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Faugheen pic

Will Faugheen Have One Last Hurrah in Stayers’ Hurdle?

Faugheen won the Champion Hurdle in 2015” by Tim Anthony (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Faugheen will try to do what only one 11-year-old has since the mid-1920s – win the Stayers’ Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival.

This popular Irish raider has enjoyed a glittering if somewhat injury-hit career landing nine Grade 1 races for trainer Willie Mullins and owners Rich and Susannah Ricci. Faugheen has always got the three-mile trip of the Stayers’ Hurdle after winning his maiden point-to-point as a four-year-old.

An impressive bumper win and novice campaign under Rules followed. After starting at staying trips, Faugheen dropped down in distance to two miles for the first of his three Punchestown Festival victories.

He became known as The Machine, as reported on www.theguardian.com, when landing the Champion Hurdle in 2015, but after taking the Irish equivalent at Leopardstown the following year spent a lengthy spell on the sidelines. Faugheen has won two of seven starts since his injury, but by far his most impressive performance of his later career came in the Champion Stayers last April.

Penhill belied his own long racecourse absence to win the Cheltenham race 12 months ago, but Faugheen was smartly away at Punchestown to make all and beat his younger stable companion by 13 lengths. As that other Mullins mount is now an injury absentee, the veteran is their Stayers’ Hurdle first string.

Faugheen” (CC BY 2.0) by danheap77

Faugheen hasn’t won since Punchestown – finishing second to Sharjah in the Morgiana Hurdle when back down over two miles, then falling at the penultimate flight when trailing Apple’s Jade by two lengths at Christmas. The Stayers’ Hurdle has cut-up in the meantime, with reigning champion Penhill one of a few big names to miss the race.

Absences for Samcro and Apple’s Jade, who goes down the Champion Hurdle route, have left Faugheen as second-favourite to Paisley Park in the Cheltenham Festival betting at https://www.paddypower.com/horse-racing/cheltenham-festival. He’s into 7/2 for the Stayers’ Hurdle, but that price is as much a reflection of the sudden dearth in quality in the race which gives him every chance.

With the exception of Supasundae, who has proved a versatile and consistent Grade 1 performer at a variety of distances, most other hopefuls have question marks hanging over them. Bar Paisley Park, Faugheen and Jessica Harrington’s horse who could also run in the Champion Hurdle, there are big prices available on the rest of the possible field.

Paisley Park is a horse on a serious upward curve as his www.racingpost.com profile shows and entitled in the circumstances to be a warm favourite. Faugheen, who is four years older than Emma Lavelle’s stable star, comes with sentiment attached. He’s been a public horse in the spotlight for a long time and this might be the best opportunity for one last hurrah that he’ll get.

A weak renewal of the Stayers’ Hurdle may be a loss to racing and the Cheltenham Festival, but a major gain for Faugheen. The way is clear from him to be involved in the finish, because there aren’t that many horses on paper who look capable of winning it. If he can go to the well one last time, then The Machine might just be back in the winners’ enclosure.





tennis match

Courtsiding – Does It Still Work?

“Courtsiding” is the art of attending a sporting event with the express purpose of placing bets ahead of the televised coverage reaching viewers at home and therefore gaining an advantage.

It has been most widely used in tennis, hence the term “court-siding,” but has been used in other sports as well. 

The practice became common after the founding of exchanges like Betfair who were alot less likely to try and prevent people from doing it than traditional bookmakers. 

However, in recent years there have been notable crackdowns against the practice and Betfair has become more vigilant in implementing measures to safeguard fairness. 

So the question is, does courtsiding still work and perhaps more significantly, should it even be allowed?


What Is Courtsiding?

Courtsiding involves attending a sporting event with the express purpose of placing a bet as quickly as possible as events unfold, to gain an advantage over the vast majority of other punters who are watching on TV. 

In the early days courtsiding was carried out with people sat in the crowd using laptops to place bets directly themselves, but due to authorities cracking down on the practice it is now primarily operated via syndicates, with the courtsider pressing a button on a phone to alert someone elsewhere to place a bet. 

Its name implies association with tennis (i.e. being “by the side of the court”), but the practice has also been used widely in other sports including horse racing and football. 

It was particularly prevalent in the early years of Betfair at jumps meetings in horse racing for example, with rows of people with laptops laying horses who had just fallen, seconds before the rest of the market would see it happen on TV.

There are reports some people were placing large bets in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars using this practice, gaining a significant advantage on all the other people betting on the event.

The practice was even given something of a romantic feel by people like Brad Hutchins, whose book “Game, Set and Cash” chronicled his globe-trotting adventures as a courtsider, filled with tales of fun and intrigue whilst making money simply by pressing a button on his phone at tennis matches.


Is Courtsiding Legal?

The question of whether courtsiding is legal is a thorny one. Essentially it is not actually illegal in most countries, although is illegal in Australia under the Integrity in Sports Act and offenders could face serious prison time. 

