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MLB Profiles: New York Mets

One of the most popular sports these days has to be baseball. Baseball is popular both on the pitch and in the betting office as it is for fantasy baseball, which also wracks up quite the crowd.

Of all of the teams at play in MLB, there are several that exceed the rankings in popularity. The New York Mets are one of the teams that excels in its fanbase, but, let’s take a moment to talk about who they are and their history!

Who Are The New York Mets?

The Mets are an American pro baseball team that is based in the NYC borough of Queens. They compete in MLB in the Eastern division of the National League. The Mets and the Yankees are the two major league clubs that are NYC based.

One of baseball’s first expansion teams was the Mets as they were founded in 1962 to replace the departed NL teams; the Dodgers and the Giants.

In their inaugural season, the Mets posted a 40-120 record, which is the worst regular season record that has ever been seen in MLB.  The Mets also managed to qualify for the post-season ten times over and also managed to win the World Series on 2 occasions.

They managed to win 5 National League Pennants, with the most recent ones in 2000 and 2015, and also gained 6 total National League East division titles.

Their ownership changed in 2020, now under the ownership of Steve Cohen, a billionaire hedge fund manager, who purchased the team for $2.4 billion.

As 2022 came around, Forbes ranked the Mets as being the 6th most valuable MLB team, as they had a value of $2.650 billion.

When the 2022 regular season ended, the team had an overall win-loss record of 4,652 to 4,988 overall.

History Of The Franchise?

Every franchise has a history, and the Mets had a unique and interesting history, so let’s take a look.


After 1957, the Brooklyn Dodgers and Giants moved from NYC to California to become the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants, which left NYC with no NL franchises, and only a single AL team, which was the New York Yankees.

The NL decided to expand, and add the New York Mets. They quickly took on the colors of the Giants and Dodgers, as blue and orange, which are also featured on the NYC flag.

In 1962, the Mets posted a 40-120 record, which was the biggest loss in a season since 1899. Then, later on, in the 1963 season they featured Willey, who was having a very good year, he pitched 4 shut-outs before he incurred an injury and ended up finishing with a 9-14 win-loss record.

At the beginning of their inception, they did not do so well, as you can see. However, eventually, things would improve for this team.

2nd Pennant In The 70s

In ‘73, the Mets managed to rally and go from 5th place to eventually win their division, despite only having a record of 82-79. They upset the favored Cincinnati Reds in NLCS and managed to push the defending World Series champions, the Oakland Athletics into a seventh game, however, they did end up losing the series.

1973 was the only NL East division title from ‘70 and ‘80 that the Phillies or Pirates did not win as well. However, in 1977 the Met’s star pitcher, Tom Seaver ended up being traded and the Mets fell to the bottom for some years.


In 1980, the Mets got sold to the Doubleday publishing company for $21.1 mil.

In the mid 80’s the franchise did turn around a bit, drafting Darryl Strawberry, a talented slugger, and then Dwight Gooden in 1985. They also gained Keith Hernandez in 1983, who was a former NL MVP and Gold Glove winner.

In ‘85 they also got Gary Carter and managed to win 98 games, but still missed the playoffs. However, in ‘86 they managed to win their division with a 108-54 record, which is one of the best in NL history!

They won an NLCS in 6 games as well, with the 6th game lasting 16 innings, which was the longest in playoff history until 2005. That year, they were only a single hit away from losing the World Series, before a series of miscues led to an error from Bill Buckner, which gave them a victory.

They finally won their second World Series title in 7 games that year! 

1990s Struggles

The ’90s saw a lot of struggles for the Mets, as they finished with a losing record for 6 seasons in a row from ‘91 to ‘96. They did not get to the postseason again until 1999.


After such a rollercoaster ride the Mets have changed their outlook for the latest MLB betting odds and had a new owner take them over in 2020. They have also seen more records being built up by newer players. Jacob deGrom set a new MLB record allowing 3 or fewer earned runs in 40 games consecutively.

We also saw a new single-season record broken by Jim Scott. So, there is more improvement, and we hope to see even more in the future.




The Best Poker Moves in Recent History


Poker is an exciting game that has captured the attention of millions of people around the world.

From its origins in the 19th century to the present day, poker has evolved, adapting to innovative strategies.

