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FA Racing Lays – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of FA Racing Lays and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   -4 points
Strike Rate:   76%
Bank Growth:   -4%
ROI:   -1%
Average number of bets:   4 per day
Cost:   £50/month, £125/quarter or £400/year


You can view full results here.  (please note there are two tabs on the spreadsheet for Lays 1 and Lays 2).


FA Racing Lays – Full Review


FA Racing Lays is a service which provides daily horse racing lay bets to be placed on the exchanges such as Betfair.

It comes from the reputable Football Advisor stable and came into our trial with very impressive-looking results of having made over 200 points profit since launching in 2016.

We have come across very few successful laying services over the years and in fact there is only one that has passed a trial with us and is still in existence and that is Little Acorns. 

Making money from betting on horses to lose sounds like it should be easy – but in reality it’s actually much harder than most people think.

What seem like no-hopers actually end up wining all the time – thanks to luck, the opposition having off days and trainer tactics to set horses up for certain races.

Given that there are so few good laying services out there, we were hopeful that FA Racing Lays would break the mould and prove to be successful under a live trial.

Sadly though that hasn’t turned out to be the case here, with a loss of 4 points having been made over our three month trial.

There are two systems as part of the service, Lays 1 – which are lays between 4.0 and 8.0 on Betfair and Lays 2 – which are lays up to 10.0 on Betfair. 

Interestingly Lays 2 performed better during our trial, making 9 points profit compared to a 13 point loss for Lays 1. 

Lays 2 has been introduced more recently so perhaps is a more refined system, but it is too early to make any definitive statements on that.

Overall then with a small loss of 4 points, which represented just a 4% decline of the bank, we will award FA Racing Lays a NEUTRAL rating.

Although disappointing to have not finished with a profit, the loss was only minor and the bank is still largely intact at the end of the trial.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  There are an average of four bets per day, so the workload is a little higher here than with some other services. Tips are normally sent out the morning of racing with plenty of time to get the bets on. Selections only become bets if the odds are within specified ranges however, so you either need to monitor the prices just before the races or set up a bot to place the bets.

Availability of prices: All bets are to be placed with Betfair so there is no problem in terms of availability of prices.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 76%, which is a solid win rate but would need to be a little higher to generate a profit based on the results of our trial. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 100 point bank is advised for following the service, which seems reasonable to us given the historical performance of the service and during our trial. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are quite high at £50 per month, £125 per quarter or £400 per year and results would need to be quite a bit better to justify those prices.



Making consistent profits from laying horses is a tough task and although we had hoped that FA Racing Lays would manage to crack it, in the end they finished our trial with a loss of 4 points.

Whilst that was no disaster and only represented a very small decline in the betting bank, it means a NEUTRAL rating for the service and a watching brief for now on this one. 







FA Racing Lays – Results Update

23rd July 2018

More losses unfortunately for FA Racing Lays, with another 7 points dropped since our last update about a month ago.

That means they are now 14 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Please note on the results spreadsheet there are two tabs, which you can access at the bottom of the sheet for the two different laying systems – Lays 1 and Lays 2.

Interestingly it is now the Lays 2 which are now doing well, with 4 points of profit made and the Lays 1 which are struggling, with a loss of 18 points for our trial – which is the opposite of how they started.

Just a note that the results are all recorded at Betfair SP anyway so no need for a separate comparison of BSP results. 

Anyway, disappointing to see the recent dip in form here and let’s hope they can turn things around quickly. 







FA Racing Lays – Results Update

26th June 2018

Unfortunately it has been a tough run lately for Football Advisor Lays, with 18 points lost since our last update a month ago.

That means they are now 7 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Please note on the results spreadsheet there are two tabs, which you can access at the bottom of the sheet for the two different laying systems – Lays 1 and Lays 2.

To be fair to them, results are recorded at Betfair SP so it is possible you could beat the published results by taking early prices.

However, it seems fair to record results at BSP as everyone knows they can achieve that.

Anyway, hopefully the recent results are just a blip and they will be back to winning ways soon.






FA Racing Lays – Results Update

23rd May 2018

It’s been a good start to our trial of FA Racing Lays from Football Advisor, which is a service that provides horse racing lays to be placed on Betfair. 

So far after three weeks of our trial they are 11 points up, which is good going.

You can view full results here.

Please note on the results spreadsheet there are two tabs, which you can access at the bottom of the sheet for the two different laying systems – Lays 1 and Lays 2.

So far Lays 1 are doing better, at 11 points up whilst Lays 2 are level for the trial to date. 

Selections can either be laid when receive tips are received or you can wait until closer to the off when there is more liquidity in the market. But minimum and maximum odds are given for laying the selections so you are looking at odds up to 10.0 (9/1) at the max for laying.

Anyway, a good start here and we are liking the look of this one so far. 





FA Racing Lays – New Review

1st May 2018

Today we are taking a look at a long standing service with a very successful record that has recently relaunched its services with a new website and new suite of betting packages.

The service in question is called Football Advisor (or FA for short) and they have been providing tips since 2014.

Originally they just provided win bets for football, but over time they have added lay bets and horse racing tips as well. 

So now there are a number of different tipping services operated by Football Advisor. In summary these are:

  • – Football Advisor Prime (the original main football win bets)
  • – Football Advisor Lays (football lay bets)
  • – FA Racing (racing win bets)
  • – FA Racing Lays (racing lay bets)
  • – Acca Club (accumulator bets)

However, you can sign up to receive tips in a variety of different ways. 

  • – Full Portfolio – all the services mentioned above plus some extras
  • – Football – all the football services
  • – Racing – all the racing services
  • – Lays – all the lay services
  • – Bets – all the win bets services

Since August 2017 when the complete set of services were up and running they have made over 150 points profit with a strike rate of 49%, which is strong stuff. 

The results in April were particularly impressive, with the Full Portfolio making 67.1 units profit across all services, delivering 6.1% ROI and 17.9% ROC.

Our plan is to trial all the services under the FA umbrella, but doing that all at once would involve a pretty intense work load so we will be aiming to review one or two services at a time. A couple of them we have trialled before so it will be more a case of re-reviews rather than new reviews.

We will start off with have FA Racing Lays, a service which has made over 200 points profit since launching at the beginning of 2016. 

It has an excellent strike rate of over 85%, which means a very high proportion of successful lays. The return on investment has averaged 5%, which is pretty good for a laying service.

Selections are laid at Betfair SP (if certain odds criteria are met), so that means it should be possible to match their results.

There are somewhat of a dearth of good laying services so we are looking forward to seeing if this one can continue to deliver the kind of results it has achieved to date.

We will launch our three month trial today then and will update results here regularly so you can check on how things are progressing.

In the meantime you can check out FA Racing Lays and the other FA services here. 





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