Dark Horses – Final Review

Did it light our way to profits?

You can get Dark Horses here.

Profit/loss: 2 points
Strike rate: 19%
Bank growth: 4%
Cost: £30 per month
Average number of tips: 10 per week
ROI: 1.4%


You can view full results here


Dark Horses Final Review

The third and final of our trials of Tony Gibson’s betting systems, Dark Horses is a simple betting system selecting just one or two horses per day to back.

The service claimed profits of over 300 points coming into our trial, but unfortunately as with our two other reviews of Tony’s services – the Value Seeker and Tim Russell’s Private Service – it has failed to live up to previous results during our trial.

A profit of two points was made at advised prices, whilst backing at Betfair SP (BSP) resulted in a 9 point loss.

So nothing too bad, but not something to get excited about either I’m afraid.

Ease of use: OK – you have to log in to a forum to find the selections rather than receiving them by e-mail. Tips are available by around 10 am daily (UK time) and bets are simply backed at Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) bookmakers each morning after selections are given out. There are a maximum of 2 bets per day so shouldn’t take long to place the bets.

Availability of prices: Fairly good – prices were generally available for long enough to enable you to place bets. There was a difference of around 10 points between results at advised prices and BSP, which isn’t too bad. 

Strike rate: The strike rate during our review was 19%, which means there will be some drawdowns along the way using this service.

Advised Betting Bank: A 50 point betting bank is advised, which was never in danger of being lost during the trial and seems reasonable.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable at £30 per month, which includes not just the Dark Horses betting tips but a suite of other systems and tips from Tony Gibson’www.bettingsystem.info website.


As the service just made a small profit of 2 points during our trial, it doesn’t seem to quite warrant inclusion in our passed systems, and it seems fairer to put it in our neutral category for now.

I had been hoping for better things from our reviews of Tony Gibson’s systems but that is betting for you – don’t rely on anything!

Perhaps things will pick up for these systems – we will keep an eye on them and report back in due course.

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