In most countries though whilst it is not actually illegal, the authorities of sporting events take a dim view of it and are increasingly cracking down. 

Most tennis events now employ “spotters” to see if anyone is courtsiding and if so, to eject them from the event. In the USA it has been reported that courtsiders have been arrested for “trespassing” after being banned from events previously. 

Wimbledon in particular has been noted for having a zero-tolerance attitude towards courtsiders, with offenders being caught very quickly and banned for life. 

The ATP and WTA Tours have also become increasingly vigilant, seeing it as an infringement of the rights to data they have negotiated with various providers and requiring umpires to enter scores into their tablets immediately after points are won to reduce the advantage of courtsiders.  

The effect of all this has been to make courtsiding in tennis much more difficult and those wishing to do it have to do so as secretly as possible. 

Many have decided the hassle is not worth it and some have even declared that courtsiders are a dying breed – certainly when it comes to tennis at least. 


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What About “Pitch-siders” or “Green-Siders”

Tennis presented the most obvious choice for people wanting to get ahead of the betting game due to its liquidity, the volatility of odds – which can shift hugely from point to point – and being able to sit in a settled position very close to the action. 

As described above though, that also made it a target for crackdowns by the authorities and now it is becoming more challenging to courtside in tennis. 

Other sports may present better opportunities now for live event betting. What about someone betting live at football matches for example (a “pitch-sider?”) or a “green-sider” – someone betting live at a golf event.

A lot less is known about courtsiding in sports other than tennis. Someone at football would no doubt face the same problems of being spotted as in tennis, unless they were lucky enough to be in the media box or another private box for example. 

And supposedly racecourses are increasingly clamping down on the practice in horse racing, pushing for bans on all exchange trading at racetracks. 

Betfair for its part has made the practice more difficult too by operating longer time delays on bets being placed, thus reducing the potential advantage of courtsiders. On some football matches from South America for example delays can be as much as 10 seconds, obviating the potential of pitch-siders to benefit.  

Courtsiding is of course also more difficult in a sport like football where Betfair suspends the action when there is a goal, penalty or red card. 

In reality courtsiding may be more of an option in sports like golf where monitoring crowd activity isn’t so easy with people moving around all the time and action going on across multiple holes simultaneously. A team of people could potentially coordinate to cover a number of holes at once, as TV cannot show everything at the same time or may not show some lesser names’ shots at all. Doing this successfully though would require quite some coordination and often there is not the liquidity in golf events to make it viable.


Where to Now for Courtsiders?

With authorities increasingly cracking down on the practice and Betfair operating longer time delays on in-play bet placement, many have concluded that courtsiding is a dying art. 

Some would say this is welcome and courtsiding should never have been allowed in the first place. After all, why should someone be able to gain an advantage over everyone else just because they are able to attend an event? And the association of courtsiding with shady gambling syndicates and the like has not helped its reputation either. 

On the other hand some people believe that as courtsiding is legal in most parts of the world it is legitimate for people to try and gain a small advantage if they are prepared to spend the time and money attending a sporting event to get maybe a second or two ahead of other punters.  After all, there is no guarantee you will succeed even if you do manage to place live bets at an event.

Whatever your views on courtsiding however, it’s important if you are betting in-play to ensure you are not caught on the wrong side of it. 

Often on sports like golf you will see the price move before a player has taken a shot. For example their price may drop just before they are about to hit a 10-foot putt – then of course they go on to hole it. 

This may not be because of courtsiders directly, rather just that TV coverage in the US is slightly ahead of UK/Europe (or vice versa depending on where the event is being held), but either way it is important not to get caught out by being behind other punters. 

If you are seeing this happening then it is best to wait until the end of the hole or after shots have been hit and the price has moved, not just before shots are hit. 

Similarly that can apply to sports like cricket, in that you should wait until a boundary has been hit or a break between overs to place a bet rather than right before a bowler is about to bowl. 



In the end it is probably impossible to eliminate courtsiding entirely but recently the practice has certainly been restricted, which we see as a good thing for the vast majority of punters who don’t bet live at the event. 

Ultimately we want to see a level playing field for punters and those who succeed doing so on the basis of their dedication, skills and discipline rather than trying to gain an unfair advantage over other punters. 

So if you do see someone at a tennis match pressing a button on their phone every time a point is won, might be worth mentioning it to one of the officials. After all, it’s our money they are trying to take – probably on behalf of a syndicate.

Forget about trying to make money courtsiding, check out this top tennis betting system instead. 







Yellow Football

Who is the Best Football Tipster?

One of the questions we are most often asked here at Honest Betting Reviews is “Who is the best football tipster?”

We have searched the internet far and wide to find the top football tipsters and continue to review new tipsters here on the site in our quest to find the best.

In giving you our verdict on who we think is the best football tipster, we firstly reveal who we think are the top 6 football tipsters that we have reviewed here on the site.

Then we take a look at the credentials of some of the biggest names in football tipping and analyse their claim to the crown of “best football tipster.”

