BSP Profits – Results Update

It’s been a tricky start to our trial of horse racing service BSP Profits, with a loss of 17 points made for our trial to date. 

You can view full results here.

As this service is based around placing bets at Betfair SP, there are obviously no separate results at BSP. 

A bit of a tough start here then but still early days so plenty of time to turn things around.  





BSP Profits – New Review

1st March 2024

Today we are starting a new trial of very promising horse racing tipster called BSP Profits

This is a service that is based out of the Betting Gods network of tipsters and has been tipping for just over a year. 

In that time they have made an excellent 139 points profit to 1 point level stakes. 

That has been achieved with a phenomenal return on investment (ROI) of 50% and at a decent strike rate of 32%.

What is even more remarkable though is that – as you may have guessed from the name – all of this has been achieved at Betfair SP! 

Now it is widely known how hard it is to make any kind of profit at Betfair SP, so these results really stand out. 

They will also make great appeal to those whose bookie accounts have been restricted or closed, offering up the chance to make profits just via the exchange. 

Making a consistent profit at Betfair SP is what we have often called the “holy grail of betting” here at Honest Betting Reviews. 

Before we get carried away though, let’s just remember we have seen promising results coming into our trials many times before that have then failed to pan out under live test conditions.

So let’s wait and see how this one performs over the course of trial before jumping to any conclusions. 

The results so far do give us cause for hope though so fingers crossed for a good trial. 

We will update results here as we go along as usual so you can see how they are getting on. 

In the meantime you can check out BSP Profits for yourself here. 




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