Helpful Tips For Your Football Accumulator Bet

No set formula will guarantee your football accumulator is destined for success. However, there are some tips you can follow to try to close the potential margins and manage any loss.

While there isn’t a way to ensure you end up in profit, you can implement a number of elements into your betting strategy to give you more longevity.

Given the popularity of football betting, there are plenty of football tipsters who proclaim to have better knowledge of the market, but this isn’t the case. Taking on board a few of our tips today will help you approach your wager with a more balanced mindset.

Use Welcome Bonuses & Promotions

With so many betting companies vying against each other to expand their customer pool, promotions, and bonuses are always a hot topic.

As an ever-changing market continues to adapt to a relentless demand, the biggest names in sports betting try every promo in the book to advertise their new products and markets to prospective clientele.

There’s no shortage of these offers or bettors looking to place a wager, so betting companies must think outside the box with their promotions. The generous William Hill welcome offer aims to provide options for you as a new customer.

Once you register and place your first wager, many betting companies will aim to keep you on board by offering promotions to existing customers.

Hand-Pick Your Selections

Occasionally, betting companies will post about a bettor who has won thousands off a £1 accumulator bet. Some of these bets will contain dozens of selections and promise an incredible return for a minimal stake.

The reason lucky bettors can win such vast amounts is because of how unlikely the probability is. It’s a much wiser idea to trim down your selection to a handful of games that involve teams you’re familiar with.

If you randomly select teams from leagues you don’t watch, this is a surefire way to lose your stake. Newcastle beating Arsenal 1-0 provided value for bettors, and although the winner was shrouded in controversy, this is just one example of how perusing the market for some value can be more effective than randomly selecting favourites from several of Europe’s top leagues.

Use A Small Stake

Responsible gambling is a vital part of keeping your betting venture fun. By betting with money you can afford to lose, you will not get too drawn into your football accumulator. If you do, however, believe that you’re spending too much money betting on football, then you should seek assistance from a problem gambling organisation that can assist you further.

Other issues arise if you begin to see gambling as a source of income or if it begins to impact your relationships and friendships; keep an eye out for these red flags.

Accommodate For The Upset

Many football accumulators will fail due to one or two results. Although some mega wins have occurred over the last decade, there’s always a curveball that will often derail thousands of accumulators across the country every weekend.

Some believe the early kick-off is a notorious fixture to stop your accumulator before it even gets going, and another is usually an unexpected draw in a six or seven-fold bet with outright wins.

Research Your Bet

If all bets were won on paper, then the bookies would be out of business extremely quickly. However, research can often help you identify potential value or what teams to avoid on your accumulator.

Check out the form of the teams you’re betting on, their league position, the most recent head-to-head results, or any injuries and suspensions to key players.

Although taking all of this information on board could still lead to a losing selection, it is more beneficial to research than it is just mindlessly going into your accumulator bet, hoping that it wins.





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