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Golf Tipster Lands 250/1 Winner!

Members of a golf service we are currently reviewing called the Golf Insider were popping the champagne corks in the wee hours of this morning as they landed a fantastic 250/1 winner (yes, that’s two hundred and fifty to one!) as Martin Laird triumphed in a playoff at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in Las Vegas.

It was a tense finish as the Scot held a three shot lead heading into the back nine, only to see it narrowed to one shot going up the 18th hole…which he then bogeyed, a painful moment for followers as it looked like he may have blown his chance of winning at that point. 

However, Laird bounced back from that disappointment in tremendous style to make a superb birdie on the second extra hole of the playoff…thus landing the spoils and sparking wild celebrations from members of the service.    

Here are some of the comments from happy followers of the Golf Insider: 

Special thanks to the genius golf insider. Pulled an all nighter watching. Called in sick to work and was totally worth it. Just under 10k AUD for a $55 outlay. Incredible

What a payday! Albeit he dragged it out, but worth staying up to 2am to watch.
Well done.
Best regards

Nail-biting is all I could say , but well worth the early hours to follow the final round and play offs. Great play Martin Laird.
Biggest win so far . And although these wins don’t come too often, 275/1 sure makes up for it!
Many thanks. Peter 

Nice one today Matthew and the insider. Very nice!
Should quieten up a few of those restless ones for you.
Us long term punters and members truly know how profitable this service is with a bit of faith and patience.
All the best

Wow! Great result.
I did my single win bet with Bet365 and got 275/1. The others with Skybet as they offered more places.
Happy Bunny
Kind regards, Sue 

Some happy punters there as you can see. 

That success was no fluke either and comes on top of 150/1, 50/1, 20/1 & 12/1 winners already during our review period for the service and means they are now over 400 points up for our trial to date.

The overall results for the Golf Insider – which have been proofed to another reputable source – are now an incredible 2270 points profit since starting up in 2014 at an ROI of 30%.

So that’s £22,700 profit to £10/point stakes.

You can check out the Golf Insider for yourself here.




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Is Virtual Horse Racing a Sustainable Betting Trend?

Throughout the past few years, virtual variants of land-based sports have become increasingly popular. While, perhaps most notably, this is evident from the rise of eSports, the sports betting industry has sought to elevate this simulated consumer-focused service. As a result, this has seen digitally-created betting markets reach new, unprecedented heights. So, let’s take a look at whether this newly-developed form of wagering is more than a mere trend.   

Is There Longevity to the Latest Digital Trend?  

Although virtual sports betting has only recently become a new phenomenon at various operators, the concept dates back to the early 1960s. Regarding how they work, the numerous digital markets utilise random number generators in determining the result of a particular event. Interestingly, this has been the same since the sector’s origins, highlighting its consistency concerning programming. That said, over time, the market has benefited from technological advancements that have made virtual variants more lifelike from an aesthetic standpoint.  

Furthermore, aside from visual improvements, this latest betting emergence has been pivotal in expanding the gambling industry’s consumer base. According to Red Bull, the shift towards virtual sports is proving to be record-breaking, as traditional audiences are beginning to explore revolutionary alternatives to land-based sports at diverse platforms. In relation to horse racing, this is evident from the fact that nearly five million viewers tuned in to watch ITV’s virtual Grand National back in April 2020, as per the Evening Standard. 

Source: Unsplash

Although this isn’t indicative of a widespread shift away from more traditional sports betting, it is a testament to the ever-growing nature of digital alternatives. Crucially, having first come to fruition almost 60 years ago, it’s clear that virtual games aren’t merely a flash in the pan. 

The Ability to Play Alongside Land-Based Markets 

Additionally, one of the other reasons behind the growth of virtual sports betting concerns the sector’s unquestionable flexibility. Unlike land-based sports – which typically don’t have year-long campaigns – there are few limitations to digital alternatives. Their fast-paced nature ensures that markets are continually available to bet on, even during land-based off-seasons. Moreover, there is also depth to the sector regarding available sports. For example, football, horse racing, and motor racing are just some of the widely-offered variants. 

