service.

Here are the final result for this year’s award:-

  1. 1. Trade On Sports (28% of the votes)
  2. 2. Sports Spread Betting (24%)
  3. 3. Golf Betting Expert (16%). 

So congratulations to the whole team at TOS on the win. We feel like they are one of the internet’s best kept secrets so it is good to see them getting some credit for their hard work through this award.

Here is what Pete Nordsted from Trade On Sports had to say on receiving news of the award:

“We are delighted and humbled to win this award as there are many good services available. Our members can be assured that we will be doing everything we can to ensure that we have another very profitable year.”

Well done again to Pete and his team and that wraps up this year’s award for Best (Other) Sports Service 2019. 

We’ll be back soon with the next award in the series, Best Matched Betting Service. 

In the meantime you can check out Trade On Sports for yourself here. 






How 2020 Champion Hurdle Contenders Fared over Christmas

Under normal circumstances, punters and tipsters alike pick up plenty of Cheltenham Festival clues over the Christmas period. Top National Hunt racing takes place both in the UK and Ireland, but this year the festive season leaves more questions than answers.

Nowhere is this more so than in the 2020 Champion Hurdle betting. Already an open division, trying to make sense of it all after contenders disappointed on both sides of the Irish Sea is tough.

This is what happened over Christmas and what you can glean from the festive jumps action ahead of the Champion Hurdle in March.

Champion Hurdle” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Carine06


Epatante emerges as market leader

JP McManus is the most successful owner in Champion Hurdle history. The legendary Irish gambler lost last year’s winner Espoir D’Allen to a freak accident on the gallops and dual victor Buveur D’Air is very unlikely to be back this season following an injury to his hoof in the Fighting Fifth at Newcastle.

Thank heavens for the latter’s Nicky Henderson stable companion Epatante, then, who has made rapid progress during the campaign so far. A lightly-raced French import to his Seven Barrows yard, this mare by No Risk At All was a leading fancy for the Grade 2 Dawn Run Mares’ Novices’ Hurdle at the last Cheltenham Festival but only came ninth.

Epatante may have been too inexperienced off just two outings over the obstacles for that test. A Grade 1 bumper winner in France, she landed a Listed intermediate contest at Newbury before taking the Christmas Hurdle at Kempton in impressive style.

This sudden progress comes as young Henderson stable inmates Fusil Raffles and Pentland Hills struggle in open company after fine juvenile campaigns. Epatante is now as short as 5/2 for Champion Hurdle glory in the spring.

Saldier and Sharjah benefit from disappointing Klassical Dream.

Leopardstown’s Christmas Festival in Ireland culminated in the Grade 1 Matheson Hurdle which Sharjah won for the second consecutive season in a race where last year’s Supreme victor Klassical Dream flopped again. Drying ground was a key factor for the winner.

Irish champion trainer Willie Mullins obviously has a strong hand in the Champion Hurdle division. Sharjah has been cut to 7/1 in the horse racing odds available on this race with bet365. The Matheson result also pays a compliment to Saldier – another in the stable owned by Rich and Susannah Ricci.

That horse beat Sharjah, Petit Mouchoir and Klassical Dream in the Morgiana Hurdle at Punchestown earlier in the season. Saldier has missed the Christmas period with a slight setback, but is a 6/1 chance to take the 2020 Champion Hurdle.

Klassical Dream has now twice been a beaten favourite in both starts since his fabulous novice campaign. An inability to settle in the preliminaries, coupled with errors over the obstacles, suggests something is amiss with this talented Dream Well gelding.

With Klassical Dream eased out to 10/1 in the Champion Hurdle betting, others with sounder temperaments have attracted more market support. Coeur Sublime – a Gordon Elliott trained contemporary of Fusil Raffles and Pentland Hills – also failed to follow-up on his impressive Down Royal exploits in the Matheson, leaving rival Mullins with the much stronger Champion Hurdle team.