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Football player celebrating

Draw Betting Tips Special Offer

One of our top recommended football tipsters is running a special offer for the next 3 days which you won’t want to miss.

The service is JK Diego’s Draw Betting Tips and it is one we reviewed for 15 months and it made over $10,000 profit to $100 flat stakes.

Here are the details of the Special Offer:

Special Offer

Join Team Diego at $248.50 for the next 72 hours (usual fee: $497) – use code HBR50OFF at checkout.

Prices are rising everywhere. But when they go high, JK Diego goes low. At least for the next 72 hours.

This is the first ever sale on a Team Diego Draw Subscription since they began operations almost 5.5 years ago…

To be honest, we’re not sure we will ever see it again.

1) Sale begins now. It will last from Friday the 13th (3.30pm GMT) to Monday the 16th of May 2022 (3.30pm GMT).

2) Get 50% OFF our Monthly Draw Subscription by applying discount code “HBR50OFF” on the sign up page. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


3) This special sale is LIMITED TO A MAXIMUM QUANTITY OF 6 per person, i.e. you can purchase 6 months of Team Diego subscription for the price of 3 months (immediate savings: 1491 USD).

Simply adjust the cart quantity on the sign up page. After you click “Add To Cart”, you can adjust the quantity there.

4) Everyone is free to take advantage of this sale. If you have an existing subscription, any purchases you make will be automatically added to your current subscription.

E.g. Your current subscription ends on 2nd June 2022. If you purchase today, we will automatically begin your (discounted) subscription from 3rd June onwards. No other action is needed from you.

5) All the usual Terms & Conditions as specified on the sign up page shall apply to this sale as well.

So grab this special half price offer now before it goes – and use code HBR50OFF at checkout.




Loves racing

Did You Miss Out on Top Tipster?

As news got out that Loves Racing made £867* profit since they offered a free trial (mentioned here), apparently they have had a lot of late requests to take the trial.

There have already been winners at 15/2, 11/4 & 10/3 since the free trial and then at Lingfield on Saturday, Lola Showgirl won at a massive 33/1.

Unfortunately they say there will be no more free trials this year though.

But if you want to try Loves Racing they do have a trial offer.

And it is a great time to try the service with Brett’s selections for tomorrow’s York meeting expected this afternoon.

The offer is for 10 days access to Loves Racing for just £7.

You can check out the trial offer here.

With a guarantee!

In the unlikely event that Brett does not make a profit over the next 10 days they will extend your membership at no charge until he does.

This is a service we have fully proofed since 2019 and that has made over 800 points profit overall (430 points profit on the main selections and 401 points profit on the festival selections).

Loves Racing is one of our top recommended horse racing tipsters and one we follow with our own money.

And you can try it now for just £7.

You will get immediate access and be among the first to get Brett’s selections for York.


* £50 per point stakes, or 17 points profit




Loves racing

Get Free Trial of Top Tipster

What are the chances that you’ll back a 50/1 winner this year?

Or even multiple 33’s.

Fact is it takes a lot of hard work to find big priced winners along with the confidence to go against the crowd.

One man who’s proven he has what it takes is Brett Love of Loves Racing.

It’s one of our top recommended services, having made 84 points profit in our trial of the service. 

We’ve continued to track it and it’s continued to deliver, with over 500 points profit now made in total.

Just check out his profit graph for flat racing from 2018 through 2021:

That’s about as good as you will see anywhere – and all these results have been fully proofed here. As we say Loves Racing is one of our very favourite tipsters and one we follow with our own money.

The nice thing is that there are both regular bets each week and then special “festival bets” for the big meetings like the Guineas (this weekend), Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood.

Members of Loves Racing are averaging one 50/1 winner per year over the last four years and plenty at smaller double figure prices.

To celebrate the start of the Classic’s season Brett is offering you all his selections this weekend for FREE.

Click Here to take the FREE trial.

We are assured that there will not be another free trial offered this year so if you want to try a top notch tipster for free take action today.

Don’t miss out on some big winners this flat season from one of the best horse racing tipsters in the business!





Win a £1,000 Bankroll!

Leading football betting and trading experts Predictology are celebrating their 8th birthday this week.

This is a service we reviewed back in 2020 and gave a PASSED rating to after it made 38 points profit in our trial. 

To make their 8th birthday, they’re offering you full access to the Predictology suite of betting and trading software and tools FREE FOR SEVEN DAYS!

