Donkey Lays

Donkey Lays – Results Update

It’s been an excellent month for horse racing laying service Donkey Lays, with a profit of 46 points made since our last update.

That means they are also 46 points up for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Just a reminder that horses are only a selection with this system if the odds are below 4.0 in the place market at the off. If they are, then you lay the horse in both the win and place markets.

That can mean you are laying at high odds in the win market in some instances (up to 18 so far for example), so a decent sized betting bank is recommended – we would say at least 150-200 points.

Anyway, good work from them over the last month – let’s see if it continues.





Donkey Lays – Results Update

4th March 2021

After an up and down month and some big fluctuations, horse racing service Donkey Lays is right back where it started – at even for our trial so far.

You can view full results here.

The trial started off in the worst possible fashion with the first lay being unsuccessful at odds of 18.0 – ouch! But they have fought back well, particularly over the last week or so to get themselves back level for our trial.

Just a note that there are couple of small discrepancies between our results and the official results, which we have notified the Pro Betting Club of. These make very little difference to the overall results (just one point in fact), just the odd selection that should/should not have been a qualifier according to the system rules. 

Anyway, let’s see if there’s some positive progress from them over the next month. 





Donkey Lays – New Review

4th February 2021

We’ve probably all been there. A horse that runs like it’s only get three legs. Or is moving in quicksand. Or it’s actually a donkey. 

Yep, those wretched selections that look like they couldn’t win a race if they ran every day between now and the next millennium. 

Well the service we are starting a review of today specialises in finding those very horses. Strange, you may say, to target such beasts. But in fact they are betting on these horses to lose – phew! 

Donkey Lays is a service from the Pro Betting Club stable of tipsters and lays horses to lose in the win and place markets on Betfair. 

Horses are only a selection if the odds are below 4.0 in the place market at the off. Whilst that does limit the liabilities somewhat, it can still allow horses to be laid in the win market at 18.0, so a decent sized bank is required if following this service. 

Donkey Lays has been running for five months now on the Pro Betting Club platform and each of those months so far has been profitable:-

  • – January 2021: +31.93 points
  • – December 2020: +16.3 points
  • – November: +46.09 points
  • – October: +28.81 points
  • – September: +44.11 points

So that’s 167 points profit in total.

The lays in the win market have had a 90% strike rate so far and the lays in the place market have had a 67% strike rate. Those are very solid figures and mean a high proportion of successful lays. 

Now we should point out that of all the laying services we’ve tried here at HBR, only one is still standing after passing a trial and that is Little Acorns. 

So it’s a tough discipline to succeed in but Donkey Lays looks promising enough to test out and see if it can break the mould.

Please note we started proofing on 1st February so will record results from then. As ever we will update results here as we go along.

In the meantime you can check out Donkey Lays for yourself here.




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