That’s why acquiring and developing gaming skills is vital for any player who wants to excel.

Over the years, we have witnessed some incredible moves and strategies that have changed the course of this game, leaving even some players breathless. This time, we will take an exciting journey through those poker plays that have made history.

One of the most iconic moves in recent times was Phil Ivey’s epic bluff at the 2010 World Series of Poker. In a crucial hand, Ivey faced off against the defending champion, Joe Cada.

Holding what appeared to be a weak hand, Ivey made a massive bet that put a significant portion of his chip stack at stake.

Despite his precarious position, Ivey managed to intimidate Cada, who eventually folded and handed the victory to Ivey. This bold move was widely applauded and recognized as one of the greatest poker plays of all time.

Another historic move took place during the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event. Qui Nguyen, a relatively unknown player, employed an aggressive and unconventional strategy that led him to victory.

Nguyen showcased an impressive ability to read his opponents and capitalize on the opportunities that arose. His unpredictable playing style and knack for keeping opponents in the dark were crucial to his success in the tournament

In addition to these standout moves, technology has played a significant role in the development of modern poker. With the advancement of technology, professionals can train their skills for championships on the internet while earning rewards.

Specialized sites like CasinoBonusCA compare online casinos based on key factors like bonuses, promotions, ratings and casino details. Furthermore, a list of the best selections of games to play and train your skills whether it is slots, blackjack, or above all, poker.

At the same time, you train and you can take economic benefits realized through classic or new payment methods.

Online poker players can develop numerous gameplay strategies to become high-level opponents as it can be seen on HonestBettingReviews. Among the best online poker moves, undoubtedly resonate:

Bluff of Viktor Blom, in 2009, during Tom Dwan’s “durrrr” challenge, Viktor Blom performed an epic bluff in an online poker hand. With one card needed on the river to complete a straight, Blom made a massive bet that led Dwan to fold with a better hand.

This audacious move surprised the poker community and established Blom as an elite player in the world of online poker.

Card reading by Fedor Holz, in 2016, during the main event of the Triton Super High Roller Series in Montenegro, Fedor Holz showcased an incredible ability to read his opponent, David Peters. Holz made a cunning move and successfully forced Peters to fold, even though he had a winning hand.

This play highlighted the importance of reading skills in poker and solidified Holz as one of the best players of his time.

Martin Jacobson’s bluff at the World Series of Poker: At the 2014 World Series of Poker, Martin Jacobson executed a brilliant bluff at the final table of the main event.

With a sizable chip stack and an accurate read on his opponent, Jacobson made a daring bluff that allowed him to claim the pot and stay in the competition. This pivotal move proved instrumental in his ultimate victory in the tournament, where he was crowned the world poker champion.

Dan Smith’s heroic fold at the Super High Roller Bowl: During the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl, Dan Smith made a heroic fold in a hand against Christoph Vogelsang.

Despite holding a seemingly strong hand, Smith correctly read Vogelsang and decided to fold, avoiding a significant loss of chips.

This impressive move demonstrated the importance of reading skills and strategic decision-making in high-stakes poker.

These are just a few examples of the best poker moves in recent history, including online tournaments. The game of poker continues to evolve, and talented players will always find ways to surprise us with their skills and innovative strategies.

Whether it’s a well-timed bluff, a masterful read, or a strategic fold, these moves showcase the excitement and brilliance of the game.

As technology continues to advance, online poker is solidifying itself as a popular platform for players to showcase their skills and compete in tournaments from the comfort of their own homes.

Online platforms offer a wide range of games and training opportunities, allowing players to enhance their skills and potentially earn financial rewards through various payment methods.




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Wembley pic bobby moore

8 FA Cup Facts You May Not Know

The FA Cup final takes place today between Manchester City and Manchester Utd at Wembley Stadium and it is set to be a cracking final.

The bookies have City priced as strong favourites at a best price of 1.67 to win in 90 minutes, whilst United are the clear outsiders at best odds of 5.75.

The final will be played in balmy conditions as temperatures at Wembley Stadium and expected to reach over 20 degrees centigrade.

Hopefully it will be one of the classic contests that goes down in FA Cup folklore.

Certainly the competition is steeped in history and is known throughout the world as the premiere domestic cup competition.