But wait, it gets better…

You’ll also be entered into a free prize draw, with one lucky winner walking away with all this:

  • 1x £1,000 cash prize
  • 1x Predictology annual subscription (worth £267)
  • 1x BF Bot Manager annual subscription (worth £119.95)
  • 1x Premium Portfolio (six strategies) ready to be automated with BF Bot Manager (includes full system rules and automation strategy files worth £767)
  • 1x Art Of Betting and Trading eBook (worth £75)


There’s no commitment to continue beyond the free trial.

You can cancel at any time during the trial without charge and still be entered into the prize draw.

A total no-brainer of an offer… get yourself in the draw here!




US Flag plus dice

The Explosion of Sports Betting In The US

Sports betting is lifting off in the U.S and with a little bit of context, it is easy to understand why. Up until recently, it was prohibited to place a sports bet in several states but in the last few years, the rules have been relaxed across several states. The data from 2021 suggests that sports betting more than doubled in the U.S. With this in mind, the citizens of the U.S are waking up to the joys of online sports betting.

Recent Rule Changes

Up until 2018 if you were an American citizen who fancied placing a bet, you effectively had two options. You either placed a bet illegally or made your way down to a state that allowed sports betting. Easier said than done considering the vast size of the country.

Now 30 states offer online sports betting with a few more offering it as an option at a land-based sportsbook. Thus giving a lot more U.S citizens a chance to place a bet. There has already been somewhat of a domino effect in action and it is believed that in the coming years even more states will be opening their doors to the world of sports betting.

What you need to understand is that for gamblers in New York for example, they have been waiting for ages for the day to arrive where they could place a bet legally on a sporting event. Maybe they went to New Jersey or Vegas one time and they have been wanting to repeat this experience ever since.

So when New York did open for business the floodgates opened and more than $600 million was brought in the first two weeks alone. What a sign of commitment from the U.S gambling community.

The Evolution Of Mobile Betting

The U.S has gone from being a place where you could only legally place a bet if you were in a land-based casino to being a country where you could place a sports bet on your mobile phone. It will go without saying how much of an impact this would have on the numbers of people placing sports bets in the U.S.

As competition heats up across the US, operators are having to put out new promotions and offers to attract customers. Similarly to what we found in the competitive UK market, US operators are now offering out a huge range of free bets, risk free bet offers, matched bets and other bonuses to get players to join them over a rival operator.

Another consequence of these rule changes are that some of the biggest online casinos in the world are naturally jumping at the opportunity to form partnerships in the U.S as being a country with huge affluence the potential for such gambling enterprises are endless.

$1 Billion Spent On Advertising

The world’s biggest sportsbooks in the U.S such as FanDuel and DraftKings have used this opportunity to spend huge amounts of advertising meaning that more and more U.S citizens are being exposed to the possibilities of online betting. During games of NFL and Basketball gaming advertisements are on the rise and therefore this is becoming more of an accepted norm. Many believe that the U.S will follow a similar pattern to what occurs in the U.K where it is seen as completely normal to place a cheeky bet on the weekend.

Sports Betting In The U.S Will Only Get Bigger

Unless unlikely rule changes come into affect again sports betting is only going to become more popular in the U.S. With so many states recently adapting themselves to this industry it is only natural that some people are going to take a while to become adjusted to it also. Having said this within time it will become the norm and the money coming from sports betting in the U.S will only increase.

You only have to take a look at the popularity of sports betting in the UK. Nearly every football fan likes to place a winning bet on the weekends game to add some excitement to the match.




casino online

Online Casinos in 2022 – What to Expect

Unlike the other industries that faltered at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the online casino market saw dramatic growth. Moving forward in 2022, the market is expected to keep up its steady growth. Several factors have contributed to the success of the industry.

Of note is the ease and convenience of being able to play online. The industry is constantly incorporating new technologies all aimed at ensuring the ultimate gambling experience to the players. One of the advantages that technology has brought about to the players is being able to engage in online casinos right inside their homes.

Various governments and jurisdictions throughout the world continue to ease Covid-19 restrictions. But even as previously closed brick-and-mortar casinos open up again, more and more players are opting to play online.

In this article, you are going to learn more about what you can expect from the online casinos in 2022.