Our Top 6 Football Tipsters

Without further ado, here is the list of our top six football tipsters based on our extensive trials conducted to date:


1. JK Diego’s Draw Betting System

Betting on draws is one the most underrated forms of football betting and one person who has really cracked the code of how to bet on draws after 8 years of studying them is a guy called JK Diego.

The headline figures are that he made over $100,000 betting on draws last year, which in itself is a phenomenal achievement.

When you analyse the numbers further however you realise just how good his results really are. Those members starting off with just $20 stakes have been making over $2,000 per month following his betting system.

At level stakes JK made over 350 points profit last year, which is quite outstanding. Normally you would say just 20-30 points profit to level stakes is impressive for a football tipster, so these kind of results are quite unheard of. Every month last year was profitable and this year is following the same pattern – as you can see from our live trial here.

And what is even better is that you can actually improve upon the results by trading out at 85 mins in games that are drawing. 

The service doesn’t come cheap however – which is fair enough as JK needs to protect prices for his elite group of followers – so this is is for high-rollers and serious gamblers only. If that is you then quite simply we don’t think you’ll find a better football tipster anywhere.

Rating: 5 stars  

You can check out JK Diego’s Draw Betting System here.



2. Football Betting Expert

Next on our list of tops football tipsters comes from the Betting Gods stable and it is the one and only Football Betting Expert.

This is a service which has made an excellent £2,500 profit for its members since starting up, to just £10 per point stakes.

That has been achieved with a return on investment of over 14%, which is a strong level to have achieved over a long period of tipping. 

That has been achieved with a strong strike rate of over 45% for members of the service.

They tip in the main European leagues and focuses on a variety of markets including over/under, double chance, BTTS, and match odds. 

All in our years of looking at football tipsters these are some of the most impressive results we have seen. 

Rating: 5 stars  

And the great news is you can get a 7 day trial for just £1 here.


3. The Football Guru

The Football Guru is a tipster on the Tipping Gurus platform and was previously with Betting Gods. They are a very respected tipster and have been providing tips on football since December 2015. In that time they have amassed a very impressive record, making over 500 points profit which would be over £5,000 profit to just £10 stakes.

That has been achieved with an excellent strike rate of 38% and a respectable return on investment of over 7%

Bets come in a variety of leagues around the world and in a variety of markets including the match odds, handicap, BTTS, goal markets and others. Perhaps most impressive was the Goliath bet the Football Guru landed in March 2018 that brought in over 200 points in one go – that’s over £2,000 profit to just £10 stakes! 

With big wins like that and an enviable record over a long period of time, The Football Guru certainly deserves a place high on our list. 

Rating: 5 stars

You can get a 14 day trial for just £5 here.



4. Profit Maximiser

Imagine if you could win £500 per month risk-free from betting on football. 

Well that possibility has become a reality with this amazing piece of software.

Profit Maximiser is basically a system that brings together all of the free bets you get on football (and some other sports) from the bookies. 

It then shows you exactly how to set these free bets up so you cannot lose, whatever happens.

Clever eh?

We trialed this system for three months and gave it a solid thumbs up after it made over £2,400 profit.

There are literally dozens of offers every month for you to capitalise on, it is just a question of knowing where they are and how to do them.

Profit Maximiser does all this work for you so for just a couple of hours per week, you can make money completely risk-free. 

There is also a Facebook group with over 50,000 members and a wealth of knowledge and experience to be gleaned from fellow members.  

Rating: 5 stars  

Great News! You can now try Profit Maximiser for 30 days for just £1 by clicking here.



5. Football Advisor Lays

Next on our list is Football Advisor Lays and this is a strategy that lays teams to lose on major football leagues around the world and has been very successful. 

We have reviewed this service extensively and it performed admirably in a seven-month trial, making 37 points profit on the win lay bets.

It has achieved a long-term strike of over 80% which is very impressive and means the large majority of bets so far have been winners. 

It is notoriously difficult to make money from laying so it is good to find a service that has managed it and done so over a long period of time. 

All bets can be placed on Betfair so you don’t need bookies accounts which is a bonus. 

All in all then this is a service well worth checking out. 

You can check out Football Advisor Lays here. 

Rating: 4.5 stars  



6. Banker Bets

As the name suggests, Banker Bets is a service that focuses on low-odds selections – or so called “bankers” – in a variety of world leagues. 

Although betting at odds-on is often seen as the fastest way to the poor house, they have proved the opposite since they started tipping in late 2014. During our trial they managed 95% bank growth with an outstanding 84% strike rate and have continued to perform strongly since our trial finished. 

As they point out themselves, there is just as much chance of there being value on a short price as on a long odds selection. Their results would certainly seem to bear this sentiment out.

Of the football tipsters we have reviewed so far, they have been one of the most reliable and profitable. The very high strike also allows larger staking and offers the potential to build a bank quickly.

