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Coronavirus Scams – Don’t Get Caught Out

As the world battles against the coronavirus, it is at times like this you tend to see both the best – and sadly the worst – side of humanity. 

Sadly in terms of the latter there have been numerous reports of scammers trying to exploit the crisis for their own financial gain. Indeed the police in the UK have already reported a massive increase of over 500% in scams due to the coronavirus and more than a million pounds worth of losses. 

The scammers tend to focus on the vulnerable and isolated, which makes it even worse in many ways. Below we will take a look at some of the most common scams going on at the moment and what you should do to avoid them. Whilst you may be savvy enough yourself to spot these kinds of scams, it might be an elderly member of your family is not, so it can be worth passing on such information to those you consider at risk. 


Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are where fake companies send out e-mails and text messages trying to get your login details or for you to open a link. Although at first glance they can appear legitimate, there are usually some tell-tale signs such as bad spelling and grammar, not addressing you by name (but rather using “Dear Sir/Madam”). 

Coronavirus phishing scams include an e-mail supposedly from the World Heath Organisation (WHO), trying to get you to click on a link for health advice, which then takes you to a pop-up in front of a fake WHO website for you to enter your e-mail and password – obviously DON’T do so. Security firm Sophos has published detailed info on this particular scam. 

Another scam doing the rounds here in the UK is a text message purporting to be from HMRC, saying they know times have been tough and offering a tax rebate. This is fake – they would not contact people by text and no such schemes are yet in place. There has also been a scam in America from a fake organisation pretending to be the CDC.

In addition there has been a text message going round pretending to be “UKGOV”  offering a payment of £458 to all residents as part of its efforts against the coronavirus and directing them to a fake website. 

In general, be suspicious of any unsolicited e-mails or texts you receive, for example from a bank, Paypal, Sky, tax authorities etc and in particular health-related organisations at the moment. These will often have an urgent tone to try and scare people into reacting, knowing that many people are particularly worried currently. 


Phone Calls and Visits to Homes

Most of us are familiar with scam callers by now, often claiming to be from your bank, the tax authorities or even the police. These have reportedly been increasing in light of the coronavirus and targeting people for their bank details, PIN codes and so on, again exploiting people’s fear and desperation in the current crisis. As always, any authorities who are genuine would never call you up unsolicited asking for such crucial information. Just ignore them.  

Particularly concerning have been reports of criminals going to people’s homes claiming to offer tests for coronavirus or to take their temperature – for a large fee of course. Hopefully now with the widespread lockdowns around the world people would not even be able to run such scams. If there is proper testing, it will be run by the government or health authorities and you will know about it as it will be all over the news.  Avoid anyone else claiming to offer such testing going door-to-door in the absence of government-authorised schemes. 

Sadly there are also reports of criminals going to people’s homes offering to do shopping for them, but just taking the cash and never returning. Thankfully the government here in the UK is now putting in place delivery packages for the vulnerable so hopefully people will not need to fall victim to such disgraceful behaviour. 


Face-Masks and Hand Sanitiser

Another popular coronavirus scam is people selling face-masks and hand sanitiser door-to-door. These will often be for hugely inflated prices and in many cases the items do not even work effectively. Again with the current lockdowns hopefully there won’t be too much opportunity for these to still happen, but be vigilant just in case.

There are also websites however pricing such items at exorbitant rates which is downright disgraceful. One victim was even reported to have lost over £15,000 from making bulk orders of face masks which were never delivered and similar reports of fake merchants have been reported in the USA. 

Reports here in the UK are that supermarkets have ample supply of hand sanitiser so it should not be necessary for anyone to get ripped off in this way. 


Bitcoin Scams

You may not be surprised to learn that Bitcoin is being used in yet more scams, this time though in relation to the coronavirus. Website Coindesk reports that: 

“Local councils from the counties of Pembrokeshire, Manchester and Norfolk have issued warnings to local residents against scams using the COVID-19 outbreak to exploit fear and uncertainty through text messages and emails posing as an official health organisation.