Source: Pixabay

Given that the global online gambling market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.5 percent over the next seven years, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that virtual sports betting could sustain its new-found popularity. Interestingly, at the time of writing, the sector has proved that it can coexist with land-based betting. At 777 Casino, for example, many of the reviewed bonus-offering operators provide either virtual or live sports opportunities to prospective users. This is great news for bettors as their coexistence offers more choice and availability as well as the chance of further expansion in to yet more innovative developments. 

A Fascinating Development That’s Capturing Interests 

Ultimately, given the new-found accessibility of sports betting following the rise of mobile-friendly operators, it’s hardly surprising that virtual variants have established themselves as a staple of the industry. In being able to coexist, there’s scope for this emerging market to enjoy a fruitful long-term future. 






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Kick Off New Premier League Season with 2-for-1 Deal!

The Premier League kicks off today and it is set to be a cracking season, with favourites Manchester City attempting to wrestle their crown back from champions Liverpool. 

The opening day sees four fixtures, including the opening game of Fulham v Arsenal at 12.30 and Liverpool v Leeds at 17.30. 

After a rather shortened summer break it’s a new condensed schedule which means a huge amount of footy coming up over the next few months, which is great news for football traders and bettors. 

To celebrate this, football trading service Goal Profits are offering a fantastic 2-for-1 deal: get two months of full membership for the price of one. 

Goal Profits is a multi-award winning service, having won our very own Best Football Service award last year, as well as many other awards over the years. 

They also received a PASSED rating in our recent comprehensive review of the service. 

Goal Profits is a complete trading service and takes you right through from being a beginner to showing you how to trade like their top pros. 

As a member you get all of the following:-

  • – Launchpad – complete football trading course for beginners
  • – Trading strategies – a comprehensive portfolio of winning football trading strategies
  • – Chat room – follow along live with their pro traders Kevin and Steve and also chat with other members
  • – Team stats – analyse over 200,000 fixtures so you can base trades on more detailed and accurate information
  • – Live Stats Module – use in-play stats to trade matches live and spot the best opportunities
  • – Custom Shortlist Pro – build customised shortlists and find trades quickly and easily
  • – League tables – at a glance see which teams play above their overall league position according to various parameters.
  • Plus – loads more including support, a forum and build your own shortlists. 

So a very comprehensive package and you can get all that on a 2-for-1 deal basis. 

It’s a great time to get involved with La Liga also kicking off this weekend and Serie A and the Bundesliga getting underway next week.  

So now’s the time to take advantage and learn how to become a top trader with Goal Profits’ 2-for-1 deal. 



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Could This Industry Be the Source of Mobile VR’s Killer Apps?

After a rocky introduction in the nineties, it was another two decades before VR would begin to show its true potential. Despite finally being able to measure up to the promise, however, the adoption of VR devices has been slow. As is the case with many new technologies, speculators have suggested that all VR could need is a true killer app.

Looking at this idea through the lens of mobile virtual and augmented reality opportunities, we want to make a case for why mobile VR casinos could be a stepping stone to success. All the pieces are already nearly in place, so what final moves could consolidate these technologies into a totality greater than the sum of its parts?

Source: Pixabay

The Mobile Solution

Among the primary issues that users have with the current state of VR is the cost. For a dedicated unit such as FuLov or LEFXCAM, costs can easily reach over the £1,000 mark. Given the limited library of games on these devices, this isn’t an investment that many are willing to make.

There is a cheaper alternative, however, in specially designed enclosures for smartphones. These adapt modern smartphones into VR-type systems. While not offering quite as in-depth an experience as more specialised models, their relatively lower costs of well under £100 make the choice an easy one for many.

Source: Pixabay

The one major problematic factor with these mobile devices is one that counterintuitively plays perfectly with the idea of casino game AR or VR. This issue is one of processing power. Most up-market VR solutions rely on powerful computers in order to calculate the rendering of large and open worlds. This is because running a game in VR requires pushing at least 90 frames per second (FPS) in order to avoid giving the user motion sickness. This is a challenging task, to the point where most standard console video games operate at only 30 FPS as standard.

Casino games see an advantage here in that they don’t rely on vast open worlds or flashy effects to generate an enjoyable experience. The fun of these games has always been the central gameplay, and this gameplay can be accurately represented at high frame-rates without requiring top of the line hardware.

Online Casino Success

The current state of online casinos is one of immense breadth and scope. This is illustrated by any of the top online casinos that exist today. From the game selection to the welcome bonuses, to how easily they run on mobile devices, the promise of this industry has long been fulfilled. With millions of fans and an overall size which is growing daily, this market is prime for continual exploration.