Do you think you know the FA Cup well? Test your knowledge with 8 fun facts about the FA cup you might not know.

  • The first FA Cup – took place in 1871-72 and the final was between Wanderers and Royal Engineers held at Kennington Oval. Wanderers won 1-0 making them the first FA Cup winners, something they also achieved the following year.
  • Successful clubs – Arsenal is the most successful FA Cup winner, having received the trophy 14 times. They are followed by Manchester United who have collected 12 cups; Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Chelsea come next have 8 wins apiece; Aston Villa have collected 7 cups, and Newcastle United, Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers have each triumphed six times.  
  • Biggest goal margin – The biggest goal margin occurred just last year when Manchester City hammered Watford 6-0. Previous to that the biggest winning margin was way back in 1890 when Blackburn Rovers beat The Wednesday 6-1. In recent times other biggest winning margins include Arsenal beating Aston Villa in the final by 4-0 in 2015. That was the biggest win since 1994 when Manchester United beat Chelsea and with the same score line. Manchester United also beat Brighton & Hove Albion 4-0 in 1983.
  • Highest scoring finals – this was in 1890 between Blackburn Rovers and Sheffield Wednesday in which Blackburn won 6-1 and in 1953 when Blackpool beat Bolton Wanderers by 4-3.
  • Giant killers – Luton Town have been the hottest giant killers over the last quarter century. Their greatest success was in the 2012/13 season when they beat Norwich who at the time were 88 places above them. They have also beaten Wolves, Bradford City and Newcastle United. Other leading giant killers include Oldham Athletic, Swansea City, Sheffield United and Cardiff City. However, in terms of individual games, the biggest giant killer game was that between Hereford and Newcastle in 1972 in which Hereford won 2-1 in extra time. Other memorable giant killer games include Manchester United and Leeds in 2010 where Leeds won 1-0, and Leicester City and Wycombe Wanderers in 2001.
  • Biggest scandals – one of the biggest FA Cup scandals occurred in 2017 and involved a meat pie. Wayne Shaw, the reserve goalkeeper for Sutton, was filmed eating a meat pie in the dugout during the match in which Sutton lost to Arsenal. The result was a betting scandal as Sutton was aware that a bookmaker had offered odds on him being shown on TV doing just that. As a result he resigned tearfully from the team.

  • Trophies – There have been five FA Cup trophies. The first, which cost £20 to create, was stolen in 1895 while it was on display in a Birmingham shoe shop having been won by Aston Villa. Trophy number two, a precise replica of the first one, was in use from 1896 till 1910 and was subsequently sold in 2005 for almost half a million pounds. The third trophy was larger as was used for several years but it was discovered to be fragile and so was replaced by a replica which remained in use until 2014 when it was replaced by a stronger, heavier version.
  • Unluckiest club – arguably the Leicester City is the unluckiest club in the competition; they have played in the final on four occasions but have failed to win the cup. Whether you consider Wigan Athletic to be unlucky or unlucky depends on your point of view; in 2013 the club won the FA Cup, and in the same season they were relegated from the Premier League.

Any fascinating FA Cup facts we have missed – let us know!

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Tipster of the Month – May

As May has come to a close it is time for our “Tipster of the Month” award.

This is where we look at the top tipsters – both those we have reviewed in the past and those we are currently reviewing – to see who’s performed most strongly over the last month.

It’s a chance to find out who is in form and has been giving the bookies a good hiding over the last month and to note any stand-out performances.

Now it’s time to look at the top tipsters from May.


The Sporting Month of May

May was a month of transition in the sporting world as the football season came towards an end in Europe, whilst the flat racing season got fully underway. 

There was also a feeling of déjà vu in the big European leagues as perennial winners PSG, Bayern Munich and Manchester City once again won their respective domestic leagues.

In Spain Barcelona continued the duopoly of La Liga by winning the title for the first time in four years, whilst in Italy Napoli broke the mould by capturing their first Scudetto in over 30 years. 

In the racing world, the month got off to a flying start with the Guineas meeting at Newmarket, where Chaldean won the 2,000 Guineas with the ageless Frankie Dettori on board whilst Mawj won the 1000 Guineas for trainer Saeed bin Suroor.