Rating: 4.5 stars  




Best Football Tipster – The Contenders

Now we assess the credentials of some of the more famous figures in football tipping and evaluate whether they have a claim to sit on the Iron Throne of football betting as tipster-in-chief.


Kevin Pullein – Racing Post

Kevin Pullein

Perhaps one of the most famous football tipsters around is Kevin Pullein from the Racing Post. According to his employers, he is “quite simply the best football analyst and forecaster ever to have appeared in print in the UK.”

Now perhaps they are biased, we couldn’t really say. But Kevin has established a formidable reputation as a predictor of all things football-related and used to have a regular column on the Guardian where he published some fascinating articles on general trends in football betting.

These articles were based on extensive research and years worth of statistics and often revealed that long-held beliefs about “universal truths” in football betting are, in fact, bunkum.

Some of our personal favourites were his article showing that it is not always a goal-fest when top teams play those lower down their division, analysis about the significance of playing at home (it’s actually more of a factor in South America than Europe) and stats showing you shouldn’t always to expect lots of cards in derby matches.

Some of these ideas were expanded on in his 2009 book “The Definitive Guide to Betting on Football,” which we thoroughly recommend as an insightful guide to developing winning football betting strategies.

Now frustratingly the Racing Post don’t publish full results of their tipsters so we can’t really say how good Mr Pullein’s tips are (cue a trial perhaps?). But given his long-standing reputation and contribution to exploding some of the myths around football betting, we think Kevin is certainly worthy of consideration for the accolade of “Best football tipster.”


Angus Loughran – aka “Statto”

Angus Loughran

Another famous tipster and professional gambler familiar to many is Angus Loughran.

Loughran rose to prominence on 1990s television show Fantasy Football League alongside Frank Skinner and David Baddiel. Clad in pyjamas and a dressing gown, Loughran was nicknamed “Statto” on the show and provided stats on the guests’ fantasy football teams.

Loughran built up quite a reputation for himself, appearing on the BBC’s horse racing coverage, writing a betting column for the Daily Telegraph and commentating on football for Eurosport and ESPN.

He was famed for his almost encyclopedic knowledge of football, reportedly watching hundreds of football matches per year (before the days of Sky and BT Sports when that sort of thing became normal) and there were even whispers that Loughran was making hundreds of thousands per year betting on football.

Sadly his carefully cultivated image appeared to have come crashing down in 2008 when he was declared bankrupt, reportedly for owing debts to spread betting firm Sporting Index.

Events surrounding the bankruptcy were shrouded in mystery however, with reports suggesting the debt amounted to little more than £5,000 and that Loughran had done promotional work for Sporting Index and had not expected the firm to press ahead with the bankruptcy proceedings.

In the event the bankrupty was annulled in April 2008 via a voluntary agreement. Whatever the exact circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy, the incident did little for the pundit’s reputation as one of the country’s most foremost professional gamblers.

Perhaps Angus had the last laugh though, as he was reported to be one of the main investors in stats firm Opta, which was sold for £47m in 2013.

He currently provide tips on the easyodds website, although these are on horse racing rather than football.

It is difficult to give a firm verdict on Loughran’s abilities as a football tipster – or even as a gambler. For reputation alone though he must be considered as one of the most famous of the modern era.


Pete Nordsted – Premier Betting

Pete Nordsted

Pete Nordsted rose to prominence with the publication of his 2009 book “Mastering Betfair” which contained strategies for making money trading on the betting exchanges.

That was quickly followed up in 2010 with “The Essential World Cup Betting Guide”, which received widespread acclaim, as did his Premier Betting Handbooks series. 

Pete now runs two football betting websites, the aptly-named petenordsted.com and also the premierbetting.com website with fellow full-time punter Danny Jacques.

He is a full-time sports trader and football betting expert and spends countless hours analysing football markets looking for value betting opportunities.

Contributing weekly articles at goal.com, Matchbook and Pete Nordsted.com – where you can view his drawmaster tips – Mr Nordsted is very widely respected in the industry and has built up a formidable knowledge of football betting.

With such a broad portfolio and a considerable depth of knowledge, Pete is rightly considered one of the foremost names in football tipping.


Ben Linfoot – Sporting Life

Ben Linfoot

Sadly we couldn’t find a photo of Ben – merely a mysterious silhouetted man with binoculars who may or may not be the legendary tipster himself.

What isn’t such a mystery however is the excellent record of Mr Linfoot, who has amassed quite a following at the Sporting Life’s Betting Zone tipping section. 

Ben is probably best known for his Value Bet column, which offers value bets for the top weekend race meetings. However, he has also produced a commendable return on his football bets, including tipping Athletico Madrid for the 2014 Champions League each-way at 40/1 (if you remember they were just a minute away from victory in the final before Sergio Ramos headed an equaliser for Real Madrid). 

Mr Linfoot concentrates mainly on the big leagues and Champions League and opts for the selective approach of a few well-thought out tips rather than tipping large numbers of selections.

