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Footy Lay Profits – New Review

Note: Important Update 19th August 2015 – This service has been discontinued and is no longer accepting new members


With excitement building ahead of the new football season, we thought we would scour the internet to try and find a top football tipster.

One of the most promising we have found is Footy Lay Profits, the only football tipster currently offered by the Betting Gods stable.

They have made an impressive 87 points profit since the service began in December 2013.

That equates to £869 if you had used £10 stakes or £8,690 if you had been brave enough (or rich enough!) to use £100 stakes.

Encouragingly the strike rate is very high at 83%, meaning we can expect lots of winning bets 🙂

As the name suggests, this is a laying service, so we are betting on teams not to win.

Odds do not seem to go above 6.0 looking at the past results, so we are not laying at ridiculously high staking levels which is comforting. 

Bettings Gods Footy Lay Profits

We always worry when we see laying services laying at odds of 10.0 or 20.0 that one loser is going to wipe out weeks – or even months – of hard work. But that should not be the case here.

Selections seem to be spread across the English and European leagues so a wide variety of bets will be placed.

The nice thing about laying of course is that you are using the exchanges, so no need to worry about pesky bookie account closures if you are successful 🙂

Anyway, we will give this service the normal three month review and let’s hope for lots of winners (or should that be losers?!) along the way!

In the meantime you can check out Footy Lay Profits here. 

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