Tipster of the Month – May 2023

In terms of tipping, May saw some strong performances from both horse racing and football tipsters with plenty of profit made across the board. 

Let’s take a look at the best tipsters for the month of May. 


3. Banker Bets 

It is quite tough for football services to break into our list, as they tend to grind out small gains rather than have big winners like horse racing and golf services. 

However, this month a footy tipster has managed to break into the top 3 and that is Banker Bets.

Using a variety of strategies they produced some strong gains in May, with the four systems delivering the following results:-

  • Over 1.5 Goals: 33 wins and 4 losses for 20.7% profit on starting bank and 11.19% ROI
  • Over 2.5 Goals: 20 wins and 10 losses for 13.32% profit on starting bank and 22.2% ROI
  • Favourites: 20 wins, 4 losses and 1 void for 7.2% profit on starting bank and 5.76% ROI
  • Draws: 17 wins and 40 losses for 0.17% profit on starting bank and 0.29% ROI

That’s really good consistency and continues the momentum shown in previous months.

As we say it’s tough for footy services to break through so with these results, Banker Bets is well worthy of a place on our Tipster of the Month awards. 


2. King of the Picks

Taking the number two spot for the month is a horse racing service we are currently reviewing, King of the Picks.

With the flat season getting going in earnest it was a perfect time for them to show their mettle and that is exactly what it did in May, racking up an impressive 28 points profit. 

There were some big winners throughout the month, including Bielsa at 12/1, Urban Sprawl at 12/1, Great State at 8/1 and plenty more at decent prices. 

We have come to expect high quality from the King of the Picks service and that is what they have delivered. Congratulations to them on racking up some very healthy profits in May.


1. The Bookies Enemy

The winner of out Tipster of the Month for May is a service that passed a review here at HBR back in 2018 and has delivering superb results for a while now and that is horse racing tipster The Bookies Enemy.

With an excellent 364 points profit made since August 2022 and nine profitable months out of the last ten, they have been relentless in their pursuit of profit. 

May was no exception either with another 48 points profit made for the month, which would be £1200 profit at £25 per point stakes.

That included winners at 16/1, 11/1, & 8/1 and many more at a range of prices that kept the profits rolling in throughout the month. 

A formidable effort then that hit the bookies where it hurts and earned The Bookies Enemy our Tipster of the Month awards for May. 

You can check out The Bookies Enemy for yourself here.





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An Introduction to Horse Racing

Humanity first tamed the horse 6000 years ago. Since then, we’ve been watching athletes race horses, whether in direct competition or chariot racing.

Horse races have been popular throughout human history. However, in the 1800s, when the Victorian age rekindled the horse racing spark, the sport became an international sensation.

Today, horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Watched by fans from all around the globe, the sport is especially popular in England, Ireland, the United States of America, France, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan.

However, most countries have notable horse racing competitions. So, in this article, we would like to briefly discuss some of the most notable things about horse racing, and give you a quick rundown on the sport.

Betting on Horse Races

Horse racing’s success mainly stems from its popularity as a betting sport. Most bookies cover the biggest events regarding horse races, place odds on the top equestrian athletes, and discuss their pairings with jockeys. Unsurprisingly, horse racing is also popular with online bettors.

For those who don’t know, online sportsbooks have reached a whole new level of success in 2023. They cover all of the greatest athletic competitions, and there are many that entirely focus on horse racing. On top of that, most online bookies offer excellent bonuses, promotions, and more, as seen on this page. So, if you have an interest in betting, check out the link provided.

Most Notable Horse Racing Events

There are several, notable, and beloved horse racing events in 2023. Most fans of horse racing will undoubtedly know of the Kentucky Derby.

The jewel on top the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby is one of the United States’ most notable sports events. Horses from all over the country come to compete for the title of greatest. The Kentucky Derby has been the stomping ground for some of the greatest equestrian athletes in history, including the Secretariat.

The Royal Ascot is another incredibly popular and widely watched event in horse racing. Held annually in the English town of Ascot, the event is much more than just a horse race. There is a gala, a fashion show, a cocktail party and more.

Famous for being attended by the British Royal Family, the Royal Ascot will very likely remain one of England’s, and the World’s, most popular sporting events.

