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Spartan Trading Tips – Final Review

We have now completed our trial of Spartan Trading Tips and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:    +71 points
Strike Rate:   63%
Bank Growth:     71%
ROI:   12%
Average number of bets:     1-2 per day 
Cost:   €24.95/month, €49.95/quarter or €149.95/lifetime  


You can view full results here.


Spartan Trading Tips – Full Review


Spartan Trading Tips is a tennis betting service from Patrick Ross, a tennis expert who has been around for a number of years.

His other service, Tennis Trading League, received a failed rating here at Honest Betting Reviews after unfortunately racking up a loss over a three month trial. 

We are pleased to report however that Spartan Trading Tips has done much better under a live trial and has notched up a very respectable 71 points of profit.

This is an interesting approach to betting on tennis and focuses on cashing in on the price movements in a tennis match. As anyone who has traded a match on Betfair has seen, the odds can fluctuate around significantly during a match as things ebb and flow.

Patrick also uses his own form study and knowledge of the game to aid his selection of where he thinks the odds will go.

So for example you will receive a selection like this:-

–> Back Federer @1.21, Lay 1.08

So you place a back bet before the match begins at 1.21, then request a lay at 1.08.

For most matches, Patrick recommends a stop loss of 4 points (out of 10 – or 40% in other words).

To set up stop losses without having to follow the match live in-running, you will need some trading software such as Geeks Toy or Fairbot.

There are instructions on the site on how to set these up.  

We have wondered for a while whether trying to take advantage of the movement in odds in volatile markets like tennis would be a good idea and this has been borne out in this case.

Overall we have been impressed by the results and bank growth of 71% is highly commendable. 

Here are the results in graph format:

Spartan Trading Tips Profit Graph

A very nice graph with steady growth pretty much all the way through.

The strike rate was high at 63% and the return on investment was 12% which is good for a trading service.

So we are happy to give Spartan Trading Tips a PASSED rating and to commend Patrick on creating an innovative service.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Good – there are on average 1.5 bets per day. The tips are sent by e-mail in the evenings. As we have said above, you will want to use a bot to set up the trades unless you can trade the matches live. 

Availability of prices: As we are talking about tennis markets, the liquidity is generally very high and you should have little problem matching the advised prices or getting very close to them. 

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was 63%, so a good proportion of winners.  

Advised Betting Bank: The advised staking is 10% on each trade, so that equates to a 100 point bank as each selection is 10 points. This seemed a sufficient bank to us. 

Subscription costs: The costs are fairly reasonable at €24.95 per month, €49.95 per quarter or €149.95 for a lifetime subscription.  



We have struggled to find profitable tennis betting services over the last few years, with only one other service passing mustard to date.

So we are pleased to have found Spartan Trading Tips, which is a service that capitalises on the big movements in odds you often see in tennis matches.

It made a commendable 71 points profit during our trial and therefore certainly warrants a PASSED rating from us.

If you are going to follow it then you will probably want to set up a bot to trade the tips if necessary as most people won’t have time to follow the matches live.

Other than that though there isn’t much else to say and this is a service you could well consider adding to your portfolio.  







Spartan Trading Tips – Results Update

31st July 2017

It’s been a very good run lately for Spartan Trading Tips, with another 30 points profit added since our last update a month ago.

That means we are now 32 points in profit for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Just to recap, these are trading tips at preset levels for tennis matches. So for example: 

–> Back Federer @1.21, Lay 1.08

So you place a back bet before the match begins at 1.21, then request a lay at 1.08.

For most matches, Patrick recommends a stop loss of 4 points (out of 10 – or 40% in other words).

To set up stop losses without having to follow the match live in-running, you will need some trading software such as Geeks Toy or Fairbot.

So, impressive stuff so far from Spartan Trading Tips, let’s hope things continue in the same fashion.





Spartan Trading Tips – Results Update

4th July 2017

It’s been a solid if unspectacular start to our trial of Spartan Trading Tips from Patrick Ross. 

So far after nearly a month we are 2 points in profit.

You can view full results here.

Just to recap, this involves placing trades at defined levels before a match starts and hoping the odds swing in your favour during the game. It is based on the great volatility you see in odds in tennis matches.

So a quiet start so far, but hopefully things will pick up now with Wimbledon underway. 




Spartan Trading Tips – New Review

8th June 2017

Some time ago we did a review of Patrick Ross’s Tennis Trading League and unfortunately it received a failed rating after notching up a nine point loss over our trial.

However, that was two years ago and we are always prepared to revisit things and take another look.

So we are going to embark on another trial of Patrick’s tennis tipping.

This time we are taking a look at a different aspect of the service – his Spartan Trading Tips.

These have an impressive-looking long term record, having apparently notched up over 1,000 points profit since the service started in late 2013.

That is from risking an average of 4 points on each trade, so not an unreasonable staking system and very good results over an extended period.

Each year so far has made a good profit and there are generally around two bets per day.

The Spartan Trading Tips service is about looking for the odds to move between two given points – so for example if Murray was playing Nadal, you would lay him at 1.8 and back him at 2.5, thus giving a profit whatever happens if the odds move in that way.

If they don’t move in that way, then you obviously lose your stake.

The thing we like about this idea is that you are trading on the general volatility in odds you see in tennis – which is huge. You just need some fluctuations in the match to see your trades win.

Patrick is also using his knowledge and experience to identify players with particular traits and match-ups that suit a swing in odds.

The approach appears to have worked very well to date if the results are to be believed. So much so in fact that Patrick was offering to give subscribers their money back if he didn’t make 200 points profit on the French Open.

We aren’t sure if he’s on course to achieve that, but either way it is a bold objective.

Anyway, it’s nice to have another tennis service to review as there aren’t many around. We will run our standard three month trial and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Spartan Trading Tips here. 





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  1. helen
    helen says:

    I would advise people cause with this tennis trading. I paid via paypal directly to P Ross and when it came to asking for a refund he didn’t honour it. Now to add insult to injury he has stopped sending the email tips. ‘m not bothered by the tips as quite frankly they are very poor and concerning its a 50/50 gamble you would thing he should be getting better results if he knew what he was doing. I did a month luckily with small stakes and I was out of pocket. Not just a loosing streak but less than 35% strike rate and considering you are backing the favourites the wins weren’t enough to compensate for the loses. As for the gold mine he has, its not even a coal mine. The tips are laying the people he told you to back in the previous email. Rubbish.


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