Easy Horse Race Lays – Final Update

Last time we updated Easy Horse Race Lays things had gone a little pear-shaped for them with a bad run that had left the service 23 points down for our trial. 

However, we did not expect what happened next, even with a bit of a tough run.  

With no bets placed for a couple of weeks we wondered what was going on, so checked the website – only to see it was no longer available. We then sent a couple of e-mails to them but got no response and now we are getting undeliverable messages from their e-mail address. The website is still down and we have heard nothing for a few weeks now.

So it seems to safe to conclude they have shut up shop and given up completely. 

If so that is a shame because although they’d hit a rough patch lately, the long-term results were pretty good. 

Of course in a situation like this we don’t know the reason for them shutting down, it could have been for another reason besides just hitting a losing spell, but either way it’s a shame not to have communicated with members what was happening. 

Anyway, just shows once again the tipping game isn’t for everyone and whilst many try it, only a very select few succeed.

So Easy Horse Race Lays goes into the FAILED/DEFUNCT pile and we move on elsewhere in our search for a profitable laying system. 






Easy Horse Race Lays – Results Update

12th August 2019

It’s been a rough old spell for Easy Horse Race Lays lately, with quite a few of their lays going wrong. Since our last update they have lost 21 points, putting them 23 points down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

This is one of the worst runs they have had since starting up more than three years ago, so it is a little surprising to see but can happen to any service ultimately. 

Let’s just hope it’s a small blip and they get back on track soon. 







Easy Horse Race Lays – Results Update

12th August 2019

It’s been a tough month for Easy Horse Race Lays, with 11 points lost since our last update. 

That means they are now 2 points down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

As ever it’s important to make sure you stake at an appropriate level for your betting bank and don’t overexpose yourself if they hit a losing run. With lays up to odds of 10 it can hit the bank quite hard if they hit a few losers in a short space of time, so please bear that in mind if you are following the service. 







Easy Horse Race Lays – Results Update

11th July 2019

We are enjoying our trial of Easy Horse Race Lays, an automated system for laying horses on Betfair.

So far after one month we are 9 points up.

You can view full results here.

Not only are we in profit though but it’s been beautifully simple, with just an app to set up and then you let it run and place the bets.

You don’t even need to keep your computer on as it’s all done in the cloud.

The only thing to be aware of is that you need to have enough funds in your Betfair account to cover the bets, which is up to nine times your stake for each selection. We have been caught out a few times with not having enough funds in our account and so the bets weren’t placed, but overall it hasn’t affected the results very much. 

Anyway, a good start and let’s hope it continues to churn out the profit on auto-pilot.






Easy Horse Race Lays – New Review

12th June 2019

Over the time we have been running Honest Betting Reviews it has been a real struggle to find a profitable horse racing laying service.

In theory it should be easy – the idea of picking a horse to lose seems much simpler than picking a winning one after all – but it’s surprising how elusive it has actually proven in practice.

Well today we have come across a service that may have found the “secret sauce” and finally cracked it.

The service in question is called Easy Horse Race Lays and we have received a number of enquiries about it from you our good readers so thought we would test it out. 

They apparently look at all UK racing and apply specially developed ratings along with other filters to derive the daily selections. 

The results look highly impressive – over 350 points profit to 1 point flat stakes since starting up four years ago. The profits by year are very consistent which is good to see:

  • – Aug 2015 – Jun 2016: 50 points profit
  • – Jun 2016-17: 77 points profit
  • – Jun 2017-18: 132 points profit
  • – Jun 2018-19: 93 points profit

The average lay odds are between 3.00 and 9.99, although the average is 4.25 and having scanned through the full results we can’t see too many instances of losing odds over 5. The longest losing run is 3 and the most successful sequence is 24, which is a very nice run of winners indeed!

The strike is also very high at over 84% so all in all the stats look very impressive. 

What’s even better is that the whole thing is operated via a bot so once set up you don’t even need to do anything! 

And the bot works directly on Betfair via the cloud so you don’t need to have any separate software or programmes running or mess around with a VPS or anything like that. Just enter your staking and click go!

It all sounds great but as ever let’s reserve our judgement and see how it gets on under live trial conditions. 

We will aim to run a standard three month trial but may run it longer if deemed appropriate. There will be regular updates here on how the system is getting on.

In the meantime you can check out Easy Horse Race Lays for yourself here.





4 replies
  1. Lucian
    Lucian says:

    It’s maybe worth saying that the bot works only with betfair.com. When I tried to set it up for my Betfair domain (betfair.ro), I realized it’s not working. This means that Romanians, Italians and Spanish (as far as I know, there could be more…) won’t be able to use it, which is a shame.
    I know for sure there are fixes for that, if I’m not wrong the Betfair bots developers have them ready for those who need them…

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi Lucian,

      Thanks for this information, I wasn’t aware of that. Have you tried contacting them about this? Would imagine they could develop something for users in other countries if there was demand for it.



  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    The simple solution is to use a VPN ( virtual private network) you can choose from many counties including the UK. I use one for Betfair, never have a problem and I live in China where gambling is blocked. You just pay a yearly fee, then you can use Betfair wherever you live.

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    I have been a member of Easy Horse Race Lays for about 3 months now. It was very simple to open an account and set up the bot. However, as well as the abysmal performance over the last couple of months, I’m sorry to say that in my experience their customer service is also dreadful as well. Whoever is running this service clearly wants no dialogue whatsoever with their clients. They ignore email queries, and never bother to post any meaningful updates on their website.Today I was informed by PayPal that Easy Horse Race Lays have cancelled my automatic monthly payment. I’ve received no explanation from them and I’m now left wondering what has happened to this service. Has it ceased operating?


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