And finally, we head on over to the Middle East, in order to take a look at the UAE Derby. A flat horse race stretching over a distance of 1.900 meters, the UAE Derby usually takes place at the end of March. Known for its extraordinarily rich purse, which currently sits at $2.5 million, the UAE Derby is one of the biggest events in horse racing.


Whether you love it or find it unappealing, horse racing undoubtedly remains a popular event around the world. We hope this article has helped those who want to know more about the sport, as it certainly has been growing in popularity in the past couple of years.




Abstract Motion Blur Horse Race

The Most Successful and Legendary Horses in Racing History

As a dedicated fan of horse racing, we are excited to start a new topic about the most successful horses in racing history. We find something inspiring about watching them run like the wind. It just feels like they’re pushing it to the limit every time they step on the race track.

You probably know some of them already – legends like Secretariat and Man o’ War simply changed the world of horse racing. However, we’ll also mention a few modern names that recently captured our hearts. Whether you are betting on horses, other sports or at the casino, you can find the best payout online casino in Canada and place a bet on your favorites.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or a mint julep, if you’re feeling fancy) and let’s explore the 10 most famous horses in history!

Image source: Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

Top 10 Race Horses

The history of horse racing has seen hundreds of lightning-fast animals, but some of them are truly elite. Here’s our overview of the top 10 names:

1.   Secretariat

This legendary American thoroughbred is widely regarded as one of the greatest racehorses of all time. He won the Triple Crown in 1973 and set new track records in each of the races. That includes a still-standing record in the Belmont Stakes. He won 16 of his 21 career starts and earned over $1.3 million.

2.   Man o’ War

Many fans consider this American thoroughbred to be the greatest racehorse of the early 20th century. He won 20 of his 21 career starts, including the Preakness and Belmont Stakes in 1920, and earned over $249,000.

3.   Citation

This American thoroughbred won 32 of his 45 career starts, including the Triple Crown in 1948. He was the first horse to win over $1 million in prize money. As of 1959, Citation is a proud member of the Racing Hall of Fame.

4.   Kelso

This American thoroughbred was named Horse of the Year five times, a record that still stands. He won 39 of his 63 career starts and earned over $1.9 million.

5.   Kincsem

This Hungarian thoroughbred was unbeaten in her 54 career starts, a record for any Thoroughbred racehorse. She won races in Hungary, Austria, Germany, and England, earning over 219,000 florins.

6.   John Henry

This American thoroughbred won 39 of his 83 career starts and earned over $6.5 million, a record at the time. John Henry won two Horse of the Year awards and was inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame in 1990.

7.   Phar Lap

This Australian thoroughbred won 37 of his 51 career starts, including the Melbourne Cup in 1930. He was a national hero in Australia during the Great Depression. Phar Lap earned over £66,000 during his racing career.

8.   Forego

This American thoroughbred won 34 of his 57 career starts and earned over $1.9 million. He won three Horse of the Year awards and was inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame in 1979.

9.   Zenyatta

This American thoroughbred won 19 of her 20 career starts, with her only loss coming in her final race. She won the Breeders’ Cup Classic in 2009, becoming the first filly to win the race, and earned over $7.3 million.

10.   Frankel

This British thoroughbred won all 14 of his career starts, including 10 Group 1 races. He was named the world’s best racehorse in 2011, 2012, and 2013, and retired with earnings of over £2.9 million.

What makes a great racing horse?

Like great athletes, famous horses combine many factors that make them so successful. It all starts with genetics because the animal’s genetic makeup predetermines its racing potential. Some of these factors ar:

–        Bone structure

–        Muscle mass

–        Lung capacity

–        Leg length

Together, all of these elements affect a horse’s speed, stamina, and overall athletic ability. But genetics is not the only thing that matters here. There’s also the issue of training – proper exercise helps horses to develop their full potential.

One part of training focuses on building strength and endurance, while the other is about maximizing speed. However, coaches also focus on different techniques to improve the horse’s racing skills.

Besides that, diet and nutrition are incredibly important for health and performance. That’s why coaches introduce special diets with high-quality grains and supplements – it helps horses maintain high energy levels. Another thing that makes a champion horse is its mental condition. After all, its temperament has a major impact on its performance on the track. That’s because a calm horse is more likely to be the winner of the horse race than anxious animals.