Enhancement of the visual quality of games

Developers of the online casino games are continuing to improve the games that they unveil to gamers. In 2021, the most consequential trend in the online casino industry was an enhanced visual quality. Of course this was aimed at matching the modern screen resolutions of the various devices the games are played in.

Expect to see the trend being improved in 2022 and even beyond as more providers scramble to outwit each other. The ultimate goal of the online casino games providers is to create something that nearly resembles the traditional casinos.

Online crypto currency casinos

Of course there are already many online casino providers that are accepting crypto currencies as a mode of payment and casino reviews at online casino bluebook helps you to find such casinos. However, there are still also quite a significant number of those that are yet to accept crypto.

In 2022, an even more number of online casinos will incorporate the use of crypto as legitimate currency. Expect to see various online casinos accepting common crypto currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The use of crypto in the online casinos helps to make transactions much more straightforward and faster for the players and the casinos. The other advantage is the added level of security and anonymity thus a win-win scenario that works for everyone.

In countries where there are stringent gambling laws like in New Zealand and others, you could opt to use crypto in the Casumo casino. This may help you maintain your anonymity and as well as that of the provider.

New games

In 2022, online casinos will look to integrate new and improved technologies into their websites as a way to enhance the variety of their game offerings. You can expect to see more hybrid games or some kind of specialized games on offer.

As game developers keep enhancing their game developing skills, expect more detailed and complex games styles. Your online casino experience will be taken a notch higher in 2022 as you could be presented with more levels to unlock. You will also find varied bonus rounds and quite different reels or playlines to explore.

More casino brands to crop up 2022

Like with most other markets any rise in the online casino market means many companies will come up to get into the mix. In 2022, expect to see many more online casino companies appearing. What this will mean for you is more options and better service offering from the service providers.

Easing of gambling laws in some countries

Not every country in the world today permits gambling something that has kept quite a significant number of gamblers from playing. In 2022 however, it is expected that countries where gambling is not permitted will begin to ease such restrictions.

As many developing countries is where gambling continued to be a grey area continue to wake up to its benefits, restrictions will be lifted. Sub-Saharan African countries are beginning to allow some forms of online gambling and incorporating some forms of regulations. They are now appreciating that indeed their governments can collect revenue from gambling.

Virtual Reality Gambling

Virtual reality devices have now become readily available to consumers from different parts of the world. The online casino providers are now beginning to appreciate VR and are in a rush to implement their use in gambling.

In 2022, we are expecting to see online casino providers implementing the use of VR casino gambling. These technologies help the players to be able to experience near-real-life casino gambling experience remotely. With them, players in their homes are able to play with real people and dealers using VR devices. In augment reality for instance, players are able to create a ‘roulette-like’ table on any surface and enjoy what they like most.

Fortunately for lovers of VR gambling, VR devices are becoming more readily available at highly competitive prices than you could have ever previously imagined!




Cheltenham festival

Cheltenham 2022 – Plan of Action

It’s nearly upon us – yes tomorrow is the start of the Cheltenham Festival!

It’s Dan here and my plan for Cheltenham is similar to the last few years – which has made me £24 profit, £504 profit and £711 profit the last three years, as chronicled in my betting diaries.

However, I will be mixing things up a little bit this year. My approach will be:

1. Take advantage of all the bookies’ offers and bonuses this week

There are some fantastic offers this week with extra places, money back and free bets being thrown around by the bookies like confetti. I will be using Profit Maximiser to see each day’s offers and make sure I use them to extract the most profit possible.

2. Use some top tipsters

Where as the last few years I have used two of my favourite tipsters – Quentin Franks Racing and the Bet Alchemist – to find the best bets for Cheltenham, this year I will be sticking with these two but adding a third – the Irish Cash Consortium.

They are a relatively new kid on the block but have been doing really well in our trial and have some huge gambles lined up for the festival. Having an inside track on the top Irish-trained horses could be a big advantage here.

So by combining that with my two longstanding favourite tipsters, hopefully it should give me a good chance of beating the bookies at Cheltenham.

And not forgetting the bookies’ offers, which alone can add up to hundreds of pounds if done correctly, so used in conjunction with some shrewd betting advice then it should be a winning formula.

Anyway, just thought I would share my plans for the week with you. Will keep you posted on how it goes in my Cheltenham betting diary!




Golf Tipster Lands 66/1 Winner!

There was some great news for followers of the Golf Insider this weekend as they landed another big winner.

This time it was 66/1 Joaquin Niemann, who won the Genesis Invitational on the PGA Tour.