Scammers are claiming to be able to provide a list of COVID-positive residents in their area for an undisclosed sum of bitcoin and are faking legitimacy by posing as the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

There are also the usual “earn free bitcoin” or “make x% per day from cryptocurrency” scams doing the rounds, so as normal you should avoid them. 


Conspiracy Theories and “Fake News”

As if all the above wasn’t enough, the coronavirus has led to a plethora of conspiracy theories and fake news stories going around, particularly on social media, from the bizarre to frankly ridiculous (e.g. “it’s a Chinese bioweapon”). These stories tend to stoke fears and attempt to apportion blame (often wrongly), or just to get clicks but do nothing to help the crisis.

Trusted fact-checking websites include Snopes, Full Fact and Channel 4 News has its own Factcheck website. Use these to check a story you hear on social media if it doesn’t sound quite right. And of course you can get trusted news from respected sites such as the BBC.  


Conclusion – Be Extra Vigilant

Sadly the coronavirus has led to a lot of additional scam activity and scammers are preying on people at their most vulnerable. So we all need to be extra vigilant, especially for those family members and neighbours who could be at risk of these scams such as the elderly and isolated. A few simple things to watch out for are:

  • Check the organisation’s email address and see if it matches genuine e-mails you have received from them in the past. Or does it have extra letters/numbers which would indicate it is not genuine? Most fake e-mails have a clue in the sender’s address.  
  • Watch out for spelling and grammatical mistakes in emails. This is probably the most obvious sign of a scam and is a dead giveaway. 
  • Avoid clicking links or opening files from sources you’re not familiar with or look suspect. Don’t enter any login details if you do click such a link.
  • Be suspicious of all unsolicited texts, e-mails and calls. And certainly never give out any key information such as your PIN number, passwords or bank account details. A genuine organisation will never ask for such info. 
  • Beware of “news” circulating on social media. A great deal of it is fake. Use a fact-checking website and follow a trusted news source such as the BBC or for health information you can go to the WHO’s official site
  • Be suspicious of strangers – again hopefully with the lockdown there will be less door-to-door scammers but it is still vital to beware of them. Do not hand over money or respond to anyone without official ID. 
  • Pause, think, report. Try not to make a snap judgement and take some time to think about something before reacting to a call or visit at the door. It is OK to say no and to step back and think about it for a while. You can speak to family and friends to ask if they think it is genuine before deciding.  

Overall it is better to be safe than sorry and to be extra cautious at the current time. Hopefully if we call out these scammers and help the police to catch them we will see less of such incidents going forward during the coronavirus crisis. 

Look after each other and hopefully we can come out the other side stronger. Stay safe and well!  





race horses sprinting around corner

Irish Horse Racing and UK Greyhound Racing Suspended

Well the inevitable has happened…yes Irish horse racing has been suspended until (at least) 19th April and UK greyhound has been suspended for the time being. 

Given the current situation around Covid-19 it is no surprise this action has been taken and it was only a matter of time really. Clearly public health must come first and given the government’s announcements regarding gatherings etc it would not really be feasible to hold sporting events in such circumstances. The priority is on slowing the spread of the virus and every industry and sector has to do their bit. 

It is really anyone’s guess when these and other sporting events might get going again, but it looks unlikely we will see action recommence on 19th April in Ireland – or anywhere else for that matter. It leaves very little to bet on in the meantime and understandably people have much greater worries at the moment. 

There have been reports however from bookmakers of much greater online casino activity as people look for other forms of betting activity away from sport. If you are tempted to go down that route we would recommend using a matched betting service like Profit Maximiser or Profit Accumulator to take advantage of offers and bonuses rather than just risking funds outright without any edge or bonus. 

