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Bonus Accumulator – New Review

Whilst we are all waiting for sport to get going again properly, you may be wondering if there is anything worth betting on or if you should hold on to your cash and wait it out. 

Now the last thing we would normally recommend is that you turn to playing casinos. That is pretty much the fastest way to the poor house and is the domain of the “mug punter” – exactly the opposite of what we are aiming to do with this website in helping people profit from their betting. 

However, there is a way you can completely reverse the tables and turn casinos into a potential money-making machine for you and that is what we are going to look at now. 

Yes the service we are going to look at today is called Bonus Accumulator and it focuses on using all the casinos’ offers and bonuses to try and extract a profit. It comes from the team behind the very successful Profit Accumulator service, which we have reviewed previously and awarded a resounding passed rating to. 

There are literally hundreds of casino offers out there, with the potential to make hundreds or even thousands of pounds from them. It can really be quite lucrative if done right.

However, the offers have varying degrees of value. Some offers sound good in theory but once you read the small print aren’t quite so good. 

What Bonus Accumulator does is bring all these offers together in one place, explain how to do them, what the risks and catches are and also allows you to track your progress as you go along.

Even for seasoned gamblers like ourselves who have had bookies accounts for years and done a lot of the casino signup offers already, there is still the potential of many other offers, which is one of the things we are going to look at in our review.

Anyway, we will kick things off now and will report back soon on how we have got on.

Bonus Accumulator are currently doing a special offer of 50% off the first month which you can check out here.




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