With a large following and a profitable record, Bin Linfoot deserves to be recognised as one of the best football tipsters.


Matt Love – Football Elite

Football Elite

Matt has run the respected Football Elite website since 2009 and has built up a deserved reputation as one of the top football tipsters around.

His selections are based on evaluations of home and away form and the over-valuation of big name teams when they are out of form. Together with other stats, Matt puts together weekly “recommended bets” that are usually around 5-10 of the top bets from around the top leagues in Europe.

The good thing about betting in the top European leagues is that prices stand up well and there is no rush to get the bets on in the fear that prices will crash. On the contrary, prices often drift out before kick-off with people tending to back the big-name clubs whilst Matt opposes them.

In the past couple of seasons, Matt has also introduced tips for the English leagues below the Premiership and a “vulnerable home favourites” system.

The results speak for themselves, with his recommended bets having amassed 458% bank growth since going live, the football league bets producing 44% profit and his ante-post bets making 73%.

There are few football tipsters out there who can boast such an impressive long-term record, so although he may not be as well known as some of the names above, we believe Mr Love deserves to be considered for the crown of best football tipster.



Well it seems there is no obvious winner of the title of “best football tipster.” Certainly we have a few contenders, but frustratingly many of the big names don’t actually publish their results, which is both unhelpful and usually a bad sign.

In terms of knowledge and publishing record, Kevin Pullein and Pete Nordsted would appear to have the edge. Perhaps on notoriety and fame, few can top Angus Loughran. On their actual tipping record however, it appears Matt Love has it with his Football Elite tips. We heartily recommend his football tips if you are looking for someone who can find value bets in high liquid markets and produce profit season-in and season-out.

As ever though, we will continue our quest to find the ultimate football tipster and we have a number of trials going on at the moment. Perhaps one will emerge to take the crown once and for all…




quentin franks racing

Tipster Lands 50/1 Winner!

We really hope you are signed up to our number one recommended horse racing tipster Quentin Franks Racing, because yesterday Quentin advised the following tip:

15:35 Southwell – Fair Alibi 2pts win @ 50/1

And guess what? It won!

So that’s 100 points profit from one bet and takes Quentin’s haul for February to an astonishing 135 points profit. Some tipsters don’t make that in a whole year!

And that’s not just a fluke either – Quentin has been consistently delivering for his members over recent months:

January: -13 points loss
December: +27 points profit
November: +30 points profit
October: +47 points profit
September: +71 points profit
August: +19 points profit
July: +12 points profit
June: +21 points profit
May: +27 points profit

That’s over 380 points profit since last May and over 1,360 points profit overall! Or over £13,000 profit to just £10 stakes.

That’s the reason Quentin is our number one recommended horse racing tipster.

We hope you were on that winner yesterday but if not then make sure you don’t miss any more winners like that and get signed up asap.

You can check out Quentin Franks Racing for yourself here. 





clan des obeaux

Cheltenham Festival: Ged Mason describes Clan Des Obeaux as a ‘class horse’ ahead of the Gold Cup

Fresh from landing the King George VI Chase at Kempton Park on Boxing Day, Clan Des Obeaux co-owner Ged Mason has lavished praise on the seven-year-old horse.

It was the first ever top-level victory for Clan Des Obeaux under jockey Harry Cobden, and punters will be quietly confident he can make a big impression in the Gold Cup at the Cheltenham Festival in March.

Mason’s Comments

Clan Des Obeaux does have history at Cheltenham Festival, finishing second on three of his four visits and Mason believes the King George winner is primed for the big prize.

“Cheltenham is a totally different type of track and he’ll have to cope with a likely fierce gallop, but Clan Des Obeaux is a class horse and only just turned seven so he’s improving all the time,” he told the Racing Post.

“The race can be a bit like the FA Cup final [Gold Cup], sometimes it throws out a different result, but he’s run well there in the past. He’s just out on the journey at the top and Paul [Nicholls] says he’s come out of the King George well and in good order. Paul has been in this situation plenty of times and knows how to get the best out of his horses and to get them to peak on big days.

“I’ll wear the carpet out at home and in the office when we get close to the race. I get nervous and butterflies in the stomach – but that’s why you do it really.

“The pressure will be on a little – sometimes it’s nice to be the underdog, like at Kempton – but at the same time there are some very talented horses he’ll come up against and it will be competitive, as ever,” he added.

King George win

Clan Des Obeaux’s dramatic Boxing Day victory has certainly catapulted him into the discussion when it comes to landing the Gold Cup, but Mason recalls the nerves that engrossed him during the race. Even taking several nudges from TV host Jeremy Kyle!

“I was in the stands taking in the atmosphere when it came to King George time on Boxing Day, but I tend to get quite nervous when the race is on and feel every jump. I was quiet until the second-last fence, at which point Jeremy Kyle elbowed me to say we had a chance, and then I started to scream and shout him home!”

