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Bet Hawk – Final Review

N.B. – Please note this service has been discontinued.




We have reached the end of our three month trial of Bet Hawk and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    +713 points* 
Strike Rate:    75%
Bank Growth:    57%
Cost:   £25 – £39 per month
ROI:   27%
Average number of bets:    8 per day


You can view full results here.

* i.e. to 1 point level stakes 


Bet Hawk Full Review


We have finished our first trial of a betting bot here at Honest Betting Reviews.

Just in case you are not aware, a “bot” is short for robot and is a piece of software that is set up to automate certain bets or trades online.

So was it a case of a win for the robots here? Are we all facing certain takeover by the machines?

Well on the basis of our trial it is a definite “yes!”

The trial of Bet Hawk has ended with an amazing 713 points of profit at a return on investment of 27%.

Those are fantastic results and with less than 2 minutes work per day it is a nice feeling to just switch on the bot in the morning and let it do its thing!

Here is a graph of the results during the trial:

Bet Hawk Profit Graph

As you can see, very steady and impressive profit growth throughout the three month trial. 

We will take a look now at how things work to hopefully give you a better idea of what is involved in using Bet Hawk.


Is it Difficult to Set Up and Run?

At first glance it can seem a bit overwhelming when you come to set up the bot, but in fact it is quite straightforward.

There is a user guide in PDF format which is worth a read, but in reality you just need to download the software, select which systems to use (more on that below), then connect your portfolio up to your Betfair account.

Either way, I would say it shouldn’t take much more than a couple of hours to read everything and set up the bot. It could take less than that if you just skip to the nitty gritty of which systems to use.

Then once it is set up you can choose between switching the bot on every day yourself, which as I say just takes a minute or two, or setting up a VPN so it is automated.

Then you don’t need to do anything – apart from come back in the evening and see how much money you have won! (or lost on the occasional day). 

You certainly don’t need any specialist IT knowledge to use Bet Hawk and any questions you have are promptly and thoroughly answered by Keith who runs the service.



Which Systems Should I Use?

There are basically 11 systems available to use as part of Bet Hawk. You are advised to build a portfolio from among these 11 systems, depending on your attitude to risk and which types of system you prefer.

I selected the top 5 systems by profit/loss totals for the trial, which were the following systems:

Luxor 10 LP
Luxor 14 LP
Luxor 17 LW
Luxor 19 LW
Venice 08.1 LW

Don’t worry too much about the names of the systems. They are just that – names and don’t really mean anything in themselves.

If I had used all 11 systems during the trial, which is something you may well choose to do, then I would have made an additional 119 points profit over the trial to 1 point level stakes.

Here are the overall numbers for the systems over the last two years:

Luxor 08 – LAY PLACE 515.36
Luxor 09 – LAY PLACE 395.45
Luxor 10 – LAY PLACE 529.85
Luxor 14 – LAY PLACE 346.16
Luxor 17 – LAY WIN 599.05
Luxor 19 – LAY WIN 1008.00
Paris 07.1 – BACK WIN SP 66.78
Venice 08.1 – LAY WIN 587.70
Venice 10.2 – BACK WIN SP 16.67
Venice 17.1 – BACK WIN SP 123.95
Venice 18 – BACK WIN SP 135.59

Some very impressive figures there and over 4,000 points of profit. Very good going, even at just £1 per point.


How much money do I need?

It really depends on how many systems you use and which ones, but we would think a bank of 1,000 – 1,500 points would be more than sufficient to cover losing runs using a sensible portfolio of systems.

We used a bank of 1250 points for the trial and that was approximately three times the worst drawdown of the systems we were using in our portfolio. 

If you were betting £1 per point then a 1,000 point bank would obviously be £1,000, but we would think even betting just 50p per point and therefore using a bank of £500 would still make it worthwhile to use.



We are pleased to have completed our first trial of a betting bot here at Honest Betting Reviews and we are delighted with the results of Bet Hawk.

The idea of having a bot do everything for you and just sitting back and watching the money roll in is very appealing !