During this hiatus we will be bringing all our reviews up to date and starting to look at some non-sports services, whilst at the same time looking at how you can avoid falling victim to any coronavirus-related scams. 

Otherwise it’s only left for us to say we hope you and your family are staying well and safe in these difficult times. 





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Tipsters Still Going During Coronavirus


With the suspension of Irish horse racing and UK greyhound racing there is now very little sport to bet on and the list of operational tipsters below has been greatly reduced. 

Of the Betting Gods tipsters, only four are still operational currently:-

Obviously the Irish racing specialists and greyhound tipsters are no longer operational, leaving just the matched betting services still functioning. 

The situation is fluid and subject to change rapidly so we will endeavour to update this page as and when more news becomes available. 




21st March 2020

As you will be well aware, the vast majority of sporting events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. That has meant most tipsters are no longer providing selections during this hiatus. 

However, there are some who are still going strong so if you fancy a flutter and are wondering who you can follow during the downtime, here is a list:


Betting Gods Tipsters

Of the 18 tipsters on the Betting Gods platform, 7 are still going at the moment and they cover a range of sports from Ice Hockey to greyhounds, US and Irish horse racing and the (limited) football that is still on. Here is the list of their seven tipsters still operational:-

So a decent list to choose from there across a number of different sports and they are working harder than ever to generate some additional profits during this difficult time for everyone. 


Irish Racing Specialists

Whilst UK racing has been abandoned until the 1st May at the earliest, the heroic folk over in Ireland are continuing to hold race meetings. Having just one meeting per day, following special protocols and releasing emergency personnel to assist the government when needed seems to be a sensible approach and let’s hope it’s something the delivery services uk horse racing authorities can adopt and get racing going again ASAP if it is proven to be successful. 

There are a number of tipsters who follow Irish racing and are still providing selections at the moment. These top tipsters include:-

In fact on Friday both Quentin and Racing Intelligence picked winners so it appears they are still bang on it even when concentrating just on Irish Racing!


Greyhound Tipsters

UK greyhound racing is still going on behind closed doors and fortunately we have just finished a review of a greyhound expert who passed our trial with flying colours! That tipster is Greyhound Maestro and you can get a free trial for 14 days here.

In addition there is long-standing tipster Premier Greyhound Tips (also listed above) who has made over £7,000 profit to £10 stakes since starting up in 2014.


Matched Betting

If like many people you have suffered a loss of income due to the coronavirus you may want something a little safer to try and make a few extra quid and that is where matched betting comes in. 

Although there are fewer opportunities available right now due to the cancellation of sporting events, there are still quite a few out there to make risk-free and low-risk profit from the bookies’ free bets and bonuses. In fact the bookies are desperate to attract new business during a time when they are struggling to find custom. 

So with the sporting events that are still going on, plus casino and bingo offers, there is still a good opportunity to gain from matched betting and Profit Accumulator are currently offering a free trial to get you started.






Horse racing

Irish Racing Continues!

At last a tiny shaft of light has appeared and we finally have a small piece of good news amongst all the devastation going on around us –  Irish racing will continue!

Yesterday the Horse Racing Ireland Board met and decided to follow a schedule of one meeting per day, behind closed doors, until the 29th of March when there will be a review.

Here is the schedule of fixtures:

Friday 20: Dundalk 

Saturday 21: Thurles

Sunday 22: Downpatrick

Monday 23: Naas 

Tuesday 24: Clonmel

Wednesday 25: Dundalk 

Thursday 26: Cork

Friday 27: Navan 

Saturday 28: Curragh 

Sunday 29: Limerick.

No overseas horses are allowed and any medical personnel or facilities in action at fixtures will be available for government use when needed. 

If this approach proves successful it could be a model for the UK racing authorities to follow – let’s hope so anyway. Apparently there are 28,000 people employed directly or indirectly in Irish racing so it’s a huge employer and a big part of life over there, particularly in rural areas. Hopefully everyone involved can stay safe and healthy and the protocols put in place work effectively.