Finally, we must mention racing environment as another important factor of success. Most horses have a favorite type of track – universal racers are extremely rare. It’s similar to gamblers who prefer only certain types of casino games.

Jockeys are just as important

No matter how good a horse is, they can’t become champions with good jockeys. Firstly, the pair has to be compatible and understand each other. A good jockey understands the personality of their horse, so he can adjust on the go. This creates a surprisingly strong bond between the two.

In addition, the best jockeys know how to read a race. They make quick decisions and handle their horses under pressure, which makes all the difference in a tight race.

The Bottom Line

The legacy of famous horses left an indelible mark on horse racing history. From the early 20th century to the modern era, these legendary animals captivated us with their remarkable athletic abilities and unwavering spirit.

As we continue to witness new generations of racehorses emerge, we can only hope that they will continue to inspire and amaze us, just as their legendary predecessors did before them.




poker players at table

10 Facts About Poker

Many people adore playing online casino games. Poker is one of the most popular card games of all time. Though a player’s success in this game is heavily reliant upon luck, skill and strategy will also play a major role. 

If you adore poker, here are ten terrific facts that may surprise you:

1. It Used To Be Played With Just 20 Cards 

Famously, poker is played with a 52-card deck. However, when the game was first devised, it was played with just 20 cards. It was not until the early 1800s that the game incorporated the entire 52-card deck. 

To play this game, 5 cards would be given to 4 different players. As a result, the winner would be the player with the best hand of cards.

2. The Exact Origins Of Poker Are Not Known 

It is not entirely known when and where poker originates from. Many people believe that our modern understanding of poker comes from the United States. It is believed to have been started during the early stages of the 19th century. 

Many historians believe that the game may have come from China during the 10th century. It may have been inspired by a game during this period that combined dominoes with a card game. 

Alternatively, it may have derived from “As-Nas”. As-Nas is a card game that comes from Persia. It is believed to have started during the 16th or 17th century. 

The truth is that it is simply impossible to firmly state the origins of poker. 

3. The Royal Flush Is The Best Hand

The royal flush is inarguably the best poker hand. This game-winning hand is formed of a Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit. 

The odds of getting a royal flush are 649,739-to-1. The probability of getting this hand is 0.000154%. Consequently, it is the rarest hand in the game. 

4. The World Series of Poker Was First Televised In 1973

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a tournament that has been around since 1970. After the emergence of this tournament, the desire to watch poker tournaments on television increased.

Therefore, the first WSOP tournament to be televised occurred in 1973. This tournament was broadcasted by CBS Sports. Today, these tournaments are regularly televised. 

5. Johnny Chan Had A Good Luck Orange

Johnny Chan is a professional poker player, who has won several World Series of Poker competitions.

One of the quirky facts about this player is that Chan would always bring an orange with him for extra luck. This orange would be placed next to his load of chips. 

Originally, the orange served a practical purpose, but it has since become a good luck charm. It was originally used to cover up the smell of his cigarettes. 

6. Online Poker Started In 1998

Nowadays, online poker is a popular game. The online version of this game has now been around for a relatively long time. 

The first ever game of online poker was first played on the 1st of January 1998. This game was hosted by Planet Poker. This game quickly took off and became increasingly popular.

7. Players Often Give Away Their Hand Through Body Language

When playing this high-stakes game, people are told to maintain a “poker face”. Essentially, this means that they should attempt to conceal their emotions so that the other players are unable to tell what cards they have. 

As humans, we unconsciously and consciously communicate with our bodies. Most people will have a visible tell, which is a signal or gesture that indicates the quality of their hand. 

In particular, you should pay attention to the microexpressions in the face to tell what your opponents are thinking when they look at the cards. 

8. The Longest Poker Game Lasted For 8 Years

Did you know that the longest game of poker lasted for a massive 8 years? This game continued from 1881 to 1889. This game of poker was played constantly, lasting 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. 

This infamous game occurred at the iconic Bird Cage Theatre. The game featured several noteworthy poker players, such as Doc Holiday, George Hearst, and Diamond Jim Brady. 

Roughly $10 million was exchanged through this grueling game of poker. 

9. There Was Once A Fifth Suit

Alongside the four traditional suits of hearts, diamonds, aces, and spades, it was once proposed that another suit be introduced to the game. This card deck would be made with green eagles. 