Maybe Mason will want to call on the ITV daytime star for further inspiration ahead of the March 15th showdown at Prestbury Park, where thousands of punters will be eagerly awaiting to see how Clan Des Obeaux runs.

If the King George win was anything to go by, expect Clan Des Obeaux to be mixing it with the big guns as his victory at Kempton proved he is more than capable.

Even the more fancied Thistlecrack and Native River fell victim to Clan Des Obeaux’s prowess and stamina, and Mason will want to see more of the same when the Cheltenham Festival comes around.

You can check out all of the latest ante-post odds for Cheltenham right here: https://www.betfair.com/exchange/plus/horse-racing.







Cheltenham Festival 2019 News

With only about a month and a half to go, the Cheltenham Festival is not giving the internet a break. For those whose interest in the race revolves around wagering, it is very important that you keep yourself posted on the events as they unfold if at all you are to make the best decision.

For all the others, well, waiting for the competition to kick off may be enough but it will do you no harm to be on top of the news. In fact, there is no better way to enjoy the race than developing your own expectations and having the race prove you right or wrong. It doesn’t matter if you will be betting your money to that effect or not.

To begin with, the entries for the novice races at the festival have already been released. For the two and a half mile JLT Chase, of the 52 entries, the most significant names to be featured include LostinTranslation who is the Ante-post favorite. His performance last term, especially in Mersey Novices’ Hurdle at the Aintree Festival where he emerged second, is one of the reasons why the horse’s victory is anticipated by most fans.

Coupling this with the fact that the seven-year-old beat Defi Du Seuiland in the BetBright Dipper Novices Race that took place on the first day of 2019, his stars are shining way too much for anyone not to expect good performance from him. In addition to Defi Du Seuiland, other horses owned be J.P. MacManus expected to be featured in the race include Le Richebourg and Winter Escape.

Of the three, Defi du Seuil is the most promising especially given the fact that he is seeking to prove himself after his campaign last year turned out to be disappointing. Other horses of interest in this race include La Bague Au Roi, Dynamite Dollars, Vinndication, and Kalashnikov.

If you have been considering trying your hand at gambling, cheltenham betting will most certainly be a perfect place to start from. Many betting sites are offering mouth-watering bonuses especially to punters signing up for the first time.

For instance, with bet365, for every new account, there is a deposit bonus of 15% going up to $100. The latest betting offers relating to Cheltenham include a trip to Cheltenham and Non-Runner No Bet from “Paddy Power”, tickets to attend the Gold Cup from Betfred and wager £5 and get £30 at BetVictor. BetVictor also has an offer for giving you your money back but you first have to meet certain conditions.

If you are looking for a bet to place, it is important not to back the horse with the highest prospects of winning, as the odds given are usually very low. Although these horses are usually more likely to win, they also suffer great losses and for that, wouldn’t it be better to lose money in a bet whose returns would have been higher? Having read that, for the JLT Novices’ Chase it would be advisable to go for Defi du Seuil to win and not LostinTranslation. The odd for this bet in many sites revolves around 10/1.

After Saturday, the 26th of January, the next meeting that is scheduled to take place at Cheltenham will be the event itself. There is around £354,000 of prize-money on Saturday’s card. Included in this amount is BetBright Trial Cotswold Chase’s £100,000.

Backing up this prize is a Graded heats stack, which is also quite significant in the festival. There also may be the revealing of Racing Post Arkle and Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle clues at Doncaster. Nevertheless, Town Moor highlight on the Sky Bet Chase is expected to provide more pointers for the Randox Grand National. Finally, concerns raised by the Paul and Clare Rooney on the racing course were addressed by leading owners who assured everyone that the course is “first class”.





horse racing pic

Members Choice Awards – Best Horse Racing Tipster 2018

As we move towards the end of our awards season here at Honest Betting Reviews, it is time to honour the Best Horse Racing System/Tipster of 2018, as voted for by you. 

This is the perhaps the most competitive category of all, with the largest number of tipsters and betting systems to choose from. It is also the sport with the arguably the greatest number of professional gamblers and the tipsters with the best returns. 

So it was no surprise that the vote for the best horse racing service was hotly contested and very close, with so many strong contenders to choose from. Here is how the voting went down:

In third place was the excellent Quentin Franks Racing, a service that has amassed an incredible £12,000 profit to just £10 stakes at an ROI of 19% since starting up four years ago. It is no surprise to see Quentin on the list and to be honest we would have been shocked if he hadn’t made the list!

In second place is a betting system we reviewed some time ago and gave a passed rating to. It’s extremely popular and has won numerous other awards, so again we are not surprised to see it make the higher echelons of the voting.

Yes you may have guessed it, in second place was the betting system Little Acorns. It’s a very simple system that looks to churn out small but consistent monthly profits, building a betting bank over time and many people report great success from using it. 

So well done to Little Acorns on finishing second but now we move on to the service you voted the Best Horse Racing System/Tipster of 2018.

And the winner is…

…Bet Alchemist!