Irish racing is not the only sport continuing however. There is also:-

  • – UK greyhound racing
  • – US horse racing still mainly continues until the end of March at least
  • – The Dubai World Cup horse racing is due to go ahead behind closed doors
  • – Football leagues in Turkey, Australia and Brazil are continuing for the time being

So there are still a few things to bet on, even if we have lost the vast majority of sporting fixtures to the coronavirus. How long these events continue and how long it is before other events may recommence is anyone’s guess. We are living in unprecedented times. 

As ever the main thing is that everyone stays safe and healthy and we hope you are managing to cope during these very difficult times. 




horse racing pic

UK Racing Suspended Until End of April

Well the inevitable has finally happened – yes the BHA have today confirmed that British racing will be called off until the end of April.

They had been holding race meetings this week behind closed doors but it seems the risks of still having staff, jockeys, trainers etc all coming together and not being able to guarantee emergency services would be in attendance at the meetings have meant even holding racing behind closed doors is not an option.  

Irish racing is still due to go ahead behind closed doors but it seems unlikely that will continue to be the case for much longer.

So we will have to wait until 1st May for any more British racing action, but to be honest we think it would be quite a surprise if they did recommence at the start of May. It’s difficult to speculate at this stage but given governments are talking about keeping things locked down for at least a few months, it might be more plausible to look at a restart later in the summer. 

Anyway, no-one knows at this stage so we just have to accept the inevitable and put up with no racing for a while. And of course no football, golf, tennis, cricket or pretty much any other sport either! Obviously this is a very serious situation and people’s health comes first so everyone has to manage as best they can, but if there is a long suspension of sports then it would put a lot of people’s livelihoods at stake. It’s a very tough situation all round. 

The suspension of UK racing was followed this afternoon by the cancellation by UEFA of Euro 2020, which is now scheduled to be held in 2021. This makes sense and gives the authorities a chance to finish the domestic leagues.

With just nine games left to play for most clubs in the Premier League for example, if they played two games a week (one midweek and one at weekends) they could get the season finished in just over a month, so June/July is a possible option for this. Once again though it’s a question of wait and see…

For Honest Betting Reviews during this hiatus it gives us a chance to get all our reviews up to date and to take a look at non-sports related systems, so watch this space for more news on those. 

In the meantime we can only wish you and your loved ones well during these tough times.  






Cheltenham 2020 Plan of Action

It’s nearly upon us – yes tomorrow is the start of the Cheltenham Festival.

It’s Dan here and my plan for Cheltenham is pretty much the same as last year – which made me a very nice £711 profit as chronicled in my betting diary.

1. Take advantage of all the bookies’ offers and bonuses this week.

There are some fantastic offers this week with extra places, money back and free bets being thrown around by the bookies like confetti. I will be using Profit Maximiser to see each day’s offers and make sure I use them to extract the most profit possible.

2. Use some top tipsters.

I will be using two of my favourite tipsters – Quentin Franks Racing and the Bet Alchemist – to find the best bets for Cheltenham. Both have excellent records at the festival so I will be following their tips for the week.

By combining the above two together, this should give me a great chance of beating the bookies at Cheltenham.

The bookies’ offers alone can add up to hundreds of pounds if done correctly, so used in conjunction with some shrewd betting advice then it should be a winning formula.

Anyway, just thought I would share my plans for the week with you. Will keep you posted on how it goes in my daily diary!





casino resort macau pic

The 5 Biggest Casino Resorts in the World

To those who say bigger isn’t always better, we dare you to step inside a mega casino resort. Sometimes, the sheer size of a casino is enough to get your heart racing (and that’s before you’ve even set eyes on the tables and slots). Keen to find out more? We’ve teamed up with bgo.com to introduce you to the 5 biggest casino resorts in the world right now.