This suggestion was made during the 1930s. Though the majority of card manufacturers still use the four traditional sets, it is possible to find five-set packs. 

10. Justin Bonomo Is One Of The Best Players Of All Time

Many poker players have experienced massive success in the game. Justin Bonomo is one of the most successful poker players of all time. Dubbed ZeeJustin, Bonomo is known for his participation in live tournaments. Through these tournaments, he has made an impressive $57,283,047. 

Final Thoughts

You might think that you know everything about poker. But, as this list demonstrates, there are plenty of fascinating facts related to the world of poker that few people know. Hopefully, this lust has taught you something new. 





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Tipster of the Month – April

It’s that time again – yes it’s time to look at our “Tipster of the Month” award for April.

This is where we look at the top tipsters – both those we have reviewed in the past and those we are currently reviewing – to see who’s performed most strongly over the last month.

It’s a chance to find out who is in form and has been giving the bookies a good hiding over the last month and to note any stand-out performances.

So let’s take a look at who the best tipsters were in April.


Tipster of the Month – April 2023

April was a big month for sport with the Grand National, the Masters golf, Champions League quarter-finals and much more besides.

It didn’t quite have that spring-like feel here in the UK as the weather remained cold but that didn’t stop some tipsters from striking red-hot form as they hit the bookies where it hurts in April.

Let’s get on to looking at the top three tipsters for the month. There was a runaway winner this time, with one tipster racking up an astonishing 143 points profit over the month! 


3. Bet Alchemist

In third place is last month’s winner, long-running horse racing tipster the Bet Alchemist

This is a service we originally reviewed way back in 2016, when it received a PASSED rating.

The service has continued to perform strongly over the years since and has now amassed over 680 points profit in total. They specialise in the major festivals like Cheltenham and Aintree in particular, with a lot of the profit coming from the festivals. 

After an excellent March in which they made an impressive 40 points profit (and as we say, our Tipster of the Month award for that month), the Bet Alchemist followed it up with another good month in April, notching a further 20 points profit

There were some nice winners during the month including Ailie Rose at 25/1, Malystic at 12/1,  Monbeg Park at 11/1 and plenty of others at decent prices.

So another very good month from the Bet Alchemist and well done for following March’s win with a third place finish in April. 


2. Loves Racing

In second place we have another long-running and successful horse racing tipster, Loves Racing. 

We originally reviewed this service back in 2019 when it made a commendable 65 points profit (+19 extra for their festival bets). Much like the Bet Alchemist, Loves Racing has continued to perform admirably since then, amassing over 770 points profit in total. 

Also much like the Bet Alchemist, they tend to perform best at festivals and the big meetings. And so it has proved lately, with more winners being smashed in left, right and centre at racing’s showpiece events. 

In April Loves Racing made an excellent 36 points profit, landing winners including Madeira Mist at 33/1, Harswell Duke at 16/1, Vadream at 12/1, Ballybawn Belter at 12/1 and Regarding Ruth at 22/1. 

A word of advice though if you are following this service – it is vital to get on the bets as soon as tips are sent out as prices get absolutely smashed in. A couple of hours later they can often be half the advised price, removing all or most of the value. 

If you are able to get on quickly and have a good spread of bookie accounts however Loves Racing is a top service and proved it once again in April. 


1. Hanbury Racing

Well there was a runaway winner of our Tipster of the Month prize for April and that was Hanbury Racing. 

This is a service we ran a trial of in November 2021 and it delivered a superb 238 points profit during our seven month review.

Much like the two services above it has continued to consistently deliver profits since then, with a penchant for finding massive winners. 

In April Hanbury came out with all guns blazing and landed not just one, but two 50/1 winners, in the shape of Burbank and Sugapiehoneybunch. 

With another winner at 30/1 and plenty more at decent prices throughout the month, that helped them to a whopping 143 points profit in April! 

That would be £1,430 at £10 per point stakes or £3,575 profit at £25 per point stakes.

So suffice to say they swept the floor with the opposition in April and that makes them the undisputed winner of the Tipster of the Month award. 

Big congrats to Hanbury Racing for the win and the two 50/1 winners in April. Magical stuff!