Contributing to the size of online casinos is the flexibility on which many of the games lean. Essentially, as long as the core components remain constant, developers have enormous freedom with the surrounding themes and bonuses that casino games employ. This is what led to an adoption of themes from television, movies, music, video games, and more, and it is also what could help digital casino integration with VR and AR.

With Your Powers Combined

Combining all of the components together reveals a situation where casino gaming, entirely accidentally, has become a perfect fit for mobile augmented and virtual reality. As for who will rise to first take advantage of this potential to the utmost degree, this is a question that only time will answer. Unfortunately, most VR developers have moved away from the mobile space, as it was sadly underutilised during the first wave of new systems.

That said, development for VR and AR is easier today than it has ever been, owing to powerful tools in engines like Unity, Sumerian, and Unreal Engine. With online casinos growing larger by the day, it could just be a matter of time before the first fully online virtual casino becomes a literal reality. The first killer app is coming, we just don’t know when.




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Could Britain Host A Major World Professional Poker Series?

Poker games have soared in popularity in the past few years, and within this period, a game that many people hitherto regarded as a dingy cigarette smoke filled backroom affair turned into a refined mainstream activity. Nowadays, players can find poker variants at plenty of new casinos online and some sites will even go to the lengths of offering their players a bonus. This, in turn, can help players begin playing for free or a small deposit.

The rehabilitation of poker into what it has turned out may have started from the 1990s when it started getting televised regularly. Online poker also arrived at the same time and gave it a monumental boost. Presently, people can now enjoy the game in the comfort of their living rooms. 

With mobile poker sites growing in number and strength, more people can now access poker games from wherever they are. The advancements in online games have also influenced the popularity of the live or brick and mortar poker games, as more people started taking interest in playing the game in land based casinos, and these casinos embraced their new customers with excitement.

While most of the players prefer to stick with the cash games, professionals and the more adventurous normally opt for the tournaments, attracted by the fact that they can easily win prizes that you can only imagine, in some of the higher profile games. Because of this, most of the casinos that offer real cash games started organizing some form of tournaments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, with some other larger events from time to time.

The Millions UK Main Event has been the biggest of such events, and it involves a £5,000,000 prize poll, while the next is the Aspers Casino hosted 888poker Live Event. The latter doles out a first prize of £100,000, and takes the winner into the World Series of Poker Main Event, which is as reputable as the poker Olympics that take place every summer in Las Vegas.


While these are very impressive tournaments, many people have been thinking of whether the UK can do more in poker, and possibly host an event that will be in the league of the WSOP, and which would be viewed by the biggest poker tournament fans from across the world.

In practice, this might seem very fine, but you cannot succeed in this without considering the current stats of the WSOP to see how difficult it may be to achieve this. Now, a look at the WSOP event of 2019 reveals that there were 90 separate tournaments and that more than 150,000 players registered to play. For the main event, the number of players at kick off was 8,569, and this number was reduced to nine after a series of events. The nine went further to compete till Hossein Ensan took the first prize and went home with $10,000,000.

In line with the tradition of the tournaments, the main event took place at the Las Vegas Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino where the gaming space covers up to 117,000 square feet, harboring up to 2,500 suites. Now, one of the major reasons why the UK may not be able to handle an event of this magnitude is the size of the casino needed to host such an event. But, this is not me saying that there are no large casinos that can host such events in the UK.

Potential Venues

Aspers Stratford would be the first venue to be considered here. This already played host to the 888poker Live Event, and stands as the largest gaming arena in the country. This was launched in 2011 with fanfare, and it has never failed to impress. However, what you have here is a gaming area of just 65,000 square feet, and that is actually 52,000 short of what Rio offers. This simply means that the crowd that will be coming to play the game and those that would want to watch them will outnumber what the venue can take.

However, we are not saying that the events cannot be split like it’s done in the football world cup where different parts of the tournament are split and held in different venues just like different stadia hosts world cup matches in the same country. In the UK, every major city has some casinos that can comfortably host tournaments. There are more than 7 of such in Manchester alone, and they all have poker facilities.

