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Bookie Blowout – Final Review

We have come to the end of our three month trial of Bookie Blowout and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    +141 points  
Strike Rate:    60% 
Bank Growth:    +141%
Cost:   £99.97 + VAT 
ROI:   10%
Average number of bets:    15 per day


You can view full results here.


Bookie Blowout Full Review


Bookie Blowout is a betting system from Mike Cruickshank that provides horse racing selections in the evening to be backed with the bookies and then traded out the next morning on Betfair, hopefully for a profit.

Now you may well be wondering, having seen the results above, why we have given a neutral rating to a system that made 141 points profit over the course of a three month trial.

And certainly you would not be amiss for asking this question. 

The system is certainly accurate in predicting which selections will reduce in price, being correct over 60% of the time and producing a consistent weekly profit.

But in our view, for a system to achieve a recommended rating, it has to not only provide profit but be practical and sustainable in the long run as well.

And unfortunately we have concerns on both of these fronts with regard to Bookie Blowout, which we discuss further below.



Firstly in terms of the practicalities, this is not an easy system to follow. 

The selections are posted on the Bookie Blowout website in the evening before racing. 

The problem is that selections are posted over a long period of time – usually the course of a few hours – and you have to be at your computer for that period to make sure you get the advised odds.

The system is basically about exploiting situations where the bookies have higher odds for a horse than Betfair has, which can therefore be expected to reduce in price.

So the odds will be under pressure and often disappear very quickly.

That means you really have to be on the ball and back the selections as soon as they appear on the website.

So that is our first concern – whether most people will be able to devote between approximately 6 and 10.30 pm each evening to following the selections.



Secondly we look at whether a betting system can work in the long term. 

We have significant question marks in this regard with Bookie Blowout. 

The bookies have software to identify what the Betfair market is doing and will be well aware if you are consistently taking their prices when they are above the Betfair prices.

So it will only be a matter of time before your accounts are limited or closed outright.

I was doing something very similar to this last year and had one of my accounts (that I had held for over 10 years) not just limited, but closed outright.

Another account was limited as well. I can tell you it is very frustrating when that happens.

The trouble is that not only would account closures affect your ability to follow this system, but it obviously affects all your other betting as well.

With the volume of betting you are doing with Bookie Blowout – at an average of 15 bets per day – you are going to alert the bookies pretty quickly to what you are doing.

The likes of Bet365 may let you do this for a while, but bookies like Stan James and Betfred will likely come down on you like a tonne of bricks.

So you may make a few hundred quid with Bookie Blowout to start off with, but we would question if you could keep doing so in the long term.

With the other products from Mike Cruickshank, you can quite happily do just a couple of offers per day and make a nice profit and the bookies won’t take too much notice, as long as you are throwing in some mug bets as well to balance things out.

But here, with 15 bets per day and so targeted around early prices, the risks of the bookies taking action are much greater. 



On the one hand it feels a bit harsh giving a system that makes 141 points profit a neutral rating.

On the other hand, the standard we always use in giving our verdicts on systems is whether you would recommend a system to a friend.

If we were in the pub and a friend asked us if they should buy Bookie Blowout, we would probably say to them – “You would probably make a good few hundred quid to start off with, but then you would have a big risk of the bookies closing your accounts. Plus you have to sit in front of your computer from 6 until around 10 most evenings.”

And then we would let them make up their own minds.

So that is what we will do here – give you the risk warnings and then let you make up your own mind on whether it is something for you.

Some people may be happy to accept the downsides and others not. In the words of Rick Nelson, it’s up to you…





Bookie Blowout – Results Update

10th January 2016

More positive results for Bookie Blowout, which has added another 39 points profit and is now 106 points up overall. 

You can view full results here.

As we said last time, we still have concerns over your accounts with the bookmakers being limited or closed if you use this system and you do need to be at your computer in the evening to get the selections, so it’s a case of buyer beware with this one. 

Back in a couple of weeks with our final review.




Bookie Blowout – Results Update

10th January 2016

Things have continued in positive fashion for Bookie Blowout, which has added a further 52 points of profit to be +67 points up so far after six weeks of our trial. 

You can view full results here.

Our comments remain the same as in our last update that you need to be at your computer in the evening to pick up the selections and you need to act quickly to get the prices.

We do still have concerns about potential bookie limitations, but in itself this system is working well. 






Bookie Blowout – Results Update

7th December 2015

It has been a good start to our trial of Bookie Blowout, with 15 points of profit accrued to date.

You can view full results here.

This is an interesting product from Mike Cruickshank in that it is not about risk-free profits. Instead it is about predicting which horses will reduce in price from the evening before racing to the morning.

So you log in to the site in the evening and back the recommended horses with the bookies, then lay them in the morning on Betfair. This is pure trading, you will have traded out before the race starts so have no interest in the actual result.

So far the results have been good – trading with £10 stakes we are £152 up.

However, we do have some concerns about this service. Firstly, you have to be glued to your computer screen from about 6pm to 10pm each evening to see the selections being posted on the Bookie Blowout website. It is crucial to back the selections quickly because the prices tend to disappear quickly.

This has been made a little harder by the fact that Mike no longer sends e-mails out (as he was having delays with g-mail sending) so you now have to keep an eagle eye on the website to see selections posted rather than just waiting for e-mails to be sent.

So if you aren’t able to be at your computer in the evenings, this service probably isn’t for you. 

Secondly, we also worry about the impact on bookie accounts of continually taking early prices that are above Betfair prices – the bookies apparently have software that tells them when this is happening, so no doubt they will see the patterns in your betting and could hit you with account limits or closures.

Thirdly, when prices drift on Betfair to higher prices in the 30s and above, it can be difficult to get your stake matched. We are using £10 stakes for the trial which seems fine to get matched with, but if you are staking much higher you may find yourself having to take odds a bit higher than those shown on our results spreadsheet.

So those are our thoughts so far on Bookie Blowout. On the face of it, the results have been good but there are a few things to be mindful of when using this service.

Back soon with more updates.




Bookie Blowout – New Review

18th November 2015

Following on from our successful trials of Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser, we have another Mike Cruickshank product to try out here at Honest Betting Reviews.

This one is called Bookie Blowout and is slightly different to Mike’s other products.

Rather than focusing on free bets and risk-free profits, this is more of a trading system. There is risk involved as you can lose money – essentially it is about predicting horses that will reduce in price and trading them for profit.

So some of them may actually drift in price and you could lose out – although Mike claims that he is correct in his predictions 90% of the time. We will see if that is borne out during the trial.

Upon joining, you are provided with a 30-page PDF to read explaining how the system works. As ever with Mike’s products, there are also very helpful training videos and a calculator to work out the trades.

You are provided with e-mails in the evening telling you which horses to back and at what price.

Then the next morning you check back and lay off your bets on Betfair or your exchange of choice  – or you can wait until closer to race time if you are able to be at your computer later in the day.

So overall an interesting and imaginative approach to making profits – as we have come to expect from Mike Cruickshank. 

Whether it can deliver, well only time will tell, but we are hopeful. 

Check back here for updates on how the trial goes.

In the meantime, you can check out Bookie Blowout here.

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