A big congratulations to Nicky Doyle and the whole team at Bet Alchemist on scooping the award. Here is what Nicky had to say when we informed him about the win:

“Great news to hear Bet Alchemist has been awarded Best Horse Racing Tipster of 2018!

“Honesty, Value and Educational advice are just some of the qualities we like to bring to the table while being 100% on the punters side of the fence. Thanks very much to everyone who voted for the Bet Alchemist service.”

It’s a richly deserved award for a service that has delivered just shy of 900 points profit for its members since 2010. We originally reviewed Bet Alchemist  back in 2016 and gave it a resounding passed rating and it is continued to perform strongly since then. 

The service specialises in National Hunt racing and has delivered 44 points, 58 points and 74 points profit in each of the last three NH seasons, which is very good going indeed. They regularly churn out winners at juicy prices of 16/1, 20/1 and higher for their members. 

And the great news is they are offering a special deal of just £10 for the first month of the service, which you can check out here.

So there you have it, well done again to the Bet Alchemist on winning Best Horse Racing Tipster of 2018 and thank you to all of you who voted. 

We’ll be back soon with the final two awards of the season. 







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Members’ Choice Awards – Best Sports System 2018

Next up in our series of the HBR Members’ Choice Awards is the accolade of Best Sports System 2018. 

So far we have had the award of Best Football System which went to Goal Profits and Best Matched Betting Service which went to Profit Maximiser. 

Now it is the turn of those services that either focus on sports other than the “big two” of horse racing and football, or combine a range of sports into one service.

There are a wide selection of other sports tipped on including golf, tennis, cricket, NFL, darts and many of the other almost limitless other sports you can gamble on these days. So it is quite a wide playing field and this was a competitive category. 

It is often in these more niche services that you find the best value and some of the most successful tipsters, so we were intrigued to see how the voting would go in this category. 

Well it turned out that the cream rose to the top and some top quality services made it to the “medal positions.”

In third place was the very popular and successful Golf Betting Expert, a tipster who continues to deliver stellar returns for his members, averaging over £280 per month profit to just £10 stakes and over 30% ROI over the course of three years tipping. And not to mention he just bagged a 22/1 winner last week to get 2019 off to a great start too!

Then in second place we have Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips, proving that tennis is a popular but often overlooked sport to bet on. Robert has returned over £2,500 profit to date at a respectable return on investment of 10% and no doubt members are gearing up for the 2019 season with the Australian Open just about to get underway. 

So now we move on to the winner of Best Sports System 2018. 

It is perhaps no surprise to long-term followers of Honest Betting Reviews that we had a runaway winner in this category, with the winner garnering nearly twice as many votes as the second place service. 

Yes, the resounding winner of the award was Sports Spread Betting!

Well done to Max who runs the service on the success and much warranted recognition of his hard work.

Since the service began in August 2017 Max has made just shy of 4,000 points profit, including over 2,000 points last year which is an outstanding return. 

It remains the only spread betting service we have reviewed but just shows that finding your own betting niche can be a very profitable approach. Max certainly seems to have done that with his own statistics database which he uses to identify value in the spread betting markets.

The service is reasonably priced too at just £25 (+VAT) per month, which is a snip considering what some tipsters charge for results nowhere near as good as Max’s. 

You can check out Sports Spread Betting here. 

So there you have it, the Best Sports System of 2018 as voted for by you, the members of Honest Betting Reviews.

We’ll be back soon with the next award shortly. 







“Lay to Lose”/Minimum Bet Guarantee – What It Means For Punters

One of punters’ biggest gripes at bookmakers over the years has been their predilection for closing or limiting the accounts of winning customers. 

This has led to many bettors feeling the whole game is rigged against them, as not only can bookies set the odds in their favour but they can also shut you down if you win. 

As a result there has been a backlash against the practice of closing or limiting accounts in recent years, led in part by groups such as the Horseracing Bettors Forum. 

Such efforts have led to a successful campaign in Australia for example for the implementation of MBL (Minimum Bet Limit) of between AU$1,000 and AU$2,000 per race, depending on the class of race. 

That means bookies have to accept bets with winnings up to those amounts, regardless of whether the punter has had their account restricted in the past.

This is great news for punters in Australia and we are starting to see a move in the same direction in the UK and Ireland, with a few bookies offering minimum bet guarantees (or “lay to lose” as it is also called) on horse racing.

Let’s take a look at which bookies have started to guarantee to lay bets on UK and Irish racing to win up to a certain amount.   


Minimum Bet Guarantees UK Bookmakers

Here is the current state of play:

Bet Victor – A very comprehensive bet guarantee offer, Bet Victor will accept bets to win up to £500 on all UK and Irish races, from 11am on the day of the race.

This applies to both win and each-way bets and is provided as a separate Guaranteed Bet market alongside the normal markets.

Betfair Sportsbook – Similarly to Bet Victor, Betfair Sportsbook will accept bets to win up to £500 on all UK and Irish races, from 10am on the day of the race.

