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Football Hawk – Final Update

UPDATE 25.09.19 – Please note that due to other commitments the tipster operating this service has decided to discontinue running Football Hawk. Our review is therefore terminated.






Football Hawk – Results Update

3rd September 2019

Still not much happening with Football Hawk at the moment, with just 5 points lost since our last update a month ago. 

That means they are pretty much back where they started, at 2 points down for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

They had a nice winner on Friday with a double at over 8/1 so hopefully that is a sign of things to come and they can get things moving forward over the next month. 





Football Hawk – Results Update

31st July 2019

It’s been a quiet start to our trial of Football Hawk, with 3 points profit made so far after 6 weeks of our trial.

You can view full results here.

It’s been a little up and down so far, with things going well early as they went 29 points up at one stage, before falling back, picking up again and then dropping back again more recently.

With the football season about to get underway (just 9 days to go!) hopefully things will pick up again and we’ll see some steady profits from the Hawk. 






Football Hawk – New Review

24th June 2019

Today we are taking a look at a new football service from the Tipstrr platform called Football Hawk. 

The idea behind the service is that they study the last six games of teams across multiple leagues and competitions and look for the trends and patterns from those games, with the previous results of the past games between teams if relatively recent (i.e. that season) also taken into account.  Injury news is also considered. They then identify the right betting markets to maximise value and find the most profitable angles to attack.

The approach certainly seems to be working well with a profit of over £1,000 made so far to £10 stakes since starting up in March. 

Encouragingly, whilst every month so far has been profitable, each month has actually been more profitable than the last, so maybe they are hitting their stride and building momentum. 

The ROI so far has been exceptionally high for a footy service at over 34% and the strike rate has also been very good at 43%.

Bets come in a variety of markets including match odds, HT/FT, BTS, draw no bet and others. As we are obviously in the Summer break between seasons for the main European leagues at the moment most of the recent tips have been in the Euro U21s, Copa America, African Cup of Nations and so on. 

There have been some decent priced winners so far including one at 22.0, so it seems they have an eye for value which could prove very useful in the long run. 

As ever though let’s see how they get on under live trial conditions before making any judgments. 

We have been receiving tips since 17th June so will record results from then. Updates on how the review is going will be published here.

In the meantime you can check out Football Hawk for yourself here.






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