# 1: WinStar World Casino, Oklahoma, USA

Located on the Oklahoma-Texas state line, WinStar World Casino is the largest gambling resort on the planet. It opened in 2004 under the name of WinStar, before it was expanded and renamed in 2009. Guests are now wowed as soon as they pull up outside the doors. Dreamed up by artist Lyndon Stromberg, the resort’s façade features replicas of world-famous landmarks, including London’s Houses of Parliament and Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. Inside is equally impressive, with 600,000 square feet of entertainment space and 1,395 luxurious hotel suites.

# 2: The Venetian, Macau, China

Taking pride of place on the Cotai Strip, The Venetian Macau is a 39-story masterpiece. It stands as the largest building in Asia and the fifth-largest building in the world. Just like its sister hotel in Las Vegas, The Venetian’s design is inspired by the canal-laced Italian city. Visitors can ride gondolas on a real canal running through the resort, or marvel at copies of Venice’s most famous attractions and Renaissance art. They can also try their luck on the 550,000-square-foot casino floor, featuring over 800 tables and 3,400 slot machines.

# 3: City of Dreams, Macau, China

Located directly opposite The Venetian on the Cotai Strip, the City of Dreams (or CoD, as it’s also known) is more like an ultra-modern fantasy world than a casino resort. Guests can take their pick from 200 shops, 20 bars and restaurants and 4 swanky hotel towers, including Hard Rock. The resort’s House of Dancing Water has become one of the most famous shows in Macau. And then there’s the real selling point: the 420,000-square-foot casino floor. It boasts 450 tables and 1,514 slot machines.

# 4: Foxwoods, Connecticut, USA

Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut, is a haven for thrill seekers of all ages. For the kids and teens, there’s a two-story games arcade. For the grown-ups, there’s no less than 6 casinos to choose from. These cover an area of 340,000 square feet and provide 22 kinds of table games and over 3,500 slot machines. As well as a bingo hall built to accommodate 5,000 players, Foxwoods is home to the third largest poker room in the world. Poker fans can try their luck with everything from Texas hold ‘em to seven card stud.

# 5: Ponte 16, Macau, China

The only casino located on Macau’s Inner Harbour, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site, Ponte 16 screams exclusivity. Its elegant architectural design draws inspiration from Macao’s unique Chinese-Portragese cultural mix. Unsurprisingly, the casino is a big hit with the world’s high rollers. Providing 270,000 square feet of gaming space, it’s home to 109 tables, 307 slot machines and 2 VIP halls.





grand national

Can Any Second Now overthrow Tiger Roll to win the Grand National?

Although Tiger Roll is very much ‘on a roll’ after two successive victories in the Grand National, this year’s race is far from a sure thing. Although the defending champion is the favourite for the famous race among those who bet on Aintree horse racing, there is a long list of challengers eager to usurp Tiger Roll and claim a memorable win of their own. 

One of these pretenders to the Grand National throne is Any Second Now, currently the third-favourite behind the aforementioned Tiger Roll and second-favourite Burrows Saint. The Ted Walsh-trained horse enjoyed a solid win in the WhatOddsPaddy? Chase at Naas recently, giving a spirited performance to encourage those who may be thinking about taking a punt on him for the Aintree showpiece in April.

“He travelled well and jumped well,” Walsh remarked after the Naas triumph, “and if he runs as well as Seabass (at Aintree), I’ll be delighted. It’s a good prep for Aintree. Whether he’s good enough or not, only time will tell. He’s going there in a good frame of mind and he gets the trip. If you’re not in you can’t win!”

The manner of the victory will have pleased Walsh no end, as Any Second Now trailed Cadmium – the winner of the race last year – for much of the proceedings before forging a lead with the finish-line in sight. It was a performance that demonstrated the character of both the horse and jockey Mark Walsh, and one that will stand him in good stead for the tough test of the Grand National.