And it was no fluke either as the Chilean golfer won from wire-to-wire, leading all four rounds, before winning the tournament by two shots.

Here are some of the comments of members:-

Great tipping!!” – Pat R.

Thanks for the update! Brilliant result 👏 “ – Ian B.

Niemann bravo! Got a bit bigger on the exchanges [65] so very happy with a £500 winning weekend.” – James F.

Wow, what a great start to the year with the GI service… too good to be true to be leading all the way, so amazing to see the win secured last night… a big thanks to the team.” – Paul D.

You can check out the Golf Insider here.

Since it started back in 2014, the Golf Insider has made members over 2200 points profit at recommended stakes or 830 points profit to level stakes (averaging 100+ point profits each and every year).

We ran a six month trial of the Golf Insider and it made an excellent 406 points profit, hitting winners at 20/1, 30/1, 150/1 and 250/1.

And just think for a second…

When you compare 250/1 winners to the likes of football, or horse racing, when was the last time you backed a winner at these odds?

No need for some multi-team Hail Mary perm, or a through-the-card accumulator… you could return a £1,500 profit by backing one single player, for just a tiny £5 EW stake.

This service really does offer the chance to bet small, but to win BIG.

But besides these headline tournament winners, members of the service also receive a comprehensive service, each week, that covers the PGA Tour and European Tour.

It’s not just outright winners then that you’ll be looking to back, but Round 1 3-Ball bets, Top 20’s and First Round Leaders (given at the year’s four Major championships)… and then there’s the game-changing new addition for this year…

New – Pre-Round 4 Updates

On top of all the above, members now receive a targeted pre-Round 4 update which pinpoints the market value ahead of the final day of events. So whether in Europe or the US, your card will be marked for the final 18 holes, and the pick of the Golf Insider’s personal bets will be sent your way.

And so far in 2022…

Winners at 25/1, 50/1 and, best of all, Jonathan Byrd winning at 100/1 on the final Sunday at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in California.

And to accompany these winners, a number of EW places at 45/1, 28/1, 18/1, 50/1.

And as the profit figures continue to rise…

Now is the time to be jumping on board this golfing gravy train.

What’s even better, the first Major of 2022, the US Masters at Augusta, isn’t too far away – and that’s always a great event to watch, and to bet on!

As ever, your membership comes with an initial 30-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee, so you can sign-up with total peace of mind, knowing that you have a safety net in place.

Matthew Walton who runs the service has assured us that new members joining today will be welcomed into the service in time to be on this week’s bets (the Honda Classic from West Palm Beach, Florida)… and to avoid missing further winners like 66/1 Niemann and 100/1 Byrd, now is the time to act.

All you need to do is strap on those plus-4s…

Reach for that Pringle sweater…

And hit the link below…

Click here to start your 30-Day Risk-Free Trial with the Golf Insider




cheltenham racecourse

Ireland Look Set to Dominate the Cheltenham Festival Once Again in 2022

Cheltenham racecourse” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Carine06

The Cheltenham Festival is the pinnacle of UK & Irish racing, and in 2021, the majority of the prizes went back home across the Irish Sea. Ireland won 23 of the 28 races that took place across the four days of the meeting. Will the same happen again in 2022?

That may be a tough ask, but dominance seems to be on its way, and landing 20 winners would certainly be no surprise, which is huge considering the competitive nature of the racing that takes place. A look at the latest racing odds for the Championship races at Cheltenham and you will see that Ireland is fancied to win three out of the four. As of January 18, they have 8/11 Champion Hurdle favourite Honeysuckle, 11/4 Stayers Hurdle favourite and the first four in the betting for the Gold Cup, with A Plus Tard leading the market at 7/2.

Of course, on top of this, they are always strong in the novice races and the handicaps at the meeting, which will be reflected in the fast results, so it seems we are set to see plenty more prizes on their way to Ireland this year.

Why is Ireland Dominating?

Without a doubt, at the moment, the biggest and best purchases are all finding their way to Ireland. Whether it’s the point to point winners, French recruits or horses from the flat, they all seem to be heading to Ireland.

Willie Mullins, who was top trainer at Cheltenham in 2021, gets a good share of them, as does Gordon Elliott, with the investment from Gigginstown Stud really paying dividends for him right now. The top two have a new challenger too, further strengthening the Irish charge.