Birmingham, which is the second city in England, has a lot of venues for this, and this will give the games a central location. When you get back to the capital London, the best venue would be offered by the magnificent Hippodrome by Leicester Square. This was developed to host an indoor circus, but it is a perfect fit for the tournaments.

For the top elite events like the WSOP Main Event’s final table, one of the exclusive private casinos could take charge of that. Places like the Park Lane Casino and Ritz Casino will comfortably serve as a top notch venue for such.

A Question of Cooperation

Now, though these venues are owned and managed by various individual firms, a lot of cooperation would be needed for such an event to ever succeed. However, though the world of gambling is terribly competitive, the fact that hosting such events would bring an amazing amount of publicity alone would force the participating hosting venues to cooperate.

That said, we now get to the issue of the body to organize and host the event. The WSOP may be convinced to form a sub-division for this, or one of the big and reputable poker sites in the country may take it up.

Lastly, hosting such an event will only succeed if big names in the gaming world like Liv Boeree, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Negreanu could be attracted. To do this, the prize money has to be tempting enough to be able to lure them in.

Hope you’ve seen that it is not something that you just conceive and get on with, because some serious hurdles will have to be crossed before this will succeed. But the truth remains that when heads are put together and it is properly planned, these hurdles will be easily surmounted. So, let’s hope that the UK will be hosting one of the biggest and most memorable poker tournaments of all time in the nearest future.




Champions League

Get Your Champions League Free Bets!

The Champions League is back in action tonight with two massive second round clashes.

Manchester City take on Real Madrid, with the Citizens holding a 2-1 lead in the tie from the match played at the Bernabeu way back in March. City are a best price of 1.72 to win the match and are just 1.17 to qualify for the next round. The Spanish champions may be a different proposition from the team City played a few months ago however with the confidence of having won La Liga giving them a potential boost.

The night’s other clash sees Juventus host Lyon with the French side defending a 1-0 lead from the first leg. The Italian champions are a best price of 1.54 to win the match. The odds to qualify are on a knife-edge however with both sides priced around evens.  

As you would expect with such a massive night of Champions League football, the bookies are offering a variety of free bets for us punters to get stuck in to.

Here are some of the best free bet offers for tonight’s action:

  • – Betfair SportsbookBet £20 Get £20 Free – Place a min £20 sportsbook bet (single or multiple) on Champions League matches taking place on Fri 7th Aug 2020. After the qualifying bet has settled, you’ll get a £20 free bet. Min odds 1.5.
  • – Coral£50 Refund – Simply back a team pre-match in any of our selected competitions and if they lead at Half-Time but fail to win, you’ll get paid out your potential returns, including your stake, as a free bet up to £50 after the match.
  • – Bet 365 – Bet £50 get £50 Free in-play – Place a pre-match single bet on the Man City v Real Madrid game and you will receive a Free In-Play Bet to the value of your largest pre-match bet (max Free In-Play Bet value £50). By invite only – check your email/messages. 

Please see each of the bookmakers for the individual terms and conditions of the offers.

So plenty of opportunities there to make some risk-free cash.

Good luck with your betting for tonight. 

Get dozens more offers like this and make up to £500 risk-free every month with our number one recommended betting system here.





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Gambling in Pennsylvania

Sports betting is being legalized in various states in the US which is opening up new markets and new opportunities for people to enjoy wagering on sporting events in America. 

The excitement of sports betting or casino gaming doesn’t need to be advertised for most people who enjoy high-octane action from time to time.  However, sports gambling is a complicated matter in the US with the recent changes to the law and there are business and political dimensions to allowing sports betting stateside.  

States such as Pennsylvania have decided to regulate the gaming industry and to make the most of it from an economic point of view. It makes an interesting case study on how gaming in the US may open up in the coming years, despite the recent difficulties with covid which have presented something of a setback.

Casinos and Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania

Naturally, gaming providers and sportsbooks rely very much on exciting sporting events from both the US and around the world. Therefore when not much action is going on anywhere – as has been the case recently during the coronavirus pandemic – there is not much profit to be made. Luckily, there are always other things that can fill the void, and online casino departments were surely doing everything in their power in the last few months to ramp up activity.

Pennsylvania, which was the second-biggest state in terms of commercial casino revenue in 2019, recently experienced a drop of 18%, likely due mainly to covid. Therefore the legal state-mandated gaming organizations around areas such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania have worked hard to provide a safe and stimulating space for gaming activities online.

