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Player Profits – Final Update

After not receiving any selections from this service for some months, despite chasing it up, we have no choice but to discontinue our review.

We are not sure if the service is still active, but we note that results on the website have not been updated for some months either. 

The service looked promising, but there were issues with obtaining prices as often there would only be one bookie (Bet365) offering odds as the markets bet in were very niche. 

Anyway, as we say there is nothing more we can do at this stage other than to discontinue our review given the circumstances.





Player Profits – Results Update

18th December 2018

Not much change for specialist football service Player Profits lately, with a small loss of 3 points since our last update.

That means they are now 23 points up for our trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

With the busy football schedule coming up over the festive season there should be plenty of action so hopefully that will get things moving in the right direction again.





Player Profits – Results Update

6th November 2018

There’s been a small loss of 4 points for football service Player Profits since our last update just over a month ago.

They are still well up for our trial overall however, with 26 points profit made so far.

You can view full results here.

A couple of things to note with this service – firstly, as the markets are very specialist, not many of the bookies offer them. Most of the bets are with Bet365, with them sometimes being available with Ladbrokes and William Hill as well.

Secondly, with certain bets it’s best to wait until the teams are announced so you know the player in question will be starting the match. 

So just a couple of things to be aware of if you are thinking of signing up, but overall this has been performing well and looking like a promising service. 







Player Profits – Results Update

1st October 2018

Results have been very good lately for football tipster Player Profits, with 31 points profit made since our last update a month ago.

That means they are now 30 points up for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

They are now really starting to shift into high gear and replicate the excellent results of their sister service Sports Spread Betting, with the last five bets all having won and similar runs like that throughout September.

Let’s hope they can keep that up throughout October and over the long term. 







Player Profits – Results Update

30th August 2018

It’s been a quiet start to our trial of Player Profits, with a loss of 1 point made so far after three weeks. 

You can view full results here.

Just a reminder that this is fixed-odds football betting service from the same team behind the excellent Sports Spread Betting.

It focuses on niche markets like the number of shots, corners and passes made by particular players or teams in a match.

Very early days so too early to draw any conclusions but let’s hope we will have moved into profit by the time of the next update.





Player Profits – New Review

8th August 2018

The new trials are coming thick and fast at the moment and the good news is that we have another promising football service to look at just in time for the start of the football season. 

We are particularly excited about this one because it comes from the same team behind another hugely successful service, Sports Spread Betting, which has made over 3,000 points profit since starting up last August. 

Whilst that service focuses on spread betting (as the name suggests) this new service uses fixed odds betting, which most people are more familiar with, and is called Player Profits. 

And whilst Sports Spread Betting provides tips across a variety of sports, Player Profits will focus exclusively on football.

They have a massive database of Premier League and European player statistics that they will use to find an edge over the bookmakers.

These days the bookies offer markets on just about every possible facet of the game you could possibly think of, which provides excellent opportunities for those prepared to put in the time to analyse the stats.

That is exactly what Max who runs the service will be doing and he will be focusing on the following niche markets:-

  • – Player passes
  • – player shots
  • – player shots on target
  • – player tackles
  • – player assists
  • – yellow cards
  • – goals

So perhaps some markets you haven’t bet on before there but should be avenues for profit with not many people focusing on them. 

A bank of 50 points is recommended for following the service and each selection will be graded 1-3 points.

With the success of Sports Spread Betting we are very hopeful for this service and it would be great if it could prove as profitable. 

They are targeting between 20 and 50 points profit per month on average, which based on the results of the spread betting service should not be out of the realms of possibility. 

We will kick off our review today then and will aim to run a standard three month trial, although may extend it depending on how things go. So look out here for regular updates.

In the meantime though you can check out Player Profits for yourself here.









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