This is win-only though and does not cover each-way bets. 

Skybet – This is a little more restrictive than the above two at the current time, with only class 1 and 2 races covered, but they will accept bets to win up to £500 from 10am onwards on the day of the race.

Coral/Ladbrokes – These two bookies currently only provide a minimum bet guarantee in their shops and not online. 

They will accept bets to win up to £5,000 per customer (from 9am) – to include all Channel 4 races and up to £2,000 per customer (from 11am) – to include all non-televised Class 4 and above handicaps, Listed and Group/Graded races in the UK.

William Hill – trialed allowing bets to win up to £5,000 in shops and £1,000 online for races shown on ITV only. Further news is awaited as to whether this will become permanent. 

[Please note all of the above are correct at the time of writing and subject to change. Please see the individual bookmakers for the terms and conditions of each offer]. 


Dawn of a New Age?

With a number of UK bookies now offering a minimum bet guarantee, it would appear to herald the dawn of a new age for the punter. Restricted accounts have been the bane of punters for years, ending the budding career of many successful and professional bettors and wrecking otherwise effective betting and trading strategies. 

However, whilst the minimum bet guarantee is a welcome development, a number of questions about it still remain. 

Firstly, it should be noted that with Bet Victor for example, sometimes the odds for the Bet Guarantee market are not as good as for the normal market. This does rather devalue the offer and we would hope that in time they will move to eliminate any difference and offer the same odds on the minimum bet market. 

Secondly, will the bookies allow punters to use the minimum bet guarantee to arb, match bet and do other low-risk forms of betting/trading? There appears to be some contradiction in this, as whilst they say they will accept all bets, the bookies also have T&Cs saying they have the right to ban anyone who is arbing.

So what will they do? The evidence from forums we have seen is that so far the bookies seem to be allowing arbing, but it remains to be seen if that will continue to be the case. 

Thirdly, will this expand to cover a wider timeframe? Much of the value in horse racing is in the evening before racing, but it is questionable whether bookies would be willing to offer a minimum bet guarantee for early prices. If they did it would be a very positive development for punters. 

And will other sports be offered too or will this just be restricted to horse racing? In Australia they have recently moved to expand the MBL to cover greyhound racing, which is encouraging. It would be great to see it expand to cover sports like football, tennis and golf too. 

Ultimately it will take some time to see how this all plays out and whether it will herald a new age for the punter, but the fact that a number of bookies and offering a “lay to lose”/minimum bet guarantee is very welcome news and hopefully is a sign of more to come. 

Tired of losing money betting? Check out this top quality horse racing tipster who has more than doubled the betting bank. 





footballer goal celebration

Members Choice Awards – Best Football System 2018

During December we gave members of Honest Betting Reviews the chance to vote for their favourite betting systems of the year. 

The first winner was announced last week with Profit Maximiser capturing the title of Best Matched Betting Service by a wide margin. 

Now it is the turn of the Best Football System and this was a close run thing with a number of runners getting a high amount of votes.  

In a tie for third place were Football Advisor and Banker Bets, two popular long-running services which both gathered around 10% of the votes. 

In second place was the respected Chloe’s Football Focus, which racked up a very nice 83 points profit in 2018 and was well deserving of the runners-up spot. 

So which service grabbed the top spot?

Well the service in question has won quite a few other awards so it’s probably not too much of a surprise that it won our award for Best Football System too. 

Yes, the winner was the hugely popular football trading service Goal Profits!

A big congratulations to the whole team at Goal Profits then for scooping yet another award. 

And to celebrate the win, the great news is that they are offering a huge discount to join their service so you can get the first week for just £2.49! 

That’s great value for a service that’s so popular with hundreds of football traders. 

Here is what Steve Brown from Goal Profits had to say on receiving the award:

Thanks Dan and thank you to all of your members who voted for Goal Profits. This is fantastic news! We especially enjoy winning awards which are voted for, rather than randomly handed out. This is our third award win in 2018 alone and it spurs us on to create even better learning resources and trading tools for all of our members.

During the summer, we launched our Live Trading Module and it has been a massive hit! It tracks in-play stats, identifies which teams are actively trying to score, provides trade alerts and much more. We have plenty of new features planned for 2019 and work has already begun on the first of them.

Our 16-week ‘Launchpad’ football trading course was fully updated this year too. All members have full access to Launchpad from day one plus, of course, unlimited support by email, on the forum and in the live trading chat room. We’ve even brought a new team member whose job is to make sure that Goal Profits members receive any help they need as quickly as possible. We’re fully committed to helping as many members as possible reach their trading goals, whether it’s a full-time career or just a steady second income.

As always, there’s plenty to keep us busy as we constantly improve and innovate. Thank you again to everyone who voted and we look forward to trading with you soon!

So there you have it, well done to Steve and the team at Goal Profits for the win and we hope to take another look at the service ourselves over the coming months.