That is Henry de Bromhead, a man who had a remarkable time in 2021, and if he gets anywhere near those achievements in 2022, it will be a huge season for him. Last season, de Bromhead trained Honeysuckle to victory in the Champion Hurdle, one of six wins for him at the meeting.


Not only that, but de Bromhead went on to win the Grand National with Minella Times, further cementing his place at the top table, after years of Irish dominance from Mullins and Elliott. Not only are the big two becoming bigger, with some sizeable purchases heading their way, but they are now a big three, which is only going to push the odds in their favour even more unless the UK fights back.

Can the UK Fight Back?

It has been a while since anyone took the UK racing on their back and pulled them forward. In the past, Paul Nicholls has done it, though doesn’t have the same kind of backing from owners now as he did in the past.

The same can be said for Nicky Henderson, while Dan Skelton continues to shine but fails to find the very top quality horses that can really challenge championship races. UK racing needs to find a way to compete with Ireland but may be waiting a while for that to happen.



man celebrates betting win

Members’ Choice Awards – Best Overall Betting Service 2021

So we come to the end of our awards for this year, as voted for by you, the members of Honest Betting Reviews. There is just one award left to hand out – that of Best Overall Betting Service 2021.

Before we get onto that though, we just want to say it was great to see so much interest this year, with a record number of people voting in the awards. 

We feel these awards are a good opportunity to mark out those services that have performed particularly well, introduced some new innovations and most importantly, hopefully made us all some extra income over the last year. 

In summary then, the winners we have had so far are:-

  • – Best Football Service: Goal Profits
  • – Best Horse Racing Service: Quentin Franks Racing
  • – Best (other) Sports Service: Trade on Sports
  • – Best Matched Betting Service: Profit Maximiser

Well done to all of those services on their awards. 

It’s worth noting that all the winners are established, long-running services that have proven their ability to beat the market over an extended period of time. That is the ultimate mark of quality and we are pleased to see it being recognised in the voting. 

Anyway, now it is time to move on to the final award of Best Overall Betting Service.

Best Overall Betting Service 2021

So this award is for the best overall service across all categories,  whether that be matched betting, tipsters or trading services and in any sport.

It’s obviously the toughest award to win and the most sought after. 

This year there was a runaway winner of the award, notching up more votes than all the other services put together! 

We will also give honourable mentions to those who notched some support in the voting, including Bookie Insiders Football (Neil MacDonald), Geegeez, Predictology and Slam Dunk Wizard.

This year’s resounding winner however was…


Goal Profits!

Yes, yet again this hugely popular football trading service has blown away the competition and picked up yet another award. That’s the second year in a row they have won best overall betting service and best football service.

Congratulations to the whole GP team on well-deserved recognition for all the hard work they’ve put in over the years.

Here is what Steve from Goal Profits had to say on receiving news of the award:

Thanks Dan, what a fantastic end to the year!Last September, we celebrated our 10th birthday. I can’t think of any other trading websites that were around when Goal Profits first launched, so we’re proud to have lasted an entire decade.We still have a number of members with us who first joined in 2011. They’ve been vital to our success, providing plenty of feedback and suggestions for new features. We receive dozens of ideas and requests every week and we’re able to deliver many of them. We’re fortunate to have a sizeable development budget and a knowledgeable team with many years of trading experience.Over the summer, Bryn Roberts joined our team. That means we now have 5 full-time team members who are online 7 days a week to keep everything running smoothly and provide member support whenever it’s needed. Nobody is left to fend for themselves or guess what to do; there’s always plenty of help available.During 2021, we completed our redesigned Team Stats and Custom Filters system which links to our Live Stats Module. We also launched customisable Telegram and email alerts for live games, plus a couple of new strategies. Our Team Stats Database continues to grow too, 246,240 historical results and more added daily.We have big plans for 2022. If this pandemic ever ends, we may even be able to hold another of our free trading workshops. Fingers crossed for that!Thanks again, Dan. This is our 23rd award over the past 10 years and we’re very grateful for everyone’s support.

So well done again to Steve and his team and that wraps up our Members Choice Awards for this year.

Thanks to everyone who took part and has enjoyed Honest Betting Reviews over the last year. We really do appreciate your feedback, input and suggestions and we are looking forward to introducing some new developments to you in the coming months. 

All that’s left to say is that you can get a 7 day trial of Goal Profits for £1 here if you want to join the throng of happy members!