It’s natural for a trainer to play down his horse’s chances ahead of such a big occasion as the Grand National, but deep down those around Any Second Now must be confident of causing a stir at Aintree on April 4th. The win at Naas comes at a good time, with momentum key in terms of confidence and physical performance.

He faces a stern test to overthrow Tiger Roll, the bookies’ favourite to make it an unprecedented third Grand National triumph in a row. Gordon Elliott’s prized horse became the first to win it twice on the trot since the famous Red Rum in the 1970s, but to make it three on the spin would be to ascend to a level never seen before in Grand National racing.

The hope for challengers like Any Second Now is that the injuries that have plagued Tiger Roll will render the favourite less domineering than prior Grand Nationals. Trainer Elliott was delighted he was able to return to action in advance of this year’s race.

“It’s great news and hopefully we can get him to Aintree in one piece now,” he said after it was confirmed that Tiger Roll would take part in the Grand National. “This is about Tiger Roll and nothing else. He’s the horse of a lifetime and he’s now the people’s horse.”

There is a big target on Tiger Roll’s back though. Success breeds jealousy, and there will be plenty of trainers and jockeys hoping to steal his thunder come April 4th. For Any Second Now, this could be the chance to etch his name into horse racing folklore with a win at the sport’s showpiece occasion.





Dame Judi Dench

Famous faces who have entered horses in this year’s Grand National and their chances ranked

Excitement is starting to build with the 2020 Grand National at Aintree just a couple of months away. 105 horses have been entered for the April spectacle which will dwindle down to a maximum of 40 for numerous reasons, such as weight, between now and April 2nd.

The 173rd edition of the race, which includes 30 fences and is ran across four miles and two and a half furlongs, will take place two days after the horses are confirmed (April 4th), and a whopping £1m will be up for grabs.

Thousands of punters flock to Merseyside every year to witness the most iconic horse race in the world first hand, while millions more watch it around the globe. For many, it will be the only horse race they watch all year, while it is believed that half of adults in the UK have a punt on a horse or two.

Last year’s champion Tiger Roll is expected to win the national back-to-back for the first time since Red Rum in the 1970s and, if you bet on Grand National with PP odds, the Gordon Elliott trained horse is available at 5/1.

There are often celebrity owned horses amongst the final 40 lined up at the starting post and this year’s entries are no different with a Hollywood actor, an ex-football manager and a former rugby star throwing their horses into the mix.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has owned many horses in his time including the legendary Rock of Gibraltar, who was named European Horse of the Year in 2002. However, this year the 78-year-old is hoping to win his first Grand National with 40/1 outsider Give Me A Copper, who he part owns alongside trainer Paul Nicholls and several others.

The 10-year-old only has two chase victories from seven attempts but goes into the national on the back of a Handicap Chase victory at Wincanton in November, much to the delight of his owners.

Although, it remains to be seen if the Nicholls-trained horse has enough quality to overcome the challenges of the testing Aintree course.

Dame Judi Dench

Another celebrity who is no stranger to the sport is James Bond and Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench. Her horse, As De Mee, also trained by Nicholls, was entered for the 2018 national. However, the 10-year-old, part owned by Dame Dench and the Stewart family, had to pull out due to an injury in his leg – putting him out of action for 630 days.

Since returning from injury, As De Mee has raced four times finishing seventh twice, sixth at Aintree in December and third at Wincanton at the beginning of the year. The 66/1 underdog’s chances of winning the prestigious race are slim.

Jonathan Davies

Potters Corner, owned by Welsh rugby star Jonathan Davies and All Star Sports Racing, has the best chance of winning out of the celebrities’ horses, entered at 25/1. The Christian Williams-trained horse is going into the festival on the back of ‘National’ success at the Welsh Grand National in December, beating Truckers Lodge by almost two lengths.

Potters Corner, therefore, isn’t just the most likely horse to win out of the celebrities’ entries, the 10-year-old has a real chance of winning the National come April 4th.





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