With over 700 points profit over the course of our trial and over 4,000 points profit across all 11 systems in the last two years, this definitely gets a firm thumbs up from us.

So sign up now and see how easy it is for a robot to make you money…and then start preparing yourself for the inevitable takeover by the machines! 🙂

You can check out Bet Hawk here.







Bet Hawk – Results Update

3rd March 2016

Things have been moving along very nicely indeed for Bet Hawk, the first betting bot we have reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews.

Betting at our 10p stakes, the bot is £32.90 up, or 329 points up at 1 point stakes in other words (please note in the spreadsheet, the 1 point results have been rounded up or down to the nearest decimal place, which accounts for the small discrepancy between those and the 0.1 results). 

You can view full results here.

You would need quite a big bank for the systems I am following here, as sometimes you are laying at 100/1. However, there are other systems that don’t require such high staking.

Anyway, nice to see things progressing well here and it is looking like a robot can make you money…

Back soon with more updates. 






Bet Hawk – Results Update

30th January 2016

This is our first trial of a betting bot here at Honest Betting Reviews in the form of Bet Hawk – so how is it going so far?

Well it has been a little bit of a slow start so far, with the total standing at -2 points after just under three weeks of using the bot.

You can view full results here.

There is something very alluring about the idea of having a robot bet for you and taking all the human element out of gambling.

And once you have got to grips with how Bet Hawk works and chosen which systems you want to use, it is beautifully simple to run.

You just log on each morning, let it run during the day and then see how you’ve done in the evening.

I have chosen to follow the top five systems based on their profit achieved to date. I am trading at just 10p stakes for testing purposes but you would probably want to use more than this if you were using it for real.

There are back and lay selections and sometimes the system lays at massive prices up so you want to make sure you have a big enough bank.

So far we are enjoying the ease of use of this and are now just hoping results pick up a bit from here. 

Back soon with further updates.




Bet Hawk – New Review

4th January 2016

We have a first today here at Honest Betting Reviews – we are commencing our first trial of a betting bot.

What is a betting bot you may ask? 

Well it is a piece of software that automates bets so that you don’t have to place them yourself. The term “bot” is short for “robot.” 

These bets are placed on the exchanges such as Betfair – I am not sure the bookies would allow a bot to place bets with them!

When they first arrived on the scene, it seemed bots would be the answer to all gamblers’ prayers – a robot that could crunch limitless amounts of data, scan markets at lightning speed and automatically identify value. 

Suddenly all the subjectivity and opinion would be removed from betting and a machine could do all the work for you. 

Plus you wouldn’t even need to place the bets – you would just need to switch your computer on and let the bot make you money whilst you were out enjoying yourself.

Sadly all that wonderful theory hasn’t so far materialised into reality. Most of the bots that have been invented are more just tools for automating selections – the business of creating winning systems has still been up to people themselves and has proved as elusive as ever.

And there have been some much-heralded bots claiming to guarantee profits that unfortunately haven’t delivered.

Those bots that could have been very useful in things like poker have been banned by the poker sites.

Perhaps that old adage that if someone did create a bot that guaranteed winning, it would either be banned or would become so popular that its edge would be lost is being borne out.

All that being said, that does not mean of course that bots cannot still be useful and can provide an advantage in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

Certainly for systems that involve placing large numbers of bets and would otherwise require significant amounts of time monitoring markets and placing bets, bots can be a godsend.

So it is with interest that we approach our trial of Bet Hawk – a bot that “creates a fully automated betting portfolio in one simple tool.”

Essentially the tool is a suite of betting systems that the user can combine in different combinations to form a portfolio, then set up the bot to automate all the bets of those systems.

There are currently 11 systems available, which have made a combined 2300 points profit since inception, which sounds very encouraging.

It costs from £25 per month depending on your staking and systems. 

The tool involves a bit of work to understand and set up, which we are just getting to grips with at the moment. 

Hopefully we will get it up and running smoothly and will have some results to report for you soon.

In the meantime you can check out Bet Hawk here.



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