The popular card game of poker, and its many variations, are constant crowdpleasers that never go out of fashion. And Pennsylvania has certainly made a lot of effort to achieve a strong position in the online poker market.

Pennsylvania’s Way

In the Quaker State, the objective behind the increased legislative efforts to organize gambling is mostly focused on generating revenues to boost the local economy and help create more jobs. The first type of gambling to be legalized was horse racing.

This was possible thanks to the Race Horse Industry Reform of 1959. Another milestone for the gambling industry was the Pennsylvania Racehorse Development and Gaming Act that was passed in 2004, which represented tremendous progress for all interested parties. The state legislators passed a bill to legalize online gambling back in October 2017. Since then, plenty of valuable and quality sports betting providers, Pennsylvania poker websites, and online casinos have been developed.

It is safe to assume that the state authorities don’t regret their decisions. Online gaming is a growing industry with a lot of room to improve, considering the 18% drop in revenue for casinos, which would have been worse without the revenues from online action and sports betting. So far, the overall revenue from regulated gambling in Pennsylvania adds up to $2.7 billion in this fiscal year, which is a significant drop from the last year’s record-breaking $3.3 billion.

Sport is Back!

Fortunately, sportsbooks in Pennsylvania are starting to pick up as well. June’s figures showed a promising trend, as many games and leagues come back across the state. According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, $89 million was taken in sports bets during the month.

The good news is that many major sporting competitions are now underway or are going to resume soon. A sixty game season of MLB has started already, on July 23rd. Exhibitions games for NHL and seeding games for NBA are soon to follow. This should stimulate a great deal of additional betting activity in Pennsylvania, who have set an early marker in the race to legalize gambling in the US and provided a template for other states to follow. 




Justice and globe

An Industry Built on Trust: Latest Stats Show UK Online Gambling is Surging

Image: Pixabay

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has published its latest stats and, for all involved, the numbers make for positive reading. The update is part of the regulator’s twice-yearly progress report and shows how online and offline operators, as a whole, are performing in the UK. Despite outside forces having an impact on live betting and gaming, the industry has held firm. While other business sectors have crumbled, gambling has only taken a marginal hit.

As per the gamblingcommission.gov.uk report, Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) was down 0.5% to £14.3 billion. This slight drop in overall revenue can be attributed to betting shop closures between 2018 and 2019. However, even with these issues, the growth of online betting and gaming has kept the industry buoyant. Indeed, online betting revenue is up 4.3% year-on-year, while online bingo revenue jumped up 12.1% between October 2018 and September 2019.

Online Gambling Hits New Highs

Also hitting new highs during the accounting period was online casino gaming. Raking in £3.2 billion, the licenced operators contributed to an overall revenue increase of 3.9%. Of course, the strength of British betting and gaming is well known. With many of the world’s top betting brands either formed in the UK or based here (or nearby), the market is thriving. Even a cursory look through the list on slotscalendar.com casino sites shows how diverse the market is. Alongside established brands like 888Casino and Betfair, you’ve got smaller brands like Ego Casino.

Add to this spinoffs from other industries, such as The Sun Vegas (linked to the newspaper), and British gambling is in a great place. As we know, success breeds success. Unlike other countries, the UK has taken a proactive approach to gambling regulation over the decades. Although tightly controlled, the act of betting hasn’t been outlawed in the UK as it is elsewhere. This level of consistency has allowed operators to refine their products and, more importantly, for consumers to become comfortable with gambling.

Regulations Build Trust

Image: Pixabay

Practically, this means betting and gaming has been given the ability to thrive thanks to legislation. Today, UK gambling laws are among the most effective in the world. At times, certain conditions may seem overly restrictive. However, the UKGC is always willing to listen to licensees and adjust. One licensing condition that helped define the industry after the UKGC took charge in 2014 was segregated player funds as can be seen at legislation.gov.uk. Licensed operators must not store player funds in the same bank accounts as their own. In other words, operating funds must be kept segregated from players funds. This is to ensure players aren’t affected if the operator runs into financial issues.

This wasn’t standard before the UKGC made it a rule and, clearly, it’s great for consumers. If they know their money is safe, regardless of what happens behind-the-scenes, they’re more likely to make a deposit. When you add to this things like certified fair games, restrictions on certain types of advertising and rules that say bonuses must be fair and transparent, you get an industry built on trust. That, in many ways, is why the UK’s online gambling sector has thrived. When consumers are confident, they’ll play, it’s as simple as that. That latest statistics prove that’s the case and, moreover, show why the UK’s gambling industry is regarded as one of the best in the world.




horse racing pic

Racing Is Back!

Are you ready for it?

Drum roll please……..

Finally, eventually, after two and a half long months of waiting…


Yes, today at 13.00 BST racing in the UK will recommence with a bumper ten race card at Newcastle!

Get some top tips for just 50p here.

Today’s action will be followed by a jam-packed schedule of some fantastic racing over the next few weeks including Royal Ascot, the Guineas, the Derby and countless other group races.

Now we don’t know about you but we’re very excited about today’s restart. Will have our race card at the ready, TV on at 1pm and raring to go.

And to celebrate the return of racing Betting Gods are offering a 15-day trial of any of their racing tipsters for just 50p.

There are some fantastic names on their list, approved by us here at HBR and well worth checking out.

Good luck and enjoy!



horse racing

A Guide to the Five Classics in British Flat Racing

Every sport has their showpiece events and blue riband occasions, and flat racing is no different. There are five Classics that make up much of the most anticipated races in British racing, with punters looking forward to them each year as they examine the racecards and runners for tomorrow’s races.

These races hold a special place in the heart of each racing fan, jockey, trainer and owner, and to win one – or indeed all – of the Classics is a dream for so many. This year, there has been much uncertainty surrounding the races as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and the nationwide lockdown enforced in the UK to prevent the spread of the disease. But with suggestions that racing will be getting back underway sometime in June, it does appear as though there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we may see the Classics grace our TV screens before too long.

If you’re unfamiliar with the five races that make up the Classics, read on as we give a quick guide to each of them.

2,000 Guineas

The 2,000 Guineas is a race with much history and tradition, having first been run in 1809. It is usually held in late April or early May, although this year both it and the 1,000 Guineas will need to be rescheduled after the coronavirus pandemic put paid to the authorities’ ability to stage the event.

The 2,000 Guineas is run over a distance of one mile, and makes up the first leg of the Triple Crown, which also includes the Epsom Derby and the St. Leger. The leading trainer in the history of the race is Aidan O’Brien, who has won it 10 times, and four times in the last five years. Meanwhile, the leading jockey is Jem Robinson, who tasted victory nine times between 1825 and 1848.

1,000 Guineas

The 1,000 Guineas is closely related to the 2,000 Guineas, and usually takes place on the following Sunday. The length of the race is the same, and it is the run on the same racecourse as the 2,000 Guineas, but the crucial difference is that the 1,000 Guineas is reserved for fillies only.

It is the most recently inaugurated of the five Classics, having first been run in 1814. The leading trainer is Robert Robson with nine wins in the early 1800s, while the most successful jockey is George Fordham, having won seven times in the mid-late 1800s.

Epsom Oaks

The Oaks Stakes, raced at Epsom, is usually held in late May or early June and is another race reserved for three-year-old fillies only. The race is named after an estate located near to Epsom racecourse, and was first run in 1779.
Robert Robson is also the most decorated trainer in the Oaks, with a remarkable 13 wins, while jockey Frank Buckle, who was active when the race was first inaugurated, still holds the record for most wins with nine.

Epsom Derby

The Derby is one of the most famous races on the horse racing calendar, and is part of the earlier mentioned Triple Crown. First run in 1780, the race takes place over one mile and four furlongs, and is one of the most sought after titles in the sport. The Derby usually takes place on the first Saturday of June each year, and is one of the key events on the summer sporting calendar.

Lester Piggott is the leading jockey with nine wins, while there are four trainers tied on seven wins each – the already mentioned Robson and O’Brien, along with John Porter and Fred Darling.

St. Leger Stakes

The fifth Classic is the St. Leger Stakes, which is the oldest of the five races, having first taken place in 1776. It is run at Doncaster Racecourse each September, over a distance of one mile and six furlongs, making it the longest of the five Classics as well.

The most successful jockey is Bill Scott with nine impressive wins in the 1800s, while his brother John Scott is the leading trainer with a remarkable 16 wins to his name.